Tuesday, June 29, 2010

About 2 months ago i found out a news about one of closes friends is leaving to Abu Dhabi for work. He was offered to got there and he accepted. Then early of June, he told that he is leaving but never told me when.. Just now, i received a message from him,

*Orang dah nak g Abu Dhabi esok. Flight pukul 8.30pm*

I was shocked.. I was speechless and in fact i still am.. Why did not he tell me earlier... At least i could find a day to go and see him.. He is a special person in my life.. He was my back bone once. He protected me.. He helped me.. He loved me.. I really wish that i know sooner.. I tearing right now.. I am starting to *see* u..

If u are reading this, i just want u to know that i pray for ur health and well being.. Take a good care of urself.. Despite of everything, pls never forget that i love u.. We were happy once.. U made me happy.. U always find ways to cheer me up.. I thank u for everything.. Take care yang.. Love u always..

U are my friend, my partner in crime, my best friend.. I u~


I turn 25 today =)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

OMG~!! OMG~!! I am one year older.. I turn 25 today =) Wow!!~

Though my birthday is today but i celebrated it last night at 9.30pm. Dice pulled one awesome birthday celebration for me. He bought my favo cake, TIRAMISU cake~ It was so unexpected and the moment he unfold me, i felt tears in my eyes.. And it got worse when he read me a poem that he wrote himself. Ya ALLAH, i was so touched.. Overwhelmed yang tak terkira. I cried like a baby..

Sayang, thanx so much for the dinner and the celebration. You are the greatest BF i ever have and i will never replace u with anyone else. I did not do much on your birthday, yet u did all these for me.. I am so out of words.. I am so thankful that u are mine. U asked me to make a wish before i blow the candles.. But i could not make any cos i feel every wishes of mine have came true. I have almost everything i ever needed, and the most important thing is.. I have u by my side.. I could not ask for more..

Sayang, u love to give me surprises and i enjoyed those surprises.. I was still thrilled with last year's gift and u gave me another event for me to remember thru out my life.. =) I ♥ u b, always and forever~!!

To those who wished me thru SMS, PM on FB and on my WALL, i thank you so much!! There were 100++ ppl posted birthday wishes on my WALL, I think i already replied everything and if i missed, i am so sorry.. To be honest, i did not get any present from anyone this year except of course from my parents, and my sis treated me lunch today.. Thou that, i still think that my birthday went perfectly well..

p/s: I am a happy girl :)


Burden Removed ♥

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I was searching
You were on a mission
Then our hearts combined like
A neutron star collision

I have nothing left to lose
You took your time to choose
Then we told each other
With no trace of fear that...

Our love would be forever
And if we die
We die together
And lie, I said never
'Cause our love would be forever

The world is broken
Halo's fail to glisten
You try to make a difference
But no one wants to listen

The preachers, fake and proud
Their doctrines will be cloud?
Then they'll dissipate
Like snowflakes in an ocean

Love is forever
And we'll die, we'll die together
And lie, I say never
'Cause our love could be forever

Now I've got nothing left to lose
You take your time to choose
I can tell you now without a trace of fear

That my love will be forever
and we'll die
we'll die together
Lie, I will never
'Cause our love will be forever

Its pass midnigth already and i am wide awake.. I am so not normal.. Have not sleep for more than 38hours and i dont feel a thing except for more weight gain :). Nothing much happened today.. I settled all debts (tertunggakx only :p) and went to my old office to pass the paper work they requested. They still request me to do few things. And i specifically reminded them after this i wont have time to fulfill their request.

I also went to British Council earlier of today. Went there to enquire few info and grabbed the form. Been told that the exam fee is RM570.00.. And mamy insists on paying, so let her be.. :p Will seat for IELTS somewer in august.. Early of august if possible~

After months, me and dice finally went to MidValley.. Initially we wanted to go to Empire but tak pe lah.. Since my previos company is in Bangsar, MidValley la terdekat. Looked around and had our lunch there and of course JAPS FOOD!! I had chicken terriyaki set and he had bento salmon set.. Thumbs up.. Yummy :)

Agak2 dah nak patah kaki jalan, we went home.. As we reached home, we can hear our dearest Aqil jerit2 excited.. Mamy said he was bored.. Ciannye.. Dice was playing with him before we left the house. Bile die leka sikit, kitorg cabotzz.. We had too, if not we had to tangguh2 lagi.. Tiket wayang dah burn 2 kali dah sebab layan aqil maen.. Heheh.. Dice loves him so frigging mucho.. Dice will spend his time to entertain him whenever aqil is at my crib..

Dearest aqil, pls behave urself ok.. Dont bully the uncle so much taw!!~ Urm.. The lyric above is currently my fave song. I forced dice to listen to it, he does not like it much but he knows why i love that song.. Anyways.. b, i dedicate that song to u.. Not a great one like the one u dedicated to me, but at least its something.. I love u and Our Love Will Be Forever~

p/s: My 019 number is completely gone and the simcard is thrown away. Currently is using number supplied by angel. Do call me at that number ok :) Its a whole new life, new path, new me~ :)


Come back here quick

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ever since i registered my MBA last saturday, i started to feel a bit of tense. Knowing that i have lot of things to do but i am not even sure how to begin. And to get everything done, i need lots of cash and apparently the business i am doing now still cannot cover it. The first main thing that i need to do is to SIT for the IELTS exam.. An exam that i planned to sit since last April but i cannot do so because i dont have enough money to pay for the exam.. May pun xleh bayar, june pun tak leh bayar.. Next exam is of course in July... I need to sit for that exam badly because without the result of the exam, i would not get my scholarship and how can i study without it? And my class starts on the 5th july... *sigh*.. Seriously, i feel like crying now.. Mamy said that she is paying for the exam.. Hello, im turning 25.. Would i want still take my mum's cash?? Hell NO.. I must be faceless if i take her money.. If its RM50 then maybe i can still shut one eye.. But we are talking about RM500++ here.. Hmmmmmmmmmmm... :((

Im bored.. So i write.. U read :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

At this very moment, my tummy is growling.. Yurp i am hungry but i dont feel like eating.. And i am watching the football match alone again in my TV hall.. Dice is having dinner with his siblings, ayah and step family.. The match currently going on is a bit boring (italy vs new zealand) and the score is 1-1..

So here i am blogging cos i dont have any better things to do.. All items to post tomorrow are wrapped already.. I have done all the things that i should i do.. And because of that, i decided to share with everyone some of my fave food.. I have plenty but lets talk about those that i am always craving for :D

1st best meal:: Californis Handroll :D This is my fave food of all! I cant describe the reason why i like it.. Some ppl dont get the idea of the taste but who cares, tekak kita tidak sama kan!!~ Its a combination of timun, seeweed, japs rice, egg, crab and mayo.. Then pour some soya sauce.. Kicap masen & manis!! Walllaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. Sedap yang amat2!!~ Go try if u have not try it before :D

2nd best meal:: Beef teppayaki!! Saya suka sbb die tawar and ada baaaaanyaaakkkkkk taugey.. I love beansproud.. I dont know why most ppl dont like to have taugey as a green in food, especially men.. Bukan ada rasa pun compared to other green, this sayur is quite tasteless.. Tak pahit.. Tawar je :) And another reason why i like teppayaki is because, the cook prepares the food right in front of my eyes.. And so as sushi~

3rd best meal:: Black pepper UDON mee. The first time i had this i was surprised!! Surprisingly the dish is super hot (pedas).. It is a japanese food, so i never thot it would be so pedas. I eat spicy food but when i never expect for one, die jadi cam pedas sesangat.. Do u get what im saying? I am not certain at other places, but sushi king [re[ares good udon mee and they managed to make me love this meal and this meal has become one of my top list!!

The cupcakes:: Owh i ♥ cupcakes!! But i cant have it all the time.. I dont eat cake that much.. Cake, pastries, buns.. Things like those. But sometimes i crave for cupcakes once awhile.. And ill eat like 3-4 pieces at once and never mention about it again for like another 5-6 months.. :) I tasted plenty of cupcakes but i dont like most of them.. The cupcakes that i think i enjoyed eating were cupcakes from CUPCAKES and cupcakes from one stall at AMCORP MALL flea market.. Thumbs up!!

The not-so-healthy-junk:: Not only it is not healthy and high in salt & calories, but its damn expensive too.. I still remember when i was in Melbourne, the price of this large Lays was only $2.60 that means its around RM6 only.. Here they sell it at RM10 (more or less).. So, i never buy it.. Whenever i feel like having it, id always mention it day and night til Dice get bored hearing it so he'll buy for me.. I am so clever one :)).. Thanx dearest, u r the best~ Besides sour cream & onion, i also like salt & vinegar.. And of course the taste is really sourie~ And yes, 4 years ago this junk food was my soulmate, the item who kept me company the time me watching world cup.. Except that they call it CRISP in UK..

The healthy junk:: Some may found this seeweed smells hanyir or funny.. Well duh!! That hanyir smell that makes this seeweed taste good! I started this seeweed eating since i was 10years old. Could not recall how i started since none in the family eats this except for my sis-in law~ Other than this seeweed, i love to munch that japanese rice cracker too!! Kalau lapar and u r on diet, do eat it.. 2 pieces can ease ur tummy!!~ And of course, the smell is funny too!

The choc:: I am not so much of a choco fan cos my throat cant really accept sweet things. Perit tekak.. And my tummy too.. I tend to vormit if i consume too sweet things.. I am just a bit different there.. If i want to eat choc, i would buy this snicker choc or cadbury black forest.. Others are fine too but im more into these two~

The dessert: Wall's Moo Ice cream.. I love both flava, the normal choco and the strawberry yogurt. Years ago zeolord introduced me this ice cream and i fell in love with it ever since.. BUT, i still love Wall's Paddle Pop Rainbow.. That ice cream is the best of best :)

I am combining all my favo in one pic.. Have a look.. Sedaaaappp an an an.. My combination of food is pretty bad.. But all i know is, i love japanese food.. The very basic japs food.. And not to forget, i ♥ SUBWAY too!!~ And now that restaurant just start operating near my hse, i can go there like whenever i want :)

By consuming all those food, this is what i have become!! Kgs extra. Thou i complain all about it day and nite, i am happy still... Ngeeee~

I love to taste food.. I dont eat much.. And that is why i always have dice with me when ever i wanna eat something cos at the end, he'll finish everything up for me. Even so, its me who gained weight and not him.. Adoiii~!!

Conclusion:: I love japs food :)

Time is up.. Next, maybe in my nesxt update, ill share what i love to drink.. :)


Special thanx!!~

In dec 2008 i started this whole blogging thingy.. I blog to express things and to share a bit of my life with others.. Owh ok.. A bit lie there.. Honestly, my real reason to blog was to piss someone and to tell that person that i am exist so that she can just stop messing with my life... And it worked like a charm :) Then only this place be my medium to share with others about my daily activity :)

I used to have lots of followers i lost them because i kept on changing my URL and i did not inform them.. I take my blog seriously since this is the only place where i can blab without being judged DIRECTLY to my face.. My page, my words~

Anyways, i just want to share with everyone all the awards i have received for the past a year and 6 months of me being in ths blogging world.. Not so much, but adalah sikit.. Thanx to those who gave me the awards.. Some bloggers tu dah tak follow my blog but do follow me in FB and real life.. And one person is already died last year.. (u'll be missed)..

Thanx again~

1. Nurul

2. Nurul

3. Nurul

4. Qila

5. Nurul

6. Nurul

7. Shemmi

8. Arwah Eyann

9. Ija

10. Sara

11. Kak Ell

12. Angel

13. Fatin

14. Pooh

15. Z :)


I blab blab summore :D

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Uhurmmmmm.. I dont know what tajuk should i give to this entry :) Anyway, just would like to reminda everyone that this entry is LONG :)

First i would like to apologize to my fellow blog mates for not leaving comments at their entries. I read all posts thru my phone and i faced difficulty in leaving comments and i hv very limited time this week. I was away here and there (jd co-pilot and driver to both of my parents :p).

What did i do last monday eh? I forgot ler.. But i am sure i went to the post office to deliver those items to my wonderful customers :) Thank you for shopping with me!!~ ♥ ♥ them~

I woke up around 9am (telajak gile!!) and went to the toilet. Then i walked back into my room when i thot i saw someone in the kitchen. *Oh.. I must be dreaming or mamai lg kowt*, i said to myself. But i checked again.. Rupenye i was not dreaming. It was him in my kitchen preparing breakfast for me and parents... Hahahah~ Gile main saham :p

Then after all of us had our breakfast, me and him drove my dad to gov office.. JPN, JPJ, EPF.. After that we went to A&W and had our lunch there.. Heheh!!

And after maghrib, me and him went out for a movie. That was when we watched The Killers!! Awesomely awesome!! :D ♥ ♥

I was at home the whole day. Busy handling my business! And sorta have my own sweet TV time. But i am not sure what show did i watch on that day.. Ahaha~ I tried to sleep early that night cos i wanna be fresh for my interview on thursday. But, as usual, i didnt sleep well :p Had a sleeples night..~

Woke up around 6.30am. Showered and get ready. I drove my mom's car (kreta ku xde minyak :p) Thank u mommy!!~ Arrived at d fac around 7.45am, 15 minutes early. Waited til 8.30am but no one showed up.. I got a bit worried.. I rushed to the main counter up front and asked the kakak.. *Kak, interview MBA kat GBS kan? Sya tunggu lame dah tp cda sapa2 muncul pun :(*. *GBS dah pindah tingkat 3 dik*... Urk??

Pantas kilat ku bejalan ke tingkat 3. Sampai je situ ada sorg makcik ni (a prof to be exact.. hahahah) approached me.. *Kamu dtg utk interview ke? If so, pegi bilik 302 for english test*.. I walked into the room and the room was 3/4 full!! Demmit. Ku baru duduk 10min, ramai dah bangun keluar. Lakhanat!! Mereka bikin saya cuak..

The paper was divided into 3 sections. First two sections were about research, so it was not that difficult. The last part was a comprehension test. The passage i tell u... Was damn hard. Language used was not the one we commonly use in our present time. Depa pi bagi ku high end kuno english passage.. Gile hape?? Ku dah cuak ngan kadar everest!!

I wrote my ans as usual.. Like one answer scheme :).. Dah setel semua, i joined others at the main hall. Tunggu nama dipanggil for the actual interview. While waiting, ku intai2 paper org laen.. Perghhh majority sume tulis sepatah dua patah and aku sorg je wat karangan bagai nak rak :)) Terus lega balik hati ni :p

After about 5minutes, the makcik earlier called my name and 2 others. Ni yg untung nama mula dari huruf A.. Cepat je smpi turn. So the three of us walked into the VERY cold room. Another professor was sitting there. A male & old one. He interviewed us one by one. His first question to me was *Pls tell me abut ur family*.. I explained abit about my parents... That both of them are no longer working.

Next question was, *How are u going to pay for the program? Do u have some kind of scholarship?*.. I told him that i do have a scholarship from this university. And this is what he said, *U got ur degree from this university, and u got ur scholarship from this uni too.. Why do u want to do ur master here? I am a bit buyers. I dont like to let ppl who got scholar from here to do their studies here too.. What should i write here? I cant reject u but i want to reject u..*

.................long silence from me....................

*U should find other places for ur master.. If u get it here, then welcome abroad*.. So i am not sure whether im in or not. I am just gonna hope for the best. Sumpah sedih giler. Went home and terus tido :(

Around 4pm sumthing he came and he asked me about the interview. Told him everything but he thot i was joking until i cried!! We talked abit then die ajak maen layang2.. Heheh.. It was such a breezy day.. Kuat gile angen. I played layang2 for the first time in my life. Banyak adegan yang kite buat smpi die jerit, *Yang, jgn buat.. Aduhh malu nye kite...* Hhahaha.. Die juga ckp, *Awk ni tak kampung sgt la...* Then my neighbor said, *Bro, bukan tak kampung sgt, but no kampung at all*.. Uncle and him love to bully me.. They bully me like everyday~ Tak patot sungguh :(

I went to meet my supplier after jumaat. Rambang mata gile2~ heheh :). At night, i watched the opening of World Cup :).. Tengok sorg je..

Four years ago i was in UK. My parents *posted* me there as my bday gift and nak pujuk hatiku yg tak dpt belaja degree kat sana sbb tak da sapa nak bg LOAN utk budak business.. I needed 80k pound sterling yo~ Anyways, four years ago i was in UK watching world cup with my darling sista, her friend and her frien's parents eating crisp and fruits :p.. And last night i watched the match alone and i had a bowl of magi mee :( My sister misses that moment too.. Since now shes married and a mother.. Dah tak leh huha huha sgt :p.. ahahah~


Thats all my updates. Complete update yo~ heheh



Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer is back. I love summer thou there is no such season here in malaysia. I love summer becos tonnes and tonnes movies are released during this time of season.. Awesome and great movies. I have a quit long list of movies that i wanna watch :)

People who have read the books recommend me to watch this.. And friends who already watched this also recommend me to watch this. And most of them rated this movie higher than Prince of Persia... So yeah, my next movie would be this!! Maybe this weekend ill watch this..

Nobody speaks about this movie and because of that, i list this movie as well :p

Honestly, i dont really fancy this kind of movie.. EPIC.. KURUN2 nye movie.. But since the promotion done is quite BIG, so MAYBE i will watch this.. Just hope that i wont doze off during the movie.. I did doze off when i watched LOTR (all three of them) and Alexander.. Heheh~

I love WOODY!! So yeah its a must watch movie!! I snapped a pic with the huge board of TOY STORY casts last night and i think i looked cute standing next to Woody :)

I heard about this movie since March 2010 but it has not been released yet! Incik Gomen Malaysia, anda sekat movie ni lama lagi kah? Been waiting to watch this for soooo long.. How much longer do i have to wait? :(

I watched the trailer of this movie somewhere in Dec 2009. And its finally coming out! July 2010.. Ok, all i have to do is just wait for another a month! Cepatlaaaaa~!!

Last saturday night, i went out with dice and angel to watch SHREK. The movie was good but somehow i think SHREK 3 was better.. But whatever it is, the money spent to buy the ticket was worth it. I had fun.. I laughed.. And i learnt something from the movie too~

And here is the fun part! I finally got to watch THE KILLERS last night!! It was AWESOMELY AWESOME!! AWESOMELY FUN!! AWESOMELY BEST!!!

Its such a shame and lost to GSC for not showing the movie (or maybe GSC OU je kot). The movie is awesomely cute & hillarious right from it begins til it ends!! Its romantic + its funny + it have actions too!! Complete package.. Ashton kutcher is SOOOO different in this movie.. Not the gile2 bodoh Kutcher. He is soo cool + macho + responsible + hawt + funny!! Cat Heigl was so cute + adorable + funny + so normal. Her face expression was real.. Blush + pale..

I dont care if others dont this movie the same way i do.. But so far, all friends who have watched love this movie.. And seriously, i dont mind paying one or two more rounds to watch this!! Go watch this if u have not watch. No regrets!!

Thats all

Gotta do some study on mkt as tomorrow morning is my MBA interview. Pls pray for me cause i really really want to do my MBA badly~


I confess, u read.. Dont judge :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Some ppl, they just dont have lives dont get enuff love. ALl these while i always thought that i dont have life when my life is so full with colors like a one gorgeos rainbow and have dramas like one awesome rollercoaster ride. I am glad that GOD gives me such a great life and HE teached me almost everything.

HE teaches me how to be a bad person before HE teaches me to be a good one.. HE let me fell into a deepest hole before he put me on top of the world. HE forces me to cry before HE puts smile on my face. HE let me dream of things before HE actually gives me the bright reality. HE gives me so much and i keep on asking for more... I am not saying that i am greedy, but i am just being one normal human who would always want to climb one stair higher each day and move one step further without wanting to be left behind. That is me being normal.

Now that i have completed my studies, i am waiting for more opportunities to make my life at a better place. I started my business with RM50 and now it has expanded. Praise to ALLAH for that. Most ppl asked me why i quit my job. A question that i cant give a direct answer because nobody would understand. Why am i doing this small business when i have good papers and i can easily get a better job out there? I did not get 100% approval when i wanted to do this business and not to mention, some ppl did look down on me. Urm i am not a millionaire yet but i am proud of what i am doing now. At least i dont go beg ppl for money and i dont stay idle waiting for money to fall down from the sky. And seriuosly, i dont need anyone to gv me charity.. Just give me support and that would be great~

About ♥ life.. I dont need anyone to touch on that matter. WHoever i am gonna be with, let it be my own decision to decide. WHoever that makes me happy is the one that i want to be with. Happy in my onw definition is *SOULMATE* and my definition of soulmate is;

"The one person who can stand how my character is, how my mood changes, how my family behaves.. And the most importantly is, He can and willing to be by my side through thick and thin. Like seriously through thick and thin. Who can eat what i eat, who can sit where i sit.. Thats soulmate*..

Whatever definition of soulmate i gave earlier in my old post, ignore it, delete it.. That was not a soulmate definiton AT ALL..

That is all.. I dont know what else to blab.. Gotta get ready for another wedding to attend.. Had 3 weddings yesterday.. Oh i really wish they serve japanese or italian food today :p.. Pls, no more nasi minyak.. Kembang owh trkaq aku~!!


Beliaw ugut saya :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I cud not recall when was the last time i answered tag questions.. Since she is threathening me, then what the hell.. Akak, saya buat ni, jangan boycott saya okies :p

1) Apa yang anda akan buat bila anda tahu member anda tikam belakang anda?
Hahah.. Napa tanye this kind of question?? Macam tau2 saja saya selalu dikotak katikkan :p
Well, normally what i wud do is id teach him/her a lesson.. More like humiliate him/her secara halus.. More like mengkantoikan beliaw tanpa beliaw sedar.. When he/she finally realise it, its too late to turn back time :p It worked like a charm so far :)

2) 6 orang di hati anda?
a) My parents
b) My siblings
c) My aqil ♥ ♥ ♥
d) My other half (who ever that might be~)
e) My besties
f) My relatives

3) Anda rasa anda comel?
Ahahahah.. Last february ppl asked what my SPM result was.. So do the math :p

4) Single or taken?
Biarlah rahsia.. Does anyone care? I doubt it!!

5) Blog yang anda suka?
I BAZAAR [sbb ada blog ku dalam senarai if u know what i mean :p]

6) Adakah bilik anda kemas setiap hari?
I am a pengemas freak. I cant really stand brg sepah2 ni though sumtimes saya kena sepahkan barang sbb baru senang nak jumpa barang.. Make sense tak? :p

7) Lagu terakhir yang anda dengar?
A song .....OZAWA. Tak ingat title. Dice's friends' band.. Best!! Sedap!! Videoklip pun cun.. Heard that they already produced an album.. Nnt ill double check :)

8) Last text message?
SMS?? Lame gile saya tak bermsg2.. I think the last time i texted sumone was days ago. Tu pun 3 msg je.. Then cukup!!~

9). Last phone call?
Last night from dice's friend's gf.. Hahah.. Never met her but she called me.. To order stuffs.. Sabar ye.. Will do them for u :)

10) Hari terakhir anda menangis?
Could not recall when.. My days went perfectly and i dont have any reason to cry.. I think the last time i cry was on my convo day.. When they announced my late friend's name.. And his father received the scroll on his behalf.

Ipin, kitorg rindu kat kaw. Damailah kaw disana.. Al-fatihah~

11) List lima color favorite anda?

12) Orang terakhir anda ber-YM?
Berkurun abad tak buka YM.. Email yahoo? Lagi tak taw bile.. Saya xsuke check email unless sumone actually call me and say *Hoi, pi la check email*~

13) Game paling anda suka?
Lame xmaen game.. The game i played was i-dont-knw-the-name. It was on my brother's iphone.. Die bunuh babi.. Syok je aku bunuh babi hijaw tu :))

14) Adakah anda peminat MCR?
Boleh diterima la.. Not a big fan

15) Apa perasaan anda jawab tag ni?
Jawab dalam kenervesan.. Takot diboycott oleh pemberi tag.. Hahhaha~

16) Anda rasa tag ini best?
Ok je.. Happy je menjwb

I dont tag anyone.. Feel free to tag urself :)