Friday, February 27, 2009

Kenapa orang buat blog?~

Kenapa orang create blog??

Mungken asalnya fungsi blog adalah untuk mengkhabarkn berita and share info pada umum. Tapi lama kelamaan, fungsi blog dah jadi laen kan. Jadi journal harian.. Semua aktiviti harian ditypekan di blog. Satu dunia taw apa seseorang individu itu buat sepanjang hari. Bangun kul brapa.. Makan kat mana.. Balik umah kul brapa.. Sapa datang umah.. Lepak kat mana.. Nak beli apa...

Sharing daily routine pon leh tahan lagi.. Tapi ada yg dah jadi mcm personal diary. Kita tak penah tulis sedetail2nya dalam blog neh lagi. Tak detail pon, ada orang ckp kita dah detailkan.. (choyyy.. kita tak la lurus sgt nak tulis semua benda~). Penah nak try type detail, but end up kita padam balik.

Ada sesetgh blog tuh tulis tak ingat dunia. Dari tak kenal dia, leh jadi kenal sesgt. Sedar kah mereka, jika mereka terlalu menulis.. org leh judge dia.. If org judge dia baek tak pe.. Alhamdulillah.. Tapi kalaw org judge dia buruk??

Satu cerita benar.. Kita suka baca satu blog neh. Kenapa?? Sebab orang ini sungguh penuh ngan "warna-warni".. Kita leh tahan la jadi addicted kat blog dia nih sampai kita leh come up ngan satu conclusion ttg life dia... The conclusion is.."This blogger has a pathetic life and living in a denial".. Then one day, ada la hamba ALLAH ni, g bantai bagi comment kat shout out box blogger tersebut. Tak tawu la org itu pompwan ke lelaki, but whatever the fella said, mmg la sgt2 betul and direct... The blogger malu kowt, die pon delete comment tersebut and memarahi org yang mengomen tu..

So, di sini ingin ku kata kan.. Jgn la berumah di tepi pantai kalaw takot dilanda ombak.. [Ombak tak pe la lgi.. tapi kalaw tsunami??? Sapa nak disalahkan???] Maka jgn jadikan blog anda sbagai personal diary kalaw anda tak bole trima comment and pandangan org laen yg membacanya~

Bagi menjawab soalan pada tajuk di atas.. Kita berblogging sebab kita tak da benda nak buat. Kita jarang kuar umah and kengkwn sume dah keja so jadual harian mereka tak sama ngan kita. Oleh kerana kita sll update blog neh, da org ckp.."org cari masa untuk blog tapi awak buang masa kat blog".. Urmmmm... Mmg tak tawu nak jawab apa la kan.. heheh~ Pape pon, what ever ku karutkan jarang sekali da kaitan ngan org laen. And of coz da kaitan ngan kita.. Tapi cume la 10% dari life kita. Its not like i dont write my personal emotion ke apa ke.. I do, cume bukan di sini... Orang tak perlu tawu life kita sama seperti kita tak perlu tawu life org..

Cukup lah org tawu yang kita nih perempuan, maseh belaja and punya kekaseh yang sgtlah sayang kita~.. And kita pon sayang dia.. Tu je la.. Tadaaa~


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Owhh Gosh.. What have i done??~

For the past few days, i was not really being myself. I knew there is something wrong aldoh i cant prove it. I have been questioning myself and this one person. And last night, i decided to trust my instinct..

This morning i went to this one place. I brought some stuffs as well with the intention of *sharing* it with him. Then something happened.. Tuhan itu adil. My instinct was right. Shits happened and i did not able to control my anger. The cold hearted part of mine betul2 muncul and i said things that were really harsh.

So, to u.. I am so sorry. I know my words were so harsh and also so laser and also so sharp and also were so mean. I was so shocked, angry and emotional. I noe deep down, u never expect to see me act the way i did. I did not want to explode like that but things are just so out of control. One after another.. Penat la~

Currently, im holding on to ur words and promises. Pls get things done and over with. Pls make sure that i dont have to go thru this phase again. Like i said dis morning.. Im not interested in the past or future.. Only the present that matters the most to me.

What ever is done, is done.. I'll try to act like a human and muslim.. Give me time for that...

-ur nu pengyou-

Adik Iparku mengTAG aku~

::Berapa umurmu & apekah keputusan UPSR mu?::
Umur ku maseh boleh diconsiderkan muda.. I am turning 24 this year.. Under 25 is consider young la kan~!!

My UPSR result.. Choyy.. I got 5As :).. Result yang penuh kebanggaan.. Kenapa? kerana i never *open* my book and i was busy with sports as well as i spent most of my time at INTENCITY~.. (bukan time je... ngan duit2 sekali~..heheh)

::Beri 4 ciri lelaki pojaan mu?::
Ya ALLAH.. Sonang la sesgt~
Yang, nape kita nak n syg awak?? ...

a) A person who is never gives up in trying hard to win my heart.. U did a great job so pls keep it that way~
b) A person who always stand up for me no matter what
c) A person who is always there wen i need help.. (those tak logic nyer assistance plak tuh..)
d) A person who comes out with this phrase *there is no word in this world that can describe how much i love u..*


e) A person who dedicates songs to me.. Hehe.. I love all those songs especially *Sampai Syurga*..~!!
[ooohhh extra satu leh kan.. *ngeeee*]

::Sila siarkan 1 pic mu dlm berkeadaan:
--muka semasa menjawab tag tanpa sebarang perubahan--

Rupe ku enggak menawan hari ini kerna *hujan* yang tanpa henti.. Anyways, kerna dinde kesuma hanato kuh syg, ku snapkan jua wajah ku ini~ hehe :)

--keadaan muke selepas di touch-up--

I never edit any of my pics.. I dont have any pic editing software.. Selalu my sayang yg edit and also his adeq.. (the person who forced me to do this tag..)

--muka dgn senyuman tertutup x nampak gigi--

A sincere smile to my sayang.. Supper outing :0 Yeay~!!

--muka dgn senyuman yg nampak gigi--

I love this pic so much. Taken by him, obviously.. We were playing at taman kanak2.. Heheh~!! Good old days :)

--siarkan gambar unikmu--

Kenapa unik?? Because saya pakai dress and saya ngah melaram sunglasses kat vinci and saya cube thn dr ketawa~ (Dimana kah dress tersebut yer??? hhmmm... hilang pn tak pe.. murah pon.. 12pound jer~)

heheh :)

::warna baju & suar yg kamu pakai kini?::
Im wearing red t-shirt and blue xoxo jeans~!!

Kini daku mahu nge-tag....
Saya maw tag sesapa sahaja yang rajen nak menjawab.. sbb saya taw azab nak menjawab menda ini.. hahaha~!!

Also, now only i realise, i dont hve much recent pictures.. Hurmmm~!!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hujan tanpa henti~


Dari malam tadi hujan kat area klang valley nih tak brenti2. Until when the alarm clock memekak pon, i refused to wake up. Atas dasar rasa tanggung jawab sebagai pelajar, ku bangunkan jua.. As usual, i drove myself to shah alam.. Masuk LDP then lalu kelab golf and masuk federal.. So while i was driving at LDP.. I snapped this..

Sebuah jeep wrangler.. Hmmm.. Sapa lah yang bakar kreta tersebut? Ishk.. The smoke was madness.. Hitam gile2.. Jalan LDP tu jadilah jam sekejap sbb da ramai reporter tak berbayar seperti diri ku ini~!! hahaha :)

And.. About 50meters from the scene, there was a man fully dressed in black diri pegang payung.. Hmmmm siapakah lelaki tersebut?? Jeng..jeng..jeng..


For u~

Romance D'amour

A nice classical song from Spain~ A song that i will always love and treasure. Nicely played..

I love u sayang.. Always and forever~

Ur sayang :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ili liyana nadzaruddin~


Girls, i did not plan to post anything today but after i read ili's comment betul2 wat i tergelak. Good old days~ So, this post i dedicate to u sayang..

Dear darling, i tak tawu pe u pk when u read my comment at her blog. But whatever it is, u were there back then and u know the whole story and everything an.. So,.. shhhh je la kan.. Haha~ Anyway, i miss spending tym with u. U were my twins, my fren, my teacher, my partner in crime, my enemy and everything. In fact to me.. U r still a close fren of mine.. Close by heart and ur crib is just like 10mins away from mine~ Nanti i'll crash ur crib wen i have the time. Melantak ice-cream lagi~!!

I am not sure what u r currently doing now. I guess u r working and waiting patiently for the big day~ I follow ur blog and read everything.. Im happy and thrill for u but at the same time i kesian gak kat u. Hope u'll able to go thru the tough parts.. I pray for u hunn~

Hurmmm... Cemana la kamoo sekang kan?? Maseh punya six- ___ kah? Maseh maintain ngan quote *boys are ____* kah?? Mesti u dah laen gila kan sekang..

I just wanna take this opportunity to thank you for everything. U thought me lots of things and without u sure i lagi blur.. Especially during english class (the elit part especially~).. So, i hope one day we can kill some time together and catch things up before u become mrs khalifah alam maya~!!

BTW, i nak naek kreta *puteh* yang sungguh hensem lagi kacak ituh~!! Bile nak bawa i naek..? I sgt jakun neh~!! :) [gile tak malu.. hahahah~!!]

p/s: u did the tag thingy and i read.. and i double gelak~!! heheh.. thanx dear :)


Monday, February 23, 2009


*sigh* *sigh* *sigh*...

It has been so long kan since my last update or since my last real entry. I spent my days as usual. Nothing exciting to share. Although i did not post anything [related to me], but i still read others and i found and leant so many things.

Ok, a bit update about meself. I'll just summarize everything and make it simple ok. Last wednesday (18feb) i got myself kicked out from class, over stupid reason. Class started at 8.30am, 10mins later i found myself walked out the main door.. :) So, just spent myself merewang within the fac area.. hehe~ My class supposed to end at 7pm on wednesday, but since dah boring, i took off.. Berambus pulang memontengkan diri~!!

Thursday.. What happened eh?? Owh, i went sumwer, a place i called my "second" home.. Why and for what, let it be my secret :).. Then i helped out my sis with her thingy.

Friday.. I went to class as usual. I was very nervous at first. Nak masuk balik kelas yang kena halau tuh.. Then after melepek for 1/2 an hour, the class rep said.."shes not coming in~!!".. Suke gile semua org.. Long story cut short.. "Bliaw adalah seorang yang sgt psycho~!!"..

Saturday.. My sister finally went back to her crib. So no more baby aqil.. Owh.. i mish him so much :(.. Since he's gone, i finally can continue doing my works. He didnt ganggu me obviously.. Cume kite jer yang asyik2 tgk die.. He's such a lovely, cute, masham boy~!! Ayeen windu Aqil sesgt~!!! Uwaaaaaa~!!

::aqil ku::

::dia maw pulang::

Sunday.. Yesterday, was FINE :D.. I woke up real early and drove myself to shah alam for my discussion. Ended up, i didnt touch my lappy, instead i just had my breakfast and decided to go home. Then i spent my quality time with mumy. Then petang2 sikit, there was a huge smile on my face.. Why? Biar lah ia menjadi rasie ku.. Sesungguhnya diri ini sungguh gumbira. Thanx dear.. :)

Today?? Aldoh hanato said that my sick quota has finished, tapi diri ini sudah skit kembali~ Tadaaa~!! Same pain, same spot.. Tahan je la ye lyne.. *huhuhu*

So, thats all. Nothing much to share and to tell as nothing happened to me.. Biasa je..

p/s: To whom it may concern.. *EEEWWWWW*.. Go get a life~!!
p/s: To another person.. Stop disturbing me. Dont make me hate u~


Sunday, February 22, 2009

my debts.. TAGS~

First Tag:

1. List these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their namesas well as links to their blogs.
5. Link the person who tagged you.
6. Leave a comment for each blogger you've tagged.

:: 7 Facts about myself ::-
> i am turning 24 this year
> i am the youngest in my family
> i am taken and fine with it
> i am simple and plain
> i love movies rather than songs
> i am petite
> i am what i am.. dont bother to change me~!!

:: 6 of my unspectecular quirks ::-
> i sleep with one pillow
> i carry my elly everywer (dia kata ellyku dah kotor.. hehe)
> i dont consume proper food (jajan all the tym.. yeay~!!)
> i dont drink.. (sungguh dehydrated & sakit tapi still degil~!!)
> i get sick VERY easily
> i am sentitive BUT i am cold hearted at the same~!!

:: 7 people i'm tagging are::-
> i tag anyone and everyone



Secong Tag:

:1: Her name is NZ Zakariah.. Dinda hanato kuh~!! (munyik cam cornetto plak kan..)
:2: She just turned 21.. Maseh muda namun sungguh dewasa dari saya
:3: Da tekanan darah rendah.. Cam kita gak..
:4: Agak kuat makan walaopown dia sungguh lah *nipis*
:5: Kuat bercakap.. I could still remember abg's words when i told him that u have 2 blogs.. ahah~!!
:6: She is manje.. & suke memanjekan owg
:7: Soon maw pindah.. Uwaaaa..~!!
:8: Dah abes belaja.. Yeshhhh~!!
:9: Owh.. Dia TAHU masak.. Antara sedap or not cume dia je yang taw~
:10: Dia adalah "adik iparku".. Insya Allah~

:1: Mel D
:2: Ilynn
:3: Yen
:4: Nad
:5: Eyann


Third Tag:

:: Do you think that you are hot?
> Nope at all~!! What do you think?? hhmmmm...

:: Upload your favorite picture of you

:: Why do you like that picture?
> Because no one can see my face~

:: When was the last time you ate pizza?
> 2 nights ago

:: The last long you listened to?
> You can take my heart :)

:: What are you doing besides this?
> Thinking on how to get my review done~ *sigh*

:: What name do you prefer besides yours?
> none at the moment

:: Tag 5 people
> Nad
> Hanato
> Ilynn
> Mel D
> Sarah K

:: Who is number 1?
> my bestie

:: Number 3 is having a relationship with...
> *khalifah alam maya* (farid fadly)

:: Say something about number 5
> she is my "sister".. a senior of mine :)

:: How about number 4?
> my classmate~!! Betarian~!!!

:: Who is number 2?
> my boyfriend's younger sis~

*** Tamat sudah hutang TAG ku~ Sorry for taking so long to get it done. Anyways, thanx for the TAGs~!!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Perempuan, Girlfren & Isteri~

Orang kata la kan.. Bukan kita yang kata.. Maka sila beritahu adakah ianya benar2 belaka??

#1-Perempuan ibarat ikan & lelaki adalah pemancing
Lelaki kata, perempuan itu ibarat ikan dimana lelaki akan memancing ngan pemancing and sambil pancing, lelaki akan maen tarik2 tali. Masa tulah perempuan leh nak tunjuk belagak and angkuh nya. Masa tulah perempuan leh pijak2 lelaki.. Tunjuk konon bagus. But once, dah terpancing,.. in a way lelaki dah menang.. Dah lama2 pastu, susah ar sikit pompwan nak over2 ngan lelaki sbb lelaki akan tunjuk kuasa dia plak.. (Bukan la as in gile pangkat or kuasa.. Just baru la nmpk lelaki ni nye ego and garangnya~)

Tapi, kalaw pompwan tu version ayu, baek and laen2 lagi, pompwan jenis tu falls under category of Ikan Duyung.. Tak guna pancing dah, guna jala and jaring.. Sebab lelaki nak make sure yang dia je dapat duyung tuh and bukan lelaki laen.

Heheh.. Actually the duyung part is just another "tokok tambah" made up by my fren. Because i asked the fella a question~ hehe kelakar la kamoo~

#2-Isteri ibarat TV and GF ibarat HP
HP is a gadget that is small in size, light, "cheap", changable, senang nak heret ke hulur kehilir. Pastu kena uptodate and kena cun2 sikit, baru tak malu nak tayang kat orang. HP gak senang nak tukar selalu2, maklumlah cepat rosak and bukan lah mahal sesgt. Where else, TV plak besar, berat, mahal, pakai lama pon tak rosak. Selalu tekan2 tukar channel pon tak jam remotenya. Dengar ckp, baek jer.. Payah lah nak melawan, kecuali kalaw dah terlalu tua and dan start nak rosak. HP kalaw silap jatuh kat tgn org, leh kena virus.. Leh ranap terus~

Mendalam gile maksudnye kan.. So, bile BF anda jarang heret anda kesana and kemari or forbid u from merewang, u should be thankful. Not that he's ashame of u or whatsoever, he is just trying to "keep" u away from viruses.. So maka kamoo terpelihara and sentiasa selamat :).

I said this to my fren.."Tapikan, jarang ar dengar HP kena panah petir.. TV selalu jer~.. In fact, my aunt's TV tu dah bekali dah kena.. Hahah~" Then my fren said, "Tu nama nya balasan tuhan.. TV tu dah kurang ajar la kowt".. Hehe~ Kesian isteri annn...

Ada banyak lagi sebenarnya.. But i cant recall. I tend to forget things easily nowadays~ **ooohhh thats not a gud sign~!!**

p/s: If u guys have anything else, let me noe k.. Penting gak tuk dishare2kan :)
p/s: Im thankful to have nan pengyou in my life. I noe im damn stubburn, but i understand things actually. Ill be good~!!

This picture is specially for my "mereng" fren~!! A huge fan of Miss Hudgens :). The reason why im posting this... For me to know and not for to find out~ Take care pal~!!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

nasi lemak daun pisang~

Hehe~ I didnt expect that my blog has regular customers or permanent readers or whatsoever they call it nowadays.. Some are just bloggers, some are my school mates and etc.. So by now, i guess most of u already noe my "fave dish".. Hehe~

I have been receiving text msges from my old pal (back in school).. And we texted for a while and the topic we talked about was the "fat rice".. Since we grew in the same neighborhood, so we are quite familiar with all sorts of "fat rice" around this taman :)

People who really noe me or people who are close to me mmg dah masak sgt ngan my endless craving for "fat rice". Some of my frens wonder how come a person who is anti rice can be so addicted to this nasi lemak.. The answer is, i just dont noe. All i know is i love nasi lemak and thats that..

There are quite a number of nasi lemak sellers in TTDI.. My fave one wud be "nasi lemak skolah agama".. Which the sekolah is not there anymore, it has been replaced with quaters pendidikan. Do check it out ok. I have been eating it since 1992.. I could still remember, mamy gave me 60cent for my afternoon class, but i spent 50cent during the sekolah agama time.. tak da duit for lunch, is fine as long as i got my nasi lemak.. :)

Next is, "nasi lemak applied".. Appiled Imaging is a firm/small company/shop for photo processing.. Tak sama mcm Kodak or Fuji.. Different kind of photo processing. And again, the small firm dah tak da.. Kopitiam took over the shop lot.. But i still call that nasi lemak as "nasi lemak applied".. The stall offer various types of dishes.. Sotong, kerang, paru sambal, ayam kari, ayam goreng, ayam rendang, telor mata, rendang daging, pulut kuning, nasi dagang and the list continues.. I would buy nasi lemak from this stall on every sunday sbb the skolah agama nya makcik tak jual on sundays.. hehe~

There are other places in TTDI that offer nice and really spicy nasi lemak, but these two are my faves forever and ever.. However, do check other places as well ok :p.. So, the conclusion is.. I love "fat rice" aldoh i dont eat the normal white rice or nasi beriyani, nasi minyak and other type of nasi..


-fanatic fan of nasi lemak-

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

First attempt [tulis dlm melayu]~

Memandangkan ramai yang lebih gemar ngan blog melayu, maka kita ambil peluang untuk type dalam melayu hari ini. Jemput baca yer~

Hari ni kita dah terlewat bangun sikit nak pegi kelas. Lewat tak lewat sangat lah, still bejaya dapat parking kat fac tu. Dalam keadaan separa sedar dan tak, kaki melangkah ke warong pak mat.. Pergi breakfast dulu, isi dulu perut sebab lapanya dah melampaw. Hehe~

Dah tawu mata tu mengantok, kita pegi gak belasah nasi lemak daun pisang. Antara enak ngan tak la.. Makan nasi tersebut sambil diselangi ngan air kotak milo yang sejuk.. Memang kawaii and syok la.. Minumlah milo ngan antigen-e~!! Kendian, teruskan pejalanan ke kelas di tingkat 6 bangunan biz school yang seakan2 mcm nak runtuh tu.. Naik lif babe hari ni, malas nak mendaki tangga, maklumlah tetibe terdemam plak hari ni gatal nak pakai heels.. hehe~

Kenapa pakai heels?? Sebab hari ni ada test.. Test bagi subject yang sgtlah mencabar minda. So kengkonon nak amek mood la neh, sbb tu gatal pakai heels yang mencanak tingginya. Mencabar gak nak jalan naek bukit turun bukit tadi.. Tapi pape pon, kita bejaya menjalani hari ini tanpa sakit kaki, tanpe terseliuh & terpelecok.. Yeehaaa~!!

Dah sampai kelas,tgk ramai yang dah get ready chup tempat masing2.. Amboi mentang2 ada test korang chup belakang2 eh.. Takpe la.. Biar kita duk depan bagi psycho sikit kat korang.. Korang tgk je aku tulis yang tanpe henti tu taw.. Padan muka korang..

Selang beberapa minit, PM Putri pon melangkah masuk. Sungguh garang beliaw hari ini. Habis sume bag and buku and kotak pensel kami dirampas and diletak sejauh2 tidak. Nak ke bilik kecik pon dah tak bley. Duk diam2 katanya. Yang leh ada atas meja cumalah sebatang pen biru (yer BIRU) dan 4 helai kertas kajang. Bapak banyaknya detik hati kecik ku ni.. Apalah yang nak ku karutkan nanti??

Kendian, PM pun edarkan kertas soklan yang mengandungi 4 jer soklan yang bedasarkan short case study.. Gile pendeknya case study tersebut, saja nak cabutkan otak kami la neh. Tergamam jap kita bila baca soklan2 yang diberikan. memang mencabar minda neh. Mana leh nak pk pagi2 buta cemneh.. Kalaw essay tak apa, ini case study.. YA ALLAH bantu lah kita jawab.

Masa yang diberikan ialah sejam setengah. Sambil kita nulis kita perasan cik kak sebelah nih dok lah memandang kertas kita. Cik kak, nak jawapan cakap je. Tak yah ngintai cemtuh, teleng gak kepala kaw tuh kang~ Dalam masa test tuh, dengar gak la ramai yang mengeluh, koyak kertas, buang kertas, bangun and terus beredar.. Mogok takmaw wat~ Wahhh mmg sukar bangat soklan yang diberikan.. Tekanan hebat pagi tadi~

Baru start soklan ketiga, PM cakap masa tinggal 10min je lagi. Haprak betul la.. Dengan sepantas kilat tangan kananku menulis pe benda jer yang terlintas kat kepala otak ku. Soklan 4 kena lukis diagram.. Time nih la plak Cik kak lagi sorang wat harta pembaris plastic ku yang 6posen tu.. Tension betul. Sempat lukis free hand tapi tak sempat nak explain sbb masa dah abis.. Uwaaaaa~

Dah submit, dengan pantas kita kuar dr kelas menju ke lif. Naek lif sama ngan PM.. Boleh plak dia wat lawak bodo kat situ. Tekanan gile.. Dalam lawak tuh sempat beliaw nyelit, "U are my one and only hope. Dont fail me ok~!!".. Arghhhh.. Apasal la sume harapkan aku?? Kita balas,"If im ur only hope, then pejam mata and give me an A la.. kan senang~!!".. Cakap dalam hati je la.. Kang ckp depan2 kena baling ke bawah plak..

Ngan penuh hati2, kita jalan kaki ke kreta untuk pulang.. Pandu ngan amat pelahan, sambil melalak nyanyi dlm keta nak bg tenang sikit hati yang hampa lara neh~!!

Sekian, kisah ku hari ini dlm melayu~

p/s: Mencabar juga nak type dalam melayu~


For wewin~


Lyrics Mr. Big - To Be With You lyrics

p/s: Dear, this song is for u.. hahah.. hopefully da la mamat memana yg bg lagu neh kat u~!! *hint hint hint* gambatte wewin~!! tc :))


Monday, February 16, 2009

Bahasa Melayu atau English??~

I love to follow this one blog which this blog is totally written in malay.. As in fully in malay.. Nice language, nice vocab, nice & perfect grammar which aku sendri pon kalah. I tried to type in malay but i failed. Not that im good in english.. To me languages are hard.. In my entire life, i have learnt 5 languages and all five sume ke longkang.

Anyways, this blogger suddently posted in english.. Mmg terkejut gak la kan.. This blogger said, there are ppl who questioning why all entries are in malay since the fella is not a malay. Then, dah post dlm english da pulak yang tak suke.. Suh tulis dalam melayu pulak.. *neh yang payah neh bile ramai peminat.. :]*..

I said to the fella, whether in BM or english, tak da harm la.. People read because of the content and not because of the language.. Tapi dia cakap, if entries are in english, orang kureng sikit nak baca.. Pulak dahh~ Maka, kepada kawanku sarawakian ini, tulislah dalam pe bahasa sekalipun.. Cuma not in chinese or iban or sewaktu dgnnya :)

So the main question here, mmg confirm ke readers prefer to read malay blogs rather than english blogs? If yes, why is that??

p/s: My dearie adik iparku~ Selamat menyambut ulang tahun yang ke- __.. Semoga dimurahkan rezki & sentiasa ceria.. And to ibu, tahniah kerna melaherkan & membesarkan seorang anak yang sungguhlah sensitip (in a gud way). I love u, nurul and i love u, ibu~ Akhir kata, Yul dah leh daftar mengundi~ (hakhakhak..nak gak gtaw age indirectly..heheh)


Thursday, February 12, 2009


I had a wonderful day.. A nap day~!! I woke up around 4pm i think. Finally i had my rest. And now i am still sleepy. I didnt touch my work today at all. I just think that i need a break from seeing my works. I had enuff of those i think~ Plus i am just too tired of playing volleyball, those acts i did yesterday was overdo.. Haha~ Biasalah after 7years stop playing it, then suddently terstart balik... I had fun :)..

Now im going to bed and continue on dreaming the same dream i had for the past 2 nites.. Same dream.. Same location.. Really exactly the same. I wish i can tafsir it but i still cant. I just hope ill dream it again tonite.. I really2 need to understand it.. The dream is kindda horror i must say. In the dream, i had to "zikir" all the time. Each time i woke up, sure berpeluh and a bit nervous.. I want to understand it badly~ Who knows, maybe GOD is trying to tell me something~

p/s: Al-Fatihah to arwah.. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat~ I didnt get to go this morning. But ill pay u a visit tomorrow after my class~


Thursday, February 5, 2009

flash back~

I just finished my proposal & the presentation thingy~ I can barely open my eyes. Mana tak nya, rabu kelas pack from 8am to 7pm. I reached my crib around 7.30pm and immediately start doing my work.. After nearly 5hours, then only i finished.. The quality?? Dont ask.. Terribly done~!!.. I texted faiz this, "Im gonna email it to you now or do u wanna me to wait for akib?".. He replied, "If u believe that ur work is perfect then just email it. If not, u still have til 6pm tmr".. Then i replied, "Mmg tak la.. Aku cume dah tak sanggup nak nengok je lagi.. Email now~!!"

Now, baru rasa lapa.. But there's nothing to eat. Thinking of going out, but who wants to take me out at this hour?? I could still remember back in Melaka 2 years ago.. If i tell nan pengyou that im hungry, he'll drive up to Melaka just to take me out for dinner.. Good old days.. Flashing back about me & nan pengyou will remind me of Melaka.. I really miss my Melaka moment. Not the UiTM life obviously, just the frens i left behind.. I wonder how are they doing now? I dont stay in touch with them lately. I hope they are doing fine, especially my dearest cikonah.. The king of Drama Queens :]

Back in Melaka, we used to play futsal every monday nite.. ladies nite = half price.. Played for 3hours and we used 3 courts. The whole marketing students of jan07 will turun padang.. End up, each pay rm2.50 jer~ Sungguh windu zaman itu.. Then every wednesday, we all would ponteng afternoon class secara jemaah.. Some went to MP, some went to Lendu.. and me went straight home, waited for my nan pengyou :].. Rindu gile2 zaman tu~

Now everything has changed. Lots happened since i transferred to sa. I managed quite well during the first year.. But now?? If only i could quit, i would. I just cant stand being there anymore~


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

quiz [the truth about me]~

Get this quiz from:

Your view on yourself:
You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:
You are a true romantic. When you are in love, you will do anything and everything to keep your love true.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:
You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.

The seriousness of your love:
Your have very sensible tactics when approaching the opposite sex. In many ways people find your straightforwardness attractive, so you will find yourself with plenty of dates.

Your views on education:
Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can.

The right job for you:
You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.

How do you view success:
You are afraid of failure and scared to have a go at the career you would like to have in case you don't succeed. Don't give up when you haven't yet even started! Be courageous.

What are you most afraid of:
You are afraid of things that you cannot control. Sometimes you show your anger to cover up how you feel.

Who is your true self:
You like privacy very much because you enjoy spending time with your own thoughts. You like to disappear when you cannot find solutions to your own problems, but you would feel better if you learned to share your thoughts with a person you trust.

OMG~!! the whole things are like freaking true :] so people, what are you waiting for.. take the quiz..


Monday, February 2, 2009

what would u do??~

'Simple questions..'

What would you do if you are frustrated with a person that is so close to you? The person did something in the past and somehow you just can't let it go.. You can't forget about it, you can't forgive the person.. To trust the fella back is even harder than to climb the mount everest.. If you are angry, time may heal you but frustration?? Can it be healed?? To open up, takowt jadi terkurang ajar or might creat a bigger problem. But to keep inside?? It kills~ So, what actions should be taken?? Ignore?? Open up?? Pretend to be fine?? Run?? Explode??

What would you do when you feel like your life is being threatened?? In whatever situation.. Like your friends are a head of you.. Your younger cousins are working and you are not.. Your siblings are making big bucks every month and you are still depending on the loan.. Your mates able to enjoy their lives but you still live in the glass.. Would you feel useless?? Stupid?? Powerless?? Ashamed?? Or should you just keep on doing what you are doing and hoping luck and fate will be on your side soon??

What would you do when you realise something you thought is yours turn out to be not? Would you just walk away and find the replacement? Would you stay and pray for it to be yours?? Or should you just close the chapter of your life and create yourself a new chapter with the whole new beginning??

'hidup ini chantek' kata hana.. 'life is beautiful' kata nad.. Tapi sejauh manakah kesahihannya??

FYI, whatever is written here has nothing to do with my nan pengyou~!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Birthday~


February menjelma lagi :].. So i would like to take this opportunity to wish these people:-

- my dear abg adik (0102)
- my lovely kak farah (0202)
- my adik ipar's kekaseh hati.. inchek daden (0202)
- my adik acai (00302)
- my lalink kak xiera (1002)
- my cuteness adik ipar (1602)
- my dearest pal, dat (1802)
- my 2nd cousin, faizal (2802


I wish u guys a thousand of happiness & have a wonderful year~! Murah rezki + sehat tubuh badan + less troubles & problems.


p/s: da lagi tak yg tak sebut??




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