Awesome October :)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Saya sebenarnya sangat2 la buhsan sebab saya tiada keja yang perlu dilaksanakan.. Oh wait, that is a completely a lie..~ Here are some of the date lines i currently have.. Who knows i might receive more later on.. Here we goooo~

1/10 - research final exam (done)

4/10 - eco group presentation (done)
4/10 - submit eco individual assignment (done)

5/10 - submit + present research proposal (individual)(done)
5/10 - submit group final report mktg + presentation (1st half)(done)

6/10 - submit group final project acct (done)

7/10 - OB final exam (done)

11/10 - submit 8 individual assignments eco (done)

12/10 - submit group final report mktg + presentation (2half)(done)

14/10 - present OB group final project (done)
14/10 - submit individual case study mktg (done)

20/10 - HR final exam

21/10 - submit 12 OB individual assgnments (done)

25/10 - HR final presentation (done)

30/10 - acct final exam

1/11 - eco final exam

Those are the IMPORTANT dates that i have to remember.. Awesome kan! :) What else is new? I have been sick for 12 days.. Precisely. Yurp been sick since 19 sept 2010.. Include me, there 6 people aho are currently sick in my class.. Terbaekkk!!

Anyways, thats all for now.. About my previos entry, biar kan ia jadi satu misteeeeeerriiiiiii :p

Cheers people~



Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dengan berbekalkan angan-angan dan mat jenin serta awan-awan yang keluar dari kepala setiap kali berangan, dengan ini saya mengisytiharkan bahawa saya akan bertunang dengan seorang jejaka bernama faiz berbinkan anak dari keturunan adam.. Hahaha... Sama-samalah kita berdoa agar pertunangan ini tidak menjadi.. ;p

Hamik kaw!!

Breaking News Part2~

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another three more weeks, i will end my sem.. Then ill have six weeks of holiday.. Good news kan.. Jeleous tak? The bad news is, i just received another 11 fresh assignments today.. Therefore the total assigments i have now, with the due date is three weeks from now are thirty.. 30 ye tuan2 & puan2.. Awesome tahap dewa kan kan kan!! Saya dah xda rambut nak potong lagi ni.. Cemana ni wehy?? Haizzzz....~

Next, EZ agak keciwa dengan saya.. Not my fault ok. I told u *dont play2 by the fire* and *my words are sharper than any sword*.. Hah amek u.. Pedas tak? ;p.. Jap lagi i pujuk u ok.. Dah dah.. Jangan call mamy lagi.. Amboi!!

Last tuesday, there was a court case.. My friend against her father.. Remember about a friend of mine came over utk beraya? Yurp she is the one. How i wish she won the case but the trial has not taken place yet.. Darn it! Be strong babe.. GOD will hear ur prayer.. Relatives and close friends are here with you..~

Then, i just received uno news.. Nothing to do with me but this person was someone who used to be very important to me.. I wish everything will go smooth and well.. I dont think that i have any capability to help u.. But if u want to hang and let out what is inside, i am willing to listen..

Ok.. Now back to study!! Have HRM paper tmr.. Paper hari jumaat?? Sungguh tragis~

p/s: EZ... L minta maaf.. Jangan la marah lagi!! Buruk perangai la~


Breaking News~

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I cut my hair some more.. I loike it a lot. Been four year since the last time i chopped my hair off.. Dice has not seen it.. Even the picture. No one have seen it in real life yet as im on leave today. Got really sick. People who have seen the picture (i uploaded it on FB), majority of them love it. They said that i look younger.. Awwww.. But ada juga yang marah.. I dont know why they like my old hair so much. Dah la problem.. But trust me, shorter hair require more maintenance. Whatever it is, i love my new hair stylist, WAYNE!! And of course the new shampoo boy, DYLLAN.. :) Thanx boys.. Had a great time chit chatting with u ppl yesterday.. To my old hairstylist, william.. Ull be missed :p

This sing is one of my top five songs i listen back to back everyday!! Me love this song mucho~

Ku menatap dalam kelam.
Tiada yang bisa kulihat.
Selain hanya namaMu, ya Allah.

Esok ataukah nanti.
Ampuni semua salahku.
Lindungi aku dari.
Segala fitnah.

Kau tempatku meminta.
Kau beriku bahagia.
Jadikan aku selamanya.
HambaMu yang selalu bertaubat.

Ampuniku ya Allah.
Yang sering melupakanMu.
Saat Kau limpahkan karuniaMu.
Dalam sunyi aku bersujud.

p/s: U are indeed part of me.. U are indeed a important person in my life now..
p/s: The phone call received was a shocking news.. I have a new number now.. :)


Friday the 8 syawal

Friday, September 17, 2010

I started my day yesterday with sour face. Mana tak nya, buat assignment account from morning til 3pm. I was almost done when a classmate of mine msged me to inform me that Dr. has changed the instruction of doing the assignment.. 360 degrees changed plak tu.. Adoiyaii.. What i did was, i shut down my lappy, took elly out with me and belengkar in front of the telly..

I was watching ape ntah, when i received a phone call from my childhood friend.. Whoa.. Miss u much wani.. Her late mother was mamy's bestfriend. They were friends since they both were seven until she passed away in 2001. Kampung sama, sekolah sama, tempat kerja sama, tinggal pun selang berapa block je.. Cool kan.. After aunty zai passed away, the family went a bit chaotic.. Too dramatic, but im glad that my friend turn out to be pretty amazing girl.. Chewahh, cerita macam lama je tak jumpa minah ni when we did our degree at the very same faculty!! Kitorg pun sambung the mothers' legacy ok :p

Anyways, she came over yesterday.. We had uno long chit chat. Macam2 la die cerita.. Problematic.. Even so, she is still manage to laugh at her own mess.. Mamy felt sorry for her, tapi die cam tak de perasaan.. hehe.. What a strong girl she is.. Hang in there ok dearest.. You will be happy soon :)

After she left, me and parents went to USJ, brother's crib.. A small family function. Everyone was there, relatives were included.. It was awesome and the food was yummy.. Thanx for the yummy food.. And tonite, all of us will crash kakak's house.. Wonder what will she serves us tonite...;p

p/s: yeaterday was Dice's birthday.. And today is mine.. We both were born in the month of syawal.. Cool kan...?? I hope GOD will gives us endless blessings~ AMIN

p/s: gotta get back to do my assignment..


Idul 2010~

Monday, September 13, 2010

Selamat Idul Fitri
Maaf Zahir & Batin :)

Syawal 1:
Raya kali kami hanya tiga beranak saja. Abang and kakak pulang ke JB dan Taiping (rumah mertua masing2). Therefore, the celebration was quite simple and dull.. Oh well.. That is what we call, LIFE~

Mamy & Ayah~

After solat raya, we all went to kelana jaya.. Our kampung after johor (mummy's side).. Mamy's siblings gathered there.. Mamy ngah cooked nasik minyak + beriani daging + ayam masak merah... Beriani johor tu.. Sure it was awesome!! :)

3 pics above - anak + menantu + cucu2 mamyngah :)

After kelana jaya, its time to crash my crib pula. Everyone headed to my place (parent's place, of course~).. Here, we served ketupat + lodeh + rendang daging + sambal kacang + serunding kelapa + sambal tumis.. A combination of johor and melaka.. So agak penuh meja sikit juadahnya :)

Dig in~!!

Around 6pm, all of us drove off to melawati.. To my ucu's house. There, we had nasi beringin + ayam masak merah + lemang + rendang.. No pictures taken cause everyone already showered and tak pakai baju raya dah!! Burukxx :p

Syawal 2:
The same three families off to melaka.. To my granny's house (my dad's side).. Best kan.. Adik beradik mamy seme crash umah nenek belah ayah kite.. Hahah.. It happens every year.. :)

Mak ngah cooked awesome nasi bukhari + kurma ayam + sambal tetel and others that i dont know.. After my grandmother's house, we all went to my uncle's house.. Next door je.. :p

This is Acai.. Dice's best friend :)

Syawal 3:
Raya at muor :)There, we went to relatives house (kakak & adik mamy).. At both houses, we had laksa johor. It was yummy yum!! Been like 5 months since the last time i had it.. Terbaekkkk!!

On our way back to KL, we took Senawang exit. Went to lavender height, papachik's house.. Another adik of mummy.. Apart of raya dishes, papachik served durian!! Yeay.. Besh besh :)

Around 11pm, we all drove back to KL.. That was the end of the weekend.. Raya celebration shall be continued~

p/s: more pictures on FB.. :p


Final Eat Out Iftar~

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hello blog, Eid is just around the corner.. Its this friday. Most of my friends have gone back to their home town. One close friend is still working.. Will only be back in malaysia on the eid day itself. Haihhhh! My besties are at their home.. Pulut panggang will celebrate her raya at her house. Her siblings are coming back.. Untung dia :).. My siblings are already gone back to their mertua's.. Tinggala kita sorg2 with parents tercinta ♥. Angel will be going back to perak on 1st syawal. I plan to visit her before she leaves. Nantikan kemunculan aku okies~

Blog, im getting better. Not fully recovered, but atleast... boleh la.. To avoid from thinking continuously, i got myself busy.. I went out for iftar with my classmates. It was awesome. We played bowling for 3 hours before iftar. Everything went well. They put smiles on my face.. Though kita kalah, to them kita la juara.. Hehehhe.. Tq :)

Some of the fellas who joined bowling before iftar~

What i had for buka.. D'aim Cake :)

To kill time, we had photo session. Few more friends came and joined for iftar. It was great famalyish iftar.. Overall, we had fun.. I had a great time. Thank you fellas~

Right after berbuka, i excused myself. Had to rush home because dice was at home.. He had iftar with my parents.. Heheh.. Sorry yang.. Kite ajak syg, syg chose to stay at home with mamy & ayah.. u yang~

Dice and i went to do some baju raya hunting.. Dua2 baru nak cari. We have to buy together because we love to wear the same color.. This year, tema sama but color tak dpt cari yg sama.. Susah kalau sorg cerewet, sorang celik warna ni.. As usual, my baju kurung mesti simple.. Takleh ada sulam2 or manik2 yg heavy sbb nanti kita pakai sekali je.. So, this year's baju raya is more or less something similar to what i had last year.. Hahaha.. Dice picked it and i love it.

After baju raya hunting, we had coffee.. Moreh la kononnye.. :)

Syok nye mlm2 minum vanilla frep caramel :)

**Sugar donut is my fave donut.. Jgn bagi fancy2 donut, i dont eat them~

Around 9.45pm, we are already at home. We put on our baju and showed them to mamy & ayah.. Then the whole salam menyalam took place. He salam the parents and then i salam him.. The touchy-est part!! I never cry when it comes to salam him for eid. This is our fourth year together.. And i cried.. Like really cried. Parents left us alone, so lagi galak la saya menanges!

He left around 11pm.. He had to sleep early cos he had to catch his flight to JB at 7am, the next morning.. Have to be at the airport at 5am.. And today from JB, he drove to kuantan with ibu and siblings..~ Somehow, i wish he is still here in KL.. In this situation, i need him badly to stay close.. But i must understand which i do, he is not mine OFFICIALLY, hence he must be with his family..~ When he comes back, ill be gone by then.. Owh rindu nye pada kamu wahai dadu!!

Dikesempatan ini, saya ingin mengucapkan selamat hari raya, maaf zahir & batin to everyone who read this blog. Saya sangat beruntung da kawan2 (either on9 or not) yang sangat baek.. Semoga raya tahun ini lebih bermakna buat semua. Jangan lupe upload gambar raya ok :)

To my sayang:
Selamat hari raya b, Maaf zahir & batin. Kita banyak buat salah kat sayang.. Kita selalu buat sayang marah.. Kita da buat sayang disappointed thou u always deny it. I am not perfect and everybody knows that. I have my lackings and im trying to be better. I am no angel thou u always say that i am one.. U call me princess, u call me angel.. U call me wonderful names, yet i always hurt u..

Before sayang balik, sayang minta maaf kat kita.. I always forgive u no matter what u did.. Its just that, i could never forget any of it.. And neither do u.. U said, we should not forget the past because if we do, the tenderness to repeat is there. Which it is true. I am blessed to have u in my life. Regardless, i u with all my heart.

U would always support me.. Either the thing im about to do is good or not.. U let me do almost everything because u want me to learn life thru the hard way.. U let me fall but u would always be there to help me up. U stay close even u are miles away. U checked on me frequently without me noticing it. U keep me calm and warm only by using words..

For everything u have done, for everything u have sacrificed.. I am thankful that u are mine.. I you sayang.. Happy 38th monthliversary.. May this relationship stay strong till death do us apart~

Bunga Daisy :)


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Been gone about a week already.. Did not do anything much except for trying to be on track again. For those who knew, yes i am not doing well though i portrayed the other way around. Too much burden to bear.. Too many things happened at the same time. Too much tears i spent but still nothing solved.

In this week itself:
1. I deactivated my FB account.. Because i dont have the strenght to read other's happiness. But i activated it again because my frens said its not fair for me to deactivate it.. (which i think their statements yg tak berapa nak fair)

2. I spent more time on twitter cos i have less friends there, so i feel alot more comfy there..

3. I went iftar with my six girls from class.. An attempt by them to cheer me up.. It worked when i was with them but it stopped when i am home.

4. Went to settle my thing on the merdeka day.. But it did not work.. Tried everything i could but it did not work at all..

5. Went to settle it again last friday, still nothing changed. And therefore, i declare i gave up.

6. Since i got so fed up with almost everything, i went to MPH warehouse sale and i bought 4 books for rm55.00 only.. Awesome.. Bought dan brown-lost symbol (finally), Sidney sheldon's books and The Narnia collection (i finally have a copy of my own) :)

7. Last two friday, i got myself a haircut.. Not much.. Just 7inchs.. And i had another one yesterday... The latest one, i did it myself. See how miserable and stressed i am.. My hair is the one thing that i really take care of.. No one is allowed to touch my hair.. And i cut it myself yesterday when everyone was out.. When parents got home, they were quite shocked and kept on asking why did i cut my hair.. So, overall i cant go anywer this raya with this kind of hairdo (but i forgot, i still have two more days of classes).

8. I wished everyone Selamat Hari Raya.. And a friend of mine asked, why did i wish so soon.. And i said, i never knew when the raya is.. And i just wished.. But after did some checking, raya is this friday, so its juat around the corner.. (So takpe la kan kalau wish).. No wonder my mom is nagging at me when am i going to buy baju kurung.. See, i dont even have a pair of new baju kurung..

9. My IELTS result is out.. And i pass.. Alhamdulillah.. My Scholar from KPT is out too (for the first month only).. Alhamdulillah.. Now im just waiting for scholar from my uni.. Other than these two, i still hv others owe me few grand.. Ntah bile la mereka nak bayar.. Tak tau ke aku ni ngah sempit duit?? Hmmmmm.

10. The business.. Is really slow.. I did not do anything at all.. Did not do any new items... And did not even check the online business at all. Teruk kan.. Tuhan tutup sumber rezki baru tau.. Not that i dont want to.. Cume time constraint.. Nak buat assignment pun tak penahnye cukup masa...

I wish that people around me can stop asking me *WHY*.. I dont have the answer just yet. All i know is, i gave up on everything.. I just do what i have to do.. Other than that, im no longer interested. Pls do pray for my well being.. Thats all i am asking.. But its not a must pun..

Thank you~