Walala walala~

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tak pernah ku begini tak gembira
Oh..pasang surut yang tak aku jangka
Oh..apa yang dalam genggamanku
Tak dapat ku sentuh..

Walau kalanya ku takut mati
Oh dalam perasaan ku tak peduli
Terang menyala bara di dalam hati
Jantungku terhenti..
Dan lelah ku cari tetap ku mencari
Masihkah ada tempatku bagai dulu

Desakan ini memaksa ku pergi
Biar mati pun takkan berani
Ku datang kembali
Paranoia buat ku mengerti
Kerna cukup sudah cukup sudah
Apa yang telah kau beri..

Oh berputar belit paksi gelung waktu
Jauh mengejar tapi tak kau tunggu
Oh berjalan cakera mindaku kini dibelenggu
Sememangnya tiada yang sempurna
Oh tak pernah pula ku harapkannya
Oh jelaslah kau bukan untukku
Ku bukan untukmu...

Few more days to new year and then school begins on monday. Wow.. Am i up to it? Am i ready for it? Ready or not, that is what i have to go thru.

I had a long texting session wif dice last night. He told me couple stuffs which if he is telling me the truth, then i'll pray for him.. But he didn't, then.. Ntah~..

Ibu is not doing so well.. So uncle took her to the hospital last sunday and basically found nothing is wrong with her. She is just tired as she has been driving up and down quite alot lately.. And others are too private to be explained here. Dice drove her back to JB last monday..

I was at dice's house last monday.. Said good bye to ibu, amoi and dice.. Salam2 peluk2 semua.. Then as usual, ku duk umah tu jage adik2.. After maghrib i went back and went there again the next day (semlm).. I didnt go there today as lu luy's boyfie is coming back to KL.. Maka service bertukar tangan..

Plus, i dont see why i should be there anymore.. At least at the moment.. It is true that me and dice are still in good terms, but that is it la..Cume, with whatever dice told me last night, my responsibility to jage the kids maken tinggi. I have given my words to him that i would monitor them and betulkan apa yang salah.. But then again, i am not sure what he told me tu betul ke tak..

All i can say, hunn.. My prayers are always be with you. Things are rough now and there is no easy way out or short cuts. Work it out now ok darling.. I love u, regardless.. And ibu, do take care.. The kids are in good terms.. Uncle and ayah are in KL.. Dont u worried too much about them.. At the moment, they are working hard practicing and training for the race..

Happy New Year Everyone.. And as usual, i wont be celebrating it~


p/s: song above is lu luy's boyfie's band's song.. The boyfie sorta do the arrangement.. A song that suit me and Dice, technically.. And dice always jam that song :)


  1. happy new year babe!!

    may things be clearer for us this coming year..

  2. duckness:

    happy new year darling..
    AMIN :)