31 Oct 2009~

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Its 31st Oct today and its saturday. Such a perfect day for those who are celebrating halloween.. I know i am not~ I just want to wish anyone and everyone HAPPY HALLOWEEN~!! And have a great partay tonite :D

Me on the hand never celebrated it and never will. But seriously and honestly speaking, i do enjoy this celebration, because it is a candy celebration. All sorts of candies can be found and they taste good too.. Kidos to the manafacturers and producers~ I am a candy girl. I love candy so freaking much~ Urmmm, that explains why i have such a big body.. ahah~

Aite, enough about that~

For the past few days, i have been watching a movie, p/s: I Love You. Watched it over and over again.. At least three times a day. I am so into the movie and the book too. While i am typing this, my left hand is currently holding the book. Daymn~ This book managed to kick my twilight sagas.. But i noe, by the 20 nov, i am sure i am gonna be dreaming about EDWARD CULLEN again.. Hahaha~

Anyways, i cried each time i watched the movie. I wonder what will happen to me if Dice dies one day? Will i able to be strong?? Owhh~ I just hope that nothing will happen between us.. I dont think that i can take any kind of separation, either death or break up..

p/s: I am god smacking in love with you. Be home quick ya.. I am waiting for u~ I miss u too much already~

p/s:: I dedicate this song to u b...

p/s::: Yurp i am a bit jiwang and carried away... Hahaha, sorry~!!

p/s:::: I u~
I just want to see you
When you’re all alone
I just want to catch you if I can
I just want to be there
When the morning light explodes
On your face it radiates
I can’t escape
I love you ’till the end

I just want to tell you nothing
You don’t want to hear
All I want is for you to say
Why don’t you just take me
Where I’ve never been before
I know you want to hear me
Catch my breath
I love you ’till the end

I just want to be there
When we’re caught in the rain
I just want to see you laugh not cry
I just want to feel you
When the night puts on it’s cloak
I’m lost for words don’t tell me
All I can say
I love you ’till the end

-rosy daisy-

This week~

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The one thing i scared about is finally over. I have done my viva presentation 2 days ago and everything went fine and i am quite satisfied with it. Examiners asked me to amend abit here and there but no big deal. Only small and minimum adjustments needed. I will do it later. Other than that, the presentation went smoothly. Next week, i have to drive myself one more tym to my fac.. For final report submittion. Owhhh, then i am *officially* done.. Yeay..

I did go for my interview yesterday.. OMG~!! It was horrible.. I am still in shocked i tell you. The interview session was conducted in 1 & 1/2 hour.. Mak ai, sumpah lame gile.. Peluh - kering - peluh la aku dibuat nya.. There were 3 interviewers [senior managers] from account, marketing & hr. Daymn~!!

I: This interview will be conducted in fully english

Me: Okey.. No problem

I: Tell us about urself..

Me: Bla bla bla.... [for 1/2 an hour]

I: Tell us in detail about ur practical experience during ur diploma..

Me: bla bla bla...... [for 15mins]

I: A bit about ur family background

Me: bla bla bla...[15mins]

I: What are ur hobbies and interest?

Me: Reading.. Love to read.. Everything except for megazines. Buletines are fine, but magz?? I dont think so. Magz are normally for ppl who live in la la land or fantacy. Then i love to travel or long drive. And i have the heart for nature and outdoor. bla bla bla [15mins]

I: Wow, u seriously u dont look like an adventure girl. We are impressed!! And it s good that u like to travel cause this job will require u to travel around South East Asia. Do u play golf??

Me: Yes i do. Just started it few months ago.. May i know why?

I: We usually take clients to play golf. The most perfect place to close the deals. And its great that u play, so that i can send u....Write down this description and we want u to convince us to take the place/building.

Me: bla bla bla [10mins]

I: Okey, we are convinced enuf.. But u have to practice more cause u looked nervous. Heres the thing.. We like u very much and we will schedule u for second round interview with the directors. U do understand the job scope right? Thank you so much for ur time. We will see u again in few days time.

Me: Okey. Thank you..

Deeply in my heart.. Ku sgt and teramat takowt~ Can i just disappear now. Scary~

p/s: Dice, i am so sorry for what i have said to u yesterday. I know it was harsh but u do why i said it.. I am sorry.. Love u ♥

-rosy daisy-


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another cousin got married yesterday. I was at senawang the whole day yesterday. He got married with a gurl from seremban. About 15mins drive from my uncle's crib to the bride's place. We were happy and thrilled for them both. Cume timing tak berapa nak chanteq sangat la because we had to *run* here and there..

The nikah was done in the morning. Supposedly me and parents got out from the house around 7am because we promised the uncle that we would be there by 8am sharp.. hehe but since i was soooooo slow, baru nak carik baju... baru nak iron.... baru nak pack extra cloths... So we got out around 7.45am...

I drove my mom's car [man, i dont really like that car]... We arrived at lavender height at 8.20am... Daymn i was fast.. Less than 45mins from damansara to senawang.. Naseb la kan.. Had to drive fast because i donwanna get all the blame if we were late... Nak jadi cerita, me n parents were the first to arrive.. The rest reached there 10-20mins afta us.. Tak nmpk plak dorang kat highway..

My aunt prepared breakfast for everyone. She wanted us to eat first before we left for nikah.. Ku belasah nasi lemak.. I cant resist nasik lemak.. Ku telan 2 pinggan.. Puas perotku :D

Dah setel breakfast, we all drove to seremban and had to wait for imam to arrive bcause the fella had another majlis [khatam quran] on that very same morning. Once he got there, the nikah started. With sekali lafaz, cuzzyku sah jadi suami org.. Tahniah2~

After the nikah, they served us with fried noodle and hot drinks along with some traditional kueh.. Everything look yummy but i didnt touch any of it cos i wanted to have my tummy for lunch... Plus, i was still full becuase of the breakfast. After the tea, we all went staright back to senawang.. The groom needed to shower and change for sanding ceremony.


Around 12.45pm, we went again to the bride's house. Berarak & berkompang sangat syok :)

The lunch served was superb.. Nasi bukhari as well nasi puteh.. And i had nasi puteh coz i could not resist the daging salai lemak cili api.. Superb giler :D

After everything was done, we headed back to lavender height. Stayed there til 6.30pm and drove back to damansara. We stopped at RnR dengkil because the parents were craving for sate kajang hj samuri. Had our dinner there and then continued the journey..

Over all, the wedding was fine but perhaps it was waaayyyyyyyyyyyy too simple. Well at least the uncle's side of mine said so [coz we are johorean].. My aunt's side said everything was good.. Owh.. Tak pela..

So, my day yesterday was full with food and today is completely the opposite.. I had maggi for my brunchdin.. Sungguh tak da food ini hari and i was so lazy to go out and eat.. My parents went out with aunties and uncles. I just wanted to stay home..

Alrite, i am off to bed now.

p/s: Tuesday is my big day.. My VIVA presentation day.. Daymn
p/s:: Wednesday, i have two jobs interviews.. Owh, scary.. Tak penah pegi interview keja before... huhuhu~

-rosy daisy-

Its Wednesday~

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ahhh.. I could not think of any better title so i chose that. I could not sleep altho i am freaking tired.. Tired over nothing :p

I woke up quite early this morning and as usual first thing firat. I went straight to the wonderful soulmate of mine... The COMPUTER... Yup, computer has become my soulmate for the past 3 days.. I am home doing nothing and only GOD knows that im so freaking in love staying at home rather than go out..

Anyways, i printed some slides cos i needed to submit them to my adviser. Well, i can just email them but since i still have to go to my wonderful campus to settle my ticket, so what the heck.. Hehe.. Ye aku telah disaman pada rabu minggu lalu.. I drove myself to my fac around 11ish am and aku telah tawaf campus tuh untuk berapa kali but still there was no parking space available untuk ku.. Either students' place or staffs' place, sume nye full because of the convo ceromony thingy..

Seriously, i didnt want to get the second ticket.. But i was so desperate to pay the ticket i got last week.. So what i did was, ku naek divider and park atas bahu jalan opposite tempat aku nak bayar saman... Hehe, gile langsi jap td and luckily i didnt get second ticket for parking bersepah~.. Setel bayar saman, ku trus pulang because i was lazy to go round and round all over again nak cari parking near my fac..

From my campus, i went to one utama. Tetibe teringen nak tengok movie.. Initially, my intention was to watch POPODOM but as i reached the counter, i changed my mind.. So i watched CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS... Yurp yurp.. I went there alone and i had fun.. Honestly speaking, i enjoyed watching movie alone because no one will interupt me :D

The movie is a good one.. I was touched during the last scene.. Hoho.. I guess i am just a family person and a very, i repeat VERY typical daughter.. And i am proud being one.. Back to the movie, the movie has its message. It tells us to not to not support our own flesh and blood even though he/she is doing something not so wortwhile.. Also to always have faith in them too~ Awwwwww~

After the movie watching, i crashed a boutique and grabbed myself another top. Afta less and minus all the unnecessary price, it costed me only RM13.. Yurp RM13.. Go hit UNIONBAY.. Ngah sale gile2 sekang~!!

Next, i went to MPH.. Oh my fave place of all.. Even library cant beat that place.. I spent almost two hours in there thinkng what books to buy.. KIV banyak gile and ended up i bought only 3 books.. Sebab duit dah abis.. Huhu~

One reason for sure why i need job pronto.. So i have plenty of cash to buy more books.. I am hugely passionate about books and i thank my parents for *passing* this hobby to me.. :D

I only headed home after i failed to feel my legs.. Hahah~ As i reached home, then only i heard my tummy growling.. Ooooo i didnt eat and drink the whole day, not even a drop of water..

After magrib, i started wrapping my new books and now i just cant wait to start reading them.. :D [berbunga2 hatiku~]
-Rosy Daisy-

p/s:My blog is ALWAYS private but i will PUBLIC them now and then... Thanx for reading :)


Monday, October 19, 2009

Aku harap sangat yang aku ada super power
Aku harap sangat aku boleh predict masa depan
Aku harap sangat mulut aku masen
Aku harap sangat yang aku boleh achieve mcm2 tanpa perlu tersungkur dulu
Aku harap sangat aku ada level kesabaran yang setinggi everest
Aku harap aku dapat bantu org keliling aku walau pun ada antara mereka yang bongkak, jotos, bongok dan tak layak diberi perhatian oleh aku
Aku harap sangat aku tahu bagaimana nak jadi selfish, sebab aku rasa aku dah penat nak hibur hati orang
Aku harap sangat aku boleh flying kick makhluk2 yang selalu nyaketkan hati aku
Aku harap sangat aku boleh gumbira tanpa batasan
Aku harap sangat aku dapat kerja ngan mudah
Aku harap sangat financial aku cepat stable
Aku harap sangat family, kekaseh hatiku & kengkawan aku hidup dalam keadaan aman & tenteram
Aku harap sangat aku leh habis presentation viva neh dengan mudah
Aku harap aku boleh turunkan berat badan aku dengan kadar segera

Aku harap sangat apa yang aku harapkan semua nya leh jadi kenyataan~
Insya ALLAH..
Kun Faya Kun~

-Rosy Daisy-

p/s: Dice, i love u so daymn much. Really hope things will turn out fine for u. Wish u all the best.. Love u hunn~

Minggu Lepas.. Hoho~

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hello my dear blog.. It s me again writing here and trying to give full coverage about what i did last week

Cenggineh, minggu lepas ku teramat la bosan and stress tak tentu pasal..
Stress sebab data tak analys lagi and banyak keja tertunggak & tertangguh..
Maka ku yang bijak lagi bestari neh, ku ingen merayaw2 bagi melegakan kekusutan yang melanda..

::Hari Rabu::
Di mulakan ngan short trip to One Utama on wednesday..
Ku jejak kaki ke bangunan nan indah tu pas waktu keja..
Ku balik umah dulu then ku psycho bunde and ayahnda tuk turut serta..
Sampai je kat OU tersebot, kami ngetack computer store

Pi beli kertas nih bebyk tuk print gambar yg disnap oleh photographer terpimpim cam aku ni haaa~
Tuk pengetahuan rakyat sekalian, dah lama bangat dah family aku neh tak pegi hantar cuci gambar kat kodai
Sume nya ayah ku print kan..
Aku la tukang ngedit.. cantik or not, lantak situ..
Aku gak yang nengok.. Hohoho~

Pas dah abes sopping2 kertas2 tersebowt,
Ku ngajak mereka pi makan..
Makanmurah je n simple je..
We all went to mekdi..

Dah sebulan lebih tekak nih teringen nak ayam goreng spicy mekdi tu
Akhernya dapat gak..
Free lagi.. [tu pasal la kena bawa ayah bunde~]..<-- bijak kan aku??
-tengok pakcik ronald, die asyik melambai suh masok je-
Dah setel makan2 tuh sume
Jam DKNY ciplak bertali FOSSIL ori ku ngatekan dah nak magrib
Kitowang pon dengan pantas nak balik
Ku wat persinggahan deras kat boutique fave ku..
Bebekalkan card visa ku yang menawan,
ku swipe demi menyambar beberapa helai baju..
-Kena beli baju sbb inchik dadu telah clearkan wardrobe ku minggu lepas-
Owh sungguh la beliaw zalim~

::Hari Kames::

Ku pergi keja seperti biasa and habis je keje,
Ku ngetack umah elle..
Ingat elle tak?? Ala cousinku yang sebaya tu..
Hah, ku pergi appartment nye yang terletak di Sunway..
Giliran umah die wat makan2 [org yg dah kawen mmg wajib wat makan2 bile raya]

Lepak umah die tak lama sbb ku ada hal di mlm hari..
The husband prepared bolognese fully home made..
Takda prego2.. Beliaw tak suke..
Elle plak, she cooked chicken curry + ikan goreng cili padi + mixed veggie
Mesti org kate, la masak lauk biasa je ke??
Bagi org mmg biase But bagi elle, time nih je la die dapat masak nasi

The husband never eat rice or apa2 yg da kaitan ngan beras..
Kek tepong beras pon tak boleh makan..
Beliaw alergic..
Since tak dapat lepak lama, mereka napawkan bolognese tuk ku dan inchik dadu
Dah bis tapaw2 ku shoot pulang ke umah..

Sampai2 je, inchik dadu dah wat unggun putung rokok kat luar..
Huhuhu.. Sory la awak..
Suh pegi umah elle, kamu dowan..

Maka, ngan pantas ku masok mandi sbb nak kuar balik
Dah siap makan sume,
Ku dan inchik dadu mula masok studio.. S
nap2 gambar lagi...
Tapi gambar aku tak penah dipublish..
Gambar adik die n cousinku jer die publish..
Mentang2 aku tak cukup papan..

::Hari Jumaat::

Pagi2 lagi Inchik Dadu telah berkunjung ke umah ku
Kerana beliaw tahu aku tak pi keja itu hari
Kerna ku ada urusan laen yg perlu dibereskan [dah nak hujung2 practical annn]
Dan beliaw tawar diri tuk jadi supir ku lagi
Owh sewonoknya tak yah drive..

Dah setel sumer urusan ku,
Ku pon ngajak beliaw pi shopping bagi ganti balik baju aku yg die buang
Tapi tak jadi pi sbb tetibe aku teringen nak naek KL Tower

[opppss... gambar hiasan je k.. ku pegi di siang hari lor~]

Ngan hati yg tak berapa nak syok
Die bawak jugak
Dah tolong bawa, tolong bayaq sekali plak tu
Time kaseh ye yang..
I lebyu very strong~

Kat sana wujud la lagi aktiviti gambar menggambar..
Especially kat Mini Animal Zoo die..
Gambar nih sume gune phone camera aku
Die dah bz ngan camera die n die tepisku kejap..
Tak pe la...

Dah abes merayaw kat KL Tower,
Kitowang ngetack park near my crib plak
Sambung maen snap2~

Til my next update..

-Rosy Daisy-


Monday, October 12, 2009

My page already got dust and lots of spiderwebs.. Haha~ I have been busy lately with something that was so not necessary and so not important. Been going out quite alot and did not feel any guilt at that time cause i do feel it now.. But more to regret.. Went out like there is no tomorrow and ended up i tossed away my reports.. I left them untouched.. Ohh~

I attended more open houses this recent weekend as well as a wedding. My skewlmate's wedding and the ceremony was superb and great. I was not talking about the food [which by the way, the food was thumbs up].. I was referring to the environment and decoration and her wedding attire.. Sangat cantik and i was speechless.. We were all speechless.. She was stunning and so perfect.

A lil history........
She got engaged with FF about two years ago. The engagement thingy was a close ceremony and only be attended by close family and relatives. No friends were invited. Since we were not invited, we got to see pictures through her photopages and blog. Sangat grand okey.. Maka, kitorang sgt teruja nak tunggu her actual wedding ceremony just to make a tiny winy comparison.. Mmg maken grand la..

Whatever it is, or how ever the wedding was... I wish u all the best and have a great journey ahead with FF.. I guess, not all boys are jerk.. The prove is, u have found one~ I love u ilynn with all my heart.. and KHALIFAH FF, do take a good care of my friend..

And urm... ilynn, do u still need that white EVO, the gift of a year engagement anniversary u got last year??.. U still owe me a ride darling~

p/s: I weighted myself.. and i gained 2kilos.. Daymn~
p/s: Never give up ok cos i noe i'd never will.. Be strong and stay strong aldoh i noe u r tired.. I am here for u.. Always have and always will~

-rosy daisy-

Melompat dengan riang~

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

..Rosy Daisy is counting days..

My weekend was full with open houses. Went here and there to eat. Trust me, i would never want to weight myself now even if anyone would pay me to do so.. Ku sangat takowt kalaw2 mesin tersebut meletop.. Ahaha.. Most people say that i am not an eater. But Inchik Dadu cakap, ku kuat makan.. Hurmmm.. Which one is true?? Maybe after dok couple ngan die, aku jadi kuat makan kowt.. Ahaha... Whatever.. But he did say, "Kalaw awak gemok, memang kite lari~!!".. Tapi dalam 2thn couple ngan die, i lost 5kg.. Hurmmmm~

So yesterday was monday and as usual i would go to meet my advisor on monday and yaddi yaya about the current status of my final report. And again, i did not go yesterday. I ditched work again untuk sekalian kalinya... BUT i did do my work ok. I went to my friend's crib and asked her to teach me to do the statistic and calculation thingy which i still do not really understand it til now.. lalala..

I learnt that years ago and since we never apply it, i kind of deleted the knowledge from my brain.. Hahah~ Long story cut short, those calculation is done and it is time for me to interpret those data.. Another blur task that is killing me.. At the moment, i cant write anymore.. I am kindda lost my writing skill, as if i had it before. And because of that, i did not post any entry for days.. I cant express anything altho i have tonnes things to blab about.. Rosak rosak...~

Anyways.. Life has been very stable as the environment and surrounding are treating me nicely. I really hope that this will last longer than before. I need my happiness real much now.. Tengah otak dok serabot pikir report, aku perlukan org keliling tak bagi tekanan jiwa kat aku.. So meaning to say, i am living my life normally like other people do.

Next friday is my very last day of practical and i should get my report done before that. Do pray for me okey.. I really hope that i would get an A for my report altho as far as i am concern, i have not put a 110% effort on it.. Hope things will be fine from today onwards~

The kids had so much fun~!!

Will update more later..

Miss everyone~

p/s: I love u munchkin.. Thanx for helping me out and be my supir.. Heart u alot~!! Will spend more time with u after this.. Its a promise~ :)

-Rosy Daisy-