Saturday with the so-called siblings :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Yesterday i spent the whole day with Lu Luy, Amoy and Cher.. We didnt do much.. Melalak, picture snapping and video recording.. Makan makan makan.. And fetched ibu. Basically yesterday i spent the whole day with my ex's family.. Weird tak?? Hahaha.. Dice was at Putrajaya with ayah, so i took over his job sekejap.. Jage adik2 and ibu.. Tu je..

Here are some of their pictures~

Mereka ber'jamming' bersama2.. From top, Lu Luy with the base, Cher with the guitar and he was the singer.. And lastly, my adorable Amoy with the drum. She plays drum now.. Hebat.. Me is super proud of u Amoy.. And i ♥ all three of them plus Ali who is currently at Penang represent KL, and im proud of Ali too~ *hugssss*


When was the last time i posted a song lyric? Been ages, am i right. So i was in the car with Lu Luy and Amoy waiting for Ibu finishing her meeting. We were listening to Dato's CD. Sang our lungs out. And then Lu Luy said this song suits me best for what i have gone thru before and sorta what im currently going thru now... Partly.. So, read the lyric ya..~
Dulu, Kau Pernah Berjanji Pada Diriku
Untuk Menjaga Dan Menyayangiku
Itu Bererti Sampai Akhirnya
Kau Meninggalkanku

Kini, Kau Ingin Kembali Pada Hatiku
Setelah Kau Pergi Meninggalkanku
Haruskah Hati
Memberi Kesempatan Dirimu

Haruskah Aku Percaya
Segala Yang Kau Ucapkan
Kata Kata Maafmu, Kata Kata Memohon
Untuk Kembali Kepadaku

Meski Cintaku Padamu
Lebih Dari Yang Kau Tahu
Namun Mengerti Kasih
Tak Semudahnya Itu
Melupakan Yang Telah Kau Lakukan Padaku

Beri Aku Waktu
Untuk Memikirkan Yang Terbaik
Cinta Jadi Dilema
Pergi Ataupun Kembali

That was how i spent my day yesterday.. And ill be seeing them again tomorrow.. Happy weekend people :)



  1. yupp..a happy weekend indeed..but the weekdays, urmmm.. i dont like..

  2. weekend = terbarai dpn tv, golek2 bersuka ria..

    weekdays = duduk atas kusi, mengadap komputer n baca jurnal..

    DARL, IT'S NOT THE SAME..uhuks uhuks,.,

  3. Eh, ex-bf? Tapi a couple of entries back kata can't wait to be Mrs. Dice?

    Dang... Ai ada sikit feninss~~ Hohohoh :D :D

    Anyways, glad that you have a good weekend...

  4. duckness:

    ooo...tapi its the same for me.. at least until 3jan2011 LOL..

  5. syah shah:

    tu la.. dah kater..its complicated..
    almost a month broken up already.. break, but he poposed..??? jgn kate korang, kite n dice sendri pun blur...