Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ok, life has been pretty busy lately with presentations, submition of assignments and test.. And also catching up with friends plus sleep.. Been neglecting my lappy and internet for so long.. Sampai tak jumpa charger lappy :))..

It was Vday rite and of course i did not celebrate it.. Never did except when i was with uz ages ago (zaman muda remaja, ahax).. Uz kalau tak Vday pun memang every week bagi roses and chocs pun.. Haihh.. Anyway thou i did not celebrate it, i received lots of messages from kaum adam.. So i found out few things.. Syok rupenye bile single ni, ramai hantar resume and proposal and made confessions.. :) Thanx boys, appreciate but at the moment i am happy spending my time with bed and friends... And with Mr. Z once awhile if he is in KL *ngee* Sorry~

And on this date juga kan, the irannian lady i blabbed about did something to my friend. If u know the irannian and if u know my friend's character, benda ni memang jadi cite lawak abesh.. Even until today, we still laugh about it.. Basically anything related to this iran lady, we would be angry at firts, but laugh out loud dats later.. ahahah~

My firends memang selalu masuk lambat. Tapi pagi Vday tu diorg n myself lambat about 10mins sbb bus from padang kawad to fac lembss sangat..

So they said this to me "Daisy, kalau ko pun lambat, sapa book tempat??"..

Then fary trus jawab, "Tak pe, tuttt kan dlm bus ni juga. Selagi tuuttt lambat, tempat kita safe. Dia yang selalu curi tempat org kan.."

So we walked into class proudly, sekali minah tu dah sampai dalam kelas and was looking for seat. Everyone dapat la seat masing2, thank GOD.. Tapi si fary plak tetibe nak swap her chair with my friend (dia tak dtg sebab MC).. Slow motion dengan adap sopan (fary ni ganas sikit) dia bawa kerusi die pergi tempat ainaa, bawa keluar kerusi ainaa slow2 tanpa bunyi nak tolak kerusi die kat tempat ainaa dengan sopan tertib abesh.. Die pusing je belakang nak amek kerusi ainaa, si tuutttt tu trus amek kerusi tu and duduk kat tmpt tutttt...

Mata fary terus membuntang tebeliak.. Syaq and nissa terus gelak tak brenti.. Ain sbb takut fary pegi marah minah tu trus cakap "fary, kat depan ada kerusi lagi".. Fary jawab "Haihhh.. Pagi isnin ni!! Kelas tak start lgi ni!! Subject finance pulak tu!! Hari ni Valentine kot, lagi nak bagi aku marah!!" Kalau lah betul fary g attack minah tu, ibarat Mila Jirin pegi attack Adibah Noor.. Cemana rupenye?? Hahhahah~ Minah tu muka tak da rase besalah LANGSUNG tau.. Angen je fary!!~

Seriously, the irannian girl got issue. Yesterday lunch time, i just found out that she actually went to one of our lecturers (CB lect) and told her that we ignored her and we dont want to be friends with her.. How crap is that? Which it is entirely true but go figure why!! Panas je telinga dengar... Then during CB class yesterday (evening class), she told the lecturer that she did not want to work with her group members.. Then tepakse pecah group die.. So the lecturer asked her which group that she wanted to join and she picked my group! Of all groups!! She picked mine which consists of me, fary and harry..

Harry bengang gile sebab harry and her memang dah satu group for finance and harry almost kill her.. Why would she wants to be in a group with me? She knows i hate her, she knows harry lost his temper at her during finance and she knows fary ignored her to the fullest ever since Vday incident.. Apasal la dia nak juga masuk sini? Dah abes pk ke belum? Haihhhh!

Do pray that we dont torture her much or we dont be tortured by her.. We try our best not to have any interaction with her, not because dont want to be friends with her but because we dont want to be VERY direct with her.. She is a foreigner, tak nak la nnt dia balik iran dia ckp org mesia ni jahat.. Also because she is 5 years older than us, so we TRY to respect her.. Haihhhh~

Til then..


Maulud Nabi Muhammad

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Salam Maulidur Rasul.. Sambutan tahun ini tak kurang meriah nya kalau dibandingkan dengan tahun-tahun lepas. Bezanya i did not get to have pulut kuning for breakfast today. But never mind. At least i had the chance to witness the parade. I think this is the first time ever i witnessed it in my entire life.. So, i am thankful for the opportunity given.. If i didnt go to the mobil for refuel, sure i have missed it..

I was at the mobil when i heard the selawat.. It was loud so i looked around.. Maka tenampak la.. i decided to rush back home and grab my camera.. Dah ambik camra tu i did some calculation where the parade will be heading to.. Dah main agak2 and hide&seek, so i stopped at one spot and waited for them.. Enjoy some of the pics..

Sorry pic tak cantik, lame sangat dah tak pegang camera sampai terus lupe cana nak setting.. Dumb2 me.. :(

Abang polis jage track untuk parade~

Pakcik2 dalam MOTOKAR :)

Smile :D

Even toddler pun join.. Good~

Last pic... ONE MALAYSIA :)

Hehe.. That is all peeps..

Selamat bercuti~


As until this second ;p

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Last tuesday i was sick due to lack of sleep and too much "spending" time with the computer. I skipped morning class but i attended the evening class because i had an individual presentation on that day. It did not went well but i am glad that AZAB aku is over :D After class, friends took me out for early dinner and then i headed home, showered and went to bed.

Wednesday morning, i woke up quite early, considering there was no morning class.. Since i was so bored and had nothing to do, i drafted my finance assignment (group assignment) so that nanti senang bila nak discuss. Then around 1.30pm, i drove to class and the class ended 30mins early. I didnt hang out with friends as i felt like i wanted to hit the park.. Lama tak belari.. Gym dah stop..

Tapi sampai rumah, mommy told me to wait for the technician sbb nak service aircond bilik ku yg ayah kata dah tak sejuk.. Yang sebenarnye dah cukup sejuk sampai ke tulang.. Tapi tak pe, i stayed home.. After isya' macam ngantuk.. Planned to sleep early.. Maken try nak tido maken segar.. So i looked at my draft (finance assignment).. Type la ratio ni dalam excel.. Then copy n paste kat words.. Then comment.. Then.. After 3 hours, ALAMAK.. Dah tersiap la pulak.. Heheh..

So this morning, i emailed it to my group mates.. Seme happy.. Make the discussion that we were supposed to have today at 12noon has been cancelled.. To kill time, i did some cardio workout at home and i now im just resting.. Need to shower in a bit then off to Klang for an appointment with an architecture firm.. Proses nak godek dan porak perandakan company akan dimulakan :)


We all know that Egypt is currently under some problem and the situation over there is beyond imagination. The whole world look at this matter as a serious issue as the condition is severe. Of course for some of us, we are really worried for the malaysians' well being there. Not to forget me and Mr. Z were worried as well. His younger sister is currently in her third year there..

Anyway, she is safely arrived here yesterday morning, Alhamdulillah and Mr. Z fetched her yesterday. And this moment the two siblings are taking care of some matters at putrajaya.. Glad that you are home adik..

Oraitz.. That is all.. :)


I am in love :p

Monday, February 7, 2011

OMG.. Like seriously, i am so freaking in love with this one particular guy.. Tall, fair, gorgeous.. Perfect in any lady's eyes. Unfortunately, he does not that i am in love with him and i am fully sure that he would not know... Hahahha.. Sengal gile.. I am practically blushing each time friends mention his name.. Even they commented on my FB wall with his name which everyone knows he would not read it.. Of course.. Kalau dia bace, trust me.. Pengsan aku ;p Head over heel yow!! Sumpah kelakar sangat.. Urm.. Btw, the whole malaysia knows him ;p

As u know that me and dice have broken up and at first we thought that we would get back together but it turn out to be we are not and trust me WE WONT... We stop any version of communication and i dont talk to any of his family.. No more.. I am done.. Completely.. Tapi, masa itu ALLAH tentukan.. Ada umur, ada la kot becakap2 nanti but as until today, we think its over, enough and titik.

The person who is taking care of me currently would be Mr Z.. Yurp oh yurp.. He is back in my life.. Not completely because i not over dice and of course situation does not approve for us to be together and i dont think i want to be with him. Plus he is a busy man.. Payah sekali nak duduk kat darat apatah lagi duk kat KL.. But no doubt that he is a good man at heart.. And good looking too.. I asked him not to put hope on me cos obviously i dont put hope on him. I prefer not to be with anyone at the moment now...

Sampai masa nanti, i will reveal who is Mr Z.. As for now, let him be a secret to everyone except for my family and nad ;p

Apa2 pun, daisy ngah ANGAU tahap super ultra dengan orang yang disebut di perenggan satu.. Sumpah, anyone would fall for him.. Baek, alim, gentle, sopan, putih, tinggi, handsome... Sekampung lagi dengan kita.. Hahahha... Bak kata kwn2 saya, rosak sungguh daisy ni.. Corrupted to the fullest ;p

Daisy Allie~

Last Saturday :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I went out with iza last saturday. A well planned "date".. Early of january we set the date to meet up.. Purposely, because we wanted to watch the new Digitalized Malay Movie, HAQ..

The flow was really slow. The story line was like a combination of few american movies and british.. Like Harry Porter, Transporater and another one yang the father was a former CIA agent.. Tak ingat cerita ape.. The motion was nice, considering that this movie was the production first baby.. The effect was fine.. Cuma ada part yang not really suitable for kids to watch.. Hmmmmm~

Overall, if u ask me to watch it again even for free tayang kat ASTRO RIA time raya ke, i would still not going to watch.. Sayang, cerita mahal tapi murah.. Hard to explain, but i hope those who have watched it could understand what i am trying to say.. Same goes to Tira Misu.. Tapi Tira Misu tu lagi bebs la.. Looking at the places chosen for location and actors used, nampak macam mahal.. But the story line? Adoi.. Kinda dumb and predictable.. Not good Not good...~ Opinion kite je la ni.. Org laen kite tak tau~!!

Anyway, after the movie.. Me and her went to have our lunch.. The place chosen this time was WENDY!! Heheh.. Sebab few days before, i saw the ads and i was drooling looking at the ads.. So die rase macam "PERLU MAKAN!!"..

Fully satisfied!! Recommended to all.. Memang akan bersepah and selekeh la.. But who cares.. U'll feel good when u eat something good.. :) Original intention was to order the triple beef but Iza said "Ko gile, mulut kecik, perut tiny ada hati nak makan yang triple".. Which she was right.. I ate half of the double burger.. Then last2 kita makan beef die.. Roti seme tolak tepi.. Fries and nuggets seme bawa balik ;p..

After lunch, macam biasa.. Pegi jalan abeskan duit.. If hari tu Nena borong rayban, then the next outting Iza bought the new sketches (yang burn calorie) so last saturday i bought something for myself.. Membazer amalan mulia bila stress and depress.. 2 days earlier dah melabor kat Charles & Keith, ingatkan dah insaf rupenye tak.. I went to WatchZone and bought a pink fossil watch :D

Lawa kan.. Muahahah... Mahal memang mahal but in return i got satisfaction.. Initially wanted to buy the Guess Watch.. The price was around RM619.. Tapi the one i liked sebiji cam my niece's watch.. So no thank you.. Then i saw the Michael Kors' watch.. In purple.. (gambar dalam phone, malas nak trasfer..) But it looks something like this...

Perghh.. Bloody expensive.. To me la kan.. I think i have to rob a bank first then only i can afford to buy this without feeling any guilt.. The price ia RM899.. Cantik.. Menarek.. Lawa.. Da macam2 color.. Tapi ikut kemampuan, FOSSIL tu je la.. I bought the pink watch at RM430.. Gulp.. Ok pasni makan pasir.. Gotta save the cash now.. I have aussie, singapore n perhaps europe trip coming in may.. Kalau ada budget lagi la..

So, moral of the story.. Dont make feel so sad, heartache or any negative feeling.. Cos i would buy just to pls myself.. In less than 2months here are the items i bought.. A lappy, an awesome camera, a nokia phone, a blackberry, countless of shoes and tops.. Lastly this new watch.. Cukup Daisy.. Cukup!! Tak temasuk phone bill yang asyik la jejak RM500++ lately ni.. Siot betul Celcom sekarang ni.. Hishhh!! Bankrupt aku..

Btw, since i noticed that my cash is 'disappearing', last sunday i went to grab some gold.. Changed the money into gold.. INVESTMENT!! Pheww... Agak2 dah nak miskin, atleast ada harta nak gadai, plus harga emas sentiasa naek ;p Hikhikhik~

Ok.. I am officially bankrupt.. So stay mute and idle ye Daisy!! (but still, i feel good.. <-- pujuk hati sendri!!)

Daisy Allie

The feeling~

Hey blog..

After months of suffering due to heartache, i finally sought for his guidance yesterday.. Not that i abondoned him, i just feel like i should put all my effort first and then only i can tawakkal.. Banyak sangat nak minta, segan rasanye.. The result was, i felt fine before i went to bed.. I was at ease a bit.. And when i woke up this morning, i feel fine.. Too fine.. And it scares me.. So now i am having anxiety attack pulak.. Semangol betul la kau ni Daisy..

Apart from seeking for his guidance, i gave myself moments to relax and think.. It was around 30min je after maghrib, kejap je bepikir.. I imagined the confrontation that i might face and what i might say.. Also all the things i heard for the past few weeks and all the things i have witnessed and how ayah cried when i cried on his shoulder one fine morning before azan subuh.. I took everything into consideration.. And plus with his hidayah (perhaps), hati aku kini ada sedikit keras.. Sedikit je la tapi.. Esok lusa mungkin lembut balik, but lets hope aku reti bekeras.. Maka sebab itu kowt hati aku kini sedikit tenang and at peace.. Finally~

Cite laen..

Z is not in KL at the moment. He drove up to Kuala Perlis last night and will be sailing until sunday.. So in a week (since last friday) sehari je die ada atas darat tu pun setengah hari je.. Habvng two captains in family makes me understand the nature of the job.. Suka hati ok.. Kerja la.. Before he left, he did tell me stuffs.. Urmmm.. All i can say is, "Itu kerja tuhan..Jangan buat benda merepek!! Pikir dalam2 dulu~" Apparently his friends and mates are on his side.. Nadiah must not like the idea.. Me too babe, me too!!

I finally activated my FB few days ago.. And i dont think i like it much.. Banyak sgt unknown people add me. Kawan2, terima kasih ya.. Tapi xperlu la suruh semua orang add kita.. Kan ke kesian semua org kena reject.. Tak kurang juga ppl keep on inbox-ing me.. So the phone tak duk diam.. Too many notification yow.. Haihhh.. Sikit lagi hari sure i deactivate it again if this continues.. RIMAS ok..

Other than that, i am fine :)

Happy Chinese New Year.. Nak minta angpow, atuk dah meninggal.. Ayah tak nak ngaku die half chinese.. Adoiyai...~


February 3rd~

Dear cousin..

Happy birthday brother~
U turn jubli perak today..
For a person who just turn 25, u have accomplished so much in life..
Trust me, there are more to come..
Me wish and pray for your health and wealth~
May all your dreams and goals will be achieved!!

I u so much baby brother of mine
And so proud of you..
Thanx for always be there for me
Truly appreciate & i shall do the same with you..
Family stick together,
Together we are stronger..

Take care darling
Have a blast celebration at the island :D


Pictures :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tun M Muzikal..
Before g, kitorg g lunch dulu kat Empire..
Gedik2, jalan2..

Then ikut bdk2 pegi set rambut and make up :p
Kendian baru pegi Istana Budaya..
Teater tu sgt menarek..
Kelakar, sedih sume ada..
Had a good time :D

Secara ringkas ye..
Ni la partayy bachelorrete tu..
We celebrated it at KotakMerah The Curve..

Management dah pesan jangan kotor kan tempat
Tapi kitorg buat macam tempat tu
Kitorg ada share ;p

Dah settle and tak der keja,
melompat lebih tinggi la :D

Done uploading..
More pictures on my FB ya~