Hoyeah Hoyeah~

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hip hip horey~!! Hip hip horey~!!

I finally get my first draft of proposal done. I emailed it to my adviser before my lunch hour break. Hopefully she accept it so that i could print it out and proceed to construct my questionnaires. To construct a set of questionnaires that are reliable and very concrete is damn hard. I am sure gonna face a tremendous mood swing later on. Huhu~ Once the questions are done, all those field works will take place.. Masa itu, siapa rasa maw buat extra income sila jumpa kita *wink* Offer macam la kita ni kaya sangat.. Hahah~

Anyways, dah siap proposal ni baru la rasa tenang sedikit jiwa. No more journals reading.. No more thinking of korekking journals from emerald insight.. No more whining.. No more of those.. And the best part is, "hey remote, hey tv, hey dvd.. come to me~!!".. I could not really recall when was the last time i watch telly.. As in really watch.. Tengok the IT Crowd on monday night itu memang wajib.. But selain that show, i dont watch TV that much recently..~

While i still have some time left, i am thinking to watch those movies that i am dying to watch.. But, sadly orang yang dipertanggungjawabkan untuk bawaku sik da di sini.. Postpone lagi la gamaknya.. But nevermind, sabar itu indah.. :)

My house will be having a kenduri this weekend. A kenduri sempena nak menyambut bulan puasa. Yurp, damn early to do kenduri.. I know.. But we have to respect those medical people in the family yang susah nak free on weekend due to on calls~ Kalaw sorang, leh consider tapi kalaw dah nearly 10 people??.. Hopefully the kenduri will flow nicely.. With that kenduri, it means *another busy weekend* for Ms Rosy Daisy~

I guess this entry probably will be the last entry for the month of July. Wow~ Time fly so fast now. Five more months left before we say good bye to 2009. Scary is not it?? I do not about others, but to me.. *Masa berlalu dengan terlalu cepat adalah agak menakutkan*.. It gives me a hint that *the world is not young anymore*.. It means, the time will come anytime soon.. Scary kan?? Owh.. Insaf sejenak daku~ I just hope that i could accomplish all my dreams in time.. *Sigh*

Before i end my post, just a piece of advice to those who have elder siblings.. *Please respect your big brother or sister. Do not treat them like rubbish just because he/she remains silent or just because he/she is not highly educated. Should really think deeply why he/she had to leave his/her education behind. Your parents are not getting any younger. Should if there is anything happen to one of them [or both], who will take care of you if it is not your abang/kakak??. If he/she gives up on you, then you are doomed~ Stop all those sarcasm and perangai kurang ajar anda. Do not you feel ashamed when outsiders know about your attitudes?? And really, an outsider like me will never respect you.. Not now and not EVER~*

Owait.. That is all.. See you readers in August~ :)


-Rosy Daisy-

I am knackered~

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Grew up in a small town
And when the rain would fall down
I'd just stare out my window
Dreaming of what could be
And if I'd end up happy
I would pray (I would pray)

Trying hard to reach out
But when I tried to speak out
Felt like no one could hear me
Wanted to belong here
But something felt so wrong here
So I'd pray I could break away

I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly
I'll do what it takes till I touch the sky
And I'll make a wish
Take a chance
Make a change
And breakaway
Out of the darkness and into the sun
But I won't forget all the ones that I love
I'll take a risk
Take a chance
Make a change
And breakaway

Wanna feel the warm breeze
Sleep under a palm tree
Feel the rush of the ocean
Get on board a fast train
Travel on a jet plane, far away (I will)
And breakaway

I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly
I'll do what it takes till I touch the sky,
And I'll make a wish
Take a chance
Make a change
And breakaway
Out of the darkness and into the sun
I won't forget all the ones that I love
I gotta take a risk
Take a chance
Make a change
and breakaway

Buildings with a hundred floors
Swinging 'round revolving doors
Maybe I don't know where they'll take me, but
Gotta keep moving on, moving on
Fly away, breakaway

I'll spread my wings
And I'll learn how to fly
Though it's not easy to tell you goodbye
I gotta take a risk
Take a chance
Make a change
And breakaway
Out of the darkness and into the sun
But I won't forget the place I come from
I gotta take a risk
Take a chance
Make a change
And breakaway, breakaway, breakaway

This song is such a motivational song. Read the lyric, understand every word, sing it out loud..

I have another three more months before i leave the title. I cant wait for that to happen.. Finally, the moment i have been waiting all these years is coming. Although that, i am kind of sad at the same time. Once i enter the new phase, lots of changes will take place. Will i be ready by then? Can i cope with the changes? What should i expect?? *sigh*.. At that point, i guess i need to hear this song more often.. And of cos, i shall need my family, BF and besties even more..

Back to the title above.. Yurp, i am knackered. So knackered until i am not even sure how to manage my own self. Tired with work loads.. Work loads as in my final project. The very final project paper that i have to complete before i end the student life.. *phhheeeewww*.. Will i get it done on time? And if i manage to finish it, will i get it right?? Hahah~ I never afraid to do my project before.. Give me 5 projects in one semester, no harm done.. But this time? It feels different.. Maybe because there will be no next semester kowt..?~

Life has been normal and paranormal in a very interesting way. I got smacked down a bit last saturday morning. Sungguh menyaketkan hati. I guess, sume orang suka lempar fitnah and love make up stories about me. What ever it is, i will face everything. I got my BF's support and i believe in myself and trust my own self.. I dont need anyone's trust.. Those who knew what happened, pray for me ya..~

What next..? We have entered the month of Syaaban.. Plus minus, we have a month left before the ramadhan month.. :) A *food shopping spree* month.. I definitely will go to bazaar ramadhan.. Hahah~ Menabur bakti kepada penjual yang cekik darah.. Marah2 ngan harge tak logic tu pon, aku beli juga :). Tapi rasenya tak pegi sangat kowt sbb bulan tak puasa pon, sampai umah nearly maghrib.. But we will see.. The must go bazaar, mestilah BAZAAR SHAH ALAM near the stadium.. *Hoyeh Hoyeh*

Oh well, thats all for now.. My life is pretty lame now.. Nothing much to update. Home - work - home - work.. And car clubs gathering :).. I joined a car club and menempel at the other club. So basically, *official & unofficial ku join 2 club*.. Tamak haloba kan kan kan~. I cant really tell in detail what we did.. Panjang critenya.. Long story cut short, i am addicted to hang out with them.. I even joined the Mega Car Clubs Gathering last saturday.. Result from joining?? I got tanned.. Hahah~ And that activity also contributed to why i am knackered~ *weeeeee*

Till my next entry~

-Rosy Daisy-

Yasmin Ahmad passed away~

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Salam fello bloggers.. We lost another great artist yesterday. Yasmin Ahmad passed away last night. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat. Semua karya beliaw akan sentiasa diingati.

I would miss her blog.. and .

Kematian beliaw merupakan satu kehilangan yang sangat berharga. Tidak akan ada seorang pon yang boleh menggantikan beliaw. Pejuang karya melayu dan bangsa melayu secara halus tetapi tetap berkesan.

I would miss her work.. She inspired me in so many ways~

Innalillah.. Takziah kepada keluarga arwah~

-rosy daisy-

Shows That Will Always Make Me Laugh~

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Aaahhhhhh.. Its wednesday night. I never like wednesday night because there is nothing good to watch on telly. As other night, right now i am spending my wonderful time reading on the journals.. Strain my eyes and forcing myself to read those word by word, letter by letter.. I must make sure that i wont miss any valuable info and input that can be used for my literature review.

To keep me awake, i am reading those right in front of my telly.. But since there is nothing fun on, i got distracted.. Apa lagi?? Ku buka blog la. Tengok pape yang menarek.. Most bloggers blogged about the eclipse that took place this morning. I didnt get to witness it. I missed it again. Like i missed it last year. In fact, to be honest i am not even sure whether it happened or not.. Windows at my office are tinted.. So, memang dah siap2 gelap gulita la.. Ahaha~

Anyways, referring to the title.. Everyone has their own fave show right?? I got mine as well.. And this show is one show that i always look forward to watch every monday night on STAR WORLD.. Thumbs up and memang tak kering gusi.. I would laugh almost every minute of the show.. MUST WATCH people.. The show is......

The IT Crowd.. The show its a British show. Very funny and sarcastics in most way and every time. Haha~

So, those who have ASTRO and do subscribe STAR WORLD, please check it out. It surely will make u laugh your heads off.. No kidding pal.

My next fave show is *a guy and his puppet*.. I have to watch this show on You Tube. Its a Stand up Comedy and the show is brilliantly done :) I spent my last holiday watched this on You Tube.. A month of Jeff Dunham and Peanut was worth it.. :)


Enough about the show. I texted my friend this morning, and she is just another childhood friend of mine. I texted her simply to wish her Happy Birthday and i teased her a bit.. About a boy she had a crush on. She told me about the boy like a gejezillion months ago. Read the conversation below..

Me: Babe, did he wished u??

Her: Yurp.. He did. Was the first tho.. *Ngeee* ;p

Me: Eh eh minah neh.. Gatal plak. Baru wish je..

Her: Apasal plak gatal. My future husband kan.

Me: Huh??? Wait wait a sec babe.. U got him?? You actually got him?? So it is not just a crush anymore?? Woits~!! Detail la.. Update me~!! I demand an explanation!!

Her: Yup.. He is mine now. I dont know how to tell the details. But we are getting engage end of this year and the big day is somewhere next June :)

And the rest of the conversation was history. Another mate is getting married. Wah tertekan la pulak~ I am happy for you hun. I am so gonna crash ur crib.. Tak jauh pon, 3 mins walking distance. I still need to hear the details.. Kepochi gile aku.. Muahahahah~

Oh well, thats all.. Til next time. Good night :)

-Rosy Daisy-

More Updates :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Congrates to Both of Them
Semoga Kekal Bahagia Hingga Anak Cucu~

I did go to the wedding. I went to his house with my bestie.. How did we manage to get to his house was very funny. I cant really tell the story how. But it was soooooo bloody arse stupid.. Long story cut short, we got lost.. Thank you to the person who prepared the map.. Masa ngah sesat, i told my bestie, "If we fail to reach his house, i am gonna crash any mamak restaurant for beriani".. And we both laughed..~ Luckily the food was superb.. Thumbs up and VERY worth it.. Haha~


Other than the wedding i attended to, everything is just the same. Owh.. My days went very slow and really boring. Work during the day and final project during the night. I need my time to rest and to enjoy a bit. I wish i could have few hours to kill...For a movie marathon.. I really want to watch these two movies while the movies are still showing at the cinema.. Huhu~


Also, i have hearing the DJs on radio keep on telling about Sandra Bullock's new movie.. I want to watch that as well.. The way how the DJs described the mvie, sounds like entertaining~

*Sigh*.. The question here now is... When will i have the time to?? Uwaaa~

-Rosy Daisy-

My Ten Things!!

Things that not most people know about me.

1- I hereby confess that i am a slow learner that means i have to work extra hard compare to other people~

2- I hereby confess that i am not a good daughter to both of my parents as i always go against them in silent mode atleast~

3- I hereby confess that i am an autocratic person that no one can go thru me which means they have to obey my rules

4- I hereby also confess that i am a vulnerable person at certain stage that means i am a push-over person [which means, number 3 is not entirely correct..depends on certain circumtances]

5- I hereby confess that i prefer to continue my education rather than to work and start a living~

6- I hereby confess that i do not know how to swim and i am deadly afraid of going into water especially when the water level is at my chest level

7- I hereby confess that i am no longer a shopping girl as now i found myself anti-shopping mall~

8- I hereby confess that i never smoke and never had the intention and never will.. So please stop forcing me to admit that i smoke

9- I hereby confess that i just found out that drinking is ok in Christian as long as the drinker dont get drunk [now only i understand why those priest in movies can drink~]

10- I hereby confess that i am not so much a writer and that is why my entries are VERY DULL~

So, those are my ten things~


Malaysia XI vs Manchester United

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The game between Malaysia XI and Manchester United just ended about 10mins ago. Malaysia XI played well enough and AMRI YAHYA was brilliant. The score was 2-3 [Manchester United won the game].

Malaysia XI : Both by Amri Yahya
Manchester United : Rooney - Nani - Owen

I had fun and i am sure others felt the same way too.The Asian Tour kicked off fine. The commentator said that, Amri Yahya would be the legend vecause he scored two goals against Man United. Bangga tgk game td.. But towards the end, Malaysia maen a bit slow.. Maybe because dah tukar byk players kowt.. So to build the chemistry among them in such a short period of time was kind of hard, perhaps..

Anyways, congrates Malaysia XI.. Keep up the aggressive game in Laos for Asian Game~

Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara~

-Rosy Daisy-

Must Have~

Thursday, July 16, 2009

2.0 GT - Four N-Edition~

I fell in love with this car
Its a 4WD
Trendy and nice
Smooth and flawless :)

The ride will be in my hand..


A short update~

Days ago i chatted with yus.. Remember our anak usop?? From DPR?? Anyways, she told me couple of things that i would like to inform u girls.. Although i know nad wont feel a bit and she never give a damn about it.. But still, i am sharing the news..

1- Yus is getting married next May

2- Sasha is getting married next May as well

** But both of them have not decide the date yet.. Will be informed you girls once i got the news :)

3- Bobot wedding'd status is remained unknown. She is having an internal problem which it is too private to discuss.. I have not contact her yet although yus already told me to do so.. I guess i just dont know how to start the conversation with her after all these years.. Haha~

4- Saleha gave birth to a baby boy name Nik Daniel Wafiey about 2 months ago at Kelantan.. She is back in Klang now and the girls from DPR are planning on going to visit her and the baby soon but the date still has yet to be confirmed.. Will update on that as well..

5- Sheggy's wedding [on his side] would be on this Sunday.. I plan to go but got no one to accompany me.. So, hoping Nad would be kind enough to escort me :).. Update me will you??

So, thats all.. Not really in the mood to type with all those flowery words.. Hehe~

No specific title~

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I am taking a break for a while from blogging.
No specific reason..
Perhaps blogging is no longer a passion for me.
Will be right back if i have something to blog about~
Chill and have a wonderful day~


When you are too smart~

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sometime after the lunch hour, the part of the office went black out. The ground floor, first floor and few parts of the second floor were affected. At the ground floor, there is a fish tank where it contain two giant fish in it.

When the power was off, of course the oxygen was cut off as well. Me and Mr Shan were worried, especially him la kan.. I told him, "If u see those fish are dying, don't forget to give them the CPR taw".. Then he gave me a smirk and asked me to do first then he'll learn it from me.. Hahah~

Moments later, Ms Puv came over at my place and Kak Yana came over as well.. They were talking while looking at the aquarium near my place [There are 3 tanks all together at the office].. Anyways, Ms Puv said.."Wanna hear something or not??" Me and Kak Yana said, yes.. So she began her story.. "Me and Krish were going out for lunch. Once we reached the ground floor, i said to krish..*poor little fella* referring to those two fish.. Then Krish said, *Kesian diaorang.. We should help them*.. I asked her how.. She said, *Take them out la.. Put them out side.. So that they can breath..*.. I could not say a word u know. And i could not laugh as well.."

Kak Yana and i laughed our lungs out.. So thats what happened if u spend ur life doing account day and night until u can't think straight and fail to see the reality and became ultimately blur..

Ko letak ikan kat luar aquarium, bukan nolong.. Tu nak bagi mampos tuh~

Hahah~ Lawak hari ini di office pabile letrik terputus~


There she is~

There she is.. My child hood friend :)
We have been friends for nearly 2 decades~
She has been my best friend for for more than 10 years..
I love her to bitzz!!
She will always have a special place in my heart



Thursday, July 9, 2009

Memandangkan aku tak da kerja and terus menerus makan gaji buta, aku maw teruskan perjuanganku menaip kat ruangan nih ngan gaya laen sikit. Walaupon aku rasa macam pelik sikit bile menaip sebegini cara.. Namun akan aku try tulis cenggineh sampai habes entry nih.

Aku kan agak rajin wat blog walking and ada 2-3 blog neh yang memegunkan aku. Depa neh sangat terer melukis. Bakat tuhan bagi kat mereka kan. Jeles betul aku nengok kat dorang nih. Sorang nih gemar lukis cartoon or comic and sorang lagi suke lukis potret..

Kalaw nak taw, ngan jujurnya aku ngaku yang dulu aku memang teringin nak jadi advertiser.. Jadi orang yang dipertanggungjawabkan lukis story board.. AKu teringin nak sangat jadi advertiser bukan apa pon.. Saja teringin nak jalan2 bawa beg kad board yang bagak tu.. Macam stylo jer.. Ahaha~

Tapi lama kelamaan, pas abes SPM and masa nak apply tempat belaja, aku mula la pikir.. Teringen nak jadi advertiser, tapi lukis apa pon tak reti. Dari kechik sampai la nih, kalau aku lukis orang, muka dia sama je.. Tak kesah laki ke pompuan ke., laki ke, kecik ke, dewasa ke.. Sumernya sama aje.. Yang beza setiap satu lukisan adalah rambut depa.. Panjang ke pendek ke, rebonding ke, sarang tebuan ke.. Memang hanyut betul...

Lagi pon, aku sedar diri.. Setiap kali kena hantar art work masa sekolah rendah sampai form 3, sumer art work aku bukan dari air tangan aku.. Hahah~ Sume nya keja ayah or abang or kakak aku.. Rasa nak A++, suh la ayah wat kan.. Kalaw nak nampak geometri sikit, suh la abang aku wat kan.. Kalaw maw nampak tak berapa nak pro, kakak aku la mangsa nya.. Kalaw rasa nak fail and nak kena humban, suh la mummy wat kan.. Hahah.. So dengan terang lagi nyata, abang n kakak memang ada art touch yang dapat dari ayah.. And me memang buta seni ngikut mummyku~

Abang aku mmg terer lukis.. If not takkan leh jadi interior designer then jadi roof designer then up lagi jadi project manager.. And now jadi owner company sendri.. Sapa2 yang lalu kat Sunway and Putrajaya tuh, tengok2 la sikit bumbung2 yang ada.. The whole area of those two places tuh la hasil keja lukisan abang aku. Bumbung Poli Shah Alam pon keja abang aku.. Nad & Hawa , korang mesti terpegun kan duk dibawah lindungan bumbung rekaan abg aku.. :) Heheh~

Kakak aku, reti lukis.. Tapi tak da imaginasi.. Kalaw bagi something depan die, die leh tiru benda tuh.. Tapi kalaw bab2 photography, die terer la gak.. Kalaw nak dibandingkan ngan aku.. Aku pegang camera pon parkinson.. Hahah.. Setiap raya mesti aku kena hamput ngan kakak sbb gambar blur.. Heheh.. Maka, muka aku je la yang byk dlm gambar.. Muka die tarak, sbb die la photographynya.~

AKu tak taw ape point nye aku tulis blog neh.. Rasa mcm tergatal nak plak.. This is something that no one know. I love to see art but i dont know how to create one. I am good at facts and numbers.. But art?? Aku sungguh lah fail..

Til my next update..

p/s: Ku rasa sangat pelik bile nulis begini.. Ayat yang tulis sebijik cam ayat cakap.. Tak taw la korang paham ke tak..

p/s:: Mr Shan dah bertunang semalam.. Jeng3.. And Kak Yana cuti hari ini and esok.... Muahahahahahh~!!


It is just another entry~

Monday, July 6, 2009

Its monday everyone~ A quick update on what i have done since last friday. Done nothing much and i can guarantee u, did nothing exciting. My life is just a sore bore from one day to another day.. Alas, let me type here a bit.. Rewind~!!

Friday: I went to work/practical as usual and had a women talk with one of my colleagues. Base from the talking, i just found out that i am so not alone in this world.. What i have gone thru, is something similar to what she has gone thru. Except that she is *smarter* or *tougher* than i am.. So she has made a wise decision.. A decision that i should have made one when i have the opportunity to but too scared to make one~ But those are already in the past. My life is much simpler now and happier.. Hoping this wont end.. Heheh~

Then, PROUDLY to announce that i finally watched TRANSFORMERS.. Midnite movie at TGV, OU.. Scale between 1-10, i give 11 and five stars.. Hoyeah hoyeah~!! And i reached home at 3am.. Lalal~

Saturday + Sunday:
Basically i spent these two days right in front of my TiVo.. My days were accompanied by those *cetak rompak* DVDs i bought at various places including, Sunway, Danga Bay & TTDI.. ahaha [police, go serang those places]..

Owh~ me and family went to Jeram last night for seafood and to celebrate my aunt's birthday.. We had all sorts of seafood. U name it, we had it :) It was yummy and costed us a fortune. And we all know that, when it comes to food, please dont be a cheapscake ok~!!

Jeram is somewhere at Kuala Selangor and the distance from our place to Jeram is far.. So, by the time we reached our home, sume orang sudah lapa kembali~.. Haha~

So, that was how i spent my weekend.. Nothing much and things went smoothly. I had fun, my tummy had fun.. Over all, thumbs up :)

Enough about the weekend.. Just a simple thought.. I am thinking to make this blog public again.. But i am sure u ppl know that i am not allowed to.. And to gather those emails back, aiyo its damn hard.. *sigh* But i will upload back my posts from last year til present.. Provided that i still have them, if tak da, then nasib la kan~

Til my next entry~

Take care readers..


No specific title~

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ahax.. So we have entered a new month yesterday.. And yesterday i created this account and seriously only 2 readers can read this and no one else should know about the existence of this new account.. If others find out about this blog, i'll crack ur neck *humphhh*..

Anyways, i dont have to give out the details why i deleted those two blogs and why i am having this one.. I am sure u gurls are clever enough to do the math. I am freaking tired of arguing and freaking annoyed to discuss about blog and things related to internet.. Besides deleted the blogs, i also canceled my MYSPACE account.. But still keeping my FACEBOOK account..

Eventhough i know that only u two are my readers, i would still remain english as my writing language.. As a way to polish my english, hope u gurls dont mind at all.

*sigh*.. Seventh month of the year.. Time pass so damn fast and it seems like yesterday we entered the 2009.. Six months we have gone through the year, what have we accomplished?? Nothing much aite~ I am in my second month of practical, which means i still have another 3 months left here and also another 3 months left to end my life as a student.. Wow~!!

After i am done with the study, what is gonna happen to me? Will my life flow smoothly like u two are having now? Do pray and hope for me oke.. I am kind of envy with ur lives.. U already know how ur future will turn out to be.. Even it is not going to be good, u can make changes as u can sort of predict it.. And me?? Still wandering and questioning..

All i am hoping is a good and bright future for the three of us.. Never depend on men when it comes to financial.. Earn ur own cash so that u know in some way u are stable enough or perhaps u could even be better than they are.. Never let them control u but never show them that u dont allow them to control u.. Nanti depa lari terus la plak.. heheh~ [an advise that i should remember it through out my life..especially when i am still with him]~ Oh.. Dont get me wrong, i love him [til like forever].. I am hoping things would work out for him as well..

To hawa, i know that we arent so close enuff and hereby i admit that i know u less than i know nad. I really hope that i could know u better and hope that this friendship we built 6 years ago will last forever.. I know u longer than i know nad, [in a way] and that is for sure~ I hope that u could be more open and talk to me as i want to know everything about u [nothing left].. Share ur thoughts, problems and so on with me [and with nad as well~].. Just because u are away from me, that doesnt mean that i forget u.. Cause i wont~!!

To nad, whatever u are going through pls never forget that u have us.. We are pleased to listen to all ur stories.. Let me be ur ears like u always be mine.. I dont have to tell u in details about what i have in my head as we have similar ways of thinking and seeing things.. Whatever u feel about wanting to be by my side, i feel the same way too~

To us all.. HAPPY SIX YEARS OF FRIENDSHIP.. Its not even a decade yet, but i feel like i know u gurls whole my life.. And i want this to remain for eternity~ Though we are separate by distance, we are definitely close by heart~!! Love u gurls a lot~!!

And i shall keep on remind u gurls about this now and then.. So u people wont forget me.. ehheh~

Huggies :)