hari ini larr~

Monday, March 30, 2009

Banyak kali dah ku type, but semuanya cam tak cukup bagus. Is it because i have nothing to tell?? Or maybe because i am out of words?? Or maybe the real reason is im no longer interested in sharing anything...??

I must say that for the past few days my life has been sungguh lah normal.. Normal as in "sungguhlah hidup sebagai pelajar".. Open my books day and nite. Study like hell because now only i realise that my final exam is just around the corner. But what ever i read, it didnt glue in my brain. Apparently, da menda yang duk distract me.

I keep on telling people.."hey, i dont wanna think about it future perhaps..".. When actually the matter is kinda stick + stuck in my head. Ntahlah.. Maybe i am just a thinker.. Macam nampak tembok tinggi, n nak sgt taw apa da kat balik tembok tu.. Nak panjat cam tak reti.. So terpaksa maen teka teki.. I dont have to think actually, but sebuk nak pikir.. Tu la org kater, "tak da penyaket cari penyaket".. or "curiousity kills"..

But if u ask me, what exactly am i thinking, i seriously do not have the answer.. So dont bother to ask.. :))

Hurmmm.. I entered a new phase today. I am not sure how exactly the new phase will impact me.. But somehow i am sure i will be impacted by it.. In a way.. Whatever it is, i hope i'll be fine.. we'll be fine.. We were at this stage once [wic btw, we had so much fun], im sure things will be fine. Insya ALLAH~ Sayang, kite nak ckp yang kite kan I HEART U TOO [manyak2].. every second, every minute and every day~


belon gajah kuh~

Friday, March 27, 2009

Hello people~ Seminggu sudah kan. Owh well, im just busy with stuffs and i also have nothing to update or to share, except that lyne dah 3 hari demam. Anyways, ni some piccas taken by me last weekend. Yang 1st hot air balloon fiesta at Percint 2, Putrajaya..

Gambar tak berapa nak cun sebab i do not have any BULUH or those long lenses thingy. The only camera i have is LUMIX.. tu pon 8MP jer.. So redha je la k dengan gambar yang tak seberapa neh. Also, That nite sume org tinggi macam galah.. Ngan tripod bagai.. Hishhh.. memang sogan gilo den.. ahaha... So tgk je la k...

Gambar tak diedit (obviously).. I was so HAPPY to see the ELLY balloon.. Everyone was like..."lyne ur fave thingy ada arrr~!!".. eheh :))

The last pic is my lalink.. Aqil. Sgt bagus die, tido je aldoh the envi was so gamat giler.. Gud boy~!!

Thats all~



1st Hot Air Balloon Fiesta~

Saturday, March 21, 2009

First time this event being held in Malaysia. I dont know abt others, but i am so excited to see those giant balloons with my own eyes~ So those who are so into photography should not waste this opportunity. Great pictures can be snapped~ Especially yg glow nyer.. Mlm kang kowt ada.. Also, u can find automotive show as well :)

What else to update eh..? I am doing fine as usual except for more work uploads. Family is great, love life is fine too.. :). Financial status, hurmmm... I am a student, so tak bley nak expect lebey2 pown~

All i can say is, i am moving forward.. Let bygone be bygone.. I am leaving everything behind and open a new book. New book, new life, new characters, new director, new story line, new promotions, new side kicks, new ups & downs.. The remain things are... Same GOAL & Happy Ending~ No more gadoh2 lagi.. We take care of each others' hearts from now on~!!

Too much anaser2 yang sebuk selama neh. Masalah2 bangang sume nak kena tendang tepi. I dont care abt U anymore and u can remain being pathetic as long as u wish.. U kindda great at it~ And the most important thing is, i have CLASS and u dont.. U dont and u never will~

Thats all abt it~ Update whenever i have something to update~!!

p/s: Loving u sayang.. Always :)


sophisticated kah~

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Aiyakkk~!! Tajuk nak hebat jer..

I just reached home from class. Innitially i wanted to skip today as i already skipped yesterday.. But a person has warned me so like it or not, i made an apprearance. I was the first to reach this morning.. That was wierd.. ahaha..

Nothing much happened in the class except for more global eco/finance crisis matters.. A topic that really can kill my mood the whole day. She returned our first test paper.. Being the highest is meaningless when the score is lower than what u are expected.. That shows i really need to work harder on cases.. Start to evaluate things analytically and a bit of critically~ Something that i am so not good at.. *sigh*

My life is not on the right track currently. I HAD a plan but i pulled myself back because of certain reasons. I needed 5% more to accomplish it but... What to do to.. My friend said that i have no gut.. Gut is not exactly what i dont have.. Its something else~ All i can say is, when the time comes, surely i would proceed.. When i do, i hope the action taken will bring thousand of happiness to me and endless satisfaction..~

Btw, i have decided to turn down the Melbourne offer.. I have my reasons and i think i'll be fine.. :]


The world starts to make sense again~

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Alhamdulillah.. Praise to HIM..

My world starts to make sense again. Aldoh i wish things would happen the way i planned and imagined, but whatever happened earlier is fine too. I am thankful and blissful for everything HE's done for me. I would stop from questioning and enjoy all the rahmat HE's giving me. I am fine and ok.. And certainly i would not ask for more except for endless happiness :)

So much to say and so much to write but i just couldnt think the right words to express everything. U explained everything yet i still find it very difficult to believe. What ever happened, i will find ways to let it go but i need time to do that. I am no angel who can just leave everything behind in a second. However, we will be fine, i am sure we will. We have gone thru similar things.. Nothing is impossible.. As long as we believe in each other, Insya ALLAH things will turn out fine.

Bottom line is, i ♥ my life.. i ♥ what i am having.. i ♥ my nan pengyou..... I am happy with my new environment, i am ready to let go everything... Not fully but bit by bit~ I am trying not to hurt anyone at this very moment. Have patient and faith in me as i will do whats best for everyone..~

Note to nan pengyou~ U have nothing to worry about as u would always have a special place in my heart.. I u dearly.. Enuff said~

p/s: Tadi lyne da bace blog sorang neh.. Lawak gile ar.. He posted an entry about how he learnt math during his primary school.. There was one sentence yang mmg lyne duk gelak n duk pk sampai la neh.. The sentence: "satu nenek, tiga tetek".. Apakah makudnyer ehh?? Siot betul.. Gelak gulek2 n guleng2 lyne bace tadi~


a lil bit down~

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Di manakah kegembiraan ku?? Takkan kejap je kowt?? Uwaaaaaa~ Theres must be something wrong somewer, if not i wont be in dis kind of situation.. Damn it~

I dont have anything to update as NOTHING happen.. Adalah menda jadi malam tadi but it didnt thrill me at all.. I was expecting something else tapi ia tak muncul tiba. Berengset :(

Kejam nya dunia ini. Sengal Sengal Sengal~!! *sigh* *sigh* *sigh*.. Cemana neh...?? .. Lyne akan terus mengeluh sampai dia dapat apa dia nak~!! Huhuhu~ [apa yg lyne nak?? jeng jeng jeng...]

Note to myself: Start looking for ans and stop asking urself "cemana neh?".. Penat jer ditegur, tp tak dgr kater~!! :)

p/s: Thanx so damn very much.. U know for what~!! :] Always make me smile ok.. Pwomish me that~!!
p/s::: 18 march 09.. *sigh*

:: WALL & BALL~::

******As at 9.42pm, there is a big smile on my face :D.. Apalah yang lyne nak sebenarnye kan??~ huahuahua~



Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Whoaa~ How am i gonna start eh..?? This entry may sound a lil bit harsh and lil bit of kurang ajar kowt.. Also people who read it will start questioning.. But i dont care seriously i realllllllyyyyyyy dont~!!

Most people know that my life was lyk hell and i really have to admit that. And last week was like a wake up call for me.. Honestly only GOD knows since when, lots of people are trying really hard to racun my mind but im good at playing defense. However last week changed everything~ YEAY~!!!!!

Everything started last tuesday and the incident made me think deeply of what i want in my life and until when would i let people to treat me like a punching bag.

Then the next day, i had a loooong conversation with my lect over the lunch hour. He explained lots of things to me [explain cum racun].. Astaga~ So, we kindda made a deal. I promised him one thing and in return he'll reward me with something which the reward is VERY tempting...

So pabile sakit hati dicampur ngan offer yang sgt syok tu, i decided to stop questioning myself.. Every single day, i have been asking myself what did i do wrong... But now, i start to look for my way out.. Maka itulah terjadi nye last thursday.. Lots of things happened last thursday and again diri ini diracuni ngan macam2.. Heheh~!! Who would ever tot a day could changed me entirely??? Since last thursday i found myself back.. The old me~!! I feel damn good about everything and believe me i am damn happy now~!!

All i can say now is, i am happier this way.. I am happy with what i am doing now.. Cemana nak describe ehh... I am LYNE the 2006 version all over again~!! Urmmm... 2006 yang after i got back from UK taw not before.. Hahah~ Still i am happy~!!

Yesterday, again... DIRACUNI.. It made me even happier~!! I owe u alot.. Thanx.. :) Lets play the game.. U play wall and i'll be the ball.. And i'd definitely hold on to the *word*.. An advice that no one ever gave me before.. Thanx so damn very much~!!

So people out there, u gotta accept me the way i am today coz i wont change back. If u r not happy with me, how can that be my problem? This is me, my life and my future i am talking about.. Back off if u cant adopt to it~!! Lets make it simple.. If u respect me, i'd respect u back.. If u shit on me,.. u can just f*ck off~!! Penat dah nak layan kerenah org.. Banyak lagi benda dalam dunia neh yang lyne nak wat~!!

Hurmmm... I wud like to apologize if this entry hurts anyone.. Let me lead myself & my life this time~ And i'd love the people i choose to love..~

p/s: people, everything has gone back to normal [sedeh gak larrr]. But, im fine n u guys have nothing to worry about.. I'll manage my life from now on.. thats for sure~


My therapy day~

Sunday, March 8, 2009

***Sharing Pictures***

My previous entry, i mentioned that i had my therapy last thursday and my mom accompaniedd me the whole day. In that entry, i only said that i bought things from head to toe... But i didnt mention that i ate like a pig that day.. Make ini dia the "meal" part~

I started my last thursday with the 3 movies marathon [i mentioned about it in my previouse entry]. While watching the movies, i had these cupcakes for my breakfast. Cupcakes + Hot Cadbury Chocoa.. [heaven~]. Those tiny cakes were yummy.. 18 cupcakes and it only costed me RM10.. Really cheap kan :) Sangat2 worth it~

Then i went to One Utama with me mom. No pics taken. I had my lunch at McD.. Afta 3 months, baru dapat makan McD tu.. Sungguh la puas hati~ Tak larat nak boycott lelame.. eheh~

Tanpa rasa besalah, i ate the burger by myself. For the first time i able to finished everything up. NO SHARING taw.. [Why didnt i share?? U'll find out at the end of this entry]..Ni la nama nye balas dendam~ :]

After the lunch, we went to the bakery.. Bought all those roti2 plak.. Ya ALLAH gwe nyambung melantak lagi.. This is what i called "therapy".. Memang best..

.. But it didnt stop there. After One Utama, we went to Mid Valley sebab kat OU tak da MNG.. Huh~ Budus betul~ Dah abis shop2, i saw SUSHI KING. Told her that i really really really wanna eat CALIFORNIA ROLL je.. So she said, ok.. Jom masuk.. :)

She snapped a pic of me while i was waiting for my main course. Ape kebenda ntah nama nya.. heheh.. Kite mmg fail name2 jepun neh..

...Urmmm base on the stacking, it clearly shows that i ate more than the california roll.. heheh~!!..
After the meal, we went home.. My mom need to prepare her meal for buka puasa.. Yurp dia puasa that day and yet she teman me the whole day~.. Apa la punye anak gwe neh.. Sorry mumy.. I love u lots.. Thanx so much..

Masa, mumy buka puasa, kita pon turut makan lagi~ Nasi+kari ayam+sup sayur..Dah abes makan, i went to Shah Alam, to prepare my preentation~..
Tadaaaa~ Tu la crita nye~!! :]

Result from the therapy, i managed to find myself again. I am happier this way. And i hope i'll be this way forever. Life isnt easy. If u want one thing, u gotta sacrifice something. All this while i have been sacrificing the wrong thing. Now, i want to make it up to MYSELF.. Let me be happy and do what i want and achieve my dream. Its almost there.. I see it from here, now all i have to do is to start to build my strategy.. ~


Update sikit-sikit~

Friday, March 6, 2009

Salam everyone~

I didnt update my blog for 4 days.. Not only that i didnt update, i didnt even touch my laptop at all. What didnt i? Hurmmm.. Lots of things happened to me lately.. Miserable things, Sad things, Angry things as well as Happy things :D.. Things that happened to me tought me to be a better person.. I am glad things happened although some are quite heart breaking, but it doesnt matter..

So, currently im undergoing a little transformation and i thank my fellow frens. U guys never really know what happened to me yet u guys would always be there to support me.. Thanx so much fellas~!!

Anyways, yesterday was a fun day for me. I did lots of things yesterday and also i didnt manage to do one thing~!! I woke up really early yesterday. I watched one movie after another. Return to me - Mrs Doubtfire - 3 Abdul.. After i have finished with those 3 movies, i showered and got ready. I told my mom that i need my therappy and asked her if she wants to tag along........... So we went to 2 malls yesterday. She sat down and waited patiently for me. I bought this and that. Quite lengkap from head to toe :) YEAY~!!!

Also, I have done my presentation this morning. It was good~!! Tak kena bambu and tak kena halau kuar dr kelas.. Yeay~!! Thanx to those who wished me luck.. U guys didnt stop from wishing me at all dr pagi semlm til la mlm td.. Sangat2 appreciate~ Korang betul2 tak henti support kiter.. :).. I did my work til late at night taw.. To get my speech done was like hell, takot nyer pasal.. Tido kul 3am but then terbangun balik and tak tido terus smpi sekang.. Sumpah takowt gile nak present tadi.. But Alhamdulillah~!!.. It went well and she satisfied with the presentation although there were lackings here and there but we all managed to counter it~

Hurmmm... Thats all for now~ Nothing much happened to me.. But since Nurul asked me to update, i typed this entry.. So, bace2 la ye nurul sampai la kamoo hafal entry neh k :)

p/s: Qaseh cepat upload pictures... I nak tgk gmbr birthday sutong~!! Mesti tersgtlah havoc.. :(( [i tak da dlm gmbr...huhuhu]


For her sake~!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

1.Do u have a boyfriend?
::Yes i do have and he's mine~

2.Do u love him?
::With all my heart and i'll face anything and everything just to be with him.. eternity~

3.Would u marry him?
::When the time comes, i would..

::Because i love him and i dont have any reason for not to love him.. No matter what, he's in my heart~ Always and forever~!!

5.Among thousands of ur bestfriends, give one name of ur BEST bestfriend ever and she's/he's the one that u trust?
:: Miss elle~

6.Why she/he?
::Reasons that i cant even state. She is just the one i trust next after my BF..

7.Do u think she's thinking bout u like u do?
::Yurp she does.. She tells.. Aahaha~

8.If u given a chance, who u'd like to meet in this world?
::LLeyton Hewitt and Andy Roddick

9.Why she/ he?
::Ntah la.. Saje je kowt~

10.One word only bout urself?

11.Do u hate sumone right now?
::Its hard to say. Its hard for me to hate anyone. I dont hate ppl that easily.. But right now, i just cant stand certain people..

::For me to know and not for u to find out~

13.Music is?

14.Ur fav song ever?
::Any song that motivates me..

15.Why u like that song?
:: Motivation~!!

16.Do u miss anyone right now?
::Yes i do


18.Why u missing her/him?
::Because he is mine and i love him. I wont miss anyone that i dont love~

19.The fav place u want to go if u got the chance?
::Great Ocean Road

20.Why there?
::The only place wer i can find my peace. Naseb baek jauh, if not sure i am there by now~

21.Ur wishlist thingy right now?
::Hoping that things will be orait~ (tetibe triangat kat dat blue soft toy from american inventors~.. hehe cute sungguh~)

22.Ur dad or ur mom?
::If i have to choose... Mum la kowt..

23.Why she/he?
::... Honestly speaking, i dont talk to either of them.. I am mute wen i am at home..

24.Are u being honest while answer all the ques given?

25. Now tag anyone u want.
::no one~!!

12 Apostoles @ Great Ocean Road~ Whats not to like? I love the place real much. Wish i can go there again in the near future~!!

p/s: I am currently not in the mood for blogging or commenting or viewing anyone at the moment. This entry might be the last one for the time being. I have other things to focus on and to think. Even, at first i dont even want to do this tag thingy, but what the heck.. I am taking a break from internet for a while~ I already packed up my stuffs, so... so long people~

Happy Birthday March Babies~

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy birthday people~

:: 0103 - Asha [24]
:: 0203 - Meng [24]
:: 0303 - Gunners [24]
:: 0303 - Izwan [24]
:: 0503 - Sutong [23]
:: 0603 - Mang [22]
:: 0803 - Bobot [24]
:: 1903 - Ky [23]
:: 1903 - Reen [25]
:: 1903 - Z' [24]
:: 2003 - Tom [24]
:: 2003 - Abg [32]
:: 2403 - Puchi [24]
:: 2803 - Viva [25]
:: 2803 - Az [24]
:: 2903 - Eyann [20]
:: 3103 - Nora [24]

Have a great birthday~ And i hope this year will be better than last year :) Semoga murah rezki and dipermudahkan hidup~