I want to hear nothing

Friday, July 30, 2010

At one point people would be so nice to u.. Tell u that they love u, could not live without u and so on.. U accepted them in ur life.. Perhaps not as someone special but u acknowledge them and u are not too cruel to kick them aside. They told u so many things about this and that.. U did not stop them nor thank them.

Soon and later, u will try to be nice to them. Started to care and respect them.. For finally.. But what happened next? They will ditch u like u are nothing.. They left without saying anything directly to u.. U never expect them to give u a bouquet of flowers or treat at one fine dinner just to say goodbye.. But enough just to send u a message telling u that they want to move on and hoping that u would do the same..

It is not like u want to beg them to not to leave u.. But it is such a heartache.. U never asked them to be part of ur life.. They wanted it, they asked for it and when u let them in, they walked away unnoticed.. A cruel thing to do.. If u had known earlier it would not be like this, i am sure u would shut all the entrace doors... Am i rite?

I experienced that. And i bet i am not the only one. I am sure other people would have felt or experienced the same thing as me. This thing happened to me months ago and the heartache feel still fresh.. Those people sorta changed my life as they put my life totally upside down. U trusted them but look at what they did to u.. Physically, they never harmed u but mentally and emotionally.. They did pretty amazing job..

I happened to have an access on something so i make full use of it and from it i found out few things. I am not sure what should i feel but after knowing about it, it haunts me til right now... For what they did, they turned me into a heartless girl. Being a heartless is not a nice attitude but by being one will put u in a higher level from others because people wont even try to manipulate u again.. I became extra careful in letting people to be part of my life.

I am trying to close every sorrow chapter of my life. In 3 years, i experienced so many unhappy things. I cried a lot blaming my life for having this *tak sampai hati* feeling inside me. I never had the heart to harm people.. I would try my best to entertain people around me because if i dont, i would have this guilt feeling... Killing me. Being nice and lembut hati to ur surrounding does not really bring u good life thou it is good way of living life.. Well, supposedly...

So here is me... Putting a full stop to those who have hurt me DIRECTLY.. But not to those who did indirectly.. Ur names will remain fresh in my mind til the end of time..~

My life is dull~

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Its 29 july already.. 1.02 am... And i awake.. Still awake?? NO.. Just woke up.. haahah.. Every tuesday and wednesday i would sleep early.. Around 8.00pm to exact.. Kelas sangat penat on this two days.. Only 2 subjects per day.. But 1 subject is between 3-4 hours ok.. Ud get your head explode learning the same subject for that such period..

Its only been 3 weeks and my assignments now is as high as mountain.. I have 17 pending assignments!! Yurp SEVENTEEN~!! And more to come.. Damn!! Plus 8 that are already submitted, therefore in total i have 25 assignments assigned in 3 weeks. Congrats DA.. Have presentation almost everyday and we kindda lost our voice already.

This saturday would be my very first FLEA MARKET.. Will have it at SUbang Parade. So do drop by if u are in town and do locate me.. This is my first attempt and thou i have paid and everything, i still feel uneasy.. Macam, *Cemana kalau tibe2 i dont have my booth on that day??*... Sbb there was a mistake happened in early of june where they caled me and asked me what time will be there?? They said that i should be there when i didnt book on such dates.. Paham tak?? Maka im a bit worried here~

Anyways, that is all for today.. I am still feel sleepy and tired.. Gotta cont on reading my journals... Huarrrrrggggghhhh~ Good nite people.....

p/s: A pic from my Hutan trip.. A pic of us after the raffing.. My group won!! :) In the pic, i was standing rite in front of Makhluk A.. Kesian die kena block :p


Im trying to get this thing out of my chest

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Orang kate tak baek ngutuk and tak baek ngumpat tapi kalau hati dah bengkak lalui setiap hari, then of course there is a point where ku mahu bersuara.. As for now ku maseh lg try jadi org bisu lagi pekak secara public.. (do u know i mean??).. Anyways, just a bit of sharing and saja mahu korang bace cerita ini.. There are 2 makhluks in my current class.. And seriously i tell u, i really anti these two.. Why?? Let me tell u why!!

Mahkluk A:
He is 2 years younger than me...... Which i am cool with that. No biggie as i am fully aware that most of full time students are tend to be those who are freshly grad.. Aku mmg suke bazer masa dulu and skang baru nak belaja :p

Anyways, he found out that me and close frens of mine are under a scholarship which neither of us has applied for it.. He got so pissed off and jealous sbb rupenya die penah apply the very scholar and he got rejected..

He has this one huge dream even bigger than his head; to be a lecturer.. So, whenever we have a presentation, either group or invidual, he tends to "play" his role as a lecturer.. Which the 6 of us found it very pathetic..

He loves to condemn others but cant take comments from others. To him, only he does reading where others dont.. Only he knows everything as he always said, *Base on my reading which nobody else would,...........* Seriously, kepala hotak kaw la!!

He bosses people around especially those who are in the same group as he is (i pity them).. Because he thinks he is smarter than everyone and only his opinion counts. Others' words are rubbish..

We think that he hates the 6 of us, but he cant help himself from not coming to our desks to check out what we are doing and what we are talking about.. Which obviously we never talk/discuss about subjects.. Yes, we are the 6 girls sitting at the back rows, talking 24/7 and never be on time for anything :).. We never had that kind of atts when we were in our degree. Buat perangai mcm tu sebab kitorg nak masuk biler lect dah masuk so that we dont have to be in the same place for tooooo long with him..

Makhluk S:
She is really old, i mean the gap between us might be between 15 - 20 years. She has the pe'el of being right all the time. She is right and others are wrong.. At our level, we do discussion most of the time where each of us is free to express our opinions and thoughts on certain matters.

Masa org ngah present kat depan, yes we are allowed to ask questions and tell our opinions and i think it will be more appropriate if we do those when the presenter is finally done and open q&a to the floor.. Ni tak, org ngah explain, dia pi celah... *You are wrong!!! I think its..............*.

Sekali dua kali cakap, no one would mention anything... Bile dah byk kali, mmg either one of the 6 girls would say *Oh, shes wrong and u r always right ke??*.. Then she would say this,*Well its my opinion and there is no right and wrong in giving opinion*..So there is no right and wrong when SHE is the one who gives opinion but it is always wrong for others to gv their opinion...

Remember i was at the Hutan last weekend?? There were another story too! She is like in her 40s kan... The head of our fascilitator is around 64 years old and he asked us all to address him as ATUK which its cool. He asked us to do some obstacles, panjat, berenang, and bagai la.. Once everyhing was done, he called everyone to gather around and SHE was kinda refused to...

*Mari la sini.. Duduk dekat2 sikit.. Buat bulatan kecik*, said atuk.. U know what she actually said?? She said, *Tak nak.. Tak nak.. Kalau tak nak, atuk nak buat apa kat saya??* in a VERY gedik way of saying!! OMG u r in 40s buat perangai mcm tu dpn kitorg yg 20s.. Where is ur pride and manners?? Tetinggal kat rumah ker??

Then she finally came forward.. It did not stop there. Before she sat with the rest of us, she actually went to atuk and kesat all kotor2 lumpur kat tangan to atuk's clean shirt.. My jaw dropped ok. Aku macam... What the hell??? Was she crazy?? Or is she sumone in 20s and stuck in a 40s body?? Giler an... Ape korang rase??

And malam tu we did a nite walk + hiking.. Syarat kena hold each others hand and can never let go.. Even u jatuh ke ape ke, u cant let go of ur frens' hands. Dia jatuh several times and she put all the blame to those yang jalan kat depan (dia jalan kat nak hujung2 barisan)... Maki org depan macam org depan tak da yang jatuh.. Siap jerit *Kitorg jalan ni, tak nampak taw.. Gelap.. Korang sedap2 je nak jalan laju2*.. Again, mmg ngamuk habis la org depan tp seme nak sot set sendiri jer.. Until one of 6 of us bersuara *No matter what happened, never let go of ur frens' hands.. Kalau jatuh, jgn lepas.. If u let go, who is going to help u up again?? And none of us have a torch lite REMEMBER.. Sapa yg ada tgn nak pegang torch lite?? So sapa yang jalan dgn terang yg ko complaint sgt ko jln dlm gelap??*...

Diam trus minah tuh smpi hari selasa.. And she complainted about the nite wak with the GBS director.. Complaint giler and the director remain mute til she finally put a full stop. The director said, *The purpose of nite walk activity is to see how much pressure can u take, how u can handle things without complaining, to measure ur emotional and mental, ur patience, ur responsibility. If u have tonnes to complaint about, then u are not ready to do ur MBA and u wont be able to face the real world*.. Hah, amek kaw, terdiam trus makhluk S and Makhluk A (A bebel gak masa nite wak and not to forget these two makhluks are good buddies.. Nite walk jalan sama2, dlm kelas duk sebelah2)

Ini baru sikit je ku luahkan... Each day, there will be a new story from these two.. Sakit hati gile nak masuk kelas.. Cam gampang perangai sekor2!! Hish... Ntah bile la nak sedar pun aku tak tau.. She can be mean and kerek to others, tp kalau org kerek ngan dia, she would label that person as KURANG AJAR.. Woi, dr planet mane ko dtg wei?? From planet yg tak da org laen melainkan kau je ker??

Tekanan gile aku jumpe makhluk cam mereka nih!!!


My hutan trip + my week~

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Been awhile since the last time i typed here. I was busy with work loads and seriously school life is F hard now. I went to Hutan last weekend and i had fun.. Surprisingly, i enjoyed my raffting actvity more than my hutan or also known as tracking activity. I got sunburnt all over my face, and of cos some alergy due to so-clean-water!! Thank you people!! I wish i could uploads pictures but as until now, the person who was responsibled to provide me the pictures still have not pass them to me.. So tunggu je, and hopefuly by that time, i would still remember about it..

So far all my work due this week are done.. Completed everything last monday. And i spent last nite tidur tanpa sedarkan diri from 8.30pm til 6.00am :) Qada' tidur itu amatlah aman.. Friends of mine will have discussion tonite for tmr's assignment.. I pity them.. Girls, i wish i could help, but i could not.. Hang in there and do well ok.. Chaiyok2~!!

Next, been going to the library lately.. I actually went there becos i wanted to find books for my assignments. Normally i go just just for the sake of printing my assignments but not now.. Whoaaa... Awesome kan kan kan.. 3 years of diploma + 3 years of degree pun xpenah pinjam buku.. Sekarang?? Huisshhhh!! Then for my level, i get to borrow up to 40 books in one shot!! Gile ar.. Boleh buat menara :)

Gambar budak hitam afta camp.. Hishhh~ Takleh tunjuk muka sebab muka sangat gelap.. Darker than last april (F1).. Demm :p

Ok.. Have to study.. Have plenty to read!!~ Will update sumore when the mood is around~


Adios.. Chow.. :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hey blog.. Time now is 12.30am and i seriously think that i shud try to force myself to sleep now.. But hey i am still here.. Wide awake.. I think i have become insomia once again. Have not sleep well for 5 nights at least and i dont really feel sleepy thou i kept on saying that i am :p

I am off to Hutan esok. Mamy is going to fetch me to my fac tomorrow morning and they will be off to johor straight. Dice will take care of my house, my car and he is responsible to fetch me up on sunday since parents will still be away.. Tolong la jangan lupe ye yang :)

Lets recap what have been doing all day (friday-july 16, 2010).. I woke up around 8.30am after 3 hours of sleep. Showered and off to shah alam library and met my friends there. We had this discussion about costing (account) question.. A case study.. We were there from 9am to 3.30pm and then we shifted to Burger King @ Xtreme park.. Discussion ended at 6.30pm. 6 heads, 6 hearts.. But nothing solved.. Hahah!! Damn we hate costing!! Account per say is not that hard, but costing?? Oh damn who ever created this subject~

Reached home around 7pm and off again to my favo mall :).. When i was on my way home from shah alam, i spoke to him.. Told him that my shades are gone and the old is with him.. He said, *get ready and we go buy a new one once i reach KL*... Saya suka!! We went to my mall around 8.40pm.. Bought my new shades and few items more... Thank you for the shades... Thank you for the denim jacket, i wanted it since 4 years ago and i finally have it... Thank you for the handbag. I finally have that kind of handbag.. Been eyeing on it for weeks... Hahahha.. I ♥ u more and more sayang :) U are the greatest boyfie~

All and all, i had a happy day.. Though my assignments sume tak siap, and sume nak kena hantar on monday, and i wont be around tmr and sunday... Saya tetap bahagia.. Hahahah~!!!

Babai blog.. Wait for pictures of me and new girls :).. Though i have new girls, i wont forget my two darling besties.. And my 4 chicks!! nad + hawa + nana + apin + nena + izza, u girls rock!!


Waka Waka :p

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I am such one lazy girl.. Can anyone blame me for that? I have millions to do but i am still facebooking and blogging freely like nobody's business. I wont be around this weekend.. Away into the woods.. Saying it like anyone cares.. I bet nobody does except for him.. Adoi, i wont call u for help ok darl and trust i wont be needing ur help to sneak me out cos i am sure that im gonna enjoy my moments there.. And lets pray that there wont be phone signal there :p.. Mesti emo awak nnt kan b.. heheh~ I'll see u on sunday cos u are so gonna pick me up :)

I found out something.. A gossip to be exact.. Cant wait to blab about it.. Hahahah.. I dont really care about this person but things just love to fall on my lap.. And apa lagi?? Ku gelakkan aja.. I hope this time its gonna work for u well.. Though i dont fancy and like u that much... Wrong! Though i hate u with all my guts, but i am not too cruel to pray for bad things to happen to u though most of the time, i wish u are dead!! Hahhaha~ I know u are reading this..~

Enjoy this lyric down here.. I like the lyric but not the melody.. To me whoever listen to this kind of melody has no life or perhaps their lives suck.. That is just my point of view.. Do ur own hypotesis and conclusion ok~

I'm coming home
I've been gone for far too long
Do you remember me at all?
I'm leaving
Have I've fucked things up again,
I'm dreaming
Too much time without you spent,

It hurts
Wounds so sore
Now I'm torn, now I'm sore
I've been far away
When I see your face my
Heart's burst into fire
Heart's burst into fire

You're not alone
I know I'm far from home
Do you remember me at all?
I'm leaving
Do you wait for me again?
I'm screaming
No more days without you spent

It hurts
Wounds so sore
Now I'm torn, now I'm torn
I've been far away
When I see your face my
Heart's burst into fire
Heart's burst into fire

My bed's so cold, so lonely
No arms, just sheets to hold me
Has this world stopped turning?
Are we forever to be apart?
Forever to be apart,

It hurts
Wounds so sore
Now I'm torn, now I'm sore
I've been far away
When I see your face my
Heart's burst into fire
Heart's burst into fire

(I'm coming home)
I've been gone for far too long
(I'm coming home)
Do you remember me at all?

Do you remember me at all?

I'm leaving
I'm screaming
I'm dreaming
When hearts burst into fire

Gotta continue on doing my work.. :p

Daisy Allie

Blue Foundation~

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Good morning all. I have no class today cos all my lectures are having some courses and seminars or what so ever.. And therefore, they left us with million things to do.. Ohho~ Since im off today, i planned on doing something else.. I want to watch that ECLIPSE movie today. Though i received so many *ideas* from every corner, i think i want to judge the movie myself. And plus i kindda have this one habit of once i start a saga, i cant stop.. Kalau stop, rasa cam tak syok la.. So since i already watched the first two movies, might as well just continue with this one.. No harm kan kan kan :)

Besides movie, i have parcels to deliver.. Good!! Normally my parcels days are on monday and friday.. Those who pay 4pm on monday onwards, normally i will deliver their items on friday.. But this friday i wont be around, so today is just a perfect timing :)... And i thank who paid :) This month sales are quite slow.. Tgk je la barang.. tak banyak mcm biasa.. I dont hv time to make new items or buy new items..~ Cane nak kaya nih??? Haizzzz *sigh*.. Maka, sapa2 yang ada FB account, do add my online shopping runcit there.. Search Adore Mystyle ok.. Thanx :)

Im gonna have flea markets coming up.. 31july and 1st august at subang parade... 2nd and 3rd week at kelana jaya flea market.. Do come and visit me.. Items?? Carca marba.. hehehhe~.. Oraitz, got to go.. I have to get this one paper done.. Or else i can kiss my movie bye bye.. Enjoy this lyric down here.. I love this song for like 2 years already :)

I'll seek you out,
Flay you alive
One more word and you won't survive
And I'm not scared of your stolen power
I see right through you any hour

I won't soothe your pain
I won't ease your strain
You'll be waiting in vain
I got nothing for you to gain

I'm taking it slow
Feeding my flame
Shuffling the cards of your game
And just in time
In the right place
Suddenly I will play my ace

I won't soothe your pain
I won't ease your strain
You'll be waiting in vain
I got nothing for you to gain

Eyes on fire
Your spine is ablaze
Felling any foe with my gaze

And just in time
In the right place
Steadily emerging with grace

Felling any foe with my gaze
Steadily emerging with grace
Felling any foe with my gaze
Steadily emerging with grace

p/s: MBA is frigging hard.. I seriously think my brain is not up to it~!!

Babai people~

A week~

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hello mr. blog. Today is saturday and i am at home. Why am i at home? That is one fantastic question. I have tonnes to do. I have to find like 20 journals and of course i have to read them and apply them in my case studiessss.. Yurp oh yurp, i already have like 6 assignments already.. And trust me at one point, i think i had enuff of this MBA thingy.. Its like freaking hard and to tell the truth i have plenty to complaint and to trash talk about.. Hahah.. Lectures are fine, classes are good too.. Ada minor2 thingy jer yg macam *eh eh.. sepak kang!!~*.. Get what i mean??

Every time i reached home, i would call dice and ngadu.. Ngutuk.. :p Owh if i fail my first sem, then i know why.. Ku byk wat dosa.. Hahahah~ Long story shorten.. There are few ppl in my class who think like they are the brainy ones.. Maybe sebab baru seminggu dalam kelas or maybe mmg depa cemtu secara semula jadi.. But whatever it is, OMG.. Cut it out.. It annoys me to the max.. Chill abit cant u? Do you to be like soooooooo i-have-questions-for-everything or i-hv-to-comment-on-this-subject matter?? Shut up for a day cant u?? Urghhhhh!!

Ye la, aku kan tak pandai.. Aku kan lepak duk kat belakang sbb hari2 dtg kelas lambat. I arrived like 20mins before class and its like im one the late comers everyday (dorg smpi pas subh gamaknya).. Datang kelas pakai selipar duk bersila.. Memang tak da tokoh setuden cemerlang la kan aku ni kan.. Come on la.. We are only like 23-26 range.. So dont act too old boleh tak?? Sakit mata and telinga.. Sumpah gua tak tipu bai!!

Though i keep on blabbing about this to my mom and dice, i still can feel the pain in my chest.. Maybe i wud feel MUCH better if i say all these to their faces kot.. Gile hati kering kalau aku wat cemtu... Sabar ye cik daisy!! Tolong besabar~

Dice and luluy are going back to jb today. So yesterday the two beradiks came over to my place yesterday and took me out.. Went to the curve and jalan2 abiskan duit on food and bought phone charms from warge mute.. No idea why we bought when we can do them by ourselves since we have all the materials.. (??) We had cupcakes.. Wrong! We bought cupcakes and i had it alone yesterday.. Since everyone said they are still full with lunch.. Very nice one!! I treated luluy cupcakes and i bought one super pahit latte for dice.. I loike it pahit, taw tak b?? He amended the drinks and it became too sweet for me to drink.. Luluy took plenty of piccas of the outing and u can view them on my FB (she tagged me of cos)..

Yesterday was fun. It had been so long since the last time me and luluy went out together.. The last time me and her bejalan2 was on the 2nd april 2009.. I took luluy and her baby sister, amoi to klcc.. Dice was in jb at that time. He just moved there.. He asked me to bring his adiks out on that day since amoi wanted to watch a movie.. Then, i jage all of them (including baby bro) for 2 weeks.. Fed them, did laundry, bawa g hosp sbb baby bro eksiden and others.. Betapa baek kan daku jage mereka.. Tu pun mereka cari gadoh ngan aku.. Eh eh.. :p

Anyways, i am suppose to go back to johor with them today.. But becos of all these workload, i cannot.. Plus, dice is coming back tmr with ibu.. Luluy has to stay there for a week becos she has to take care of amoi.. Next weekend ibu and dice will go back there and dice will bring luluy back to kl and on the following week, her class will resume :)

And ayah texted dice yesterday (his ayah not mine).. He asked dice when will he gets married?? And dice said *apakah??*.. But luluy was the excited one.. She is kindda forcing me and dice to kawen cepat2 so that she can becomes an aunt and she can jaga the niece/nephew.. Urmmmmm~

Kawen sounds interesting when u r so ready to commit.. As for us, financially is ready since its fully sponsored.. ahahahhaha (best tak??)... But nanti2 la.. Banyak benda nak susun atur dulu.. Statistic shows *married MBA students are tend to get divorce while studying or at the end of the program due to work loads*.. Maka?? Jangan la kawen dulu.. Lepak2 keras sorg2 dulu ok Cik Daisy :p


Movie Oh Movie~

Monday, July 5, 2010

Today went well.. I attended my very first day as a MBA student.. I had one class only and it was like a 15mins class.. My lect was supposed to be on leave but he showed up just to gv us a short briefing.. Then i went around to settle my parking sticker and things worked like a charm, i am gonna get a sticker.. Not a student sticker, but a staff sticker.. Awesome.. So i can park anywhere in that freaking area.. :)

After everything settled, i went straight home.. Then i spent few hours watching dvds. I watched Remember Me (bob pattisson was in it).. He doesnt look gorgeos as what he is in Twilight, but i dont care.. He is still sumone i adore :p He plays Tyler Hawkins in that movie.. And Tyler reminds me of sumone whom i know too well.. All the things that he has to bear.. All the troubles that he is willing to risk.. Seriously, very similar.. Except for the part that he kills himself.. I still dont fet why tyler killed himself when things finally strating to be positive.. Hishh!!

My next dvd was a movie that i have been dying to watch since GOD knows when tp wayang kat mesia lambat sangat nak tayang.. So i bought the dvd like ages ago but i only have the time to watch it today.. The movie is She's Out of My League.. Not my kind of movie but the whole scenario potrayed kindda something similar to one scenario that is currently happenning in my environment..

Just about 10mins before the movie ends, dice arrived.. After the movie ended, wee went out to settle some errands.. And then we decided to hit GSC and watch a movie.. We watched Knight and Day..After Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz is next on my list right before Kate Heigl.. So of course i want to watch her movie. I never liked Tom Cruise.. Just dont have any particular reason.. But after watching this movie, I fell in love with him :)... Hurmmm.. Or should i say i fell in love with Mr. Roy Miller or his real name was Mr. Matthew Knight..~ Roy is such a softspoken person, eben in a very stress moment.. Sangat cair saya td.. Heheh~

It is an action + comedy + romantic movie.. I like this movie.. Watch this movie ok people.. Its worth it :)

I watched 3 movies straight today.. Non-stop.. I had fun. Great day for me :)

B, thanx for accompanying me today and helped me out.. U are not well.. Dah 3 hari demam.. Badan awak sgt sejuk.. Kesian awak.. Though the theater was freaking cold, yet u still stay put until the end.. I thank you so much.. Thanx for the movie, the lunch and everything.. U are superb :) I u b~ :)


Akhirnye ku tebakar jua~

Sunday, July 4, 2010

For the past few weeks, ppl around me keep on gossipping abt a couple, esp d girl. I enjoyed listening to their blab and laughed all about it.. Then days ago, one of them told me or shud i say cont mengadu and it didnt affect me at all.. I laughed abt it again. He asked me, *awk xsakit hati ke??* and i said NO. He broke another story, wic i found it a bit of kurang ajar for d girl to do.. Agak melampaw minah ni! Still, i felt nothing..

This girl is a type yg ske maharajalela. She has her own hse, yet loves to tenggek at others. Sepah rumah org, gune barang org... Smpi d real owner could not use the barang.. Mmg lah org tu panas amat2... Nak dijadikan cerita, i viewed her fb and read her status.. So i knew that she bought the ITEM.. I called my friend and asked if she has returned the item back?? My friend said NO and my friend didnt know that she already bought one..

Then my friend said, *byk pulak duit die beli?? Ke mak aku sponsor lagi?? Hari tu dah dpt hp.. Then request blackberry.. Xkan ni pun mak aku yg bg???*.. I was shocked!! I said, *hello, i am "here" first for years but never requested anything and she already be so demanded!?*.. Yes, akhirnye aku tebakar jua!! Kepala hotak die la!!

So now, everyone is in the process of kicking her out of the house.. Sumpah menyirap betul! To whom it may concern, pls go back to where u belong.. Bukit Antarabangsa tu bkn lah jauh sgt.. Its bad enuff u made other ppl's place like ur own, then u kindda forced everyone to tanggung u since u live there too, then u with muka tebal tak hagak2 berani request gadget from my ibu?? U gotta be kidding me!! Now ibu already knew that u live there, u are so out from d list babe.. She said that u r one ungrateful person and shes calling ur mom.. Girl, i tell u... U r messing with d wrong lawyer dood!!

I am so speechless.. For whatever i know, i am still wan's favo grandchild~

The End~


Friday, July 2, 2010

Abg posman dtg umah td.. Dia honk2 and my mom went out and see.. Then she came in and said, *Daisy Allie, ada parcel*.. Immediately i said, *tawu tawu.. dari pulut panggang* :D.. It took me like 5 mins to unwrap the parcel.. Bukak hadiah macam kopek bawang.. Gile berlayer.. If i am not mistaken, there were 6 layers of them.. Gile kentang :) Enjoy the pic ok~

Unwrapped~ Nice.. it so much~

Gifts are on my pink pillow~

Whatever i love and whatever i feel proud of, i will arrange and put them nicely on this kayu rak thingy of mine.. *cermin tu berabuk ;p*

And yes, i painted my room pink.. ahahha~ I dont like pink.. *DA lives in denial*.. Hahahha~

The rak where i put all my books.. Story books.. Study books.. :)


Some one asked me about my small online business.. So here, a sneak peak of it..

Hot Items for MAY

Hot Items for JUNE

Interested?? Log on to our blogshop; or do at us at Facebook; Adore Mystyle :)

Hahah.. A lil bit of promotion.. Now we are hitting flea markets.. But belum start lagi.. Amek tarikh bulan august.. Maw bina confident dulu.. :)

Overall, saya happy~



I copied this from someone.. Just would like to share it with my fellow readers.. Enjoy~

Dear abang,

Ayang nak mintak kebenaran abang untuk bawa anak-anak balik ke kampung. abang tak perlu hantar ayang sebab ayang mampu untuk bawa anak-anak ke kampung musim cuti sekolah ni dengan bas.. abang jagalah diri abang dan kereta abang baik-baik... cuma ada perkara yang ingin ayang luahkan disini... . kereta baru abang tu mahal.. harga mencecah 100k barangkali.. sebab tu abang sayangkan kereta abang lebih dari ayang.. sampaikan abang dah terlena dalam kereta abang tu sejak abang beli 3 bulan yang lalu dah masuk 3 malam... . abang sayangkan kereta abang lebih dari ayang, nak tau ngape?

Harga kereta abang tu lebih mahal dari wang hantaran yang ayah ayang letakan masa kita kahwin dulu.. cuba hantaran ayang lebih mahal dari harga kereta abang?

Tiap-tiap pagi abang mesti gosok kereta abang, nak nampak berkilat..tapi ayang nak dapat kiss g.morning pun susah

Sejak beli kereta tu, sebulan sekali macam-macam aksesori abang beli kat kereta, ayang nak dapat hadiah besday setahun sekali pun susah..

Kereta sebulan sekali abang servis, abang kata kena jaga maintainance... ayang nak dapat pi salon setahun sekali pun susah..

Kereta abang make up lawa-lawa.. tapi kalau ayang make up lawa-lawa abang kata ayang tak sedar diri kereta abang bagi makan minyak mahal-mahal cecah 100 setin pun ada, ayang nak makan pizza sekeping jer masa mengidam anak kedua kita abang kata ayang mengada-ngada.

Kereta abang kalau anak-anak sentuh sikit bodynya abang marah anak macam nak makan, ayang jatuh longkang besar boleh abang gelak

Paling menyedihkan.. ayang tanya ngape tidur dalam kereta? abang jawab takut orang curi kereta abang.. kalau ayang kena curi??

Ayang nak balik kampung dulu.. anak-anak nak jumpa atuk dengan nenek depa.. tak nak naik kereta abang takut calar. ayang calar takpe.. jaga diri elok-elok, sarapan ayang dah sediakan. ayang pi tak lama sekolah bukak ayang balik lah dengan anak-anak.. pesanan ayang..




Dear Ayang,

Bukanlah abang sayang keta tu lebih dr ayang.. tapi ayang kene faham keta tu keta bos abang. Nanti kalau ilang sapa nak ganti.. ayang abang suruh keja ayang xnak, ayang kata nak dok umah jaga anak,nak siap kan sarapan nak kemas umah tapi ayang tiap2 hari bgn tido kul 12.. macam mana nak wat keja umah..

Cuba lah ayang pk mana x abang tido dalam keta.. abang balik keja lambat skit ayang dah kunci pintu..bukan nye abang gi foya2 kan abang gi keja... lagi satu pasal piza yang ayang ngidam tu.. ayang nak piza yg di oder dr jepun.. mana lah abang ada duit nak oder.. abang nak bg apam balik yg jual kat depan ofis abang ni ayang xnak, ayang nak jugak piza dr jepun.. nasib baik abang x belikan kalau x anak kedua kita tu mesti muka cam doremon..ish xnak laa abang..

Pasal hadiah kan abang dah belikan tapi abang sembunyi kan kat dapur.. ayang yang tersalah buang ingatkan sampah.. tulah abang suruh kemas umah tu ayang kata umah kita dah bersih tapi hadiah dgn sampah pun dah jadi serupa jek..hadiah tu mahal tau abang beli untuk ayang..

Sebenarnye abang sayang ayang lebih dr keta tu wlau pun hantaran masa kita kawin cuma rm8k..ayang x tau bpe kali abang turun naik bank nak wat loan rm8k..tapi demi ayang abang wat jugak..

sbb masa tu ayang kalau mekup mmg sebijik maya karin.. tapi sejak ayang wat rebonding 3 tahun lepas stp kali ayang mekup abang terbayang lak muka pontianak dlm citer phsm. bukan ayang x cantik tapi kening ayang tu gi cukur wat per.. wlau pun abang selalu cukur janggut abang tapi ayang xyah laa nak cukur kening ayang tu..pasal morning kis tu, ayang bgn pun dah tghri nak morning kis cam mana.. dah laa ayang.. abang malas nak citer..

Tapi abang nak bg tau jgk kat sini ayang tetap no 1 dlm hati abang..nanti kalau naik bas tu bebaik.. ayang nak balik kpg abang izinkan Cuma jgn lupa kim salam kat mak ayah kat sana .. kalau ada gulai tempoyak ke nnti jgn lupa bwk balik skit..

Kalau ada lembu terlepas ke ayang xyah laa susah2 gi kejar lembu tu... biar jek.. nnti abang balik kpg abang kejar kan ..bukan apa takut lembu tu tanduk ayang nnti bukan stakat calar jek silap2 leh masuk hspital. abang kene tanduk xpe..

Jaga anak2 baik2 jgn bagi diorang main kat sungai musim2 banjir ni.. nak dpt anak bukan senang takut nnti ayang ngidam lagi piza jepun lak lagi haru.. baik jaga jek yg dah ada tu..ayang pun jaga diri baik2.. jgn sampai jatuh longkang lagi.. hehe.. abang mmg xnak ketawa masa tu tapi nak wat cam mana ayang jatuh kepala dulu yang masuk longkang..dah laa rambut ayang masa tu baru lepas rebonding.. mmg abang ketawa... hahahhahahahahha



Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hello blog!

Today is one tiring day but i must say though its tiring, i am sure someday.. One day everything will be worth it.. I went here and there.. Ran here and there trying to make everything perfect.. Of course seme nye halfway done.. Nak buat macam mana.. Bukan kuasa saya..

After 3 months of struggling, i finaly finished filling in my forms. I went to JPSM to submit them.. Bammmm!! Borang saya direject.. Or should i say my Aggreements ditolak.. Bongok.. Bangang.. Baghal.. Sume sekali keluar.. To make it worst. i had a very *dramatic* scene before i went to JPSM.. Sungguh nyaket kan hati.. Hishhh...

Lucky dice was with me the whole day.. Beliaw busy yang tak hengat.. Ada 5 designs to submit tomorrow but still sanggup buangkan masa beliaw untuk teman saya.. Sungguh la sayang kamu wahai daduku!!~ Everything was a mess right from the beginning until now. Kena hujan td, maka kepala saya sgtlah pening and sakit~

The only good thing that happened today, i received payment from a brunei customer.. She paid RM400 for my accessories.. Yurp, beliaw beli dengan kadar tak munasabah, tapi takkan saya nak kata *tak boleh beli*.. Alhamdulillah.. Saya sangat teruja.. Dikala nak mula kelas ni, duit sangatlah diperlukan.. Payment tu i put them under June account.. With proud (not trying to be corky.. i am happy with my own titik peluh), i closed my June Account with RM1507 revenue.. Untung toksah citer la.. Hahaha.. Nak revenue lebat, kena modal lebat jua.. Tapi boleh la nak betahan tanpa ngetuk FAMA saya lagi....... dan Dice :)

Overall, no matter what i have to go thru, id go thtu them with my head up.. Susah yang saya kena lalui sekarang, Insya ALLAH akan terbalas nnt... :)

I would like to thank my customers for shopping with me.. Especially my sister, my mom, my two besties and my close friend.. Dorang ni banyak beli dari saya.. Do they actually like the items they bought or not, only they know.. But i seriously hoping that they do.. Girls, i ♥ u all so much~