Devil walked away~!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

I am sure u are happy with what u have accomplished
I can say no more~!!
Thanx for that
Thats ur specialty
How can i missed that one~??
I am so on the fence
Dont really noe how to react
I am not happy with it.. CLEARLY~

akhirnya kau pun pergi
biarkan ku disini
ternyata kau juga tak punya hati
di hati tak terperi
sedih ku telan sendiri
mau marah tapinya sama siapa

reff :
kini aku disini
cuma sendiri
tiada yang mencari
sampai hati
sampai begini
kau tak peduli
oh teganya

apakah salah dan dosaku
mengapa semua tinggalkan ku
mau marah tapinya sama siapa

repeat reff

pedih ku tak terbendung
langit ku mendung tiada berujung
kemana berlindung
sekarang engkau pun pergi
kenapa begini hatiku sedih
ku sendiri

My current fave song.. Yurp. the lyric is quite touchy.. but the melody is so cute.. hahah~ i love the melody much much~!! The song has something to do with my current situation.. But about 10% of the song je la..


Sharifah Shahirah Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Qadri~

Thursday, May 28, 2009


To all DPR peepz June03-June06

Gang~!! Shasha is getting engage this saturday [May30] at her crib in Banting. On behalf of her, i am inviting the DPR peeps to attend her engagement ceremony. Anything, please contact Yus Anak Usop [hahah].. As i dont know the plan yet and have very limited information. Meet u girls there or we can go together.. Convoy?? Cam biasa diKEPALAkan oleh Bobot.. [aku rasa la~ aku tak tnye bobot]

p/s: Segala menda BAIK leh ditinggalkan kat comment box.. & yang nak ngumpat, leh direct ke telephone ku.. [jgn segan silu :D] Pls inform others as well~

Yang jalan kan perintah~


Congrates to Sasha & Hafiz :)

Devil sings karaoke~

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Whats up with the topic?? Hahah, i could not think any better than that. Tak da makna and kaitan pon so nevermind.. Tittle is just a tittle~

Again, I did not sleep normally last night for the third night. Not because i cant sleep.. Something kept me busy and i am really glad it happened, it reminds me of two years ago. Tiring but entertaining at the same. Normally, i would turn on my lappy but last night i was not really in the mood to online and plus too exhausted. My day was quite packed, joyful and tiring. That was why i wanted to sleep early but that *something* was just too irresistable :)

I had 4 hours of sleeping and it is not enough.. But the hours are gaining la, its showing some positive progress. Good girl~!! Seriously, i am not going to lie, the headache i am having now is terrible.. But its worth it though..

Recently, i have been reintroduced to one source of entertaiment. Not into it, however i love the idea of being there.. But, whats the point of being there if i do not want to join. It is not cheap~ Its the same feeling i had when i started to play golf months ago. The difference is, golf is cheap~!! I like being at the club and at the range.. But swinging the club, is so not me.. I am not good at that and trust me people, GOLFING is damn hard and u need to have a lot of patience.. *KESABARAN*.. Though that, i still love to go to the range.. Tak da la banyak kali pegi, but the times i went there, i had fun.. Yang tak syoknye, panas kowt kat situ~

*Whats life without risk??*.. Been hearing that a lot lately. Believe me, i am done with the risk taking era. I do not want to repeat any of it, if i could.. So, stay away from me ok~!! The ring on top of my head is made of unbreakable atoms.. ahah~ Tapi risk itulah yang best and i am not gonna deny that..~

Til next time.. I need to recover myself now and shower.. heheh~

p/s: I love yesterday~!! Very much :)
p/s:: The person that was suppose to come back yesterday, didnt come back. Quite frustrating.. But tak apa.. What he has done these few days, is more than enough. Thanx b.


Lightning doesnt strike twice~

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You know as true as trees are tall
And autumn leaves do fall
Oh, it sometimes rains in paradise
And even the warmest heart can turn to ice

I know it happend to us all
Every kind of people fall
And after all the tears are gone
Do we have the heart to carry on

Here and now, still somehow
Still a friend of mine, oh youre still a friend of mine
Still a friend of mine, youre still a friend of mine
Still a friend of mine, oh youre still a friend of mine

To think of all the times I hurt you
And never thought it through
Oh, I treated you so badly baby
Could such a cruel heart ever be free

I know it happens to us all
Every kind of people fall
Oh, and after all is said and done
Do we have the heart to carry on


I know as long as Ive got you
And we do the things we do
The next time baby
That our love breaks down
Ill do the best that I can
To turn it around


Time and time and time again
Im gonna be right here for you baby
Seasons come and seasons go
Gonna be right here for you

I would not say that this song is a new one although i am not really sure of that. But i definitely say that it is sort of an old one [by 3-4years]. It is a jazz song sing by a jazz band from UK with 29years of experiences. [Why am i blabing about the band?? Haishh~]

I planned to sleep early tonight but as soon as i switched off the light, i started to think. My mind can never stop from thinking ever since i found out that someone is coming back tomorrow. I got anxious & nervous at the same. Not sure what to expect and what to react as well as how to present myself if the person shows up at my door..Although i doubt that [very much~]..

So i decided to grab my lappy and start to read my emails.. Over 300 mails, nothing important.. Banyak email ynag diforward2kan oleh kengkawan ku. Thanx mates, have not read every piece yet, but getting closer :)

As usual, my day [yesterday] was a bit slow and mostly everything was quite the same. Stayed at home, read the SAGA collection, rearranged my mini library, watched DVD.. Same old, same old.. But things are about to change starting from next monday. Hurm, i think i should pay MAP a little visit so that they will be prepared to face this spoilt bratt and naughty girl next week.. "Hello people~!! I am back.. Better get my place nice and make sure the laptop i'll be using is in a good condition~" [Demand lebey betul aku neh].. Haha, i hope that no one will get a heart attack once i join the office again~

I really trully need to sleep now, because i badly want to wake up early tomorrow.. I really need to train myself to wake up because the alarm sings and not because of the room is too bright.. Or because my mom knock my door asking me to switch off the air-cond.. *Sigh*

There is nothing much left to say.. I had a boring day and i am one sick person.. Maybe i should go to my brother's crib tomorrow and see if i can pick a fight the danishs.. Or bully them.. Either one :))

p/s: That song was given to me by my friend. I have been listening to it since i got it, about a month ago.. [Got it as in got it..via *gigibiru* and not by dedication..]
p/s:: I am one naughty person, believe me~!! But do not worry, i'll play nice and show my nicest behavior.. Promise~!! Scouts honor :)

Its almost 2am now.. I must force myself to zzzzzz~!! Good night people~

Signing out~!!

Owh, i finally went to bed at 6am and woke up at 10.45am.. Pening2 lagi neh..~

Perfect combination~

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I started my day today quite early. I woke up around 3am because my phone rang and i was on the phone until nearly 6.30am. But as soon as i hung the phone i went to bed and woke up for good around 10am.

Immediately went to the bath room, showered and got myself ready. Then, my mom and i went to a book warehouse sale [and yes, wajib pegi this time because i missed the MPH warehouse sale last month]. I wanted to go to the warehouse since last thurday but no one interested, so thats why i had to drag my mom along [paksa rela la beliaw kira nya tadi..hehe thanx mumy].. Also, her company was sort of important as well because i needed her to pay for my books.

I bought five books and i paid RM51 for those.. Correction, mumy kena bayar RM51.. Since today is the last day, so not much left. But it was worth it though. I love to read so much and i am not really sure i inherited it from whom.. Either my mom or dad.. My sis loves to read too.

And seriously, i dont mind if people want to address me as ULAT BUKU or bahasa jawanya ialah BOOKWORM. I am not a FREAK am i?? Urkkkk... I love to watch movies and listen to the music too... & ahopping included :)

Apa2 pun kalaw rupe ku seperti..[scroll down]

I dont mind at all.. Cute apa.. Bulat + specky.. Tang hijaw tu yang tak bley bla.. I look like HULK in a way~ heheh :).. Anyways, i think i will be spending my time with my sort of new books..[buku jual kat warehouse are not the latest one in the market.. but new in my life.. sebab tu *sort of new books*]..

Til my next entry..


Cermin mata *bulan*

Kejadian ini berlaku di suatu masa yang lalu [kalau belum berlaku, mana boleh cerita kan].. Perkara yang akan diceritakan ini berlaku ke atas seorang wanita yang berkerjaya dan mempunyai kehidupan yang agak sibuk kerana perlu menguruskan tiga orang anak lelaki yang berusia lingkungan 6tahun, 4tahun dan 2tahun.

Dengan berbekalkan sumber kewangan yang *menarik*, beliau telah membuat keputusan untuk malaksanakan pembedahan mata secara laser. Pembedahan dilakukan agar wanita tersebut tidak perlu memakai kaca matanya lagi. Bukan lah beliau kelihatan tidak cantik jika berkaca mata, tinggal lagi cermin mata tersebut agak menggangu kelancaran pergerakkan beliau.

Selepas pembedahan tersebut, ada pantang larang yang perlu dipatuhi selama 2minggu. Antaranya, beliau tidak boleh mengangkat benda-benda berat kerana takut ia akan memberi impak kepada luka di bahagian dalam matanya yang sedang dalam proses pemulihan, dan juga beliau tidak boleh didedahkan kepada cahaya yang terang secara terus [direct].

Pada hujung minggu, seperti biasa wanita tersebut beserta keluarga akan ke rumah mertuanya [rumah keluarga suami], dan pada satu minggu itu si suami tidak berapa sihat. Maka, wanita tersebut perlu memandu pulang dari rumah mertuanya ke kediaman mereka dan pada ketika itu, jam menunjukkan pukul hampir 11pm.

Sedang wanita tersebut baru ingin memulakan perjalanan, adik iparnya mengetuk tingkap di bahagian pemandu dan berkata dalam nada serius..

"Awak, kalau awak berhenti kat mana-mana traffic light, awak jangan tengok kiri kanan taw. Awak pandang depan je taw~"

Kelihatan muka wanita tersebut dan suaminya agak tegang dan gelisah.

"Kenapa??", tanya wanita tersebut.

"Tak adalah, kite takowt kalau-kalau ada orang keliling kata yang kakak ipar kite ni mereng.. Sebab malam-malam drive pakai sunglasses...Hahahahah~"

"Cinabet...~!! Bikin suspen kite jer~"..

Heheh.. That thing happened last night and i would still laugh each time i look at my sunglasses. The *wanita* was my sister in-law and i played the adk ipar.. Hahaha~ Sorry Kak Z, i was not able to control myself last night.. Last night was sorf of the climax of activity buli membuli kamoo.. Dah 2minggu kite usik awak kan.. Whatever it is, i love u big sista~!! Congrates for being specless :)



Hi-Tech & Modern World

Saturday, May 23, 2009

This is what happen when we live in the modern world. Like it or not, updating ur partner is a must. Har har har~

Its true is not it?? Am i right??~ :p


Few words + answers + sharing~

Friday, May 22, 2009

My second entry of the day and crapping continues~ I do not have anything to say or to update because my day was really plain and dull eventhough i know its still quite early to summarize my day, but what the heck. It is not like i am going anywhere tonight, am i??

This week has been such a cute week and quite a fun week for me. Went out with my dudes, chit chatting with NATA [angel], *arguing & commenting* with SHAB & NATA at their blogs.. Things done were fun and it is just too bad that time now is like water.. Passing by too quickly til every second is just expensive to waste.

Sigh~ To my dear adik Eyann, i am so sorry that i could not explain to u about the movie that u asked for. It is too complicated to explain, but i guarantee u the book is such a brilliant book and worth the time & money to spend on. Get it and read it, will u??

Hey, urm.. I would like to share few rules i learnt from people around me. I hope everyone could keep it mind as well~

Guys' rules
1- U do not date with ur friend's gf
2- U do not date with ur friend's ex-gf
3- U do not date with ur friend's potential gf
4- U do not date with any girls that are related to ur friend [sisters/cousins etc]

Relationship/Break up rules
1- GF cannot be friends with the BF's friends
2- GF cannot have a good term of friendship with BF's friends
3- GF cannot have any connection with the BF's friends

**These rules still apply even after the couple split.
Everyone should follow the rules as well.. Rules tu bukan untuk kite jer.. Tak caya g tanyer BF korang.. heheh~

p/s: [d one who is so far from me but really close by heart] Get well soon ok b.. Please go easy on the drugs~!! And, I am sulking real bad~!! Maen guraw kasar nampak.. Kite marah ar neh b~!! sayang awak sgt munchkin~

(ngada2 betul~!! :p)

Sign out~!!

Hot Hot Chicken Poops~

Uarrgghhhh~ Hello people.. Hello fellow mates.. Hello~!! My day today was a bit slow. I was really pissed of with my lappy and i still am. Around 3pm, i called my bestie, and of coz she was at work. Even doh she was busy, she still entertained me. We talked for awhile and i told her one more blur experienced i had last monday night during dinner, which btw i didnt mention kat dlm blog sbb memang lebeh memalukan.. She laughed like hell and kite gelak smpi nanges.. Gelak kat diri sendiri.. Chett~

Anyways, i just came back from my another outing with the dude at my brother's crib.. [refer to the title above oke~].. It happened like this. While i was on the phone with my bestie, he texted me.. After i said bye to my friend, i called him up.. [So much of the plan~]. He told me all the pindah thingy.. and we decided to lepak kejap..

I showered and drove myself to his new crib. We did not plan anything so when we met, then only we started to plan out what we are going to do. One of his cousin invited us to join them at Red Box Sunway.. But we have to decline because neither of us are into singing. Then we planned to watch Angels&Demons, but he refused because he didnt want to waste our limited time in the theater. At the end, we went to the *hidden hill*.

It was such a loooong journey because of *wonderful* traffic. We kept on talking and laughing the whole time until he missed one exit. Lagi tambah jauh pejalanan. But still, that didnt change our mood. We reached the hill around 8pm. Met his friends there and started to crap about lots of things. I had fun meeting new people.. I need new people in my life.. My family asked me to GET A LIFE~!! [so, i am trying to get it la neh~]

An hour later, we excused ourselves.. As we reached his crib, he wished that i dont have to go home yet because he wanted more time to lepak since this might be the last time we could hang together, after all my brother's crib is just 5 mins away from his.. But i decline,i just smiled, shook his hand and took off~!!

That was my day.. Tada~

Pen off~

Pissed off~

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lets make this quick. I am having problem with my laptop somehow my laptop is curently envy with blogspot. I can't view any page without having any *gangguan* from this phrase *The internet explorer cannot display the ............*.. Bodoh siak betul nye laptop/connection or anything that has something to do with it. Not until my dad fix it, i will not be using my laptop. Worse come to worst, ill use his desktop.. But tak syok, because i have to stay inside the computer room.. Owh.. tak leh golek2.. eheh~ Anyways, thanx for all the emails ok. Appreciate it so much :) Happy Blogging people...

p/s: owh, gambar atas tu exaggerate lebih.. eheh :D


Oh well.. Since it is not a secret anymore~

People who are already be friends with me for ages already know and aware of my OBVIOUS lackness or kebodohan.. I am such a blur or straight person. If u ask my best friends, they would be delightful to break the stories to everyone. To them, telling my *kebluran* is sort of like a victory. But i love them with all my heart.. Blur2 pon, kawan korang gak~

Yesterday, i told angel that there is another person that already found out about my *kestraightan*.. And heres the story..

Once upon a time, my friend and i were at Bangsar Village and i was such a kampung2 girl who never step my foot in that nice shopping complex before. He wanted to go to the loo and he asked me whether i want to go as well. I said, "Of coz i do.. I dont wanna get lost by myself here.." [Slenge tak slenge sangat la kan ayat tuh]..

Once we reached the toilet, there was sort of a scanner at the toilet's entrance. I was looking at that thingy and AA caught me. He said, "U gotta scan ur palm before u enter taw~!!".. And i was like surprised and gave him a look and he continued, "Scan if u wanna go in.. If not, then u just stay outside".. I was on the fence, whether to believe his words or to doubt so i kept looking and he waited. Then i finally said, "I am going into the men's with u. I dont wanna go in there and i dont wanna stay outside".. Beruk tu leh gelak kan aku and said, "I tipu u je la.. Canggih sangat toilet nih smpi nak kena wat cemtu bagai".. I just smiled and deep down inside my heart, ku bebel macam nenek. Luckily u are my best buddy, if not.... Haishhh~!!

So, thats the story. It is not something i would proud of. I was abit geram that night but today, im laughing while typing this. How my days would be without him around?~ He is one person that would never stop from making me laugh and smile.. Who would always check on me from time to time just to make sure i am still alive.. Chett~ [agak kurang ajar bunyi nye kan..]..Hehe~

The End~


I was trying to find my picture collection [stored them in CDs].. Specifically, i was trying to locate my graduation picture. But, i couldn't find any of them. Instead, i found pictures from my GDLM era and i must say GDLM era was one of the best moments in my life. I had so much fun and LEARNT alot. And i created a strong bonding with my buddies.. Basically i see them from 8am to 2am.. And now, i cant see them anymore. I miss them so much.. People, thanx for being soooooo understanding and supportive. Owh please don't hate me for this~

Urm, people..[angel especially] do enjoy GMARL ok..

WARNING: THIS PERSON LOVES TO DO VIDEOCLIP~!! [Gmarl is so gonna kill me if he finds out~]

Seriously, there are more pictures, but i'll post it some other time. ahaha~ Good old days..


I had fun, i really do~

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I googled for a particular category of picture and i found this one. It is cute but the words used are quite harsh.. [ganas untuk tontonan kekanak].

People, this is the END~ Thanx for reading :)

Kerja ke Belajar Lagi BEST??~

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Owh~ Hello everyone. It has been days since my last entry. I did not post anything because i do not have anything to type. Sort of having a mental block, maybe :). But as most people can notice, i did change my layout.. Over and over again to be exact. I was trying to figure out something, tu pasal la yang duk maen tukar2 tu.. After all i am not an IT savvy or someone that has a strong computer background. So try and error itu normal la kan for me~

Urm.. My previous entry was quite a hit. Thanx for all the comments given, i really aprreciate it alot. And i am taking this opportunity to seek for forgiveness if the entry has hurt or offend anyone on anyway. I am sure everyone has their way of seeing things and i really respect that. What ever it is, adat and tradisi is something we must protect because that what distinct us from one culture to another. But we must not forget that we have religion that we must put it first. As long as cukup syarat kawen, patotnye dah boleh lah kawen.. And also T&C applied, but dont go overboard ok :)

Oraite then..~ Base from the picture above, what do u guys can say about it?? When i saw this picture, the first thing that pop up in my mind was "Owh i wish i could be as happy as the pink elly".. We know that life is not a fairy tale and of coz there are ups and downs and of coz ada boredness dia here and there. Adoiyaii~ But what should a person do when the level of boredness is higher than the sky? Kire nya tahap sangap dia hampir ultra mencapah la..

Here is a question. Which one do u people prefer?? The life of a student or life of a working person? Each has its pros and cons, am i right? But how long can a person be a student? We have to know that we have parents to take care of.. At the same time, we do know that life of a student is much more fun. Maka gi mana ya?? I never work before besides my practical during my diploma time.. And next month id start my degree practical, then next year the whole job hunting will begin. Aduh~ Ada ke rezki kite next year nanti?? Hmmm~

Oh yes another question.. Some of friends already started their working life years ago.. But my economy is better than their's.. I wonder why.. They get their paycheck every month where else i only get RM3500 when my semester starts.. That amount i have to spend wisely for 6 months until i get my next loan.. Kenapa dorang lagi kurang stable eh?? Mungken itulah nama nya cabaran bekerja~

Tadaa~ Thats all for today.. I'll blog some other time

p/s: To qila dear, get well soon ok. Cure and Heal cepat2 :)

Sign out~!!

Pabile memilih pasangan~

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Entry ini adalah satu persoalan yang dari dulu bermaen di fikiran kita. Bukan berniat nak create unsur kenegerian, tapi cuma sekadar ingin kan pandangan dan pendapat dari bloggers [tu pon kalau korang sudi la kan~]

First situation:
Cerita ni diceritakan oleh seorang hamba ALLAH.. Beliaw ada tertarek ngan seorang perempuan ni. Dah berkenan dgn cik kak neh, beliaw pon khabarkan kepada bunda nya.. Cik kak neh seorang anak sulung dari negeri Perlis. Lepas beliaw cerita pada bunda nya..

Kata bunda nye ngan garang, "Pantang keturunan nenek moyang aku nak bermenantukan orang utara, aku tak kan suke org utara~!!"

Second situation:Ada seorang budak lelaki ni. Beliaw dilaherkan di Johor Bahru tetapi dibesarkan di Kelantan [ayah nya orang Bachok & bundanye orang Tangkak]. Beliaw sangat lah tertawan dengan seorang cik adik neh. Lame beliaw cuba rapat dgn cik adik tu tapi tak penah bejaya walaupon dah hamper setahun cuba. Akhirnya cik adik nih mengantar cousin die tuk gtaw kat beliaw bahwa sampai kiamat pon dia takkan terima beliaw..

Kata cousin cik adik tersebut, "Lupe kan aja dia. Dia takkan terima kaw. Sebab kaw orang Kelantan and kaw anak sulung. Dah la Kelantan pon dah cukup menggelikan dia..Lagi plak anak sulung.. Kebarangkalian kena and wajib duk Kelantan itu sgt tinggi. Dia tak leh bayangkan kehidupan kat negeri tuh.. Negeri serba kekurangan.."

[maaf tu mmg ayat dia.. agak kasar and saya taw.. maaf sekali lagi]

Budak itu sgt kecewa.. Kata beliaw, "Aku tak leh ubah kejadian yang tuhan dah tetapkan untuk aku~!! Salah aku ke kalaw aku org kelantan?? Salah aku ke kalw aku anak sulung?? Aku ke yang mintakk??

Third situation:Negeri sembilan memang sangat terkenal dengan adat pepateh nya. Sampai penah orang kata, "Kalaw maw cari bini, jgnlah cari dri kalangan org negeri sembilan.. Nanti nyusahkan jer.. Kalaw bini mati dulu, laki kena halaw kuar umah, sb harta benda sume milik anak pompuan"..

Satu kesah disampaikan kat kite satu masa dulu..Seorang ni sedang jalan2 kat bandar and dia pon masuk lah kedai motor. Dia nampak satu pak cik yang dah agak tua sedang lihat2 nak beli motor.

"Pak cik nak beli motor untuk anak ker?", tanye org muda tersebut.

"Tidak.. Untuk pakcik sendiri..", jwb pak cik tu.

"Huh?? Nape dah tua2 pon perlukan motor?? Maaflah.. Tapi pakcik nampak dah sgt uzur. Pakcik tinggallah bersama anak pakcik. Kan lebeh senang and selamat".

"Isteri pak cik baru saja meninggal. Rumah pakcik jadi milik anak perempuan pakcik. Kerata2 pon jadi miliknya dan dia dah jual pon sebab dia nak duit jualan kereta2 tu. Anak lelaki pakcik sewa kan pakcik sebuah rumah kos rendah depan sana tu dan dia bagi pakcik duit muka tuk beli motor.. Bulan2 pakcik kena bayar sendri".

"Urk.. Kenapa anak perempuan pakcik wat macam tuh?? Sampai hati dia.."

"Biar mati anak, jangan mati adat.. Macam ni la jadi nya kalaw bekawen dgn perempuan N9.."

Begitulah kesah nya~

Fourth situation:
Ini jadi depan mata ku sendri. Kawan ku org Rembau and beliaw hendak bertunang dgn org Melaka. Pada hari pertunangan tersebut, kita tak nampak langsung sedara mara kawan kite. Yang kite nampak da ramai org2 tua..

"Sapa dorang tu sume kak long?, tanya ku kpd kakak sulong kwn ku.

"Tu la buapak and undang2", jawab nya.

"Oh ye ke.. Eh cantik kan khemah yang kubah tu. Nanti xxx mkn kat situ eh?? Ada adat cemtu ker?"

"Eh bukan... Tu tempat buapak and undang nak makan.."

"Gile special. Macam diorang nye majlis.."


Majlis pertunangan bermula~

"Mana tepak sireh?? Tak da tepak sireh, tak boleh bertunang~!! Korang balik sekarang~!! Aku kata BALIK SEKARANG~!!", tempik buapak itu kepada rombongan belah lelaki.

Terkejut gile family belah lelaki. Bukan dorang je yg tekejut.. Kita and my frens were shocked too. First time tgk org kena halaw and also first tym tgk org negori bertunang.

Parents belah pompuan tepaksa lah pujuk buapak tu.."Ada sireh junjung pon dah cukup bagus..", kata si ayah..

Dah setengah jam baru lah, buapak tu leh nak tolerate.. Gile garang betul~!! Dah setel diskusi, maka mula lah sarung cincin.. Lagi ku terstund sekejap.. Sebab ada 2 cincin..

"Kak long, napa ada 2 cincin??", tanye ku

"Owh memang la.. Yang simple tu *cincin hantar tanda* and yang ada berlian tu *cincin tunang*..", jawab kak long.

"Totalnya 4 cincin la xxx dpt ehh.. 1 masa merisik, 2 hari ni and another one on the wedding day itself??".

"Yup.. Tu la syoknya adat pepateh.. Pompuan mmg dapat collect harta :)"..

OMG..Baru la aku paham napa org2 kata, jgn lah berbini kan org N9..


So, base from the four situations mentioned above, what do u think?? Mentality and mind set and adat agak nyusahkan n merosakkan generasi and happiness orang kan?? Even we are in the modern world,people still keep on passing those mind sets/theroies from one generation to another..

But, everyone has their own stands and believes.. And i have mine as well. But kalaw boleh jangan lah tetalu stereotype..

Pikirkan oke~



value for money??~

Monday, May 11, 2009

Once u lay ur eyes on the logo, i am sure u know what is behind the logo. What the logo offers u. I was walking with my sister yesterday and passed by this famous retail chain cafe & restaurant. The cafe was fulled house and i wondered how can these people still afford to have their drinks at that kind of place when the world economics is currently sorta facing a down turn.. [or perhaps the eco is cured but i am not aware of~]. Still, with or without economics crisis, i still feel that the drinks are quite expensive especially for a person like me~

With such a great name and perfect niche market/focus strategy applied by starbucks, the chain managed to capture a wide range of market around the globe and able to place a great perception into the mind of consumers. Since the chain is higly established, it can enjoy the skimming pricing without any objection from the market. So in a way, consumers are sorta the dolls here. [have u ever figure that out??]

Questions, is it worth for our money to pay for that kind of drink? Would u feel satisfy with what u pay? Would there be any malaysian that can offer similar things besides Gloria Jeans?? Maybe its about time for a malaysian firm to enter the industry and compete with the outsiders.. & grab what is ours~

Anyhow, those pics above are quite tempting.. :) Dont u think so?? Heheh.. And i am just saying my opinion out.. Opinion given based from azlin per se and not from the point of consumer nor a marketer. I'd still buy the drinks if i have some extra cash.. I wont deny the taste [obviously~]




Saturday, May 9, 2009

BRIDE WARS~ This movie is kind of an old movie. It was in the cineplex about a month plus ago but i just got the chance to watch it this morning [obviously on DVD]. I didnt watch it at the cinema because i felt the movie is just something that is not worth to watch at that kind of place. But after watching it, i changed my perception. Bride Wars is a movie that a gurl should watch with her gurlfriends at the cinema. Gurls can leanr the value of friendship from the movie as well as spend some time with the beloved friends. Lots can be learnt as i leant few myself.

Emma is a gurl who is kind of a push over. Means people tell her what to do and would try her very best to satisfy others instead of her own wants and needs until the ONE thing she ever wanted is about to be stole by Liv, her very own best friend. Which btw was not really Liv's fault.

Anyways, when that happened, she started to change from a goody girl to a mean girl which the drastic changes of her kind of annoyed her fiance. On the other hand, Liv started to become more sensitive girl and nice heart girl especially when she realised that she misses her best friend.

**I really understand how Emma felt. I can see myself in her. And i hope i can be as strong as she is when she decided her last decision at the Plaza Hotel~

This movie is sort of an alarm to keep on reminding me of my three bestfriends [nad, fiea & hawa]. Aldoh i dont get to see them frequent, i never forget them and they are always have a special place in my hearts :) I miss u gurls so much~

The pic above is my fave pic. Not only it portrays the strong friendship between those two, but... Look at their HANDBAGS~!! How lovely and gorgeos they are :) I wish i can have one.. Heheh.. And yes, Vera Wang's dress worn by Liv was damn gorgeos. I love that dress but i wont wear that kind of dress on my wedding obviously~

*****Wait for more movies *review*/*complaint*/*comment* from me.. Thats what i'll be doing the whole month of May.. It could be new movies or old movies.. I am just gonna watch any movie to kill my time [movies or books.. heheh]

Til then..



Award cum Tag dr Shemmi :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

1. Copy award di atas untuk diletakkan di blog anda.. [DONE]

2. Nyatakan 5 fakta menarik tentang pemberi award ini..

Fakta tentang shemmi.. Sumpah payah neh~
* Beliaw suke nyampaikan cerita yang mampu wat kite senyum and ketawa
* Beliaw juga seorang yang suke tukar layout tapi tak maw ngaku hakikat tersebut
* Beliaw seorang yang agak penyimpan
* Beliaw suke TOMOK tapi sama cam kite tapi tak penah nye vote
* Beliaw mau cium kite sebab kite suke tukar layout..


3. Setiap blogger mesti menyatakan 10 fakta atau hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya

* Kiter suke tgk TV
* Kiter suke makan tapi tak penah abes
* Kiter suke baca buku cerita
* Kiter suke tgk movie - tak kesah la kat memana pon, TV ke, wayang ke, DVD ke..
* Kiter kureng gemar dengan nasi KECUALI nasi lemak :D
* Kiter suke pendam marah kite [bad habit]
* KIter suke duk umah dari merayau.. tapi kalau sekali telepas, mmg pusing satu KL and setelkan seme benda yang ditangguh2kan :p
* Kiter suke sangat balik melaka walaupon kite tak kenal sgt sedara kat sana [sbb makcik kite masak sedap]
* Kiter suke bebelanja.. itu pekara wajib
* Ada perangai suke wat benda dulu then baru nak pikir..[tu la pasal asek kena marah jer]
* Kiter agak degil and kadang2 degil kite tuh melampaw had

4. Anda perlu memilih 10 penerima award seterusnya dan describe tentang mereka

* Nad - Beliaw adalah satu makhluk yang amatlah ku sayang. Beliaw ada boyfren yang sangat la sygkan beliaw
* SHAB - Another bestie of mine.. Beliaw sangat suke comic and sumtimes ku rasa perangai die dah macam watak dalam comic.
* Faiz - A person who loves car so much and prefer ice cream over chocholate..
* Nurul A - She is my protege but sumtimes die ne lebeh dr gua.. But kite suke die because she can understand me aldoh the age gap is like mountain ad valley
* Luluy Hanato - My darling baby sis. Beliaw seorang yang sgt periang and sgt seronok untuk didampingi
* Eyann - Latest info tentang beliaw ialah.. akhirnye beliaw sdah ada BROADBAND.. eheh :)And yes, beliaw boley tahan kerek nye.. Haishh~
* Qila - Beliaw lagi tinggi dari saya.. And bliaw nih bile dah jumpe depan2, pemalu rupenya.. ahahah~ geli aku.. heheh :))
* Rui - Orang neh sudah mula alam perkerjaan.. So sekang beliaw dah kureng update kan diri.. Chaiyok2 rui~
* Dean - Kalau nak citer tentang nye mmg smpi bile tak abes.. Beliaw adalah kawan ku dari sekolah.. Rumah nye depan OU, tapi die tetap nak keta bile nak g OU.. Menyanyah betul~
* Mel D - Beliaw nih sama cam dean.. Kawan dr sekolah and umah dekat ngan OU.. Dulu2 die g OU naek beskal. Sekang dah up la kan.. And shes getting engage soon.. Congrates :)

Oh well, thats all :)
My first time of giving award to other bloggers..
Also, dengan ini ku ingen ucapkan jutaan terimas kepada shemmi..
Ku seorang mesra alam yer :)
Ouchhh malu nyer.. heheh
Kerana itu, Kaw ku masukkan dalam list org2 yang ku sayang..


days of my life~

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Since last saturday, lots of things had taken place. Wow~!! Things that i am not proud of and some of the things that really pissed me off. Some people are just too good to be true. I have mentioned in my earlier post.. Why ppl become frens?? Are they really sincere or just got udang sebalik tom yam?? Or cud a fren really offer u comfort u or place u in a deeper hole?? I have got my answer.. THANX SO MUCH~!!

Now i am becoming even more choosy in dealing with people. I never wanna be frens with a anyone that at the end will make my life like a living hell. Hurmm.. Not only that.. I dont think i can trust THIS one particular person anymore.. Never again. I deleted this person once from my life and i am about to do it again. Damn, guess she would never change. I am tired with ur so called *empathy* act. Enuff oke~

Since i am just too stressful, i did something to my hair.. Have a look ok :) Ini lah nama nya try & error heheh~ [i did not rebond it.. i did a treatment and thats what i got..] Love it still :]

Today, i woke up quite early.. So i decided to spend some time with my precious not plasma TV set.. I watched the back2back THE NANNY and followed by WOLVERINE and He's just not that into u..

I love that show and never get tired of watching it since i was little until now. I wish i had a nanny like her when i was small.. Cool and trendy aldoh she s a bit dump.. Farie, beliaw memang gantang and sungguh tidak Popeye~!! heheh.. And the movie is superb.. Maw tengok Star Trek plak nanti :)

So, thats my update.. Nothing much.. Besides wat killing my not so worthy time with my TV and DVD, i wud enjoy my day nap or read my Angels & Demons book.. Buku itu sungguh best and i cant wait to watch the movie next week. I have watched the sneak preview, sungguh syok~!!

Til next entry..



One in a Million~

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Every friday night i would glue myself in front of the telly to watch OIAM and so as last night. Last night was the grand final of that competition and all three finalist were amazing and they did their best. Tomok won the million bug, Congrates to u shah~

There were 3 finalist, and innitially tomok was out but luckily Malaysian has voted to watch all 3 in the final and that was how he got the second chance. I was so shocked and frustrated when he was out because i put my heart on him and prayed for him~ And believe me, when awal and marion announced his name as the winner for season 3, i jumped up and cried. Haha~ Very emotional but who cares..

Anyways, tahniah shah.. U deserve it after all the hard work :). We all hope that this new tomok also known as Shah Indrawan would able to entertain and bring new music into the industry~

Readers, do check out Shah's new single.. Rindu Ku Terhenti :).. It s a nice song~!!

BTW Malaysia, if u are looking for a real transformation, u got one when tomok won this. The old and new tomok is do different and OIAM kind of created him.. AF should learn something from OIAM~

p/s: abg, if u read this, gua nak ckp, "AT LEAST *tupperware* gua memang sejuta babe~!! nyesal plak lost contact.." ahahah :))

Til then

Sign out~!!


bermula satu planning~

Friday, May 1, 2009

OMG~! Habis belaja bukan lah satu benda yang menarik bagi diri ini. Mula lah daku kecongokkan dan mula lah berangan planning nak buat macam2.. Sebulan cuti til i start my practical next month [1st june].. *sigh*.. What should i do til i reach that date??

Oh well, i told my mom that i wanna get out from KL for 2 weeks and she said fine. Urk, tak best la plak bile tak da Q&A session.. She never let me go anywer by myself and now she did.. Mummy tak sayang kite lagi ker?? Uwaaaa~ Anyways, since she let me, tetibe trasa cam takmaw pegi plak... However, she did say, i may go wen mummy & ayah dah fly.. Waduhhh, if u guys dah fly g oversea, gapo perlu ku merantau tempat org laen..?? But the plan maw merayaw itu akan di KIV kan.. :)

I browsed thru GSC's page to view and check those upcoming movies. Sume cam biasa je and there are only 2 movies yang bejaya capture my interest. The movies are :


My fren and i agreed that these two movies are MUST WATCH aka WAJIB TONTON.. So we both will watch it, either together or separately.. Or beli DVD and duk diam2 kat umah and watch.. heheh~

Baru day one but i already feel the tense of staying at home and do nothing. Crap damn hamsap.. All mix together = BOSAN.. Huhu.. Innitially, i planned to start my practical this monday [a month earlier but consider it as part time, as the company knows me REAL well], but mummy cakap, "awak duk diam2 bole tak?? awak mmg tak senang duk kalaw tak da menda nak pk ehh??".. Urk, lebey kurang cemtu la.. I cant stay put and do nothing or do not think.. Trasa sel2 otak ku behenti bergabung.. Mungkin lyne perlu minum susu ENFAGROW bg memastikan sel otak ku trus begabung walau tanpa berfikir?? ahahahxx~

Anyway, right this second i am so bored and hari2 yang mendatang akan sangap cemneh juga.. Maka, jgn terkejut kalaw bulan neh ada banyak gile entry.. & btw, i am typing this in BM la [85% in BM].. Hebat sungguh~

Bile sangap cemneh, i wish rehan is in malaysia.. Babe, cepat la balik.. Tak bankrupt SIA tu kalaw u cuti~!! Pulang lah.. Mari kite yamcha cam selalu.. Or else, i'll go to Singapore but make sure that u r on the ground la.. Jgn ar ngegada g fly plakk.. N btw, apasal Mak kat MAS and u serve SIA?? Hishhh.. Berkhidmat untuk negara la wehy, aldoh we both noe MAS gaji agak *tut* compare to SIA.. But atleast u r in Malaysia and i can panjat masuk into ur crib~

Pe lagi nak karut?? I am bored giler2 neh~!! Currently, i am watching Maid in Manhattan~ I could not recall when was the last time i watched this movie. However, i never get bored. I love JLo in this, shes just so natural and pretty as she can be~

til then, i will blog later.

sign out


May~ Yeay :)

Happy birthday to everyone.. To all May's babies :) Semoga murah rezki and dipermudahkan hidup~!!

:: 0505 Maya Mason [24]
:: 0705 Alya chan [10]
:: 1205 Adila [24]
:: 1605 Elfera [19]
:: 1805 Jimmy [24]
:: 1805 AA [23]
:: 2405 Amani [6]
:: 2505 Kak Lynn [32]
:: 2505 MNHS [24]
:: 2605 Finie [25]
:: 2705 Fairuz [24]
:: 2905 Seraph [25]

Oowhhh.. both of my fave close frens are on the list~ Yeay.. I cud still remember, 2 years ago, we did a surprised small makan2.. It was sooo nice.. :)

Happy Anniversary to
:: 0105 Along & Abg Fendi [16 years]
:: 0105 Abg Ak and Kak Ayu [4 years]
:: 2505 Luluy and Daden~ [a year]

Hope u guys live happily until forever~

Happy Teachers' Day to every single teacher on earth~

Happy Mothers' Day to every mother..

Especially to my mummy and also ibu.. I love u both so much and i am glad i have both of u in my life..

To mummy: I know i am a gud daugther of urs~ heheh.. I love u with all my heart and u r the greatest mother ever.. No one can ever beat u or replace u~ EVER~!!

mummy & ayah~

To ibu: Yurp, i am such a degil fella somehow, but u would always be there to tegur me.. And for that, i love u til forever no matter what happen.. :) & btw ibu, i miss u so much~

ibu and luluy~

Til my next update.. Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy to everyone :)