Iftar with my girls :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I had one great iftar last night with my girls.. After months not seeing each other.. The last time we hung out together was in January this year.. When erna came back for chrismas holiday.. Erna came home about a month ago but she saved us for the last.. She is going back to UK on this merdeka day.. But not to worry.. She is coming back again a week after raya and will be off again after our friend's wedding..~

We went to pyramid and had our berbuka at Nando's.. We did not book any restaurant.. Maen belasah masuk aja.. Lucky us, there was a table for four.. :)


Nana + Iza

Erna + DA

After iftar, we all continued our food hunting. When to grab some marshmellow choc coated, strawberry choc coated and grapes choc coated :).. Then we had hot & roll.. Chicken & Cheese flavour.. Nyum nyum!!~ No pictures taken, cos no one had free hands :p

Then we walked around pyramid and stopped at the lobby.. We did some photo session.. :D Masin2 memang hantu gambar :p

Drama sebabak~

After we got of the train, we went to get some dessert. We went to Baskin & Robbin.. Izza bought an ice cream cake.. To celebrate erna's birthday :)

We had more chit chat.. Then after no one cud eat the ice cream, we all excused ourselves. I sent nana and izza back to shah alam, and i drove home to TTDI.. :) One great iftar.. Just what i needed.. After all those stressing weeks, which i am still stressed.. Hard to explain what im currently going thru because people dont see what i see.. No one would understand.. I am confidently sure people would blame me for what i did..~


Saturday, August 28, 2010

We are in the fasting month and towards to the end of it actually.. And at the same time, we will be celebrating our merdeka day in few more days. Wow~ Amazing celebrations in such a short period of time. After more than half century, do we feel any different? In so many ways, yes we do.. And i am sure everyone has their own perception and understanding of interpretation of merdeka. Me, included too~

In country context, yes we are free from any jajahan and we are allowed to say and do what we want with limits because we do have regulations and laws. No matter where we go, there are always have laws for us to adhere.. Because laws are meant to keep us safe and have peaceful lives. U break the laws, u'll face the consequences.. So i'm cool with the laws.

As an individual.. Do i feel much different from any past years? Same ol same ol.. I am still a student, hence i never be free from my work loads. In fact it increases weekly.. Owh.. Saya sungguh la teruja. To make ourlives are more interesting, lectures gave us extra assignments to be submitted on 1st september.. Amazing amazing.. Such a lovely merdeka celebration i am gonna have... :D *smiling*

Next, the celebration.. I never celebrated it before (tipu).. I did celebrated it before.. Like 3 times in my entire life. But not with friends. I limit myslef from going out at night with friends. I was not brought up that way. (Thank GOD for that..) I went to few places with my cousins and we had awesome celebration especially in 2008!! Hahaha.. No one could ever guess what we did.. I was in a serious deep problem with DICE back then, thanx to the old bitch for that.. Anyways, cousins took me to this one cool, awesome place.. I had so freaking fun.. The celebration begun at 9.00pm and ended at 6.00am.. And on the 1st sept, we started our ramadhan.. *berdosa gitu*.. The whole point was they wanted to entertain me.. U people were awesome!!

Love relationship.. Some say that when we are with someone it means that we are not free to do what we want.. We have limits for everything.. Well people, that is what we call COMMITMENT ok!! Bukan la partner anda jadikan anda sebagai hamba tebusan.. But unless if u do or did feel that way, then i feel sorry for u..~ I am thankful because i have dice as my partner. He let me do and chase whatever i want as long as i dont cross the line.. Its a fair play right.. But at times, there are certain things that he would not let me to..I have to negotiate and explain the causal.. If it does not cross the line too much, he will let me have it.. Tq b~

What am i gonna do on the merdeka day..? Nothing much except for go out for some therapy with dice and luluy!! With that, i have to stay home and get all my work done.. Maka, saya tidak pulang ke kuantan dengan ibu esok unless if its a day trip :p Sorry ibu, tak dpt ikut.. Plus Ferdz pun tak da kan.. hikhikhik~ .. U are on your way back to KL now.. Hope u'll reach here safe and sound.. ♥ u bunda~ Nanti saya ikut bunda pulang.. Berapa hari?? I will follow u~

That is all for now.. I am just taking a quick break from doing my New Economic Model research.. Cool kan tajuknya.. Mahu tercabut otakku memikir.. Selamat berbuka & selamat menyambu hari merdeka~ :)


Is it fate or is it destiny..??~

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I shall remain silent til u request me to speak
I shall not move even an inch til you take my hand
I shall do nothing at all
I shall take million steps back
But i shall not start from the beginning
If i fall, i fall....
If i die, i die.....

-be gone-

Awesomeness Berbuka~

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Last thursday, i was on my way home from class when i received a call from dice's adik, luluy..

*Where are you? Where are you?*
*I'm on my way home.. Whadup?**Ibu is coming home tomorrow!! So buka wif us.. Everyone has to show up.. Pls tell abang ok (Dice)*
*Rite.. Sure2.. Later once the place is confirmed, do let me know aite*
Yesterday, around 4-ish pm dice fetched me up. The venue for the berbuka was at Red Cottage in Ampang. Because we went here and there first, we reached there around 6.30pm and i thot we were the last to arrive.. Hahaha.. Thank GOD we were not!! Luluy greeted me and gave one hot hug, then me hugged myra (dice's lil brother's [ali] GF) and lastly ali hugged me.. So after the mushy2, the five us ordered~

Ali & Myra, before Dice and i arrived

Around 10 mins later, i saw amoi (alya) lari2 at the main gate.. She and ibu just arrived from JB.. Me, luluy and myra ran to get her.. Each of us took our turn to hug her and then of course we hugged ibu as well.. I gave ibu uno long hug with uncountable kisses.. Damn, i missed u Ibu~ ♥ u mucho~

Amoi aka Alya

We talked while waiting for uncle to arrive.. All of us love him to the fullest because he is one super cool dad!!~ Secool and seawesome ibu.. :) Anyways, during the conversation yang tak seberapa tu, ibu cakap, "Ibu dah sampai KL awal, but as usual... I went to menggedik dulu with amoi~* She put a shopping bag on the table... *I went to the mall and got everyone a perfume!! Yeay :)* Awesome ibu!! She bought me Salvatore Ferragamo INCANTO, the one i love so much... This is the second bottle of INCANTO she has given me in three years... Kawaii mu ibu~ She bought Hugo Boss for Dice.. And for others, she asked them to choose from what was left..

This is ibu.. The mommy in-law to be~

Dah abis gossip bagai, uncle arrived.. We all rebutz salam n hugged him.. Then both ibu and uncle did some ordering, thou we already did order for everyone.. So more food for us.. Uncle did some checking up, asked us this and that.. It has been ages he did not see all.. He sees luluy and amoi often but not the rest of us.. And it was myra's first time to see uncle last nite.. He's cool kan myra!!

Uncle & luluy~

Nak tunggu azan yang agak rasa macam lambat semalam, ibu gave dice one ipad and uncle gave ali one for them to entertain themselves.. Cos both of them already got a bit grumpy due to hunger.. All of sudden masing2 buat perangai budak2.. 9 days puasa without ibu ok je... Gedik~ :p

When it was about 5mins to azan, they started to serve the food.. Fuuhhhhh... Semua wat muka lapar tak hengat.. Excited to see the food...

Dice recited the prayer for everyone and luluy recited it again in bahasa and we all eat~

And of course, ibu will never forget to bully me.. She asked dice to prepare a naan with stuff. Then she cut a cube of lamb and put on it.. Then uncle asked luluy to place a leave on top of it.. And of course, ibu asked luluy to capture it..~

I must put everything in my mouth only with one shot.. Usually i never could.. But after tonnes of practice with dice (knowing that ibu would ask me to do this), i did it last nite... ahahahah... Then she said *Baru leh jadi menantu ibu*.. Cissss~ :p

Anyway, everything went well and fine.. Had lots of laugh and sharing gossips.. After the mint tea, we all excused ourselves and headed to different places.. Ibu and the kids went back to melawati and they are going back to JB tomorrow.. I went back to TTDI, Myra went back to Bukit Antarabangsa.. Uncle went back to his house.. Urmm.. I think alya went home with uncle if i'm not mistaken~

The next time i am gonna see ibu would probably be next weekend.. Ibu and i are going back to kuantan.. Yup only the two of us.. Others wat tak taw je.. Hehehe~ Luckily i ♥ kuantan...~ But its all depends on my school schedule.. If not, i will only see her next month.. *Make a room for JB next month.. Its our open house.. Its not ours if u dont show up*.. Urmm... Ok ibu... :p

That was how i berbuka last nite... Thank you ibu for the time spent. Food was awesome but u were awesome-er.. Thank you for the perfume.. ♥ it mucho~ And i love u even more bunda.. Cant wait to see u again...

p/s: luluy's BF could not join us.. He had to do OT.. Kesian Ferdz.. There is always next time :)


Saturday Morning~

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I never wake up for sahur but i did that this morning.. Not with the intention of eating or drinking thou.. Just wanted to be prepared for the examination. I did not prepare a thing in the sense of documents (thou sebenarnye die nak ic je) hehehe.. Secare halusnye, i was trying to prepare mentally and emotionally la..

So i drove off to the exam around 7.30am.. It was supposed to begin at 8.45am but there was a bit delay.. Due to problems with the AVA.. So plus minus, the exam began at 8.55am and ended around 11-ish.. Overall the exam was fine (base on my understanding).. Tak tau la kalau aku paham laen.. hikhikhik~

Anyways, they provided us with the stationary needed.. A pencil and an eraser.. I was a bit of jakun when i saw the penci.. It has been ages since the time i used that kind of pencil..

Menarek tertarek gitu.. And of course they let us to keep those.. Kalau tak cana gua leh snap pictures of it kan.. Reason why i say this becuase, upon registration, they took all our belongings.. They put one individual's items in a bag.. One person per plastic bag la kan.. Cemni.........

Dah macam felony kuar jail.. hikhikhik~ :) Right after the exam, i went straight to the library behind my house.. Borrowed few books for my assignments.. Teruja sungguh ngan my choices.. :p

Nak pinjam buku-buku yg PM Malaysia tulis aja.. Hahahhah~ Do enjoy this lyrics down here ok.. This song is my current fave song to listen to back to back..~

The stars lean down to kiss you
And I lie awake and miss you
Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere

'Cause I'll doze off safe and soundly
But I'll miss your arms around me
I'd send a postcard to you, dear
'Cause I wish you were here

I'll watch the night turn light-blue
But it's not the same without you
Because it takes two to whisper quietly

The silence isn't so bad
'Til I look at my hands and feel sad
'Cause the spaces between my fingers
Are right where yours fit perfectly

I'll find repose in new ways
Though I haven't slept in two days
'Cause cold nostalgia
Chills me to the bone

But drenched in vanilla twilight
I'll sit on the front porch all night
Waist-deep in thought because
When I think of you I don't feel so alone

I don't feel so alone, I don't feel so alone

As many times as I blink
I'll think of you tonight
I'll think of you tonight

When violet eyes get brighter
And heavy wings grow lighter
I'll taste the sky and feel alive again

And I'll forget the world that I knew
But I swear I won't forget you
Oh, if my voice could reach
Back through the past
I'd whisper in your ear
Oh darling, I wish you were here


Thank you all~

Friday, August 13, 2010

Saya punya orang - orang keliling yang awesome.. Dan kerana itulah saya mereka.. They are awesome.. They are great.. They are always going to be there whenever i need them.. They know how to make me feel good.. They are superb.. Thank you for giving me all the supports.. I appreciate.. :)

He was my jr back when i was still in Melaka for degree.. Now he is my senoir in MBA

My classmates during degree who now are my senior in MBA


Friends & blogger :)

Thank you people for the support... And to those who commented in my last post, i appreciate it too :) I feel better a bit.. Gained some new semangat.. Thank you all.. I everyone~

p/s: Activity print screen ini sangat syok.. Hahah.. Tepengaruh ngan assignments la ni ;p Since i like this print screening thingy, I shall tell u people a story about sumone who is super psycho.. Hehehhe~

Life is tough~

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Life is tough for everyone, in their own way. For me, my student life now is a real challenge. Never crossed my mind that student life would be this hard. My diploma years was fine.. My first degree was exhausting due to express program but not with workoads.. My second degree was an easy ride.. FUll time table but work, were still managable..

Now?? My mind is racing.. My breath is never enough.. I dont get to have enough sleep anymore and even if i do sleep, the mind is still wandering around.. Thinking where could i get all the sources.. How can i complete everything on time. My work pile is increasing no matter how hard i try to finish the tasks..

I wonder how can others be so relax even they knew the works given to us is as high as mountain.. Ke dorg dah siap sebenarnya?? Damn!! And i wont be around this weekend.. Im gonna be at British Council doing my thing this weeknd.. My exam to be exact.. Darn!! I need this weekend badly to settle my next week's work.. I have 5 aasignments to submit, perhaps 4 presentations, 2 tests and 2 quizes.. Such a perfect healthy happy life i have.. Thank you lecturers.. :( And yes, my 17 original assignments x gerak lagi ye.. Owh saya sangat happy blog!!

May GOD will always help me by giving me ideas, means and ways to settle everything.. Help me to understand everything so that i could do my task easier and quicker. Help me to sit exam and pass it with flying colors. Help me to stay calm so that i can stay focus.. Help me to be rationale at all time cos i dont need other things to pressure.. Help me to stay alert of my surrounding cos ill be needing in my papers. Help me to help myself.. Cos at this point no one can help me except for HIM and myself.. I am giving my 150% effort, so please dont let me down.. Becos i appreciate the opportunity given.. Not all can have a straight scholarship like i do... Please, help me GOD.. AMIN~


Salam Ramadhan

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Selamat berpuasa to all

Family: Alhamdulillah TUHAN beri kita setahun lagi peluang berpuasa sama. Nothing much different this year.. Same ol' same ol'.. Hope that we can enjoy this ramadhan (full blast) since raya the two siblings will not be around this year..~

In-law (family): I will make room for everyone this year.. Little siblings, Kak L did not get to spend time with everyone last year since it was my final year.. I already promised to ibu that i will spend a weekend for her and others. Either we all drive up to JB, or she will drive to KL.each & everyone of u!! I am glad that things are slowly getting better, except for one.. I will talk to abg on that.. But no guarantee~

Wan (granny in-law), i will go back to kuantan soon for ramadhan and eid.. Me and dice have been planning to go back since 2 months ago but we were really busy.. I miss your dishes wan.. u lots!!~

Besties: Puasa lagi kita tahun ni as 3 different individual.. Miss our good old days.. And to angie, this year would be your final year fasting as a bachelor :) Enjoy every moment of it ok~

Darling DICE:
This is our fourth year fasting together.. Its amazing sayang~ Thank you for everything.. Damn, you are one great boyfie of mine.. I u sayang~ Jom balik JB and kuantan!!~

My adik eyann, satahun genap adik pergi tinggal kan Kak L.. Selama setahun Kak L tak pernah lupakan adik.. Kak L rindu adik sangat. Semoga tenang lah adik di sana.. Kak L loves u so much.. Never will i forget u adik~

Setahun juga uncle nan tinggal kami sekeluarga.. aunty, alya and athirah dalam keadaan baek2 saja.. They still live in the same house.. Which in a way, i am glad because its in the same neighborhood.. In TTDI.. Miss u uncle.. I pray and hope that ull get all the peace u needed..

Al-Fatihah to both~

Friends: Kita puasa lagi.. I hope that we can gather and buka sama this year.. I missed lots of gatherings due to my work loads. I hope that i can join you people soon.. Already gave my words to angie and lee.. Cant wait to see my two diamonds soon.. I miss u lee, more than anything u could ever possibly imagine.. My darling, my dearest friend, my punching bag.. I u darling lee~ Its good to know that you are in KL already!!

Azam, this year is your first year of fasting in Abu Dhabi.. Away from your family, friends and ME!! ;p.. I miss u already.. I am sure Lee and Angie miss u too!! Be home quick.. And do grab me some awesome gadget~ I u azam~

Pulut panggang: my darling friend, my darling sister... I really really really want to see you.. Really hope that i have some spare time to be there with you.. I know how tough your life must has been.. Hang in there sayang.. you mucho!!~

People that were part of me:
Zack: Happy ramadhan to you.. Send my regards to mak.. Hope that u have read the message.. I am sorry i could not tell u directly because i do not have the heart to break your heart directly... AGAIN.. Thanx for everything.. Sorry for kept you waiting.. I have my reasons why and i do not think that i could i tell you.. Semoga awak berbahagia ya :p

Wak Kepal: There are tonnes of things that i want to ask.. That i want to say.. And i think i deserve for an explanation.. Though that, i decided to close the chapter of us.. I thank you for everything you did for me.. For everything you have sacrificed.. For every money and time spent... Appreciate every tiny thing and thank you for teaching me things that i do not think that i could learn from else where.. Hope that you are happy and doing fine~ U were and always be a part of me.. And for that, i u still despite everything that happened.. Unexplained.. Take care dear love~

Fellow readers:
Thank you so much for every support given~ Selamat berpuasa to all :)

So that is all..

Selamat berpuasa~!!


p/s: conclusion, i everyone ;p Because everyone is amazing in their own way!!~

Ever Thine... Ever Mine... Ever Ours...~

Sunday, August 8, 2010

We are so compatible,
Til you can always finish my sentence
We are so suitabe,
Til we cant see others
We are so into each others,
Til we always meet each others' expectations
We are so alike,
Til food ordering is not a problem to us
We are so have same interest,
Til what ever we do dont bothers each other.

You are my shine and rainbow
You are my misplaced puzzle
You are my sugar to my black coffee
You are my butter to my cake
You are my other half
You are my hero of all time
You are my knight
You are my Prince at the same time

With everything been said and done
I dedicate myself and life to you
Will always be by your side
To cheerish you
To obey you
To respect you
To love you

My love,
You are everything i need
You are everything i look for
You are indeed the perfect soul me
And i shall ask no more

My love,
I thank you for every tiny sacrifice you have made
I thank you for every detail you have contributed
I thank you for the warmth and love you have given me
I am blessed that HE has led me to you

My love,
Through thick and thin
Through happiness and sadness
Through any obstacles and joys
I will never be apart from you
As for all i am sure, you are going to act the same

I apprecaite everything
I had great time spent
I am looking for more

Happy 37th monthyversary
I ♥ u~

Third Letter

Though still in bed, my thoughts go out to you, my Immortal Beloved, now and then joyfully, then sadly, waiting to learn whether or not fate will hear us ...

Yes, I am resolved to wander so long away from you until I can fly to your arms and say that I am really at home with you, and can send my soul enwrapped in you into the land of spirits ...

No one else can ever possess my heart - never - never - Oh God, why must one be parted from one whom one so loves ... Your love makes me at once the happiest and the unhappiest of men ...

My angel, I have just been told that the mailcoach goes every day - therefore I must close at once so that you may receive the letter at once ...

Be calm - love me - today - yesterday - what tearful longings for you - you - you - my life - my all - farewell. Oh continue to love me - never misjudge the most faithful heart of your beloved.

Ever thine,

Ever mine,

Ever ours.

Amazing friday~

Friday, August 6, 2010

Owh saya sangat stress.. Ngape saya stress..?? Sebab saya duduk depan laptop dari pukul 8.00 pagi sampai sekarang buat asignment! Saya memang pelaja yang sangat rajen lagi dedikasi. Saya mahu type dalam inggeris pun saya sudah malas sebab dari pagi saya asyik type assignment dan journal dalam inggeris.. Saya anti inggeris buat masa ini.. :D

Ayuh kita imbas cerita semalam.. Semalam kelas saya sampai pukul 12tgh hari.. Saya saya telah mengstaykan diri saya di shah alam hingga pukul 8mlm.. Buat assignment account.. Yes ACCOUNT.. Sungguh unsangkarable betapa gigihnya saya berusaha buat assignment yangg tidak juga siap itu sampai sekarang..!!~

Owh blog, saya ada 8 assignments and 2 presentation minggu depan.. Hebat bukan!! Itu tidak campur dengan 17 assignment yang sedia ada.. Sangat murah hati bukan lecturers saya.. Memang saya aim anak2 mereka nanti... Muahahahhahahah!! Saya sudah berjaya siapkan 2 assignment BRM.. Assignment HRM is on the way.. Account tu, saya tolak ke tepi dulu.. Right after HRM, i am goint to touch my ECO.. Ini yang letih ni.. Nak kena guna TSP.. Sangat berapi ye blog!! Nyampah di tahap everest :(

Semalam ada subject OB.. Dr. Paw (Fauziah) sangat suka bg kami personality test.. Semalam buat test to identify what type of person are you; either type A or type B.. Daku type A.. I forgot the name of the test.. Second test pun sama juga.. To determine whether you are High-Mach or Low-Mach.. Daku High-Mach.. Buat dua test sebab nak tengok sama ada am i THE person or not.. High-Mach = Type A...

(Bahasa yang senang ditulis dan diingati oleh saya)
Type A and High-Mach ni macam orang yang perfectionist, high ambitious and focus. Kurang sikit nak emotional2 ni. Means if ada masalah besar macam mana sekali pun (yang touchy) macam death in family, accident, divorce, break up, orang ini akan still boleh buat kerja.. Selalu stress tapi the +ve stress, means those stress yang push die to move forward and takkan put their work and task on jeopardy!

Perghhh.. Memang sesuai la kan... Sila imbas entry2 lama ok.. My life was like a triple-looper roller coaster, tp saya naik stage bertitlekan fisrt class honor tu... Type A and High-Mach biasanya terdiri dari golongan managers ke atas, lawyers, doctors, businessmen... Dan saya sedang buat MBA.. Apakah maksud itu??? Jeng3~ Bukan riak or belagak, tp trying to prove the point.. :p Apa2 pun, saya bersyukur.. Berkat doa mamy ayah dan doa yang saya amalkan selepas solat dan sebelum belaja.. Alhamdulillah, doa hamba tuhan selalu makbulkan :)



FB freak at the moment~

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I currently is in love with my own FB account. Though sometimes i received messages from unknown asking for so many stupid questions about zeolord, but i dont mind. Those questions were stupid yet entertaining. I have not seen zeolord for 2 years, yet people still asked me about him. I wonder why they never asked his fiance.. We broke up 3 years and 4 months ago.. Then he had 2 gfs after me before he got stuck with this MAK TIRI of his aka his fiance (I did not gv the title ok, he did!!) Hahhahah~ .. Tu pun org still look for me to ask about him?? Gilor ke apa...

Also, been doing some catching up with uno melaka friend of mine. We were so freaking close for 2 months *bagai isi dan kuku... Bagai aur dengan tebing* before we decided to gave each other some space.. Kat mana ada DA, kat situ ada FZ.. KL? Melaka? PD?? Sure leh jumpa kitorg!! And now after 3 years, we started communicating again. Separation and distance did not affect our friendship.. Coolio..

Why we had to separate, let it be our stories to keep.. From my side, i was ok.. Completely ok.. But from my friend's side, the friend felt guilty for walking away.. But i understood the reason why and i feel fine and i forgive the friend :) Now we are building the foundation again.. Happy to have FZ again in my life.. Gossip about things is a must.. Hahahah~ :))

And yes, FLEA MARKET was fine. Was not really a complete success, tp bile ada untung itu kiranya bagus la kan.. Alhamdulillah :) I am not going to stop doing it. Cume tak boleh frequent. So my next Flea Market would be in November, during my semester break. I enjoy meeting my followers from blog and FB.. They were awesome and friendly. Appreciate them :)

I have million to do now and i just hope that i can handle and cope with everything. Insya ALLAH :)

To dearest mommy, i wish u a very happy birthday. Thanx for being in this world cos without u, i wont be around. I pray for ur wealth and health: cos i would be needing u for many more years from now :p I u thou u love to pick a fight with me or shud i say the other way around.. ahahha.. Guraw itu syok, kan mommy?? I experienced a lot with u except for one, we never had an actual fight like other mothers-daughters do, and becos of that i always say *gadoh macam dalam TV* whenever i heard stories from my friends about them having fights or arguments with their mothers.. Sometimes i wonder how it feels like, but most of the time i am thankful that i never experienced it.. And for that, i thank you for being the coolest and the most understanding mother! Happy birthday dear mommy :)