The long weekend~

Monday, May 31, 2010

My long weekend was great and tiring.. And i got tired of eating nasi minyak.. Sudah tidak mahu tengok nasi minyak serta lauk pauknye..~

Last friday iyself, i was invited to 3 different locations.. 2 weddings and 1 engagement. Obviously i could not cut myself into 3 pieces and be at ampang, seremban and kota bahru at the same time.. So i had to choose one and i chose to attend my bestie's engagement at ampang,

My bestie got engaged.. For real! It was so unbelievable and i am so happy for her. She went thru alot.. All the ups and downs and finally happiness is hers :) She was so pretty and lovely. I was there early til late midnight.. Penatnye tuhan je la tau.. Siap tidur tesentak dalam kereta masa otw balik.. Hahaha~

Thou i didnt make it to my housemate's nikah, i did wish her and viewed all her piccas taken by another housemate.. tq nana for those piccas and i stole one :p

This week had been a very hectic one.. And i keep on having migrane.. Its either becos of the weather, or not having enuff sleep or combination of both.. I am suppose to get this one paper work done but i have not even begin it.. I was away the whole weekend and mood nak buat keja still tak mari lagi la.. Sorry ppl.. Will try to email the paper work to u tmr noon.. And at the moment, i hv orders to do.. I received lots of orders and have to get everything done PRONTO.. huishhhh... Byk keja, tapi x gak kaya.. hohoho~

And i went around today. I was looking for items to complete my order.. Instead of actually finding them, i did some photoshoot... :p

The many faces of me.. And the last pic was a pic of me *merajuk ngan keadaan* :p


Officially Graduated!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Alhamdulillah.. I did it.. We did it!! Awesome :) I finally officially graduated last tuesday.. 25May2010~
Enjoy the pic ok.. For more pics, u can view them at my FB~

Can u see my name?? Owh I am so proud of myself :p

Zeolord graduated too last tuesday.. But i did not see him.. Anyways, congrats zeolord!! And happy belated birthday to u :) (25 May).. 2 celebrations in one day!!~

& Farid Kamil too =)

Conclusion: I am happy and satisfied! Met frens from melaka and shah alam was nice.. Tq for flowers, for cash, for wishes, for pictures, for loud applause, for yelling *scorer* and for everything! Love everyone and thank you so much!!


Things are good :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I have been very busy since last sunday. I did lot of things. Urmmm... Enjoying myself to be exact.. Muahahahha.. And of cos gained cash.. My business is getting better and better.. My life is good!

I did some cleaning.. My room to be exact. Since im running this business, byk brg dibeli and i put everything in my room.. My room/my workplace/my workshop.. Heheh.. Tools, items, finished products are everywhere.. Bilik tak bersepah cuma PENUH.. So the cleaning helped abit. I threw away those note i got from seminars i went/attended to.. Just love to keep those kind of things.. Innitially i was more into marine. Plus some notes of mine ada yg penah diminta.. But until today he gone mute so i think, *why shud i keep those??*.. Dari semak dan menyemakkan, baik buang.. And plus, i think i had enuff with vessel and ports.. Malas sudah mau belajar pasal those things. And i seriously think, i had enuff with logistics and oil & gas.. BORING...~

Next, i went to AFOS last weekend, thanx to Online Traffic Megazine :p. It was a very hot and sunny day.. I repeat VERY HOT & SUNNY.. I got tanned.. More like red tanned but i didnt care as long as i got to look at those yummy and handsome cars! Result to that, i cant wait for GT Japan next month!! Ape lagi.. MAS sila sediakan tiket saya ye!!

Last monday i went to my great campus to collect my robe. And as planned by others, yesterday we did the photo session. Trust me, it was so long and those spot light kindda burn me up.. hahah.. Panas gilors!!

I gave a boring pose to the photographer... Wakakakakk~ :)

Thats all my updates.. Nothing extra ordinary.. I am just the same old me.. Except im happier!! Again i repeat.. I AM HAPPIER!! Thumbs up to those who made my week.. I love my week though i caught a cold.. :)


Should i or Should not i??

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I have new stalker.. Thanx for ur interest. Since i dont really like stalker, i think i want to delete the whole blog and create a new one.. But that will require lot of work and im just lazy to do that. Maybe i should just make this blog private... Or maybe i should use my old blog since the blog tak padam lagi cume private je.. Hurmmm.. So which one is better?? *scratching the head*...~

Demm u stalker!!

::The Life So Far::

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I have been very busy lately. Trying to cope with everything and everyone. Though my current status is UNEMPLOYED, yet i am still working normally. How i get paid? Is base on what task i am doing. Apparently people hire me to do work that its either no one wants to do it OR i am just so good at doing them. Either of it, i dont care.. I got paid :). Not only that, i got paid for my opinions too!! Awesome!! Should start my own consultant company now.. Hehe..

Remember once i mentioned about me involving in business? Sekejap je, dah nak sebulan sudah. Praise to ALLAH everything runs smoothly. I have customers and clients too. Thank you so much for supporting me. I never mentioned where and how i operate my business here, and trust me.. Never will!! Why? Simply because i dont want my stalkers to know every detail what i am doing. Its not like they will bring me down or what-so-ever, its just that i DONT WANT them to know. Even if they did find out, pls let it not from me! I am happier this way.

My convo ceremony is just around the corner.. More or less in 9 days. Yeay!! Parents will be there, of coz and nobody else. I told others to just come over at home. Since that place is not so big and with hills, no parking space and everything sungguh menyusahkan. But there will be a pre graduation photo session next weekend.. Excited gile semua org and i dont even know why. They requested for the session and i said OK.. After all i will collect the jubah this monday morning :) Weeee!! And urm, no flowers this time pls.. I received 9 bouquet of flowers, 2 gifts and a box of choc cake when i graduated my diploma, i think i had enough. Give me something else, like CASH.. I will appreciate that more :p.. Hehehhe

Someone is leaving for China next week. And i told him that i want to tag along.. But sadly he said, *xxxxx does not allow any staff to bring anyone!*.. Demmit.. So i asked mumy to pay me for China and she asked me when do i want to go?? And i said, *secpt yg boleh*... Thinking of getting direct suppliers from China.. Cheaper!! Tapi jgn letak harapan la.. She *forgets* easily.. Saja suka bagi kita fake hope.. Huhu..

Thats pretty much of everything. I am freaking tired as i spend 19hours right in front of my-not-clean-screen everyday... :) My life is fine and stable.. And most importantly is IM HAPPIER than ever. Just ignore my old entries (whether i hv deleted or not).. Those were junks and craps..

Well, thats all i have to say.. Need to sleep now as tomorrow is gonna be a long day!! TT, convoy,clubs gathering & auto show.. Cool!! Let see if this year's mega gathering is better than last year's.. :)

Good nite



Sunday, May 9, 2010

Semalam pegi wad psikitri ikut kawan pergi melawat kenalan dia. Before pergi, dengar macam-macam andaian orang buat tentang si pesakit tu. Ada kata die tension sebab kerja, ada kata dia dibuat orang dan lain-lain lagi. Setibanya kat wad tu, mmg kaki menggigil sikit. Maklumlah wad tu da ramai guard yang menjaga and BERPAGAR.. Mau tak ketaq lutot!!

Kami diarahkan terus ke ruang makan kerana pesakit ada di situ kerana ada pelawat. Owhhh, kaum keluarga dia datang melawat rupanya.. Saudara-mara yang duduk nun jauh-jauh semua datang melawat... Alhamdulullah.. Sebab pada hari jumaat, dia sangat sedih dan mengikut kata kawanku yang melawat dia hari jumaat, dia tidak dilawati oleh sesiapa.. Sebab tu kami pergi semalam.. Saja nak hiburkan hati dia.

Bila duduk dengan saudara-mara macam tu, dia pun buka mulut bercerita apa sebenarnya yang berlaku. Rupanya dia sangat tension dengan....... Biarlah rahsia. Aku dengar dengan khusyuk. Tak bekelip. Setiap patah perkataan yang disebut, setiap insiden yang diceritakan semuanya seperti deja vu bagi aku.

Mendengar semua itu, aku sangat faham apa yang dia tanggung... Aku sangat yakin dengan keperitan yang dia lalui.. Dan percayalah apa saja perubahan yang dia lalui diperingkat awal, aku pernah lalui. Refuse to eat, refuse to sleep.. Cuma mungkin aku kuat sedikit dari dia dan mungkin kerana aku bernasib baik sedikit dari dia. Sedikit sebanyak, aku yakin kalau dulu aku terlalu ikut perasaan dan ponteng kelas, skip class trip, tak jumpa kawan-kawanku, aku jua akan end up macam dia. Dulu aku kuat sebab aku tahu aku perlu maintain result aku.. Sebab tu aku cuba tolak ketepi ape je dugaan yang datang...

All i am trying to say is, im thankful to ALLAH for giving me all the patience i needed. Right after i finished my studies, things are looking better a bit because u gave me strenght to stand up for myself. I fought for myself.. I said what i needed to say.. I voiced out my rights.. And PRAISE TO ALLAH, life is slowly back on track (emotionally)... Duga aku dari sudut lain, mungkin aku agak kebal, tapi bila diduga dari segi emosi, aku memang agak rapuh... Tapi serapuh-rapuh aku, orang yang penah lihat aku dulu selalu kata, aku ni kuat... Well ppl, never judge a book by its cover.. I was not that strong.. I acted strong becos i had to be strong... In my present life, things are fine thou i have this one dream that would never be reality, and i am contend..

Satu pesanan untuk diri sendiri:

Move on!!! Let it GO!!!~(referring to my dream)


Things i wanna do badly~

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A picture worth a thousand words and i have plenty of them and a lyric too. I am trying to express things i need badly and want to do/have/go~

a- I miss having this meal.. Yummy!! One of my fave food to eat :)

b- I want to go to this place. Been planning for months but never go :(

c- A hobby i stopped for months.. I guess i want to start that hobby again.. People, lets hit that place again!!

d- A place i need to go.. Why?? Only me know why.. I created a memory there and i just wish i could just do a bit of recreating.. Even by myself.. I went there once when i was down, so i guess i need to go there again.. Since part of me is down still.. Or dead...

And a song i still listen to every now and then:

Hei pujaan hati apa kabarmu
Ku harap kau baik-baik saja
Pujaan hati andai kau tahu
Ku sangat mencintai dirimu
Hei pujaan hati setiap malam
Aku berdoa kepada sang Tuhan
Berharap cintaku jadi kenyataan
Agar ku tenang meniti kehidupan

Hei pujaan hati, pujaan hati
Pujaan hati, pujaan hati

Mengapa kau tak membalas cintaku
Mengapa engkau abaikan rasaku
Ataukah mungkin hatimu membeku
Hingga kau tak pernah pedulikan aku

Cobalah mengerti keadaanku
Dan cobalah pahami keinginanku
Ku ingin engkau menjadi milikku
Lengkapi jalan cerita hidupku

Hei pujaan hati, pujaan hati

Hei pujaan hati setiap malam
Aku berdoa kepada sang Tuhan
Berharap cintaku jadi kenyataan
Agar ku tenang meniti kehidupan

repeat *, reff


Friends' Wedding!! :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sharing some of the newly wed photos :)

Remember i mentioned about my friend's wedding last May1? Well now i am sharing 2 of her photos. I didnt bring my camera (as usual) and she has not upload anything yet. Anyways, i love her dress!! Ilynn's dress was pretty too (Oct's wedding).. Mel did look like one stunning princess. Thanx for the invitation mel. Pls do get well before cameron's reception this saturday!!

Congratulations to Miriam & Chris!! My lady photographer & artist got married to this one gentleman about 2 weeks ago at one of a churhs in Melaka. Our dearest baba nyonya girl is taken.. We are happy for u girl.. Just dont stop from being an artist!! And seriously, do stay in malaysia!!~

The Reception Dinner


Wishing u girls & hubbies always be happy together and forever



U want kurang ajar? I show u one :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yesterday i encountered one situation where by person A loved to betah whatever i said/tegur. Orang tegur because i dont want A to repeat the same mistake again. But A loves to betah. Tegur sekali, mau betah.. Tegur lagi, mau betah.. Betah and me could never be together. I hate ppl who love to betah. Saya terus tegur ngan brutalnya. Ayat tak da tapis2 lagi. Mau betah lagi? Silakan.. Since my words were VERY direct, A got pissed off. And said me being kurang ajar.

*DA = outspoken = heartless = kurang ajar*

So i said this to A,

*U want to see me kurang ajar?? I show u one!!~*

And i did.. To be kurang ajar is not so hard. U just have to be VERY sarcastic. A always thot that A is the most sarcastic person ever, and A's family agreed on that too. I showed him my sarcasm, terus tersenyap.. Mau betah lagi?? Within 10mins, terus tunjuk bendera... I dont have time to entertain ur sarcasm. My time is too precious to be wasted.. Capiche!!

Moral of the story: Never think u are too good when u have not other ppl's belang. Now u have seen mine, u gotta think twice before u speak~

Moral of the story (sikda kaitan): Never lie to me cause it takes minutes for me to figure out.. & i just love to play along til u got fed up.. :D


I received this email weeks ago but i never forward it to anyone but a person of mine. Anyways, i just want to share this with ppl who read my blog. A good one and sorta logic too.

**I have email, but never checked because i never see the importance of email. So i guess i am not too different from him. Hope i'll be as successful as him :)

Tomato Story

A Jobless man applied for the position of ' office boy ' at Microsoft. The HR manager interviewed him then watched him cleaning the floor as a test.

' You are employed ' he said. 'Give me your e-mail address and I ' ll send you the application to fill in, as well as date when you may start.'

The man replied ' But I don ' t have a computer, neither an email ' .

' I ' m sorry ' , said the HR manager. 'If you don ' t have an email, that means you do not exist. And who doesn ' t exist, cannot have the job. '

The man left with no hope at all. He didn ' t know what to do, with only $10 in his pocket. He then decided to go to the supermarket and buy a 10Kg tomato crate. He then sold the tomatoes in a door to door round. In less than two hours, he succeeded to double his capital. He repeated the operation three times, and returned home with $60.

The man realized that he can survive by this way, and started to go everyday earlier, and return late. Thus, his money doubled or tripled everyday. Shortly, he bought a cart, then a truck, and then he had his own fleet of delivery vehicles. 5 years later, the man is one of the biggest food retailers in the US .. He started to plan his family ' s future, and decided to have a life insurance.

He called an insurance broker, and chose a protection plan. When the conversation was concluded the broker asked him his email. The man replied, ' I don ' t have an email. '

The broker answered curiously, ' You don ' t have an email, and yet have succeeded to build an empire. Can you imagine what you could have been if you had an e mail?!! '

The man thought for a while and replied, ' Yes, I ' d be an office boy at Microsoft! '

Moral of the story

Moral 1
Internet is not the solution to your life.

Moral 2
If you don ' t have an Internet, and work hard, you can be a millionaire.

DA :)

::Hello May::

Sunday, May 2, 2010

May kicked off yesterday and i started the new month as normal as always.. I was lying down watching telly when i received a phone call from luluy..

Luluy: Anak dara buat apa hari??
DA: Duk umah tebongkang.. :p

LuluY: Alaaa.. Jom kluar!!
DA: Pak dara xbg :(

Luluy: Alaaaa... Nnt kite tnye pak dara then il ring u back ok
5 minutes later

Luluy: I talked to pak dara n he said okies. I already passed 2 ironman tickets to him. He'll fetch u.. I'll see u at KLCC ok yang!!

DA: Ok :) Free tickets!! Coolio.. ♥ u yang~

Before we went to KLCC, i went to the curve first.. Met my-ex's ex-gf (zeolord's ex).. Hshaha.. Had a lil chat with her and we hugged and such.. Was funny thou. It was our first meeting but we were so friendly :)

We were four of us. Luluy introduced her new BF to me. So i met FJ for the first time. Good looking man n i guess he is better than the old one. But me personally prefer the old one. Maybe sbb kenal DD dah lame kowt.. Anyways, Ironman2 was fine.. The story line was not that good. But i must say the sound was awesome.. Sedap sungguh!! Worth to watch :)


I read this article *What does your sleep position reveal about your personality?* at Was quite true.. Hehe

*Fetus position - A whopping 41% of participants sleep in this curled-up manner. Women are twice as likely to rest like this and it is listed as the most common position. These sleepers are said to have a tough exterior but are still sensitive and may appear to be shy but warm up quickly.

*Log position - If you sleep on your side with both arms down, you are a social, easy-going person who is trusting, sometimes to the point of being gullible. The study showed 15% of people sleep like a log.

*Yearner position - A close third is the side-lying position with both arms out in front of the body, with 13% of partipants sleeping like this. Yearners are noted to be open-minded and still cynical, suspicious, and stubborn about sticking to decisions once they are made.

*Soldier position - These sleepers lie on their backs with arms down and kept close to the body. This 8% study is said to be reserved, quiet, without fuss, and hold themselves and others to a high standard. Soldier sleepers have a higher likelihood for snoring due to the flat-back position, which may not cause them to wake up often but may result in a less restful night's sleep.

*Freefall position - Those people who lie on their bellies with arms under or wrapped around a pillow with head turned to the side, make up 7% of the population studied. Freefallers are brash, outgoing, and are very uncomfortable with criticism.

*Starfish position - Sleepers who lie on their backs with arms up near their head or the pillow account for 5% of participants. These people are good listeners, helpful, and are uncomfortable being the center of attention. People who sleep in starfish position are more likely to snore and to suffer from a poor night's sleep more often.

**If you think you are one of those people who move through all of these positions, that's not likely to really be the case. Idzikowski said the research reveals most people stay in the same position all night and only 5% lay differently night by night. Also interesting is that the study showed only one in ten people cover their bodies entirely with a blanket, with most people exposing an arm, leg, or both feet.

p/s: Congratulations on the newly wed couples (mel & aliff + asha & wan)
p/s: Happy anniversary to along & hubby~