Walala walala~

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tak pernah ku begini tak gembira
Oh..pasang surut yang tak aku jangka
Oh..apa yang dalam genggamanku
Tak dapat ku sentuh..

Walau kalanya ku takut mati
Oh dalam perasaan ku tak peduli
Terang menyala bara di dalam hati
Jantungku terhenti..
Dan lelah ku cari tetap ku mencari
Masihkah ada tempatku bagai dulu

Desakan ini memaksa ku pergi
Biar mati pun takkan berani
Ku datang kembali
Paranoia buat ku mengerti
Kerna cukup sudah cukup sudah
Apa yang telah kau beri..

Oh berputar belit paksi gelung waktu
Jauh mengejar tapi tak kau tunggu
Oh berjalan cakera mindaku kini dibelenggu
Sememangnya tiada yang sempurna
Oh tak pernah pula ku harapkannya
Oh jelaslah kau bukan untukku
Ku bukan untukmu...

Few more days to new year and then school begins on monday. Wow.. Am i up to it? Am i ready for it? Ready or not, that is what i have to go thru.

I had a long texting session wif dice last night. He told me couple stuffs which if he is telling me the truth, then i'll pray for him.. But he didn't, then.. Ntah~..

Ibu is not doing so well.. So uncle took her to the hospital last sunday and basically found nothing is wrong with her. She is just tired as she has been driving up and down quite alot lately.. And others are too private to be explained here. Dice drove her back to JB last monday..

I was at dice's house last monday.. Said good bye to ibu, amoi and dice.. Salam2 peluk2 semua.. Then as usual, ku duk umah tu jage adik2.. After maghrib i went back and went there again the next day (semlm).. I didnt go there today as lu luy's boyfie is coming back to KL.. Maka service bertukar tangan..

Plus, i dont see why i should be there anymore.. At least at the moment.. It is true that me and dice are still in good terms, but that is it la..Cume, with whatever dice told me last night, my responsibility to jage the kids maken tinggi. I have given my words to him that i would monitor them and betulkan apa yang salah.. But then again, i am not sure what he told me tu betul ke tak..

All i can say, hunn.. My prayers are always be with you. Things are rough now and there is no easy way out or short cuts. Work it out now ok darling.. I love u, regardless.. And ibu, do take care.. The kids are in good terms.. Uncle and ayah are in KL.. Dont u worried too much about them.. At the moment, they are working hard practicing and training for the race..

Happy New Year Everyone.. And as usual, i wont be celebrating it~


p/s: song above is lu luy's boyfie's band's song.. The boyfie sorta do the arrangement.. A song that suit me and Dice, technically.. And dice always jam that song :)

Perut ku sehat tanpa makanan~

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Eating disorders often occur as a result of deeper emotional and psychological problems, whereby controlling food intake through overeating or under eating is used as a coping mechanism for feelings such as stress, anxiety, depression, sadness, anger or other difficult emotions.

Body image distortion/negative body image and low self-esteem are strongly implicated as other causes of eating disorders.

Other causes to consider are physiological in nature. It is possible that some people have a genetic predisposition for developing eating disorders, or that eating disorders are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. It has also been suggested that dieting is a slippery slope to an eating disorder.

Signs of Eating Disorder
•Obsession with body weight / being overweight
•Only eating certain types of food
•Picking at food
•Use of the bathroom immediately after eating
•Making excuses not to eat at meal times
•Rapid fluctuations in weight (weight loss or weight gain)
•Mood swings
•Excessive use of exercise

Urm.. I am kinda having this kind of problem. I dont eat much lately. I always eat less than others but never up to one point that i never eat at all.. I have skipped my proper meal for the past two weeks and i still feel fine.. Alhamdulillah.. I know what caused it and reading at the signs, yurp i have some of those.. Like only eat certain type of food, picking on food, making excuse not to eat at meal time and also i tend to use the toilet immediately after i consume any dairy liquid which i never had the problem before..

Though i skipped meals, yet my weight is maintained but i lost 3inches.. Mumy asked me to buy new jeans as she said and i quote "Awak macam pakai seluar pinjam".. Hahaha.. So now lately, i only wear my extra skinny jeans.. If before i have to wear those extra skinny jeans with some long shirt, now.. Tidak lagi..

I tried to eat yesterday.. The food was yummy.. But minutes after lunch, i started to feel unease in my tummy.. Macam pedih jer.. Grrrr... Memang xnak makan lagi la kan.. Why must i eat if it only going to cause me stomach pain?? Haihhh... If two weeks ago, i didnt touch any food or liquid (til dice thought i fainted once, when i was not at home pun during he screamed my name outside of the house), now i started to drink my 3 in 1 cereal.. Better than nothing kan?? Im healthier this way..

So parents, bestfriends, dice and ez.. Please dont worry much ok.. I am doing ok.. I still can walk, jog and do my regular activities.. Thank you for ur concerns.. Nanti when i start to eat again, u ppl will going to see how rakus i can be ;p

p/s: Happy Boxing Day people.. If only theres a boxing day here in malaysia.. At least in KL~


Confession... Summary~

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wow.. We are heading the end of December pretty soon and i think i still have not really accomplish my resolutions.. I think one of my resolutions was to read more than 13 books this year but i think i failed that.. I read 13 books last year but i only managed to read around 8 books only this year.. Gulp.. Dont blame me for that. I was really busy this year with work and classes.. And during my break, i was busy wandering around and watching movies.. Lets just summarize year 2010 abit.. I'll do month by month.. Hope tak da yang nak muntah :)

I started my very first job after graduated on jan 4th. I was the advisor for clients and so on.. Kalau nak diikutkan my job was only to meet them and advise them on certain things then my fellow colleagues will take over. But due to i-dont-even-care situation, they gave me few clients to take care and that was when my probs began.. Silap betul jadi baek.. (Urm.. Prob start sumwer in Feb actually)

I had this one disagreement with managers back at the office but i nvr voice out. But the top mgt realized that and because of that, they ordered me to meet a potential client at Melaka (Masa ni la prob aku bermula). The job was fascinating.. naek turun kapal.. Agak menyeronokkan.. Duhh.. Tapi dalam cuba jaga hati org2 ni, ada hati2 laen plak yang disakiti, unintentionally.. At that time, of course i was bloody pissed off.. But now, i dont think i could be bothered anymore :)

Parents went to perform umrah and i was left alone. Dice came over every night to take me out for dinner.. I got sick once but i drove myself to Dice's to take him out for an early dinner.. Pastu malas nak drive balik, he drove me back and curi kereta ku... Esoknya, i was carless nak pergi office.. Padan muka gwe.. I met ibu one time for lunch, finally met her after almost a year didn't see her.. And i met Ali's GF (at that time) for the first time. I liked her, Myra is cool :).. Work was fine but prob got worse..

I received my scholarship.. Got the letter today, esok terus hantar surat berenti kerja.. Sangat heaven ooo masa tu.. After the resignation, i had plenty time to kill with dice. We registered a gym membership together.. We went there every night.... To lepak.. Not to work out.. Muahahah... One night, while we were lepaking, angel texted me.. She asked me about achik spin.. I was like "what?? what??".. I asked dice and he was blur as well.. So i called my cousin, and he confirmed it.. Arwah meninggal dunia akibat kemalangan jalan raya and my cousin was still in shock because 30mins before the accident, he just hung up the phone with arwah..

I decided that gym was no longer a fun place to hangout.. Duhhh... So me and dice spent most of our times at my place.. Kacau2 my parents.. Jalan2 ngan my parents.. Tgk DVD and also playing games.. Haha, it was so much fun.. Prob2 lepas tu sume wat macam tak da kejadian jer.. May was awesome and it got better as my convocation day was in May as well.. Dice attended the ceremony, thank you sweetheart.. He was at my diploma convo as well in 2007, even we already broken up at that time.. Sgt2 terharu b.. U made me love u even more.. Thank you :) Convo was great as i received so much flowers and i snapped lots of photos.. Sebab dah bawa personal photographer kan *wink wink*.. So, everything was great.. Alhamdulillah..

2 birthdays yow.. Dice's and mine.. I didnt plan any celebration for his birthday but he planned mine very well.. A surprise small party, with lots of balloons.. And a fine dining before the party took place.. He read me a poem that he himself wrote.. Sumpah, sgt touchy and sgt2 happy.. I was so happy and overwhelmed.. The greatest boyfriend ever.. Thanx sayang..

Apart from birthdays, World Cup games were on at that time. Watched the game with dice, virtually... Texting on FB.. He watched those games at mamaks' and i enjoyed the matches at home.. Alone dalam gelap with junkfood ;p.. Also, eez started to text me again.. I was his counselor.. Listened to his prob and so on.. I didnt solve it thou, tak da kena mengena ;p

Happy 3rd Year Anniversary to dice and daisy.. Urm... Kalau yang original first couple, the date would be somewhere in March, but since neither of us could recall, kitorg gune the new date jer... The recouple date :).. Not only the anniversary, my MBA started in July as well.. I was scared at first but a week after that, i started to enjoy my classes.. And the feeling remains until today.. :) Met great new frens whom i love so much.. I appreciate them so much.. I am so glad that they are my friends.. :)

Ramadhan started.. Enjoyed my evening walking at PARAM with my classmates almost everyday.. Had iftars with bunch of friends as well... But unfortunately dice and i started to have arguments.. Tension abes.. And it got worse on Raya eve.. Can u imagine that.. Oh, and i had uno iftar with dice and family.. Myra was invited as well.. Met ibu again after months.. It went well~

Raya was not enjoyable much for me.. Dah la other siblings went back to spouses' sides, then prob with dice worsen. Was tense most of the time and of course i was moody abit. Workload was kinda alot too at that time. So meaning to say, Raya was not that fun this year.. :(

I got myself another new haircut.. It was really short.. Third haircut in 2010.. Owhhh.. I was really stressed so i really need this haircut thou i know some people would be really piss off.. But trust me, i needed it.. Apart from the haircut, i received more assignments.. Had 30 assignments to be submitted by middle of October.. I was freaking tired and how i wished that i didn't have to stare at the monitor anymore.. My eyes were really tired..

Prob with dice continued.. Double stressed for me.. :(

I finished my final exam on the first and parents left for haj on the second. I cried real hard and thank GOD dice was with me all the time.. Things got better and better for both of us.. He spent iduladha with me and siblings. He organized a BBQ on raya's eve. Basically, he was here all the time.. Great and happy moments spent with him. Until, end of november... We decided to call it off. We broken up.. Reason? To private to tell.. Let it be known by only the two of us..

And i bought a camera and a new phone for my self.. Yeay me :)

Things got even worse between me and dice. Yes we have broken up but we have this agreement on certain things and of course we are trying hard to fix the relationship.. Something came up and i was really angry and pissed off with him. Lu Luy said *U made my heart stop.. Do u know that? Ive never seen u and abg got into a fight like that and i have never seen you are so angry..* Sorry sayang, abg anda betul2 cabar kesabaran saya..

In december itself, i spent lots of time with dice's siblings.. Lepak, jamming, makan, gossip, ngutuk... Hahah.. After the broken up, Lu Luy requested one thing from me and that is what im trying to fulfill.. She requested, *Pls dont let anything change between us.. between u and adik2.. Between u and ibu.. I love u so much to be apart u..*.. Hunn, im trying hard here darling.. Keeping up and keeping the promises.. Thank you so much for everything ok...

Parents came back from hajj and life is pretty much went back to normal. No more tv for me.. I spend most of my time in my room, writing and doodleling on papers.. My handwriting is really bad.. And ashame to admit, i cant really hold a pen in the same position.. I mean, i change how i hold a pen every 2minutes or so.. Rasa macam berat je pen.. Penat je nak pegang...

I finally bought a new lappy.. A pink lappy.. Love it.. I dont care if its not awesome or gempaq like others.. As long as it is light and not too big to be carried around, im fine with it.. Need to bring the lappy to class next semester, so i need a light one :)

And lastly, i just started reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.. I think he is an amazing author.. Tak boleh stop baca.. This is his second book.. I read Angel and Demon last year and i fell in love with his writing immediately.. Rasa mcm nyesal plak tak baca D Vinci Code when i have the book since ages ago... After lost Symbol, ill be reading Fortress and Deception Point first.. Yurp.. I have all 5 books.. I am happy :)

Well, thats the summary of my 2010.. I have not set my resolutions yet.. Happy weekend and Marry Xmas everyone..

p/s: Cant wait for post xmas.. Dear fren is coming home.. Yeay!! And also, im currently facing an eating disorder syndrome~

Daisy Allie~

Saturday with the so-called siblings :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Yesterday i spent the whole day with Lu Luy, Amoy and Cher.. We didnt do much.. Melalak, picture snapping and video recording.. Makan makan makan.. And fetched ibu. Basically yesterday i spent the whole day with my ex's family.. Weird tak?? Hahaha.. Dice was at Putrajaya with ayah, so i took over his job sekejap.. Jage adik2 and ibu.. Tu je..

Here are some of their pictures~

Mereka ber'jamming' bersama2.. From top, Lu Luy with the base, Cher with the guitar and he was the singer.. And lastly, my adorable Amoy with the drum. She plays drum now.. Hebat.. Me is super proud of u Amoy.. And i ♥ all three of them plus Ali who is currently at Penang represent KL, and im proud of Ali too~ *hugssss*


When was the last time i posted a song lyric? Been ages, am i right. So i was in the car with Lu Luy and Amoy waiting for Ibu finishing her meeting. We were listening to Dato's CD. Sang our lungs out. And then Lu Luy said this song suits me best for what i have gone thru before and sorta what im currently going thru now... Partly.. So, read the lyric ya..~
Dulu, Kau Pernah Berjanji Pada Diriku
Untuk Menjaga Dan Menyayangiku
Itu Bererti Sampai Akhirnya
Kau Meninggalkanku

Kini, Kau Ingin Kembali Pada Hatiku
Setelah Kau Pergi Meninggalkanku
Haruskah Hati
Memberi Kesempatan Dirimu

Haruskah Aku Percaya
Segala Yang Kau Ucapkan
Kata Kata Maafmu, Kata Kata Memohon
Untuk Kembali Kepadaku

Meski Cintaku Padamu
Lebih Dari Yang Kau Tahu
Namun Mengerti Kasih
Tak Semudahnya Itu
Melupakan Yang Telah Kau Lakukan Padaku

Beri Aku Waktu
Untuk Memikirkan Yang Terbaik
Cinta Jadi Dilema
Pergi Ataupun Kembali

That was how i spent my day yesterday.. And ill be seeing them again tomorrow.. Happy weekend people :)



Friday, December 17, 2010

Sumpah, dugaan kali ni paling dahsyat.
Sabar ku betul2 diuji..
Semua rasie terbongkar dalam masa sejam..
Semua persoalan yang aku da selama bebulan tejawab akhirnya..
I hv been asking myself for months..
Been wondering why i have all these feelings..
I thought i was ready to find the answers
But when i finally found out the answers, i was crashed really bad..

Whatever i am facing now is really hard to be expressed in words..
I have no one to turn to..
The people i spent my days lately would be Lu Luy and her BF..
Lu Luy is dice's adik..
Lu Luy and Cher were there for me..
They really helped me alot..
They listened to my stories
They calmed me when i was in tears..
They supported me really hard, something that i nvr expected from Lu Luy..

This time, Lu Luy was and is there for me..
Yesterday, i was with Lu Luy, Ali and Dice.
All of us cramped out.. Not knowing what to do..
Ali sat next to me with his guitar and played a song for me..
I was crying really bad on Lu Luy's bed..

And Ali will text me every now and then to ask how am i doing..
Last night the youngest adik, Alya came back to KL and she called me just now..
Wanting to see me..
This is the moment where i should not be too close to them..

Kalau selama ni kite sgt yakin sabar kite menggunung tingginya,
Trust me, now sabar kite dah habis limit..
But theres nothing i could do, besides sabar and hopefully id finally find my way out..
This is too much to bear..
I never see it coming..
I am so crashed and burnt..
Part of me is really dead...~

Sunday 12/12~

Monday, December 13, 2010

The decision has been made. Its official and has been finalized. Nothing can change it. Its a firm and fixed decision. We aren't sure how the outcome will be but we pray to Almighty that things will be fine and ok again for us and for everyone around us. Whatever we decided can and will affect others. Those who are affected, from the bottom of my heart, i am so sorry. We are trying to fix things here.. Like really struggling here.. Though its official but we are not ready to tell others just yet. Please do pray for us as the thing we decided is a pretty huge thing.. We are taking a giant step here. I really hope that we can survive as the world out there is really nasty..

To family, i know u haven't heard the news, but we will break it somehow, one way or another. Thank you for all the support given thru out the years.. We appreciate it..

To friends, some may be affected and some may not. Some may think that it is the right thing to do, trust me it is not. But we are doing this for the sake of ourselves and not others. Pretty selfish decision.. And pretty dumb as well.. We dont know how it will turn out to be, but i really hope that things will be fine.

To you Mr. Dice, i u with all my heart. Unfortunately to both of us, the decision has been made after days, weeks n months of thinking. We both know it isn't the right thing to do, but perhaps it is.. We dont know, or atleast i really dont know. Id have a chest pain for each time i think of it. Seriously, the step taken is really huge. I hope it pays off well.. I love you and our relation so much.. I'll welcome you soon but before that u have to welcome me first. I love you baby.. Forever i will. You are one amazing BF a girl could ask.. Cant wait to be Mrs. Dice~

Kill 2 birds with 1 stone~

Saturday, December 11, 2010

10 December 2010

Yesterday was my parents anniversary day. They have been married for 39 years. How awesome is that. I wished them through sms yesterday. Will be seeing them in three days. Great.. :) So parents, Happy Anniversary to both. I am a happy daughter for having two great people in my life~ Love you both..

Another thing that took place yesterday was, my result was out yesterday. The uni emailed me the result.. Hurmmmm... I didn't target a DL this sem and of course i didn't get one. Frustrated but i didn't "meraung" cos ayah is not around to hug me (but i still cried abit). I could still remember how bad i cried when i didn't get 3.80 in my final sem during my degree.. It was so freaking close. Damn! I really need to perform well next semester.. Need to read alot and gather as much information as possible...~

11 December 2010
Today is ayah's birthday. I wished him through sms.. What else can i do, right? He replied and said few words.. I didn't get him anything. My mind is too blank.. I planned to take him and mamy out for a yamcha.. Any place they prefer.. I think they will appreciate that.. So, happy birthday ayah..

Ur last and the most naughty daughter~

Bitch and Bastards Out There

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Im not in a good mood.. This entry i dedicate to few people and so do read and engrave my words in your brains!!

1. U have betrayed me and u lied to me.. Which i dont really care much because for the past few years i never bothered to care about how u felt and how u were doing.. Why? Simply because i was and am not interested and trust me, i will not be interested. So please back off and for the sake of your new wife, get over me. Told u to go since 2006 kan.. Apa yang susah sangat nak paham? U are the one who got married and u blamed me for letting u get married? Kawen tak sampai 10 hari pastu nak ngadu nyesal sebab dia tak sama macam saya!! Awak gila ke??? Urgghhhhhh.. Get over me, stop texting me and stop looking for me.. Dah 4 tahun break, i changed my number, i ignored ur countless proposal, still why cant you get the picture?? Hishhhhh!!!

2. And u, u come and go whenever u want. Texted me in the middle of the night and kept on calling me.. Apa benda? You are the who did everything and yet i got all the blames!! I am like so freaking annoyed with you now.. I just read something.. She actually warned me through your blog? Like seriously? What have i ever done to her? All i know is, i rejected your every single invitation.. When you were in a mess, i even offered my ears to hear ur problems.. Bila benda settle, you didn't even have the courtesy to let me know. And as a friend (at least i thot i was) i was like concerned about you and look how you repay me? You sentiasa terlepas and i sentiasa teperangkap dalam mess yang you sendri buat. No offence, you are one selfish brat!!

3. I tried to be nice but i think i cant hold any longer.. Hoi betina, jage sikit cara kau nak becakap. Jaga sikit adab kau. Sedar sikit kau tu dah berumur so jangan nak buat perangai macam budak sekolah. Kau jaga je apa yang kau rasa hak kau and jangan nak overboard. What did you type? You know who am i and you know where i live? And i am going to say the same... I KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND KNOW WHERE YOUR HOUSES ARE AS WELL!! Sabar aku ada had.. Jangan sebab perangai and mulut kau, badan kau binasa! Kalau kau rasa kau tu garang, kau kena ingat aku juga bengis and ada taring. Back off and leave me alone and GROW UP please... Grow up ALOT!!!

Other than that, i am a happy girl :)


Maal Hijrah 1432H

Salam Maal Hijrah everyone..

Yesterday was a public holiday. Abang and family planned to hit the sungai again this year and so, we all went there yesterday. Such a good way to begin our new year, kan?? Hehehe.. Pictures were taken.. ALOT.. But here a few.. Enjoy :)

The reasons why we love that place so much because, we can park our car like exactly next to the sungai itself, and the sungai is freaking clean.. So, puas hati la kan.. We did bbq yesterday and i was the chef :) Kali ni tak raw mcm last year.. Hahahah~

And last sunday (5/12/10), me and sister went to KLIMS 10 at pwtc.. And it was awesome.. So much pictures.. And this picture below is my favo one~

Aite, thats all~

Dadaaaa :)


Friday, December 3, 2010

WARNING: This entry might be a bit long..~!!!

Life is pretty sucks and it gets suckier everday. Am i complaining about it? Yes i am because i am so freaking tired of trying to make things right but the more i try, suckier it will get. Before everything got so mess up, i did spent few days in the theater with my girl friends.. Thanx babes.. Just what i needed~

I watched the movie above with izza.. Her treat. She said i needed a break and that was why she took me for the movie. The movie is amazing. The experience of watching it was priceless.. First five minutes was slow and "silent" but as you reached the sixth minutes, you would wish that you'd never blink.. At least me and izza thought so. Watch it if you are into action.. No regrets :)

Then i watched Harry Potter Book 7 Part One with angel last saturday.. She stayed over for the weekend.. We were suppose to attend a friend's wedding but we did not.. Not that we did not want to... It was a funny story actually.. But lets just skip that part.. Anyways, at first i refused to watch this movie because book 6 movie was really slow and such a heart breaking movie. I hated it so much.. But since angel was determine to watch it and i know eventually i would force dice to watch it with me, so i agreed.. Plus we did not have any wedding to attend to.. The movie was slow but waaaaayyyyy faster than the previous one. Overall, i like the movie and i recommend people who watched movie one until six to watch it.. Alang2 dah start, baek habis kan... :)

On 23 nov, nena was suppose to go back to Hull and everyone thought that she already did.. but on the 25nov, she texted me... "Babe, jom tengok Ngangkung!" And i was like, "What?? What?? U kat Malaysia lagi ke??" She said yes and i said "Ha'ah.. Kerja kau duk kayakan Emirates jer.. Dari 18 tukar ticket jadi 23.. And now tukar ticket lagi jadi 12dec.. Tak yah balik la.. Bukan da sapa2 pun kat sana".. Dalam kata tak payah pun, me and izza suh gak dia balik sebab we need her place to crash next summer :) heheheh...

So, me, nena and izza watched Ngangkung last wednesday. Izza ponteng kerja for us.. Hahah.. Thanx babe~ It was funny but not too funny as others commented it.. But of course lebih berbaloi tengok cerita tu than any other movie where Senario or SaifulAhPek in it.. And watching Malay Comedy Movie kat wayang sangat annoying ok.. Bile ada HP bunyi, audience make it such a big deal.. Phone tu bunyi tak sampai 2 saat, but orang2 memekak maki almost a minute.. Seriously, itu sangat2 annoying and sangat kekampungan.. (No offence), Tapi itu adalah hakikat!! And bile a double meaning scene, they cheered like it was such a huge deal.. Hello, grow up a bit please..!!

Last movie watched was Rapunzel. Watched it yesterday with dice.. Ha'ah... The movie was REALLY funny.. Funnier than that Ngangkung.. Its a must watch movie..!! Movie was great the whole experience of going out yesterday was not really good.. The tense between me and him was too obvious.. I really hope that we'll get things ok again.. Biggest fight of all we had.. *sigh*.. Anyways, watch this movie ok!! :)

This weekend i'll be monitoring my niece.. She'll be staying at my place this weekend.. And we plan to watch Social Network together. It will be fun.. This movie is next on my list.. View the trailer ok~ :)

Next in my list would be Morning Glory Movie. Watch the trailer on the screen while waiting for Unstoppable to start.. I think the movie is a simple and relax movie with Harrison Ford in it.. Then few nights ago i watched the making of the movie and i got more excited :)

Do you like the trailer? I hope you do :) I dont know when the movie will be shown here in Malaysia.. I hope it would be real soon!! :)

And there two more movies coming up next year, Summer next year.. Disney's movies~

Cant wait :)

So, apart from going here and there taking a short trip and vacation, i spent my days watching movie at the theater.. And DVDs.. Perghhh.. Banyak gile kite tengok.. And plus minus i have 12 more dvds to watch.. Books?? I just manage to finish only one book.. Hahahha... And today, i have to finish some paper work requested by my old employer.. Yup.. They still give me tasks to do.. Haihhhhh~

Next update would be,

I deactivated my FB Account!! But dont worry, for temp only cause i have to be back because that is how i get connected with my friends.. Its free.. SMS kena bayar ;p.. I just need this break until i feel stable and relief again..~

That is all.. Updates about me.. :)

p/s: parents will be back in 12 days.. Cant wait :)



Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Who would have thought that i am going to enter the month of December alone.. Alone as in really alone.. Like have no companion at all.. Shit happened over the weekend though i may look and sound like i am doing fine, but who knows whats inside me.. I went out Dice's sister yesterday.. She pretty much talked about her life.. Very chaotic, but thank GOD everything is doing fine and under control. Then she talked about Dice.. Did not sound so touchy at first.. But after we said good bye, she texted me "I hope the both of you could be together again".. Wow.. We are trying as much as we can here darla.. Thanx by the way..

Well, so thats the latest update.. We broken up few days ago but still we are trying to fix things.. We hope that theres still room and space for improvement.. Whatever it is, u know that i u.. It was me who called for it.. We shall see whats going to happen next.. You are one great man.. Trust me, i rather shoot any girl in the head rather than seeing you with her.. ;p.. I love you munchkin, always and forever~

Urmmm.... I'll see you tomorrow Mr. Dice..

p/s: Though we are, but nothing much changed.. And like the sister said, 'Abg would never let you go..' :)


Breakfast with the girls~

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A day before i went to Singapore, I had an awesome breakfast with the girls.. My degree classmates.. Well, it was a brunch actually.. We went to Ayam Penyet.. First time makan kat situ.. Was not that bad. I'll go again soon.. :) Enjoy some pictures ya~

I wanna seat there on my next visit~

Iza & I

Me & Nena~

Nena darla~

Our drinks [tea + strawberry blended + avocado]

Shopping "dessert" after the main course ;p

Sotong Gula.. Yummy~!!

Choc.. Wanted it, but did not buy it~

At this very moment, i am not feeling well. Too much to face and take within a short period of time. I cant absorb too many bad and heartache incidents at the same time. Besties are away.. But thank God i have Iza and Nena around.. They are taking me out tomorrow for NGANGKUNG ;p.. Heheheh~ And today's activity would be, out with Dice's adik~

Til then..

Daisi Allie

Singapore Trip Part Two~

Friday, November 26, 2010

Tengok previous entry first before u read this entry okies :)

Ikut plan asal, day three ni tak sepatutnya wujud. But, my cousin was very clever one. She said, lets enter Singapore and eat ice cream then straight go home.. We bought it.. Haa.. Hamek kau.. Masuk pagi, tengah malam baru keluar singapore.. Heheheh~ But it was worth it :)

Overall, i had a good time.. We will be heading to Pangkor real soon.. Tapi depends la kalau mereka2 ni dapat cuti...

Take care readers..
Have a good weekend~

DaisyAllie :)

Singapore Trip~

Hello blog. I am back.. I went to singapore last sunday until wednesday early morning. We drove from KL to to singapore. Went there with cousins.. Holiday cum Shopping cum Visiting some relatives ;p We had a great time there. Cousin's GF volunteered to be our tourist guide.. Oh well, next week we'll be her tourist guide pula.. Thanx so much ferd~

My must bring items.. My whitey bear, given to me by dice.. Nak bawa Elly cam besar sangat. My Ray Ban shades, not the one given by Dice.. Sebab yang tu dah patah.. Thanx to myself ;p and lastly my phone with the navigator on.. We depended on the GPS.. Padan muka, sapa suruh lapan tahun tak balik Singapore ;p

This picture was taken at my aunt's house. Clementi Avenue 2.. Not a big house but she has a big telly.. Heheh.. She served alot of food, sampai dah tak bejaya nak bejalan.. Murtabak Singapore menu yang sangat penting.. It was fabulous yummy :)

Those pictures above were taken on our first day and night there.. Sorry to disappoint who ever read this blog.. My photography skill is VER BAD.. And again, dice made fun of it.. Dia cakap i did not listen when he teached me.. Which i did, cuma bila dah sampai KL, baru ter'recall'.. Heheh.. Sorry...~

DAY TWO~I ditched my two cousins sebab mereka meleceh. Went to Orchard Road with my another cousin, Zaroy with his family and my second cousin, abg yus and family. I did not snap too many pictures because i forgot to charge my camera. Day two was mainly shopping day.. From Orchard Rd to Bigus Village :)

We had our lunch at Swenson at ION Mall.. Yummy~ Thanx Abg Yus for the treat :)

Again, no good pictures taken.. Sorry~

Day three pictures will be in the next post :)

I had a great time with cousins.. Thank you boys.. I ♥ each and everyone of you~