ku baca blog kamoo~

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ahax.. It took me a while to think and come up for one title and i finally came up with that one which i dont noe what it means (tersirat nya) TAPI.. Ku baca blog kamoo lah.. :) Anyways, i have been jumping from one site to another and i must say, "wow.. i missed lots of stories and updates!!"..

I didnt get to leave any comment but saya baca semuanya and sumenya bejaya membuat saya tersenyum. I must say, i am kindda addicted to UNTALENTED DREAMER for some reasons.. Hehe~ In a way, i can see myself in him aldoh from another angle i noe we are so differ~ Example, he likes Man U and i love Liverpool [and i dont care what people wanna crap about liverpool, i like the team so be it~]. Anyways, his entries really able to capture my interset from the top until to the final full stop, i wud never wanna miss a single word from his entry.

Next, i love En Firdaus gak, HilangPunca also is one my fave blogs. Whatever he rites able to make me laugh or able to force all my face muscles to at least smile. Wordings and *perbendaharaan kata* used are amusing~ hehe :) Beliaw akan belasah saja apa yang bliaw maw citer. His blogs, his words so his punya suka lah an~ Btw, u still own me uno answer..!!

Not to forget my two diamonds' blogs.. How could u having a blog (Tak Mungkin Seperti Dulu..) without even telling me?? When i browsed to urs just now, i found my names everywhere.. Haisshhh.. Kamoo neh betul la makcik! To Part of Me, hehe those back2back pengalaman tu memang budus.. I laughed out loud when told me on the phone and when i read it from ur blog, still i managed to give another round of laugh. Hehe~ Just do not forget that u have the pakistani blood as well.. Wakakak~!!

KOIZORA.. written by shemmi :) I love this blogger.. She is so efficient and proactive.. Thanx sayang!! Semakin suke and teruje aku pada mu. I read urs as well.. Wait til i am done with my final tmr, i will leave commentsss on ur entriesss :) Tungguuuuuuuu~!!

Yang lelaen tak sempat nak visit.. Look at the time, its my revision time.. Biar tak pandai, tapi jgn ar fail.. Betul tak?? Til then, i'll crap again soon.

p/s: i am a truly marketer. sekejapan je ku telah promote 5 blogs.. heheh~




Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sigh.. I wonder why my life has to be this way.. If this is what GOD has planned for me, then i know that i cant run from it. I have to accept it bit by bit whether i like it or not. Its quite frustrating and i wish i can correct everything up. After all the things happened, i know i can never act normal again but that doesnt mean my heart changed or anything. YA ALLAH~!!

On friday, i spent my evening with the girls, to calm myself down. Crashed subang, a place that i never tot i wud ever hang. And while i was there, AA called and he said, after he got himself free, then he'll come and find me. Afta subang, we all crashed to MSA's crib (duh~ since SAN was with us)..

When we reached there, MSA asked me to have a walk with him.. We walked around the neighborhood and he just knew that i am in a mess.. Long time friendship kan MSA.. Thanx so much :). MSA said, "xxxx, ini bahagian u. Insya Allah things will work out fine in future" and the rest of the conversation cant be mentioned here. Thanx MSA.. U r one person that always been there walaupon i never search for u..

When we arrived back to his crib, two of my fave people (NBA and WFH) were already there. Give them hugs and kisses :) We hang and borak2.. Every conversation was so highly rated.. heheh~ So we had our dinner around 11pm, and of coz dinner was great (2 chefs in the house kan). This dinner thingy was sorta a "ulangan dinner" that i missed last weekend due to certain reason!! Thanx so much..

After dinner, we took our own separate ways. I went straight home and others went to mamak and some went to RES's crib..

The story didnt stop there. Tapi pretend it did. Daaaaa-

I am not in a good shape and never will. Got everything broken into very tiny pieces and i guess it will stick that way and the person that i am about to become.. AINT gonna be a nice one.. (mungkin la. i wish i would never will)

Againts the cruelling and betrayers!!

Sign out!

current soulmate~

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Meet my new soulmate.. Be with me everytime..

But it never worked.. Lepas minum je mesti tidor.. heheh~!!


A minor confession!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

As expected, the number of viewers of this blog is really minimum but its ok. I never expect lots of people to view and comment or anything as i never leave my URL anywhere. This blog is mainly for me to crap freely without hurting anyone directly. Some may feel offended in any way but atleast not straight to their faces.

My days were fine although things seems sooo normal but deep down inside my heart who knows.. Am i right? I am still on my mission, still hoping that one day i will achieve my dreams and the dreams aka angan2 i have will never change, not even a bit. Oh well, i am hoping for the best :)

Btw, AA asked me to *sergah* him a bit, but i refused to evendoh i know what AA meant is perfectly right. Sumhow i feel like i am not the right person or in the most appealing position to tell him that. We all know that he is aware of his current situation and what kind of *musibbah* he will encounter if he is still in the same *takuk*..

Time will tell.. People will change.. Environment will be the factor.. Rotation will happen.. Life cycle-

I pray nothing but the best for each of us (as in, relatives and friends). A friend of mine once said which he picked it up from Quran *kau minta lah pada aku (tuhan), kerana aku akan sentiasa memberinya* and a thing i learnt from one of my talks i attended last weekend.. *Tuhan berjanji pada waktu DHUHA, DIA akan memakbulkan apa sahaja yang hambanya minta daripadanya*.. If i am not mistaken.. For confirmation, pls do check the translation of Surah Dhuha.

Til next time.

Sign out!!

Pesanan ringkas sikit~

Friday, April 17, 2009

Salam everyone.

Kepada rakan2 blog ku yang terdekat, gwe maw minta maafin kerna udah lama enggak melawat blog kalian, apatah lagi memberi ulasan. Alasan nya, gwe busy bangat jalani therappy sebelum exam dan juga laptop gwe didadahin oleh kawan sekuliah gwe.. (bapak buruk benor ckp style indon.. nih nurul nye hal lah neh)..

Anyways, my laptop dah sehat and will be back on business as usual but since my exam is just around the corner (another 4 days left), i think i should focus more on my books rather than keep on mengaruting here. I will write more after my exam. Tunggu dan lihat saja kerna pasti banyak cerita yang ingin ku karutkan.

Again, im sorry if i didnt visit any blog, bukan hilang minat cume tak berkesempatan sahaja. Satu blog pon ku tak jejak, termasuklah blog kekaseh hatiku :).. Ni jadual exam pon tak check lagi.. Sungguh malas nak masuk website UITM.. Sumpah macam tak maw exam saja aku neh. Pape pon, doa2kan yang terbaek untukku.. Final exam neh, jangan lah drop pointer.. Mampos kena gelak nanti.. Heheh~

Til then bebeh~.. Chowsin :)

p/s: sungguh tidak ringkas.. nipu betul aku neh :)
p/s: laen kan orak karangan ku hari ini?? hahah, in real life, cemneh la cara kiter becakap.. sungguh kemelayuan and agak kebrutalan.. muahahah~!!


Become close friends

World sometimes can be really funny and amusing.. Or is it the behavioral of people that make it that way. U have friends that u already know for years but at certain time [especially the time that u r sinking into ur own thoughts and dilemma], u find it very difficult to talk to them because u feel like no matter how hard u try to explain to them, they would never can understand.

Since march, i had few new friends and automatically we became close. These people currently are like my caunselors.. They talk to me everyday just to make sure that i am doing fine. Question here is, they are doing it because of friendship bases or ada udang dibalik tom yam?? Whatever their intentions are, i am glad they are with me. At least i know that i am not in this alone.

Next is, people that u already know for few years, then suddently became closer. We became closer maybe because we are in the same kapal. We truly understand each other. No words can explain how thankful i am today to have u during my tough time like this. U dont have to do anything, except for just listen to all my cries. I never expect u to go to fight for me. What u have done, is more than enuff.. More than i could ever think of.. I appreciate it a lot. And for that, i love u even more. U are my friend, my sister, my friend.. :)

Ok, thats all for today. Till next time :)

Sign out!!

Usus dikandungi dengan rama2~

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lots of things had happened and let those be lessons to us and to everyone who knew about it or happened to be involved in it. I may not be able to forget everything in a second. However, i will try my very best to let it go slowly and put a strong shield and a high fence so that it wont happen again. But, if the history repeat again, im still gonna take it as another challenge.

Ok enuff about that~

This whole week has been a joli moli week for me. Go out almost everyday, go here and there. Ianya dipanggel..*Therappy before final exam*. I really should stop to deny the fact that my final exam is next week. I havent touch my book at all. Mati gwe~

Pape pown, today is the most entertaining day for me. The activities done were very simple but since i spent it with people i trully adore and love, maka jadi nya sangat bahagia~ As usual, pictures sure ada but i am not going to upload everything. A picture worth a thousand words kan, so sekiping pon memadai la kan~ :)

Hahah~ Menarek kan?? Who said that i am such a gurly gurl hah?? Anyways, right after this session, the car straight away g car wash.. Hahah~!!

Owkay, thats all about it. I dont think i will be having the time to update after this. Wait til after my exam ok~? And immediately after my paper, i think i wanna take a nice break and holiday down to the south :)


lunchy lunch~

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A picture worth a thousand words.. I am about to give u few thousands words here~ Family and i went out for a lunch today. First few pics are the food i had. Yummy yum~!! Sapa cakap lyne tak suke makan.. Huh??

From the left clock wise: Lamb Chop + Roasted Chicken + Fried Prawn + Fish with *ape ntah* + Sambal Prawn

First round~

Second round~

Clock wise, starts from the left: Mushroom soup (rich teramat sgt..2thumbs up) + Loh Mai Kai (pulut + chicken) + Satay (belum replenish lagi stocknya) + Wantan Mee (Potato + Wantan)

Dessert~!! round one~

Cheese Cake + Brownies + Butter Cookies + *tak ingat apa nama dia* + Blackforest Cake & the stick is a choc stick (wic its actually the *hiasan* for the blackforest cake.. lyne curik~!! yum yum)

Dessert round two~

Rasberry Ice-cream + Choc Syrup

Dessert round 3~!!

Cendol with Ice-cream

After lunch, snappy snap session~

My brother and i.. Kanda Azni Rasydi :)

Kakak kuh~ Kanda, Dr. Alia Zubaidah~ (but she neva gives me any MC..huhu~)

Mummy & ayah~

The whole bunch of us.. Complete family, minus abg faizal (he's behind the camera~)

Nephews..3 Danishs and 1 aqil~

Oh well.. Thats all~!! I am really full ryt now. Waiting for dinner plak.. ASAM PEDAS :)

-rosy daisy-

saja maw ngarut~

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hello people~ Fourth month of the year.. So, another 8 months to end 2009 and another 6 months to say BUBYE uitm. I cant wait.. 2010 is a year that i really really really want to enter. A year to start a whole brand new life. No more student life.. No more kekangan cash and also no more BUSY schedule til i cant join any family thingy.. Finally :)

What im about to blab here is just something that i want to share or i just wanna simply mengarut. Some people assume that their life and time are more precious than mine or lebeh tepat lagi masa seorang STUDENT. They do not even have any dateline to meet, lagi maw sembang lebey. U people are not students and even if u were student once, ur generation and ours are so damn differ. Have u ever heard the phrase "as TIME GOES BY, things would change to fit in the current situation"?.. U think the rest. Byk menda nak luahkan, but biarlah.. Let it be.. After all, another few months left je~

Hurmm.. Done my 3 tests.. Sungguh cam haprak. My Global Lect leh wat April Fool plak.. Naseb beliaw berkanser, if not sure the whole class would get back at her.. Sampai ponteng kelas aku nak ngadap and khatam buku Global tu.. But tak pela~ SM test was very confusing. It took me 45 mins to settle it. I was so tired from my global test, so tak larat maw ngadap test tuh for 2hours.. So ku kuar awal je tadi. Settlekan LI ku yang telah kuabaikan untuk 2 bulan.. Things are not settled yet.. Biaselah "UiTM di hatiku kan".. (ngok~!!)

Then the rest are history..~

Til then.. Wish me luck.. Final exam time table dah kuar.. Gap agak ada lah~



April April Babies~

Whoa~ First day of the month :) As usual i wud like to take this opportunity to wish everyone who born in April. Yang kite taw cume few org jer.. So,..~

0104- Papa (ayahanda kak zety)
0204- Bulloh (23)
0704- Naf (24)
2104- Cikonah (24)
2304- Dee [wan nor diyana] (24)

To bulloh, Happy birthday...