Friday, December 17, 2010

Sumpah, dugaan kali ni paling dahsyat.
Sabar ku betul2 diuji..
Semua rasie terbongkar dalam masa sejam..
Semua persoalan yang aku da selama bebulan tejawab akhirnya..
I hv been asking myself for months..
Been wondering why i have all these feelings..
I thought i was ready to find the answers
But when i finally found out the answers, i was crashed really bad..

Whatever i am facing now is really hard to be expressed in words..
I have no one to turn to..
The people i spent my days lately would be Lu Luy and her BF..
Lu Luy is dice's adik..
Lu Luy and Cher were there for me..
They really helped me alot..
They listened to my stories
They calmed me when i was in tears..
They supported me really hard, something that i nvr expected from Lu Luy..

This time, Lu Luy was and is there for me..
Yesterday, i was with Lu Luy, Ali and Dice.
All of us cramped out.. Not knowing what to do..
Ali sat next to me with his guitar and played a song for me..
I was crying really bad on Lu Luy's bed..

And Ali will text me every now and then to ask how am i doing..
Last night the youngest adik, Alya came back to KL and she called me just now..
Wanting to see me..
This is the moment where i should not be too close to them..

Kalau selama ni kite sgt yakin sabar kite menggunung tingginya,
Trust me, now sabar kite dah habis limit..
But theres nothing i could do, besides sabar and hopefully id finally find my way out..
This is too much to bear..
I never see it coming..
I am so crashed and burnt..
Part of me is really dead...~

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