Breakfast with the girls~

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A day before i went to Singapore, I had an awesome breakfast with the girls.. My degree classmates.. Well, it was a brunch actually.. We went to Ayam Penyet.. First time makan kat situ.. Was not that bad. I'll go again soon.. :) Enjoy some pictures ya~

I wanna seat there on my next visit~

Iza & I

Me & Nena~

Nena darla~

Our drinks [tea + strawberry blended + avocado]

Shopping "dessert" after the main course ;p

Sotong Gula.. Yummy~!!

Choc.. Wanted it, but did not buy it~

At this very moment, i am not feeling well. Too much to face and take within a short period of time. I cant absorb too many bad and heartache incidents at the same time. Besties are away.. But thank God i have Iza and Nena around.. They are taking me out tomorrow for NGANGKUNG ;p.. Heheheh~ And today's activity would be, out with Dice's adik~

Til then..

Daisi Allie

Singapore Trip Part Two~

Friday, November 26, 2010

Tengok previous entry first before u read this entry okies :)

Ikut plan asal, day three ni tak sepatutnya wujud. But, my cousin was very clever one. She said, lets enter Singapore and eat ice cream then straight go home.. We bought it.. Haa.. Hamek kau.. Masuk pagi, tengah malam baru keluar singapore.. Heheheh~ But it was worth it :)

Overall, i had a good time.. We will be heading to Pangkor real soon.. Tapi depends la kalau mereka2 ni dapat cuti...

Take care readers..
Have a good weekend~

DaisyAllie :)

Singapore Trip~

Hello blog. I am back.. I went to singapore last sunday until wednesday early morning. We drove from KL to to singapore. Went there with cousins.. Holiday cum Shopping cum Visiting some relatives ;p We had a great time there. Cousin's GF volunteered to be our tourist guide.. Oh well, next week we'll be her tourist guide pula.. Thanx so much ferd~

My must bring items.. My whitey bear, given to me by dice.. Nak bawa Elly cam besar sangat. My Ray Ban shades, not the one given by Dice.. Sebab yang tu dah patah.. Thanx to myself ;p and lastly my phone with the navigator on.. We depended on the GPS.. Padan muka, sapa suruh lapan tahun tak balik Singapore ;p

This picture was taken at my aunt's house. Clementi Avenue 2.. Not a big house but she has a big telly.. Heheh.. She served alot of food, sampai dah tak bejaya nak bejalan.. Murtabak Singapore menu yang sangat penting.. It was fabulous yummy :)

Those pictures above were taken on our first day and night there.. Sorry to disappoint who ever read this blog.. My photography skill is VER BAD.. And again, dice made fun of it.. Dia cakap i did not listen when he teached me.. Which i did, cuma bila dah sampai KL, baru ter'recall'.. Heheh.. Sorry...~

DAY TWO~I ditched my two cousins sebab mereka meleceh. Went to Orchard Road with my another cousin, Zaroy with his family and my second cousin, abg yus and family. I did not snap too many pictures because i forgot to charge my camera. Day two was mainly shopping day.. From Orchard Rd to Bigus Village :)

We had our lunch at Swenson at ION Mall.. Yummy~ Thanx Abg Yus for the treat :)

Again, no good pictures taken.. Sorry~

Day three pictures will be in the next post :)

I had a great time with cousins.. Thank you boys.. I ♥ each and everyone of you~


My Short Trip~!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

I went back to Melaka yesterday. Visited my grandmother and aunties. After the visit session, i decided to become a tourist. I went to A Famosa.. The last time i went there when i was 6yrs old (i guess).. After the A Famosa, i went to Klebang, to find the famous drink.. Then drove back to KL straight... Ikut kampung route.. Agak jauh sikit, tapi suka.. Nice view.. Mase kerja dulu, the driver selalu ikut jalan tu, tapi selalu lalu either after subuh or after midnight.. So tak pernah tau jalan tu rupe macam mana..

So here are some pictures taken by me. Hahaha.. Dice commented it.. Hahah.. Well, hunn.. Could you pls set your expectation lower a bit ;p

Drink of the day.. Iced Blended Coconut Shake~

Where you can find this iced blended. Look for this sign.. From city center heading to Klebang (beach route).. One simpang away from Pulau Gadong..

Iced Blended Coconut Shake at Klebang.. When i was still studying at Melaka, this place/business was not set up yet. A friend of mine told me about this drink about a month plus ago. So, i looked for it yesterday.. The que was extremely long, but it was worth to wait :) Price? Is appropriate... I had Special Iced Blended Coconut Shake and the difference between special and not is, they put extra ice cream.. That is all.. :)

I am heading to JB and Singapore soon, kena balik kampung mamy pula.. Will upload more pictures... Texted my parents about what i have been doing.. Mamy cakap, "Amboi, rancak ye.. Buat BBQ la.. Pergi Sunway Lagoon la.. Tengok lembu sembelih la.. Balik Melaka la..".. Heheh.. ANd in a week, i spent few thousands already.. Masak aku ;p

Take care everyone.. :)

Daisy Allie