Friday, December 3, 2010

WARNING: This entry might be a bit long..~!!!

Life is pretty sucks and it gets suckier everday. Am i complaining about it? Yes i am because i am so freaking tired of trying to make things right but the more i try, suckier it will get. Before everything got so mess up, i did spent few days in the theater with my girl friends.. Thanx babes.. Just what i needed~

I watched the movie above with izza.. Her treat. She said i needed a break and that was why she took me for the movie. The movie is amazing. The experience of watching it was priceless.. First five minutes was slow and "silent" but as you reached the sixth minutes, you would wish that you'd never blink.. At least me and izza thought so. Watch it if you are into action.. No regrets :)

Then i watched Harry Potter Book 7 Part One with angel last saturday.. She stayed over for the weekend.. We were suppose to attend a friend's wedding but we did not.. Not that we did not want to... It was a funny story actually.. But lets just skip that part.. Anyways, at first i refused to watch this movie because book 6 movie was really slow and such a heart breaking movie. I hated it so much.. But since angel was determine to watch it and i know eventually i would force dice to watch it with me, so i agreed.. Plus we did not have any wedding to attend to.. The movie was slow but waaaaayyyyy faster than the previous one. Overall, i like the movie and i recommend people who watched movie one until six to watch it.. Alang2 dah start, baek habis kan... :)

On 23 nov, nena was suppose to go back to Hull and everyone thought that she already did.. but on the 25nov, she texted me... "Babe, jom tengok Ngangkung!" And i was like, "What?? What?? U kat Malaysia lagi ke??" She said yes and i said "Ha'ah.. Kerja kau duk kayakan Emirates jer.. Dari 18 tukar ticket jadi 23.. And now tukar ticket lagi jadi 12dec.. Tak yah balik la.. Bukan da sapa2 pun kat sana".. Dalam kata tak payah pun, me and izza suh gak dia balik sebab we need her place to crash next summer :) heheheh...

So, me, nena and izza watched Ngangkung last wednesday. Izza ponteng kerja for us.. Hahah.. Thanx babe~ It was funny but not too funny as others commented it.. But of course lebih berbaloi tengok cerita tu than any other movie where Senario or SaifulAhPek in it.. And watching Malay Comedy Movie kat wayang sangat annoying ok.. Bile ada HP bunyi, audience make it such a big deal.. Phone tu bunyi tak sampai 2 saat, but orang2 memekak maki almost a minute.. Seriously, itu sangat2 annoying and sangat kekampungan.. (No offence), Tapi itu adalah hakikat!! And bile a double meaning scene, they cheered like it was such a huge deal.. Hello, grow up a bit please..!!

Last movie watched was Rapunzel. Watched it yesterday with dice.. Ha'ah... The movie was REALLY funny.. Funnier than that Ngangkung.. Its a must watch movie..!! Movie was great the whole experience of going out yesterday was not really good.. The tense between me and him was too obvious.. I really hope that we'll get things ok again.. Biggest fight of all we had.. *sigh*.. Anyways, watch this movie ok!! :)

This weekend i'll be monitoring my niece.. She'll be staying at my place this weekend.. And we plan to watch Social Network together. It will be fun.. This movie is next on my list.. View the trailer ok~ :)

Next in my list would be Morning Glory Movie. Watch the trailer on the screen while waiting for Unstoppable to start.. I think the movie is a simple and relax movie with Harrison Ford in it.. Then few nights ago i watched the making of the movie and i got more excited :)

Do you like the trailer? I hope you do :) I dont know when the movie will be shown here in Malaysia.. I hope it would be real soon!! :)

And there two more movies coming up next year, Summer next year.. Disney's movies~

Cant wait :)

So, apart from going here and there taking a short trip and vacation, i spent my days watching movie at the theater.. And DVDs.. Perghhh.. Banyak gile kite tengok.. And plus minus i have 12 more dvds to watch.. Books?? I just manage to finish only one book.. Hahahha... And today, i have to finish some paper work requested by my old employer.. Yup.. They still give me tasks to do.. Haihhhhh~

Next update would be,

I deactivated my FB Account!! But dont worry, for temp only cause i have to be back because that is how i get connected with my friends.. Its free.. SMS kena bayar ;p.. I just need this break until i feel stable and relief again..~

That is all.. Updates about me.. :)

p/s: parents will be back in 12 days.. Cant wait :)



  1. I thought I did comment on this... Tapi mungkin jugak I only commented on my head, dan lupa nak taip... Hahahahah :P :P

    Anywayssss... I am so revved up nak tengok Rapunzel, HP, Cars 2 & Kungfu Panda 2 after reading this. Hohohohohoh :D :D :D

  2. on sunday. hantu mak limah balik rumah..haha

    p/s : nice template. :-)

  3. syah shah:

    heheeh... Yeke?? Pegi tgk ok... Xnyesa.... :)

  4. uglypooh:

    hahaha...kite pun nak tgk tu juga...cite kelaka :)
    but me wanna watch narnia first...

  5. Rapunzel mgu ini..huhu..harap2 sempat..nway, kne beli tiket awal2 sbb school olidez..

  6. duckness:

    rapunzel best taw.. kelakar.. worth to watch :D

    have fun sayang~