happy nu year~!!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

today is the very last last day of 2008..finally 2008 will leave us and 2009 will approach i mentioned in my old post, im glad '08 is over. too many horror things covered almost + best frens + frens + financial + study + lecturers + of coz not to forget the love life. in the old post, i only mentioned the gud part of '08..but this sharing the bitter part a bit..2008 its the most tiring year in my entire life. i never felt so upset + depressed + angry at the same tyme before. all in one. my patient is tested from each corner and angle..but i cant explode..keep everything inside until i almost feel nuts~!!

along the year..lots of arguments took place..mcm2 hal..lecturers kept on buging kena argue ngan dorng..then ppl from the past..and also ppl hu wanted and still want to enter into my life/our lives.. specially to these ppl [past & current..male or female]..pls get a life and pls walk away from me/us..none of us need u and none of us appreciate can i/we make u understand?? all we want is just to have a peaceful life without any interference from u or anyone else. IM TIRED and ANNOYED at the same tym jugakxx~!!

if u ask me whether i have any regrets or not..tipu lah if i say NO..of coz i do..but i cant turn back all im gonna do is, to make things ryt in 2009..make things easy for me, easy for my family and easy for him as well. family and him are the most important people in my life..i would kill anyone hu dare to be in our way~!! i played nice too long..nuff is nuff~!!. ppl say, we shud let bygones be working on it..but its hard wen certain ppl neva leave me alone~!!..a person once said "urgh...these people mmg ada issue~!!"..[heheheh]

sungguh garang plak terasa blog anyway..all i wanna say is actually..
GOOD BYE 2008 & HELLO 2009~!!.. like everyone else, i have my resolutions as well..and i hope by the end of '09, ill achieve all of them or atleast some of the them.
:: get my study done ::
:: be a better daughter/aunt/cousin ::
:: get into the circle again ::
:: be a better person ::
:: learn on how to forgive ppl..[daymn~!!]
:: more trips n trips ::
:: enjoy my hobby to d fullest ::
:: be more hardworking~!! stop being lazy lyne~!! ::
:: sehat and no more sick [boleh kah??] ::
:: cut my hair ::
:: stop spending ::
:: the most important thing the most valuable gurl & the greatest partner to him ::

p/s: happy nu year people..hope ALLAH ALMIGHTY will neva stop from blessing us and MALAYSIA :)

p/s: parentsku..happy holiday~!! u guys continue the journey without me..but its fine.. take care..i love u both~!!..& tq for all d helps & gifts given to me along d year..~!!

p/s: siblings..i noe that we r not too close becoz of the age gap..but '08 was a great year for all of us..maybe becoz im no longer an infant we can talk and chit chat u abg & kak ju~!!

p/s: ibu..i love u dearly..u r my "ibu", my caunselor and my therapist.. thank you so much for everything and also forgive me for childish behavior~!!

p/s: to my adik2 in law ku (pasan sungguh daku)..i love u people alot aldoh i neva mention it [i neva mention my feeling to d gurls..falie knows i love him~!!]

p/s: hanato, yes we will hang and shop together..~!! pwomish dear.. & also i thank you for everything.. owh "kak" nurulku~!!

p/s: to this one person [u know hu u are]..i luffu wif all my heart & soul [wont change a bit].. lets leave 2008 and walk into 2009 wif pride :) i hope '09 will be a better year for both of us~!!
♥ me


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

-cuti - cuti pantai timur-

ingatkan dah tak berjalan lagi tapi tertibe tersambung la plak trip..road trip plak tuh..sungguh seronok and unsangkaable :).. 26dec08, around 6.30am i drove maself n parents to tmn melawati..thats wer the journey begin..hukhukhuk..afta ckp babai kat acai & abg aie, perjalanan dimulakan...jumpe another car kat petronas before tol bentong..dgn byk stop, melantak n asyik g toilet..we managed to arrive marang around 1.00pm. lunch at marang as well..tapi sgt sadis~!! (no offence marang people)

::menatang yg bagak neh menunjukkan yg kitorg dah sampai marang, ganu::

org tua2 kate kate kalo lalat jatuh dlm air..maksudnye murah rezki..tapi kalo dah bekampung mcm neh..aku rase nih malapetaka~!!

org kat kedai tuh cakap, "lalat mmg ada..sbb skang ngah musim lalat skng neh~!!"..aku mcm terkezut jap dgr pe org tuh ckp..ishk ishk..but meja kitorg tak da lalat sgt sbb sume mkn benda panas..lalat tuh attack food & drinks yg dah sejuk jer..hahahaha.. i snapped those pics from table next to ours.. & ALHAMDULILLAH sume org sehat walafiat..sikda yg sakit~!!

journey continues..
dua keta je semenarnya..hikhikhik...

::d car in front claimed to know the way..tapi semenarnya...hikhikhik::
afta lunch, kitorg g merang,KT plak..nak masuk plak..penat neh..nak solat, terjun ke SWIMMING POOL & enjoy the view as well :D

i took my two nieces to the pool side..before we all walked to the beach becoz my nephew said "aunty lyne, pool tak cukup thrill lar~!!"..tau la ayah kamoo tuh kapitan kapal..berlagak sungguh..cisss~!!

::my nephew duk melapak sorg2 kat gigi air tuh::
enjoy some of the pics..maklumlah yg tukang snap neh buta tak da cantek mana pic nyerpon~!!

~~~~end of day one~~~

second day..we went to pasar payang and bazar warisan.. the mothers sebuk cari batik n all those kepok-kepok..and the fathers sume duk terbengkalai kat panken~!!

afta shop, we all went to taman tamadun & masjid kristal~!!

~~~end of day two~~~

we started our day three by having breakfast at a restaurant/warong/gerai near the KT airport.. afta checked out, we all went to tasik kenyir~!!

then..we went to KB..melawat wan kat kampung sireh~!! had our dinner at pantai cinta berahi/cahaya bulan..then we went to wakaf che'yeh~!!

~~~end of day three~~~

checked out from the inn around 12pm..balik KL ikot GERIK..means ikot jalan kampung/jalan jauh..around 12hours~!! sum of the pics taken along d way :D

::jeli..gambar neh disnap dr dlm tak cantek sgt arr::

::puncak banjaran titiwangsa::

::@ puncak lagi::

::tasik banding::

itu je la gambarnya..conclusion is, i had fun aldoh im not well.i still managed to smile..

this last pic is taken by me. i snapped this pic becoz it reminded me of sumone.. *blush*..

p/s:gambar sumer tak edit..few ader border few tak da..saya enggak edit kerna enggak berkemahiran and enggak nampak kemestiannya..

tadaaaa~!!! :)


marketing in simpler form :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

you see a gorgeos girl at a party
you go up to her and say "im a very rich man..marry me~!!"
thats direct marketing

you are at a party with a bunch of frens & see a gorgeos gurl
one of your frens goes up toher & pointing at you
he says "he's a rich man..marry him~!!"
thats advertising

you see a gorgeos gurl at a party
you go up to her and get her phone number
the next day, u ring her and say "im a rich man..marry me~!!"
thats telemarketing

you are at a party & see a gorgeos gurl
you get up straighten your tie
you walk up to her & pour her a drink
you open the door for her, pick up her bag afta she drops it
offer her a car ride & then say "btw, im a rich man..will you marry me~!!"
thats public relations (PR)

you are at a party & see a gorgeos gurl
she walks up to you & says "you are very rich~!!"
thats brand recognition

you are at a party & see a gorgeos gurl
you go up to her & say "im rich..marry me~!!"
she gives you a nice hard slap on your face
thats customer feedback

readers, i got this marketing lesson from my nephew's english book..he is only 5 years old. he learnt about this mkt thingy in much much simpler form.. and me took 3 years to learn it during my diploma..the saddest part is, im still learning it for my degree wic i will finish it by the end of 2009.. total of marketing course for me is 6 years~!!..daymn~!! so,fellowmates (DPR, BBAM & BMBM students..ada tercabar tak???)..hahaha...

Its all about ♥♥♥♥~!!

Is opposite to selfishness, because it’s always heading to some other person but you. It’s the highest point of human’s relations development. One voluntary gives up a great part of his/her own freedom. Love is giving by it’s nature. Person feels satisfaction and happiness not from receiving but from and seeing one happy. Two individuals completing one another form some spiritual union in which one is happy because the other’s is happy and one knows that he or she loves because he or she knows he/she would do anything it takes to make the other. But everyone should mind that love arises not between angels but between people with all their little sins and flows. So the mistakes, problems and conflicts in love are in fact normal, they all come from our human’s nature.
::Love at first sight::
Is an emotional condition whereby a person feels romantic attraction for a stranger on the first encounter with the stranger. The term may be used to refer to a mere sexual attraction or crush, but it usually refers to actually falling in love with someone literally the very first time one sees him or her, along with the deep desire to have an intimate relationship with that person. The stranger may or may not be aware that the other person has any such notion, and may not even be aware of the other person's presence (such as in a crowded place). Sometimes two people experience this phenomenon towards each other at the same time, usually when their eyes meet.
::True love::
It means understanding. One trusts another more than him/herself and feels ready to satisfy every little need of a partner. Two people don’t stop for a second looking into each other eyes. True love isn’t supposed to blow your mind, yet it doesn’t tend to get and to possess – it’s a and very special state of a soul.
::Love is magic::
Love has it’s magical power to overcome all troubles, heal illnesses, create wonders. In critical life situations it gives people the strength to survive, to hold on however tough the living gets. And it all comes from the knowledge that you’re not alone in this world.
::Falling in love::
Is a strong instinctive attraction to the person of the other sex. In case it’s mutual and both lovers will work at their relationships one day that feeling can grow into love. Falling in love is crazy, it very physical, it’s when knees are getting weak and temperature rises, love is calm, comfortable and mental. You have to do nothing to fall in love and often there’s either nothing you can do to stop falling in love. It’s very illogical: you suffer from splashes of emotions, doubts, can’t fully control yourself and it’s all because of a person you usually almost don’t know. When we fall in love nature shows all it’s power on us. Sometimes it even goes against our sense when we understand that we can’t expect nothing good from these relationships that it’s the wrong person but still can do nothing about ourselves.
::Love declarations::
It usually come naturally when two people are seeing each other for some time already and are quiet sure about the feelings of each other. Nobody gets prepared to declare his/her love to a partner. it usually comes all of a sudden, by some impulse or just by the way. And when couple has a long-lasting relationships everyday small signs of attention, care and support will say more than all love poems in the world, though such romantic love declarations are very nice either.
::When 2 become 1::
You are no longer a couple, you are the one, you share one life and don’t divide it no longer in two. You don’t use the word “I” anymore, there’s only “We”. You belong to him and have no doubts that he belongs to you. So two become one...
::When everything suddenly goes right, and all the problems seem so miserable that you don’t even have think now, since now you don’t have to worry about a thing at all.
::When you are ready to give up all your life for him and you’re quite sure that he’ll never ask for that because he’s ready to do the same.
::When you don’t have to talk to understand each other, and when one starts a phrase the other finishes it.
::When you can talk about everything in the world and tell each other all the secrets you’ve ever had.
::When it’s never better to sleep apart, but when you sleep in one bed it’s so difficult to fall asleep at all.
::When you’re together you don’t let go each others hands not for a second.
::When you start acting and thinking very similar, and suddenly find out that you both copy each other even in intonations.
::When you look at the world around not only with yours but with his eyes at the same time, when you note around everything that could be interesting or useful for him.
::When you tell one another the smallest impressions and can always count on total understanding.
::When you see your future only with him and see no future without him.
::When suddenly and fully understand the meaning of the word “family”.
::When you’d rather stay alone than go anywhere without him but nobody doesn’t expect you to come alone anywhere at all.
::When every moment is the right moment to call him, and when you feel when he’s is going to call you.
::When you look at him the color of your eyes changes and in your turn you are sure that he won’t every look at anybody with those eyes he’s looking at you.
::When you are apart the letters from each other come just on time, when you most expect them to come.
::When you both have one past, share the same memories and built together the plans for future, when you are rewriting all the plans you had before he came so they could suit him too.
::When you learn all his weak points to avoid pressing on them.
::When you are beside him you never and nowhere feel out of place.
::When you want to go around the world together and at the same time settle down somewhere, build a house, grow a garden and bring up kids together. And you will be making that house a home, keeping it warm, clean, nice so that he would always feel comfortable there.
::When you want to take care of him all the times and always feel that care from his side.
::When you want to support and help him and do everything, even impossible only to keep him happy.
::When you both start doing things you’ve never done before and when you quit doing some things that you’ve been used to.
::When you can let yourself be weak.
::When you stop looking at the other man at all.
::When you both become better day after day because you want to be the best for each other.
::When everything you’re doing is right seems to him and when everything he’s doing seems right to you.
::When you want every single day to last forever.
::When you are never alone.
*sigh* i jumped from one site to another. then i suddently wondering what he is doing now. damn, he s so far awaaaayyyy.. i tried to call him but the stupid line didnt allow me to, and it took me forever to send him a sms (tekanan sungguh terasa~!!). i started to read about and things that are related to it. i decided to share it with everyone as i found it interesting.. each sentence brought a smile to my face (that shows how much i miss him and fond of him).. i cut and pasted the words (i edited the it wont sound too DOC LOVE..*if u know what im saying*)..everyone has their own love story and most of them love to talk about it. as for me, the story we created and will create is going to be our secrets. wic we will only share it wif our grandchildren (anak2 should observe it by themselves as i know we will still be much in love at dat tym)..i have wishes and hopes just like everyone else..i pray to HIM that we will forever be together and tie the knot when the time comes (insya ALLAH)..

another shocking news~!!

Monday, December 22, 2008


it has been so damn long since the last tym i checked my one particular person hu doesnt lyk to waste my tym checking emails especially at my yahoo inbox..but last nyt i had to check sbb baru terkedek2 nak cari the stupid upgrade membership form..(terlupe gile pasal tu..coz sbuk duk ingat duit nak rabak today nak byr membership ngok tuh~!!)..anyways, my mail box penuh gile as usual tapi penuh ngan tajuk [RE:hari pertunangan ku]..jeng jeng jeng...terkejut berok jap plak neh nak tunang??..there were abt 40 emails with that title..(kengkwnku sume communicate thru emails and fwd kat sumer..cume aku jer yg tak respond..)..rupenye yusnita ku dah nak bertunang next month~!! dgn sama itu inchek faiq VIP..agagagaga..syok betul aku..2 budak melawati yg brutal dah nak bertunang :)..kami2 dijemput ke majlis nya yg tak dibuat kat melawati~!! (marah sungguh~!!)..the engagement wat kat negori 9..bobot dah nak prepare activity convoynyer..and as dah offer nak wat facial percuma..hehehe..whenever it comes abt this young lady, satu DPR 03-06 akan bergegas utknyer~!! crony rapat especially larr ('ll be there to support cik yus kite nih~!! no worries mate :]

i will post updates nanti2..
sekang nak lalu fasa kemurungan selama seminggu..
agagagagag~!! katernye padaku semlm.."ngada2nya budak~!!"
daku tersentap n tersedeh gile bile heycurl membakar2 hatiku yg udah sayu semlm..heycurl ckp.."kat sana kan kak lyne,ada minah muke cam bunga,cam pokok, cam daun..hahahaha"..bengong nyer budak..nasib kamoo feberet zul..huh~!!..
btw heycurl..if u r reading this..sorry abt yesterday..laju je kena ketepek ngan ku semlm~!! sorry ye sayang u semenarnye..jgn ngadu ngan fera yek..hehehe :]

to all 5 of them: happy holidays~!! enjoy the "heaven" ok but jgn lupe kiter..$$$$$$..heheh..i still want that marc&jacob thingy..dapat tak?? boy kate tak bulih..tekanan sungguh~!!

take care readers~!!

#2 (2008)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

♥ ♥ Weddings~!! ♥ ♥
wow~!! 2008 nih semenarnya ramai rakan2ku yg kawen n tunang..tak kurang gak yg dapat new,3 dah ye anak u..gile productive~!! seme muke irwan plak tuh..hehehe.. 3 of my frens yg bertunang ::bobot & heza:: . ::fina & isa:: . ::storm & jaja::..bobot & fina nye big day wud be next year if im not mistaken..but for nizam(storm), his big day wud be next weekend~!! dewan serbaguna manjalara,kepong :)..gile ar nizam ko dah nak kawen..pasneh mmg takleh nak polak2 ar lagi kan..heheheh..yg kawen plak wud be ::hazira & partner:: . ::kak hazira & partner:: . ::finie & fuad:: and ::elle & zali:: semua wedding neh lyne tak dpt pegi..nape la korang kawen tym aku exam?? tekanan gile bile dpt nengo gambar jer taw..huhuhukk.. hmmmm... so tahniah to everyone and hopefuly the relationship will remain forever..AMIN~!!

::me . bobot . erni . yus (on bobot's engagement day)::

::hazira n partner::

::kak hazira::


::elle & zali::

This year lyne tak byk sgt berjalan..went to few places jer..but i enjoyed myself to d fullest..i went to Genting Highlands wif my sayang early this year. then i went to ulu yam wif him as well. in june, parents took me and him to cameron highlands (as my bday gift) august, i went to national park under course and program trip..during fasting n raya month i went to kuantan wif him jugakxx..met WAN for the first tym..i like her (alott)..afta my final exam, i went to kuching wif family & last trip wud be to janda baek..wif my family..

i have covered most the things that happened in 2008.. i left out the sedey2nye part.sbb to write it out i hv to think abt it again..if i start to think of one part, ill start to dig the rest wic it brings no good to me. i wana leave '08 asap and walk into '09 wif new hopes and i dun wish to drag anything from '08 to '09~!!

to my sayang:
munchkin, i u with all my heart. theres nothing i want from u besides an endless ♥♥. i appreciate every single thing that u have done for me. we have gone thru a lot this year..mcm2 jadi wic i dont think neither of us can forget abt it. attacks from here and there..mistakes we did..what ever happen, i want u to know that my heart is fully belongs to u. i do understand ur current situation. whatever u r doing now, i noe its for our own future [dats sumthing i cant wait]. kite support syg and kite wont walk away. u have my full attention and endless prayers. i u til death do us apart.

take care readers~!!
♥ me

#1 (2008)

2008 is coming to its END. Im happy that we r approaching the end as this year is not a great year for me. Terrible stuffs and things happened wic turned my life upside down over and over again. Despite that, im still thankful and feel blessed. Once he said, "GOD loves u so much..thats y he gives u all the barriers. HE noes that u can handle it well~!!" I did handle those but with helps from several people la..(duh~!!), skang lyne nak type all the things that happened along the year..(d things that i can remember je r..:]) the blog gonna be real long so i will divide it according to whateva i here we go~!!

Stepped into '08
lyk everyone else, i had my own wishes n resolutions as well.Mcm2 aku plan and harapkan.. Dr menimbun tuh, satu je kowt yg menjadi..gile bongok betul aku neh..tapi bak kate ira dulu ann,"lyne,pelan2 kayuh~!!"..masalahnya nak pelan2 tuh yg tak not getting younger..i turned 23 and 23 is a huge number ok~!!

UiTM Shah Alam
Jan08 i started my lecture in FPP UiTM SA.. Gile ar mase tuh..sumenya rasa susah sbb all the facilities dtg dr zaman batu..i was in KBM before that (sungguh modern + canteq + menawan~!!).. so bile masuk SA, rasa jakun pun ada gak.. tp thn kan aja. first day was lyk hell..then second day i started to make new frens. i met nana & apin in Internet Mktg class (sungguh bertuah sbb depan neh leh diharap n leh wat keja..even blur2 sket abt few things but they r willing to learn~!!).. dlm class IM tuh, mmg duk rpt gile ngan dorg sbb i needed them to explain back amende lect aku tuh potpet kat dpn..maklumlah lect tuh bangla pure punyer (Dr. Syed Shah Alam)..sungguh pekat gile ENGLADESH nyer..mmg tak paham sezarah pun~!!no offence sir~!! heheheh

after a few weeks baru aku comfy sket..lucky i chose the ryt class/group. kalo msk d other group mmg mati arr (dat group penuh ngan budak PERASAN KAYA and also PERASAN PANDAI~!!).. first sem kat situ quite tiring lar sbb need to rebut parking..kelakar kan..(but tuh la yg terjadi..hahah).. afta nana & apin, lyne kawan ngan ramai yg lelaen plak.. i managed to lepak n kwn ngan ex UiTM Segamat, its started dlm class SERVICE MKTG..cute gile sume kejadian (nana ckp bbdk neh susah nk accept bdk luar sbb dorg sendri mmg dah rapat gile..n i said, pedulik apa aku~!!..) so we developed a new clan/group of frens..mana2 je mesti ber6~!! and sumtyms ber8.. masuk second sem, it became ber11 and sumtyms ber15..

Best friends & bbam closemates
Since lyne je yg study and others are already working, my time and their tyme mmg tak penah sekongkol lar..wen im free they arent..but theres nothing i can do abt it. MY BESTFRENS - Elle, Nad, Hawa, Fiea~!! trimas sgt2 sbb korang tak penah lupe kan daku walaupun daku mmg biskut..bukan saja tak jumpe malah daku takda mengirimkan sms pun kt korang..korang je rajen ngantor tp aku wat tongong jer..maap dipinta yer~!!

Elle, u r the closest to me in terms of geography and blood~!! u have been my TWIN and another half of me for my entire life. no one noe me better than u do..lyne marah ke, sedey ker, terasa je ke, penat ke..kamoo jer yg taw..i thank u for ur wonderful words written in d card u sent me..sungguh touching gile pabile ku membacenye especially masa tuh aku mmg dah kabooooommmmm jatuh~!! ngan kaw, aku tak yah buka mulut..kaw mmg dah tau segala2nyer~!! suke betul ada twin cam kaw..BANGGA :D..u r one great twin of mine and i neva wish to lose u again~!!..kamoo udah kawen so makenye, aku doakan semoga kamoo berbahagia~!! katilku katilmu..umahmu umahku jua..kasik ingat itu~!! luff luff kamoo shayang..always~!!

::my twin & my sista::

Nad, kaw kan satu2 nyer makhluk yg rajen menjadi pakar sakit jiwa aku..sebagai balasan aku pun jd penasehat peribadi kaw~!! 5 tahun kawan n 4 tahun jadi best fren ku, kamoo mmg tak penah mengeciwakan daku~!! sungguh bley diharapkan walaupun cume dlm tepon je..tapi ok arr tuh..ngko ke aku ke yg da masalah, mmg aku jer ar yg kol kaw~!! kedekutnye makcik..naseb daku kaseh pada mu~!! so halal arr :].. kaw juga penyeri idupku kerna kesengalan n kebluran kamoo sungguh menghiburkan aku.. aku appreciate dowh sumer nasehat kamoo w/pun majoritynye tak bley pakai..hehehe.. ♥ kamoo wahai nata d cocoa ku~!!

::nad & lyne::

Hawa, kamoo lar sahabatku yg paling jauh..umahmu yg dikelilingi sawah padi itu sungguh seronok untuk dilawati~!! dear, u have no idea how much i care and love. im sorry if i neva text u or call u. i just dun want to make u feel sad..coz i do noe how much u miss our moments together & also d problems that u r facing~!! i wanna be the one hu teman u to laugh lyk hell..let nad be ur shrink..coz shes damn good at that..hehehe :p.. aku kan hati kering, cold hearted and batu nye budak.. kang aku comment lagi wat ko polakkkk~!! bahaya tuh (utk aku arr~!!).. so now, aku nunggu nad & fiea free..becoz we will visit u..n this tym i wanna play near the palong..hopefully tak panas cam arituh ar~!!.. nasehat ku utkmu wud be..CUKUP2 arr tgk karton jepun tuh~!! tak agak2 sungguh.. ehhehehe...BTW, dtg ar umah..parents angkat ko neh merindui kamoo wahai saudari~!! ♥ u & miss u tak agak2~!!

Fiea, makcik..harapkan umah je dekat..harapkan cite je berdegar2~!! tapi habuk pun tak da.. hish "adikku" ini..aku rindu gile kat kau..ill be seeing u next weekend~!! jengjengjeng..hehehe~!! fiea, u r one of a kind.. kepelatan kau tak penah nye hilang..kau la gerbang informasiku yg tak berbayar.. ko la satu manusia yg sering usaha nak track aku kat mana n wat ape sbb aku sll terlupe nk update kat kau..appreciate gile segala usahamu~!! fwen forever and ever..janji..sayang kamoo bussukkk~!!

kendian, bbam frens ku yg sungguh baek lagi pandai ngambel hati ku~!! nana & apin.. setaun je kenal korang but i feel lyk i noe u ppl longer than that.. u ppl love to talk n talk.. mulut tak penah nyer brenti beckp especially apin..(mulut cam FM radio..heheh)..comfy gile kwn ngan korang..i can share anything n everything. ngutuk org, maki lect sume ngan korng..(tak lupe gak adik2 kiter2 tuh..dorg pun leh thn gak kaki gossip)..syok wat keja grouping ngan korng sbb korng tak penah bg aku heart attack lyk certain ppl wud give..hehehe..then, apin..trimas kerna suka menjamu slera ngan hidangan sehat kamoo (tp sedap gile)..patut la kamoo sungguh kurus :)..daku will always sayang n kangen sama kamoo berdua~!! [ngeeeeeeeee]... bbdk laen pun tak ku lupakan..shida,aina,kak dila,mai,erna,iza,aj,adha,aiman,syed & adik2ku (haikal,izzad,big)...n ofcoz BESTFREN AJ~!! (agagagagag)..

guess the karutan has been too long plak..ill cont on d next blog aite..#2 2008

jalan2 . makan2 . tarikh keramat

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Uhuhuh~!! Setelah sekian lama daku terbengkalai di rumah, yesterday (17dec) me n parents went back to Melaka & Muar.. Sungguh syok la.. Jejak je kaki kat umah nenekku.. teriakku ialah.."Semekom..nenek~!! cicik~!! kiter alik neh...".. Salam n cium nenek, terus kite g dapor.. "cicik, kite lapa ar..nasi lemak ada ag tak??".. Sungguh direct and kurang sopan.. Thats my granny's house and this perot need to be filled~!! After i had the wonderful fat rice, i went to Mahkota Parade. I wanted to get some stuffs there and from d Megamall as well.. But since i went there wif mumy & mumyngah, the plan changed automatically (berkuat kuasa serta merta~!!)

Setibenya kat MP, the mothers sibuk nengok tudung.. They claimed those design are the latest.. (tudung ekin..the mawi's wife to be).. Daku tercongok2 kebuhsanan (keciwa semenarnya sbb tak dpt melintas ke seberang).. Berbekalkan RM300 yang diberikan oleh ayahku serta ATM kadnya, impianku untuk membeli baranganku tidak tercapai (aiseyman~!!).. I spent my time in d MPH bookstore.. I was thinking to buy that Twilight out of stock plak.. So i grabbed the next best thing (kowt).. I bought INKHEART TRIOLOGY book..3 books in 1.. Which the movie will come out on 9Jan09.. Mcm best je buku nyer.. I have not start it yet, sbb bz ngan I KNOW THIS MUCH IS TRUE book -IKTMIT-(which baru abes td pagi)..


After the mothers done wif the tudung shopping and handbags shopping, we drove back to the granny's hse.. Ayah dah nunggu lama gile dah.. But before that, i stopped at UITM City Campus.. Went there to collect my DL sijil (yg patotnye daku collect between jan08-july08).. Went to the 15th floor.. Ckp ngan En Wahid (yg semakin membuntal) pasal sijil tuh..die tendang daku ke kaunter sebelah plak..(hampeh nye mamat~!!)..dah ckp ngan kakak yg dr dulu mmg suke control cun (makeup 18inch), die plak ckp sijil seme dah bg KP.. Nak cari En Azman tym bbdk cuti mmg payah arr kan..dgn hampe (utk kali kedua pada hari tersebut), kite pulang la ke umah nenda terchenta... Afta solat, kitorang mencabutzkan diri..sbb nk smbung journey to Muar plak.. Stopped at Ujung Pasir..tapau kueh sebanyak2 tidak.. (sbb kat Muar nnt da ramai org.. Yang laen2 drive dr KL trus g Muar~!!)..

Reached Muar around 5.30pm (checked in hotel then to aunt's hse).. Mkn2 jap.. lepak2 jap ngan org2 nih...sembang2...maen layang2...solat magrib & jamak isya'..kitorg meyarau g mkn ag~!! Afta dinner, we headed back to the aunt's was around 10pm.. Continue the chit chatting (d mothers & fathers).. i sat alone and continue to read my book (sbb nak bace the new one kena perabiskan the old first).. nk midnite baru pulang ke hotel...

Today 18dec..had brkfast at my aunt's hse..(food yg sgt heaven n sedap)..tgk tv reramai..mkn lagi...tgk tv ag...mkn lunch..n balik KL.. the souvinir for KL ppl is AIR PEAR~!! u can only find this drink in MUAR~!! laen2 tempat takkan ada and takkan jumpe~!! As i reached home, cpt2 on laptop.. cpt2 log in into nak check result.. (18dec-tarikh keramat-the another event i mentioned in my first blog).. Punye ar gile susah nk masuk.. Memanjang je loading error~!! mcm nak hempas je laptop tuh.. but lucky ZHAF (mascom fwen in Lendu) said the system cam haram d whole day.. dah la the stupid senat meeting asyik postponed jer.. Dengan sabarnye, i kept on trying..(perut dah sakit gile nak g toilet..nerbes nye hal~!!). Bile nak almost give up, POMMM~!! terpampang result ku~!!.. senyum simpul2 aku sowang2.. terus lari to my parents' room.. wat lompat bintang (dats d cue for them..) Mumy hugged me~!! (yeay~!!)..ALHAMDULILLAH.. I thanked ALLAH for this wonderful result aldoh its not as great as erna's but cukuplah.. After all july08-nov08 was like a roller coaster to me. Had millions of frustrations, millions of problems.. I skipped classes.. Lect + management + Bendahari + Dr. Samad sume cari kiter~!! I dropped my subjects til i have to extend my semester..

I actually tot that i wont get a gud result for Issues in MKT (becoz i feel lyk the lect hates me to d max)..She and i would argue around d clock..Payah gile hidup aku mase tu sbb nak jage hati die n nak jage 30 kepala anak buah ku.. Mmg ISSUES in MKT..
Me as a seller (project leader) trying hard to fuldill needs, wants of the customers (30 students) as well as trying damn hard to satisfy & delight them. And at the same tym, i have to obey and satisfy my top management (FPP mgt) and my manager (d course Lect). Not to forget, i need to build a strong relationship & collaboration wif my supplier (National Park Mgt)..
But i managed (even i had to DROP the most important person in my life at that period of tym)...

Maka officially nye, daku rase semakin tercabar utk next sem.. I thanked both of my parents..brothers..sisters...for their endless prayers and doas.. Nana & Apin for being there for me.. july08 was the hardest sem of all.. I hv gone thru alot and u guys were always there to back me up & clear d trash for me~!! ♥ kowang bangat2~!!

::nana & apin::

Well, thats all about it..2 days nye story~!! Now im so tired and having a terrible headache~!!

Thanx for reading my upside down blog :)

take care ppl
♥ me

happy birthday~!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

11dec~!! happy birthday ayah..semoga panjang umur, sentiasa sehat & dimurahkan rezki. we dont get to celebrate ur birthday today becoz u n mummy went back to johor this morning..however im sure we will celebrate it this weekend wif abang and kak ju~!! and im so confident that u will enjoy ur johor trip..especially muar (the food district~!!). so, again..selamat menyambut ulang tahun ke 62. i ♥ u so much~!!

♥ me

Happy Anniversary

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Here, i would like to wish both of my parents HAPPY ANNIVERSARY~!! 37 years of marriage~!! they are still happy like they were married yesterday. Living under the same roof with them makes me understand what is marriage is all about. Watching them arguing, complaining, bully one and another makes me realize that marriage is kindda funny in a way. Ayah has this typical man's atts which it kindda force mummy to be the "hujan" and rainbow. 23years being their daughter, i never seen ayah raise his voice to mummy and i never seen mummy disobey him..Mummy is a good wife and believe me shes a superb mother..Mummy sekukuh and sekental besi. Never seen her cry or complaining about anything. Mummy would always be there for ayah no matter when and where..

And ayah..he is tough as well. The word of GIVE UP is not in his dictionary. He fights to survive and still fighting. He never tells us about the pain he has to bear every single second of life especially since the accident in 1995. He never mentioned it becoz he doesnt want any of us (especially mummy) to worry about him. Becoz of that, he is a great husband to my mummy :)

So, again i wish both of u happy anniversary. i failed to get gifts for both of u this year..Insya ALLAH, i will get one next year..Semoga mummy and ayah berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat.. I love u both very much~!!

take care
♥ me

apa yang terjadi ialah...

Monday, December 8, 2008

yesterday was the raya as usual dgn membekalkan semangat raya yg kobar2, i cleaned up the house (vacuum je sebenarnya). sungguh memenatkan sbb byk gile carpet & lokasi yg perlu disedut habuknya. later in the afternoon, my brother n family came mmg chaos giler dgn jeritan all the danishs. 3 boys (5,3 and 1 year old),just imagine how to handle each one of them..dah ptg2 lagi,sume dah the great aunt (ayeen), i went out carik kueh and also memesongkan diri ke ayamas carik fried chicken..and also to pasar malam..hahaha (ranap duit mumy kite kejakan)..
dah bis tea, my sis n her husband plak dtg (mmg balik kampung ar sumer..syok ooo)..aldoh she is pregnant, i still bully her (in a way larrr)..tgk die ngamuk is fun :)..

dah around 10pm, the future son in-law plak sampai ( beloved bf).dtg lepak2 jap..segan-segan konon..pukul kang :)..around 11pm, my brother went home.the sis stay over..the bf lepak lagi til midnite..kebetulan plak,yesterday 7dec08 was my anniversary wif him for the 17th month..(yurp we r still considered as new born).i was expecting sumthing from him, nothing huge but sumthing lyk his TIME.but things happened unexpectedly (certainly we cant blame the nature & environment ryt).but we managed to killed few hours together til late midnyt (thanx sayang).

today, hari raya aidil adha..i take this opportunity to wish everyone selamat hari raya.. enjoy the food and have fun lepaking wif ur relatives + family + love ones.

oh jap..this morning sementara nunggu my dad n abg iparku pulang dr solat sunat raya, i turned d radio on..(radio nasional lagi..heheh), dj pasang lagu raya.if the lagu tak da kena mengena ngan puasa and raya selama sebulan tak pe gak la..nih terangan2 nyebutnya.gelak guling2 jap daku..oleh kerana terasa diri tertipu ngan lagu tersebut, daku off radio n on tv plak..pagi2 hari (weekdays),mestilah on STARWORLD..nengok 2episodes of f.r.i.e.n.d.s..memang tak penah buhsan ngan citer tu arr kan..then nengok ellen showku (faberet gak tuh)..then mkn2 ngan bunde,ayahnda,abg iparku n kakakku..pastuh abgku sekuarga plak sampai..

sementara abgku n kakak iparku sdg menjamu selere, daku ngambil kesempatan membuli anak saudaraku yg chummell~!! hes cute + friendly + manja + menggude + bulat..jln tekedek2..sbb baru pandai jalan~!! hes so cute til i feel like chewing his cheek~!! bulat nye budak :D

::danish hadiy - mmg bagai digambarkan kan kan kan..:D::

wooooppss..tepanjang plak,to those yg kampung jauh2 safely..later im going back to my kampung as well which it only take 10mins drive from my place..guna LDP jer..bosan sungguh..n of coz ptg2 kang, im going to TMN MELAWATI..hint hint hint :D

take care ppl
♥ me

first blogku~!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

salam..hello everyone~!!

kte wat balik blog kite but believe me im not an expert so therefore dun hope too much..(nak blog cantek2 arr..byk update ke..ape ke..) becoz computer & internet is just not my thingy~!! anyways, it has been so long..daku gatal wat blog baru becoz im just bored to death..(sbb ngah cuti sekolah)..once my class starts, sure i wont have any time to update..& the possibility to forget the email+password+usernme is high lyk a mountain..but, i wud try to maintain it owhkey.. aldoh now im on my holiday, i dun do anything much (sbb tuh la buhsan)..i watch telly around d clock (dr subuh ke subuh gitu) <--pathetic 17nov..i="17nov..i" 18nov="18nov" 19nov="19nov""" 2300hrs..="2300hrs.." 28dec..a="28dec..a" 8nov="8nov" a="a" abis="abis" amp="amp" are="are" around="around" arrived="arrived" bangat="bangat" be="be" becoz="becoz" bestest="bestest" bit..tnmbuk="bit..tnmbuk" both="both" breakfast.thumbs="breakfast.thumbs" bride="bride" but="but" cannot="cannot" change="change" country..choyy="country..choyy" cousy="cousy" cuti="cuti" d="d" da="da" dah="dah" damn="damn" deary="deary" div="div" doing="doing" duk="duk" dun="dun" during="during" emergency="emergency" especially="especially" extend="extend" family="family" few="few" final..="final.." final="final" finished="finished" flawless..="flawless.." food="food" for="for" forget="forget" fren="fren" from="from" fun="fun" gadoh2..zaman="gadoh2..zaman" gile="gile" go="go" gorgeos="gorgeos" got="got" great..went="great..went" happiness="happiness" her="her" honestly="honestly" i="i" im="im" in="in" ingat="ingat" innitially="innitially" is="is" jgn="jgn" jnji="jnji" kaannn...="kaannn..." kamoo="kamoo" kan="kan" kang="kang" kasik="kasik" kl="kl" kucheng="kucheng" leave="leave" like="like" lots="lots" love="love" ma="ma" maen2="maen2" make="make" married="married" me..piccas="me..piccas" me="me" middle="middle" mms="mms" month="month" most="most" my="my" n="n" now="now" of="of" on="on" pals="pals" paper="paper" parents="parents""" places="places" practical="practical" pray="pray" prob="prob" relatives="relatives" ryt="ryt" sedey="sedey""" sent="sent" shayang="shayang" she="she" sikit="sikit" since="since" smart="smart" so="so" suppose="suppose" syok="syok" taw="taw" that="that" the="the" their="their" there="there" thier="thier" til="til" to="to" tongong2="tongong2" u..dun="u..dun" u="u" umah..="umah.." untuk="untuk" up="up" ur="ur" us="us" various="various" was="was" wasnt="wasnt" we="we" went="went" were="were" what="what" wif="wif" wud="wud">
at cat museum

on d 23nov, we all went to the cousy's wedding (belah groom plak)..i was the maid of honor..kelam-kabut mcm taik..i was her maid of honor+her driver+her stylist+her caunselor at a tym..penat gile n i was very sleepy becoz d nyt before, i didnt sleep at all..

on 30nov,family & i went to janda baek plak..we rent a house there..sumpah jauh ke atas gunung-ganang~!! had to do sum off-road abg ngamuk gile..d whole redah hutan, die jerit "habis bumper aku~!! rosak arr rim aku cemneh~!!" & me on the other hand.."yeay..masuk hutan..~!!"..becoz i drove a 4wd..hahaha..

nih gambar laman n a boat house (dlm pond)..pic taken from the house itelf..besar bangat the house area :)

my fave pic..i didnt snap it actually..i was bz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..eheheh

my tyre~!!

wow~!!thats all about it..ryt now im counting days for another event (dec18)..huhu takowt~!! pray for me :)

take care
♥ me