Kill 2 birds with 1 stone~

Saturday, December 11, 2010

10 December 2010

Yesterday was my parents anniversary day. They have been married for 39 years. How awesome is that. I wished them through sms yesterday. Will be seeing them in three days. Great.. :) So parents, Happy Anniversary to both. I am a happy daughter for having two great people in my life~ Love you both..

Another thing that took place yesterday was, my result was out yesterday. The uni emailed me the result.. Hurmmmm... I didn't target a DL this sem and of course i didn't get one. Frustrated but i didn't "meraung" cos ayah is not around to hug me (but i still cried abit). I could still remember how bad i cried when i didn't get 3.80 in my final sem during my degree.. It was so freaking close. Damn! I really need to perform well next semester.. Need to read alot and gather as much information as possible...~

11 December 2010
Today is ayah's birthday. I wished him through sms.. What else can i do, right? He replied and said few words.. I didn't get him anything. My mind is too blank.. I planned to take him and mamy out for a yamcha.. Any place they prefer.. I think they will appreciate that.. So, happy birthday ayah..

Ur last and the most naughty daughter~


  1. ooo...jgn la sedey sgt..sabaq k...x lame lg diorg nk balik dah...

  2. happy anniversary to your parents, and happy belated birthday to your father...

    Semoga panjang umur, dipermudahkan rezeki dan berada dalam rahmat dan lindungan Allah selalu... Aminnnn... :D :D

  3. angel:

    perghhh aku sedih sbb benda laen.. like hell, i wish i can stop crying.. rasa mcm penat lelah aku tak berbaloi.. tense amat2~

  4. happy annv to ur parents and happy birthday to ur dad..emm, make it belated ye darl..

    wishing them all the health, wealth and happiness for the coming years..

    *bila nanges, peluk daddy ye?anak ayah ni..heheh

  5. duckness:

    tq tq tq...
    ahahah...memang peluk ayah.. sebab out of 25 yrs of living, baru 3 tahun jer duduk sebumbung ngan ayah.. so im kinda trying to keep up and create memories with him :)

  6. well, time wait for no one..sila create banyak2 memori indah k..

  7. duckness:

    akan..and just now, i had a loooong chitchat wif the parents :)