Perut ku sehat tanpa makanan~

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Eating disorders often occur as a result of deeper emotional and psychological problems, whereby controlling food intake through overeating or under eating is used as a coping mechanism for feelings such as stress, anxiety, depression, sadness, anger or other difficult emotions.

Body image distortion/negative body image and low self-esteem are strongly implicated as other causes of eating disorders.

Other causes to consider are physiological in nature. It is possible that some people have a genetic predisposition for developing eating disorders, or that eating disorders are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. It has also been suggested that dieting is a slippery slope to an eating disorder.

Signs of Eating Disorder
•Obsession with body weight / being overweight
•Only eating certain types of food
•Picking at food
•Use of the bathroom immediately after eating
•Making excuses not to eat at meal times
•Rapid fluctuations in weight (weight loss or weight gain)
•Mood swings
•Excessive use of exercise

Urm.. I am kinda having this kind of problem. I dont eat much lately. I always eat less than others but never up to one point that i never eat at all.. I have skipped my proper meal for the past two weeks and i still feel fine.. Alhamdulillah.. I know what caused it and reading at the signs, yurp i have some of those.. Like only eat certain type of food, picking on food, making excuse not to eat at meal time and also i tend to use the toilet immediately after i consume any dairy liquid which i never had the problem before..

Though i skipped meals, yet my weight is maintained but i lost 3inches.. Mumy asked me to buy new jeans as she said and i quote "Awak macam pakai seluar pinjam".. Hahaha.. So now lately, i only wear my extra skinny jeans.. If before i have to wear those extra skinny jeans with some long shirt, now.. Tidak lagi..

I tried to eat yesterday.. The food was yummy.. But minutes after lunch, i started to feel unease in my tummy.. Macam pedih jer.. Grrrr... Memang xnak makan lagi la kan.. Why must i eat if it only going to cause me stomach pain?? Haihhh... If two weeks ago, i didnt touch any food or liquid (til dice thought i fainted once, when i was not at home pun during he screamed my name outside of the house), now i started to drink my 3 in 1 cereal.. Better than nothing kan?? Im healthier this way..

So parents, bestfriends, dice and ez.. Please dont worry much ok.. I am doing ok.. I still can walk, jog and do my regular activities.. Thank you for ur concerns.. Nanti when i start to eat again, u ppl will going to see how rakus i can be ;p

p/s: Happy Boxing Day people.. If only theres a boxing day here in malaysia.. At least in KL~



  1. worried bout u babe..plz eat regularly k..dont want you catch any poblems with ur perut cumel..*wink

  2. biasalah kalau dah lama tak makan, tetiba nak makan berat, perut memang akan meragam sket... start lightly, janji perut tu terisi... 3 in 1 cereal is a good start... work your way up sampai buleh terima balik makanan berat cam nasik... kalu paksa-paksa, it'll become worse, trust me, i've been through it... :D :D

  3. duckness and shay shah:

    tq sisters :)
    now that i am eating regularly (sorta), i lost 2kgs pulak.. adoi.. ahahha~
    but i gained one inch back..

    cam hape je la badan aku nih ;0