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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ai wan tu tel a stori abaut maiself. Tumorrow is mai akaun fainal ekzam. De peper is going tu bi et 8 am. An ai heven komplit mai stadi yet bikos, not dat ai don wan tu bat bikos ai don no haw tu. Ai anderstan de words bat wen it kams tu ansering de kuestions, ai go blank.. (penat gile type macam ni.. i shud sallute my socalled sis inlaw for having high patience to write and type like most of the time..hebat~)

Anyways here are few things i did for the pass few days. Me and dice took my parents out for dinner last tuesday night.. They have this craving for ayam tergolek bergolek, so yeah, i treated them dinner.. It was nothing, not expensive at all.. Everyone enjoyed the meal, itu yang penting. The next day, which it was yesterday, i took them for brunch pula.. Just nearby.. In Mutiara Damansara.. Went to our "kampung" restaurant.. Kampung because the restaurant serves Muor food :) Again, my tummy got bloated.. Hahah~

Funny story was (funny ker??), as i got off from my car, i saw uno car.. Black Spectra... Perghhhhhh... Old memories came back yow.. Siapakah owner mobil tersebut? Beliaw adalah the makcik i always blabbed about.. The makcik who used to turn my life upside down.. The makcik that is about to turn to 3.2 next month.. The makcik who people said that is about getting married soon.. Yurp that makcik.. Tetibe rasa mcm nak jumpa je dia.. Lama kan tak jumpa.. Met her once last year.. Teka la kat mana?? She came over to my place.. Awesome bedawesome kan kan kan...

I recently when to her blog and read few negative comments to her post.. Her post was about how happy she is.. But people left comment like *U hurt too many people's feeling*, *what goes around comes around*.. Two days ago, i visited it again, she has removed everything.. Well, i dont like her that much, wrong.. I dont like her at all.. But it aint cool to leave comments like that.. I believe that everyone deserves to be happy and find happiness.. Its just that, perhaps shes doing it wrongly.. But then again, she did it wrongly for countless of times..

I just hope that she could really *find* herself back and start to think deeply about all the mistakes and wrong decisions made.. Mummy selalu ckp, *Kalau kita asyik ditimpa musibah or if things always go wrongly and really crash you down.. Muhasabah la diri...*. I crashed few times too, but alhamdulillah belum lagi sampai tahap crash benda yang sama berulang kali like her..

Ok, sambung cerita.. After me and parents had our brunch, we went to Tesco.. Parents did some grocery shopping.. Penuhkan cupboard and fridge with food for me, since they are leaving soon.. So i am gonna be alone for a month plus.. And as usual, mmg Dice la my *legal guardian*.. Urkk... Anyways, there was a book stall and they sell old stocks of books at really cheap price.. And, if you buy 5 books, ull get 1 free.. Awesome kan :) I paid RM106 for 6 books.. I finally have my twilight collection.. Mummy bising..*U have read that collection countless of times and u practically remember the lines..Apasal nak beli juga?*.. Owh mummy dear, this is what we call satisfaction and belagak bila ada duit lebih sikit.. Hahahha... So a complete set of Twilight and 2 books written by the great Nicholas Sparks.. Cant wait to read my books.. Bought 6 yesterday and 5 last month.. 11 books to keep me company while parents are gone.. Tak temasuk 8 DVD lagi.. Gonna buy more later on :)

And, i promise dice that i would start my work out again.. Im 50kg again.. Damn!! Huge problem ni.. He forced me to do weight last tuesday and sampai la ni tangan2 ku sakit amat2.. I'll start again next week, right afta i finish my papers..

Well blog.. That is all.. Gotta continue do some accounting exercise.. This semester managerial account and managerial economy analysis.. Next semester, managerial financial analysis and qualitative management (QMT).. Urkkk~ Have a great life ahead daisy...

Happy Weekend :)

Saya memang Macam Ni lah~

Saturday, October 23, 2010

As usual i still have assignments to do.. Have 7 more left and i already touched two of it.. So everything is gonna be fine. I get to get everything done on time Praise to ALLAH for that. Life as a student is fun except for the work load.. Mesti la fun kan when you have friends who are really supportive even if you are kilometres away from them.. Thank you girls for being so understanding.. I am saying this because everyone is in shah alam and i am the only one who is far from others. We get things done over the phone and emails just because they dont want me to travel.. And dah tu, dorang plak yang call.. Thanx a million babes all 6 of you mucho ;)

I dont have anything to type.. As all my creativity has drained out (as if la saya penah creative~) But still me wanna crapping something.. So im just gonna share a bit of myself here base on other people's judgement + my own confession ;p

1- Mereka kata saya ada perangai macam budak2 which means saya macam manja and oleh itu orang senang nak dekat dengan saya sebab saya jenis macam approachable. Mati hidup balik saya bangkang sebab saya rasa saya garang

2- Ada juga yang bekata saya macam budak2 in the sense of making decisions. Mereka kata saya tak fikir panjang.. Saya buat je then baru nak nyesal. Hello, i am a risk taker ok.. Baru la syok.. Apa barang play safe all the time, nanti tak da cerita yang boleh nak share ngan orang

3- Saya sangat suke minum milkshake and smoothie perisa pisang and yam which most people do not like.. Tho that, saya bejaya pengaruh seorang kawan saya untuk suke milkshake yam and she goes to johnny's almost every week because we can only find the milkshake there.. Kalau tau ada kat tempat laen, pls let me know ok ;p And banana juice/milkshake/smoothie has become my ex-bf favo drink.. When we were together, he refused to try.. Since 3 weeks ago, he drinks it on every friday and saturday afta futsal.. Hahahah.. Hamek kamoo~

4- My favo fruit to eat would be banana (of cos) and pineapple. When i was studying in melaka, my exbf (yg baru nak suka air pisang) called me pineapple.. And most of our close friends followed and the name remain until today.. Nasib panggel saya *pineapple* and not *nenas*.. hehehe~

5- I love cupcakes and that is not a secret.. I even blabbed about cupcakes before.. Recently i made friends on FB who make cupcakes.. Cupcakes die kemas.. Saya sangat tak sabar nak simpan.. Saya tak sanggup nak makan ;p

6- Saya suka dengar lagu but i do not really bother who the singers are.. But i have to admit that i love listening to Mariah Carey (thx to zeolord), Celine Dion, Katy Perry, Billy Talent, Paramore and Lady Gaga.. I realize that my playlist mesti penuh ngan lagu dorang ni.. Yang laen2 suka juga tapi setakat satu dua lagu je..

7- Saya suka sangat makan dan saya selalu ngaku saya suka makan ayam.. Tapi bile options of food are in front of me, tekak ni mesti teringen nak makan ikan.. Maka, saya memang confuse dengan diri sendiri.. Hahahah... I love anything with tuna, i love to eat sushi, i love assam laksa, i love ikan pari bakar, i love fish ball soup.. Maka bila saya makan ayam? Kat McD and nandos.. Kat KFC pun saya order nugget je.. Hikhikhik~ If western food pun i will order fish & chips or lamb.. Maka, conclusion nya adalah, ayam bukan utk saya..

8- Favo fast food saya def subway :) and popeye nye potato.. Laen2 saya tidak gemar~

9- Favo instant food saya would be maggi assam laksa and vono cream soup.. Thumbs up!! :)

10- I always fancy tiramisu cake and that is something only few people know. People always assume i am a big fan of cheese cake.. Sebenarnya tak.. So dont bother to pancing me with cheese cake.. Memang tak bejaya~

11- Saya hantu tgk TV.. Current favo channel would be Star World, Universal Channel and Warner Channel.. I love those channels because im so into comedy and a selected series.. Owh, i prefer BNTM rather than ANTM.. Becos british girls are fatter (hahahaha) and they have more dramas ;p

12- Latest interest would be beaded sandals.. Sangat suka bling2 sandals sekarang. Ntah mana datang ntah suka tu.. ;p

13- Books and movies are still in my top list.. I dont have to say much about that because it is not a secret.. :)

Conclusion, inilah saya.. Saya suka bazerkan masa type benda ni dr pergi makan walaupun perut saya sangat lapar.. :D

Hope tak da yang nyesal baca entry ni... Hahahahah~


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"I jiwa u and u raga i"
"U sentiasa ada dalam hati i.. Setiap ruang yang ada, hanya untuk u penuhi"
"I love u"

*wink* & *blushing* ;0

I can’t belive what you said to me
Last night when we were alone
You threw your hands up
Baby you gave up, you gave up

I can’t believe how you looked at me
With your James Dean glossy eyes
In your tight jeans with your long hair
And your cigarette stained lies

Could we fix you if you broke?
And is your punch line just a joke?

I’ll never talk again
Oh boy you’ve left me speechless
You’ve left me speechless, so speechless

I can’t believe how you slurred at me
With your half wired broken jaw
You popped my heart seams
On my bubble dreams, bubble dreams

I can’t believe how you looked at me
With your Johnnie Walker eyes
He’s gonna get you and after he’s through
There’s gonna be no love left to rye

And I know that it’s complicated
But I’m a loser in love
So baby raise a glass to mend
All the broken hearts
Of all my wrecked up friends

I’ll never talk again
Oh boy you’ve left me speechless
You’ve left me speechless so speechless

I’ll never love again,
Oh friend you’ve left me speechless
You’ve left me speechless, so speechless


And after all the drinks and bars that we’ve been to
Would you give it all up?
Could I give it all up for you?

And after all the boys and girls that we’ve been through
Would you give it all up?
Could you give it all up?

If I promise to you boy
That I’ll never talk again
And I’ll never love again
I’ll never write a song
Won’t even sing along

I’ll never love again
So speechless
You left me speechless, so speechless
Why you so speechless, so speechless?

Will you ever talk again?
Oh boy, why you so speechless?
You’ve left me speechless

Some men may follow me
But you choose “death and company”
Why you so speechless? Oh oh oh

The song above is my current favo song.. My ringtone, my alarm tone.. My whatever tone. It tells a bit of how my life now. Everything is kinda mixed. The present is leaving me.. The past and memory is visiting me.. I love the present but the past is kinda tempting.. Pheewwww.. I need a break.. A space of my own.. I really do~

Short Updates~

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I am deadly busy now. I have 12 assignments due this thursday and i have not start anything yet. Boy i am dead... Especially when i have final exam for HR a day before that. Lets do a quick recap

Saturday 9/10 - My day was full wif assignments. Got two main assignments done. What a relief!

Sunday 10/10 - A darling girl got married. I was at her house as early as 8am and went home around 6pm. See, how close we are ;p Plus Dice was the photographer, basically that was why i was there the whole day.. I was her pengapit.. Awwww~ Make-up - nikah - besanding - outdoor photoshoot.. I was really eshausted.. Lucky few frens of mine were wif me during the outdoor.. Klu tak kematu aku panas kering kat sawah tu ;p Overall i had fun wif my friends on that day.. :)

Thursday 14/10 - A big day.. Important day. I had two presentations on that day. Because we were so great (the class), we were invited to do the presentation in the business theater (we were not great, just too perasan) in front of professors from iran and some important people from the top managament of GBS. Amik kaw!! Plus there were cameras because they were doing some corporate video.. Jejaka2 and minah2 Iran nanti akan lihat & nampak muka2 kami :).. It went well. I was so nervous like 189%.. Damn.. Lucky us (my team), we did not get more than 3 comments... Phewwwww~

The second presentation was on trade area analysis.. That one was conducted in the class.. Thank GOD.. In preparing for this presentation, it stole our sleeps, eats and rest... Again, everything went smoothly.. But i dont know how the feedback will turn out to be~

Friday 15/10 - My car got sick. The mechanic came over and took my car away. He left his motorbike here.. Ape aku nak buat eh? :p Anyways, i wont be getting my car back til this tuesday, see how tenat the car is :(( Thank GOD i dont have classes..

Saturday 16/10 - There was a kenduri at my aunt's place. Of course Dice was there.. I didnt invite him, the cousin did ;p Damn it was a surprise. I was shock to see him there.. Sedang2 aku membuat perangai tak senonoh, ku pusing je belakang nampak die tgh tengok.. Hehheheh~ And the family my shock + embarrass face... Damn! Anyway, the kenduri was fine and happy until when my uncle's family was leaving. All mummy's siblings are going for haj this year.. And my uncle was suppose to go along but he cant go because of his health condition and he is schedule for a surgery next month. So yesterday everyone was crying because:
1- He is sick
2- He is not joining others
3- Yesterday was the last time they (the siblings) met.. Because of his condition, he needs rest.. Completely.. Hence, he wud not able to send others at KJ..

That was all.. The update is not short after all~

Good Sunday everyone~

p/s: Happy belated birthday nephews!! Zafran + Akmal + Hadiy~


Last minute~

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Been abondon mostly everything lately. I am just too focussing on getting my assignments done. The fever is finally gone.. Cough just little bit more. The one thing that seems like never want to leave me alone is my MIGRANE.. Panadol is my soulmate now. I take those everywhere i go. Makan dalam kelas, and 15mins later, i zzzzzzzzzzz... Yurp saya memang kalah dengan ubat because my blood is too clean.. I consume medc only when i really need them, or else i rather be lying *dead* and grumpy..

Assignments? Getting there.. Still doing them like i have no betetr things to do. I am tired.. I am freaking knackered. Totally exhausted.. I used three different words there.. That shows how bloody freaking bapak penatnya saya~ Even so, i am glad i have wonderful circle of friends, the trouble girls.. They know perfectly how to calm me down.. Actually, we calm each other's. We perfectly know how to entertain ourselves though those entertainment requires tonnes of cash.. Bile tengah stress with workloads, buat benda sekejap tp kuar duit yg banyak pun tak da sapa kesah.. None of us complaint about having to spend as long as we can maintain the smile on our faces :)

Equation: Spending = Therapy :)

I need vacation badly but mom refuse to provide me tickets this time. She asked me to buy the tickets by myself.. Urgghhhhh.. Since i have to buy by myself and of cos pocket money pun dr pocket sendri, i chose BORNEO as my location.. Thinking of going to Damai, Kuching again.. Or perhaps to Mabul Island.. Parents allow me to go alone but Dice does not approve the idea.. Haizzzz... I need to be far from anyone i know.. I need to be alone..!!~

Saya Sangat Penat!!
ps: will visit other blogs when i have so much time to kill.. no heart feeling ok~



Heart Attack News~

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I just found out that the old bitch is getting married pretty soon.. Urm, should i believe it or should not i? I am not saying that she cant get married especially when she is like 3.2 already.. But, i find it hard to believe. I think she just date this fella for few months but already talking about marrying him? She gotta be kidding.. Plus, i heard that she is gonna be the second wife.. Oh oh... Whoaaa~

Anyways, if its true, i hope that things will work out pretty well for u, him and her.. I guess, stealing someone's BF then someone's fiance and now someone's husband is just ur main speacialty.. You must be proud with your achievement, right? You should include that in ur CV.. ;p

That is all.. I am still doing my assignments.. In two days, i finised 7 assignments.. Awww... I think i am awesome.. Tapi ntah betul ntah tidak pun tak taw la.. ;p