Final day of MAY 2011~

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The final day of May has arrived and shall leave us soon.. How fast time flies rite.. Could still recall months ago when i was so excited counting days for MAY to approach because of holidays and semester break.. Sekarang semua trips dah pergi and i am spending my not so precious time at home with parents and accompanied by dice from time to time..

Met izza and nena once awhile depending on their time.. Izza is busy working while nena, im not really sure ape cik kak tu buat.. Maybe she is going through life the same way i am.. Haha.. Worse for her, beliaw jobless.. Belum bekesempatan nak pi cari kerja sebab busy bejalan with me and izza ;p *guilty*.. Haha~

So far MAY has treated me well.. So well, in fact.. Gone through life very smoothly and i am happy all the way. No major heartache, just minor things i saw and read here and there.. No biggie.. Im doing fine and ok~ But i wasn't being fair to ajie..

I ditched him lots of times.. Sorry.. Did not mean to.. Selalu wrong timing la.. And yesterday u said wonderful things.. Tak cukup call, u bbm-ed me.. I am overwhelmed.. Thank you so much... Errmmm... Pray that u'll have a great journey today.. Im sorry i couldn't see u before u leave like i always did.. Will try to see u when u get back..

Overall, i am doing great.. Bought six more books last week.. Hence total number of unread books would be 16 books.. Wow~!! No more books hunting Daisy.. Enough ok.. Simpan duit tu... :) Books and movies make me happy.. Susah nak benti.. Tak g tgk movie, ku beli DVD.. Adoiyaii..

Overall.. I am happy.. Perfect month for me.. Me and dice will add another digit to our age in June.. He surprised me last year.. I teared a lot.. And im not hoping that kind of birthday celebration from him this year.. Penat la nanges2.. Cuba bagi something yang leh wat kite lompat2 plak :D

Take care everyone.. Nak g mandi sungai jap lagi.. Kalau hujan, kite madi hujan je la :))


Daisy Allie

My week~

Friday, May 27, 2011

Another week gone by and i spent my week recklessly.. (Betul ke??) I was out last monday accompanied by someone (like i am gonna go out alone la kan kan kan).. Neways, the movie-watching-syndrome continued. I watched Pirate of The Carribbean and i enjoyed the movie very much.. Hehe.. Funny.. Because i skipped the first four movies.. Thou i skipped, i know all characters fine enough, so i did not face any difficulty in understanding the whole movie..~

Before movie, we headed for a quick lunch. We had New York Deli and it was yummy.. Thanx for the awesome lunch sayang.. Me loved the place and the meal.. :) We'll there again ok.. I want to have rib eyes pulak nanti ;p

I did not do much on tuesday. I stayed in and enjoyed my day at home watching dvds.. Hihi.. Lost count already berapa dvd yang ku tonton.. Agak2 penat tengok dvd, i read my book.. Bliss tuesday.. Plus, it was raining on that day.. Made a thermos of white coffee and enjoyed the day :)

I went out with mumy and kakak on wednesday. It was a HARI MEMANJAKAN diri for kakak.. She did a movie marathon, hair treatment a day before that. On wednesday, we all went to a spa.. Mumy and her got a full body massage each.. Me? I was enjoying my BB til kena reboot dua tiga kali.. Heheh.. Busy tweeting and texting him :) It was a fun day.. I had uncountable black forest tim tam.. Yummy ;p Ezwn cakap "ini sume sumber kegemukan".. Who cares.. I am not that bothered about my weight that much now.. Nasib la... Lalalal~

And lastly, yesterday.. I was out with him.. Went to Hartamas Shopping Center purposely to go to times book clearance sale.. Startnye hari ni.. So semalam the staffs were busy arranging the books.. So i could not stayed long.. Grabbed whatever caught my interest.. I bought three books :)

I can't wait to read those.. But first, i have to finish my other 7 books i bought months ago. Hahah.. And i a currently reading one.. Total, 11 books to be read.. Whoaaaa... Sedar tak sedar.. Asyik beli buku je.. :) Loving my collection.. I do :)

What else is new? I am having another insomnia attack now. The difficulty to sleep is back again.. Dulu mase exam week tak mau pulak insomnia.. Haihh.. To pass time, i read some zodiac facts on tweeter and i found it hilarious til it catches my bones.. Well, personal memory + history made me found the facts funny.. Haha~

The zodiac facts say:

::#Cancer hv a good memory, of both slights and favors done for you, you must learn to forgive and forget. #ZodiacZone
::Deep down #Cancer is determined to succeed in life. They have a strong sense of purpose. #ZodiacZone
::Negative #Cancer becomes sulky when the desires are not met. #ZodiacZone
::#Cancer are very revengeful and slow to forgive infidelity and unfaithfulness in love. #ZodiacZone

There were a lot, but these four are my favos and close related to me.. Ahaha.. I text all these to dice and he agreed on each of it.. Haha.. Siap ada part yang bule buat lawak lagi... Dice always said that i love to hentak2 when ever i did not get things as i wanted it to be... Boohooooo ;p Die selalu tegur in lawak form, so dari mara terus cancel.. He knows how to handle me.. And i am grateful and thankful for that :)

That is all for today.. I am going out with him again today lewat petang karang for kung fu panda :) and karak tonite.. Another movie marathon with him.. I am a happy girl (at the moment) and hope it will last long~

Til my next update blog :)

Nur Kasih The Movie

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ooohhhh i watched this movie yesterday. Went there with mummy and mamyngah. Oh well, u cannot expect much from a movie when the movie is only 90minutes. Do not compare it with the series.. Series have ample time to make u turn kiri kanan atas bawah when ever they want u to. Overall, i would say i did not regret paying to watch the movie. I would pay again if anyone wants me to accompany them to watch the movie.. Should be proud with the story line.. Strong story line..

Ada orang cakap cerita ini penng sebab sekejap muda, sekejap tua.. Seperti plotnya tidak bagus.. My oh my, sampai bila cerita melayu nak di-spoonfeed?? Semua nak kena direct.. Can't u use A LITTLE BIT of your brain.. Oooppsss imagination?? If everything is direct then there will be no color to the movie and that will make the movie even flatter and boring.. Typical malay sungguh kamu.. If english movie buat pusing - pusing, you people would say *gile gempaq.. napa cite melayu tak nak buat macam tu??* Haihhhhh... Komplain je...

In my opinion, story line kuat.. Because of its past - present - future plot, it made me stay awake and focus to watch the movie.. I must say Kabir Bhatia and wife Mira Mustafa are good film makers.. I am looking forward for more karya from them.. I cried the whole time and the songs were carefully chosen.. Dengar lagu pun leh buat aku nanges.. Demmm~ Hahah.. Emosi senget ;p

Tanpamu hidup jadi sunyi
Tanpamu ku seakan mati
Tanpamu bagai malam tanpa bintang

Tanpamu aku akan tersesat
Tanpamu tiada lagi hasrat
Tanpamu seakan jantungku berhenti

Kau yang terindah dalam hidup ini
Dan tak akan pernah berubah selamanya
Aku terlahir hanyalah untuk kamu
Jadi pelindung dirimu

Tanpamu nafasku terhenti
Keranamu ku ada disini
Tetap bersama ku selalu disampingku
Untuk selamanya

Tanpamu aku akan tersesat
Tanpamu tiada lagi hasrat
Tanpamu seakan jantungku berhenti

Kau yang terindah dalam hidup ini
Dan tak akan pernah berubah selamanya
Aku terlahir hanyalah untuk kamu
Jadi pelindung dirimu

Kasih yakinlah kepada dirimu
Sayang dan cinta ku pun hanya untukmu
Dan takkan berubah untuk selamanya
Cintaku padamu

Kasih yakinlah kepada dirimu
Sayang dan cinta ku pun hanya untukmu
Dan takkan berubah untuk selamanya
Cintaku padamu
Cintaku padamu
Cintaku padamu

So yeah, thumbs up to the movie.. Do watch it if u have not watch the movie yet :)

Hello Malaysia... So we meet again.. Alhamdulillah~

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hello my pretty blog.. After being gone for a week, i am back once again.. I went to Seoul with my humble la familia.. There are too much pictures and i am VERY lazy to edit and so on.. I was enjoying myself to the fullest, so not much pictures pun.. Those who added me on FB may view my day one and day two pictures.. Balance, nanti2 la.. Xlarat.. Result from the 4days 5nights vacation, i gained weight.. Bodoh!! Sumpah i look like a pumpkin now.. Demm Demm Demmm~ :'(

Here are few pictures on day one and two.. :)

Overall, i like it there.. But if anyone invite to visit seoul again dalam masa terdekat, i dont think i would want to.. If guilin, perghhhhh saya sangat mahu!!! guilin sangat cantik and org2 die sgt baik.. I miss guilin as much as i miss melbourne.. Bila la dapat jejak kaki lahi kat melbourne...?? Hurmmmm~

Til my next update.. Babai blog~

Movie Week Yow~!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I came back to kl last Monday right..?? Right?? Pushed away feeling tired and lenguh2 badan, on Tuesday night me and dice went out together to Midvalley.. Had a quick dinner at Sushi King before walked into GSC~!! We watched the most ever waited movie by the two of us...

Ye.. Fast 5.. We watched Fast 5.. Duhh of course i am a bit *delay* compared to others since i was not around.. But who cares.. The movie is super awesome and i dont mind to watch it again and again.. Looking forward for the dvd to release.. Demam Fast 5 akan terjadi sama seperti demam transformers 2.. I watched transformers 2 twice a day for 2 weeks okie.. That shows how much i am so into that movie.. Can't wait for transformers 3 to be released... Soooonnnn :)

Thursday, me and him went out again.. Went to E-Curve.. And watched two movies.. One at 3pm and another one was at 6pm.. Two hilarious movies.. Sakit usus and limpa i ok.. ;p

Kelakar gile ok.. Especially KONGSI.. Everyone should watch it.. Highly recommended.. U will not regret~!! Its better than Ngangkung :) I cant even delete few dialogue from my head.. And the song that Tumalak sang too.. Adoi.. Kelakar gile la..~!! Looking forward for the dvd as well :)

Haihhhh... This year will have lots of movies to watch.. I have mentioned this last year, didn't i.. And so far, alhamdulillah.. I did not miss any movie that is in my list yet..~ Hope it will stick that way :)

So, to those who have not watch the three movies above, you people should!! Worth it.. Tak rugi~

My Guilin Trip~

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hello there blog.. I went for a short vacation with my two gurls, nena and izza. We went to Guilin, China for 5days and 4nights, from 5 may to 9 may. I had a blast time there.. Didn't bring sufficient cash but never mind.. I will find more cash and time to go there again.. Such a great place, nice landscape with awesome shops to shop :) So here are some of the pics taken.. As usual, my pics are all stinks.. But who cares...~

The flight was at 6.15 am so i reached the airport around 4.20am. Had breakfast first with dice, momy and ayah at McD while waiting for the two girls. I had file o fish burger and black coffee.. Yummy.. But i did not eat the whole thing.. Dice finished the burger for me.. About 10mins before flight time, we said goodbye and boarded.. :)

The journey from KL to Guilin was around 4hours and the flight was pleasant.. Had some *trouble* where we were asked to put our belts on.. But Alhamdulillah, nothing serious.. Look at the picture above, sunrise :) Nice and totally worth it~

As we reached Guilin International airport, the hired tourist guide waited for us. From the airport, we headed to the restaurant for lunch. Kat atas ni, muka dua budak lapar ;p.. Chinese food is always in my list, so i did not face any meal/diet problem while i was there.. All food was yummy.. Alhamdulillah..

After lunch, the van driver dropped us the beginning of Zhenyang Street and he drove off to the hotel to send our luggages there. From the street, we walked to the hotel. The reason was, john (the tourist guide) wanted to show us the shopping street and how can we go there by foot.. It was about 1 km from our hotel but since the weather was nice and windy (10-24degrees) so we did not feel tired and what so ever.. Result to this, we went to the street when ever we have the time to ;p Even after john checked us in the hotel.. Lepas check in jer, kitorg dah melangkah ke street tesebut untuk mulakan aktiviti melabur :) Kena lalu tunnel.. Dalam tunnel tu sejuk jer~

After shopping, we headed back to the hotel and get ready for john to fetch us up for dinner. We went to a different restaurant and since we prefer that restaurant better, we went there for every meal.. Sangat2 worth it.. Sedap!!~ :) After dinner, we requested john to drop us at the night market.. The concept of the night market is like uptown.. Sepanjang 1km.. Sangat2 best.. U could find lots of traditional and authentic items there.. That was how we spent our first day at Guilin Town.

On day 2, we checked out from the hotel and we rode the van to Yangshuo, which it is another small town outside from Guilin. Awesome place too. We went to Silver Cave and rode a boat at the Li River.. Overall, i was dazzled by the beauty right in front of my eyes.. Sangat amazed~

We were in the Silver Cave for more than one hour. Sangat2 cantek kat dalam cave tu.. There were lots of things to see.. It was a men made ok.. Semua original and i enjoyed the view the whole time i was in there.. It was kinda cold in there, about 10 - 17 degrees.. Lots of pictures were taken in there.. Sangat2 teruja.. After caving, we had our lunch and the driver sent us back to the hotel for solat and rehat before he fetched us again for Li River Cruise~

We rode a small cruise boat along the Li River and it took us around 1hour to complete it.. Lots of awesome hills on both sides.. Very nice view.. I repeat, VERY NICE view.. After the cruise, we had our dinner before the driver dropped us at the West Street for more shopping :)

We walked back to the hotel and it took us around 30minutes walking as the distance was around 1.5km.. Had great time.. Shopping di street yang sangat menarek dan bertemankan gunung ganang.. So what's not to like? :) Reached the hotel, showered and off to bed..~

We had to check out from the hotel at 9am as we off back to Guilin Town again. We made a stop at Kitchen Knife Store where they made knifes from old bullet.. Izza bought a set of kitchen knife and memang terbukti tajam sebab kitorg dah try by cutting some pineapple (at the end of day 3~). Once we reached Guilin, we had our lunch first before we started our *hardcore* activity ;p

We went to Elephant Hill Scenic Area or also know as Elephant Trunk Hill.. It was called like such because the hill portrays the elephant trunk.. And inside the hill, there are two stories/layers cave where they keep rice wine in there.. So the myth was "The elephant drink the water from the Li River and it produce good taste of rice wine"... We climbed up the hill.. There were about 500plus steps up.. Sangat penat tapi sangat worth it..~ After Elephant Hill, we went to Fabo Hill and back to the hotel for a rest...

Once you are a malaysian, means you are a malaysian.. Hehe.. We bought few snacks.. And trust me, it was hard to find those kind of food.. We had to go the main and big department stores as there was no supermarkets in the area that sell international food..~

Around 5pm, john and driver fetched us up at the hotel. We had our early dinner before john sent us to the theater for an acrobatic and ballet show. The ticket price was RMB180 per person and it was a great show.. We were not allowed to snap any picture during the show. So pics above were before the show and after the show. We reached back to our hotel around 10-ish and changed our cloths and took a walk by the river for an hour..

It was raining heavily the next day (day 4).. We did not start our activity not until at 10.30am.. Because we can't walk at the park during heavy rain, can we? So while waiting for the rain to stop... We did some pictures taking in our room~

When we are done with the photos snapping, we had our second round of breakfast. We had fried rice and maggi mee.. Hehe.. Kalau dah melayu, melayu juga ;p

When the rain stopped, john called us and off we go. We hit a park called Liu San Jie Park and we watched a folk show. It was about four main families in Guilin where each family is known for their own specialty.. I slept the whole time as i found it very boring because i did not understand a thing.. Mandrin people.. How could i understand it.. So tidooo jela... Agak2 tak bley bla, we took off.. Hahah.. Show tak abes pun.. Lucky john was such an understanding man.. He did not force us to stay.. Hik hik hik~

After the park, we went to few other places and had our dinner... John sent us back to the hotel, and we walked back to Zhenyang street for last minute shopping.. After Zhenyang Street, we walked to the river again.. Lepak situ dalam sejam and went back to the hotel.. Faced a difficulty on how to pack our luggages... Hahahah...~

Day 5; it was time to say good bye.. We did more *karut* pictures snapping in the hotel room while waiting for john to fetch us up.. Above are some pictures taken at the airport, inside the aircraft :) Sangat biru langit, rupenya Malaysia panas gile hari isnin lepas... Haihhhh...

At KL, dice fetched me up :) and before we went home, we went to starbucks setia alam first because i miss that place so much and miss those baritas.. Heheh~

The last picture is my fave picture of all.. Muka poyo nak mati di situ~ I just unpacked my luggage and have pack for my next trip.. Wait for more photos ya :)

This is daisy allie, signing off~ :)

Should not i?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hey.. For once my life is fully back to normal.. I finished my second semester, Praise To GOD for that. I ended all the dramas with ajie, cheers to that.. And me and ajie did not really go back to normal cos if we did, we would be two people smiling and not talking.. We are doing better than we used to be but lesser than we had few months back.. So yeah, we are doing fine.. Alhamdulillah..

Next, me and dice are not YET get back together but yurp we are spending time together.. We are not rushing into the relationship back because i need my space to do things i hv always wanted to and i have my own requirements and conditions that he needs to follow.. Things wont be the same between us if we get back together.. If i feel fine and ok with how things are now, i will accept him back in my life.. Til that happens, lets stick to friends first.. Overall, i see ajie and dice as my two new bestmen friends.. After azam and asraf :)

I am leaving tomorrow night and ajie is supposed to fetch me and we talked about it 2nights ago and the arrangement is still the same. He will fetch me at home.. But dice requested to fetch me.. So, i have two boys sending me :) Aww Awww Awwww~ I prefer ajie to send me cos i have not seen him since the acoustic nites.. Plus he is leaving soon for another shoot at cambodia (kalau everything goes well la).. So yeah.. But he is currently busy with music video shooting, so mcm nnt die tambah penat.. So perhaps dice would fetch me...~

About my weight.. Hahah.. Hari tu dah turun 2kilos.. Tapi i ate too much over the weekend.. Wedding and lepaking with family and friends made me gained the 2kilos back.. Bengong.. Hahaha *stress*~!! But nevermind, its not like i have anything coming up or anyone to impress.. Let it be.. I just hope i will lose those few baggage when the sem starts in september.. :)

I watched THE ROOMMATE late saturday with dice, cousin and his girl friend. It was SAKIT JIWA.. Trust me.. The movie was like the OBSESSED movie.. Bodoh and bangang.. Thank GOD i am staying with my family hence i would not have to face any dorm's drama or worse to share a room with a maniac..~

Watching movie would be one of my sem break agenda apart from continue on reading my books.. I still have around 6 books that i have not touched.. Hahah.. Beli banyak2 lagi.. :) Currently i am reading a book by Jodi Piccoult: The Pact.. And i just found out that this book has turned into a movie.. I need to finish reading it so that i could watch the movie~


In this contemporary tale of love and friendship, Jodi Picoult brings to life a familiar world, and in a single terrifying moment awakens every parent's worse fear: We think we know our children… but do we ever really know them at all?

For eighteen years the Hartes and the Golds have lived next door to each other, sharing everything from Chinese food to chicken pox to carpool duty-- they've grown so close it seems they have always been a part of each other's lives. Parents and children alike have been best friends, so it's no surprise that in high school Chris and Emily's friendship blossoms into something more. They've been soul mates since they were born.

So when midnight calls from the hospital come in, no one is ready for the appalling truth: Emily is dead at seventeen from a gunshot wound to the head. There's a single unspent bullet in the gun that Chris took from his father's cabinet-- a bullet that Chris tells police he intended for himself. But a local detective has doubts about the suicide pact that Chris has described.

The profound questions faced by the characters in this heart-rending novel are those we can all relate to: How well do we ever really know our children, our friends? What if…? As its chapters unfold, alternating between an idyllic past and an unthinkable present, The Pact paints an indelible portrait of families in anguish… culminating in an astonishingly suspenseful courtroom drama as Chris finds himself on trial for murder.

That is all folks.. I miss typing and blabbing but i have zero story to tell.. My life is pretty slow lately..~

Cheers.. Take care people~

Fai and Zura's Wedding~

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Last friday, my friend or my second cousin got married. And this afternoon i attended his reception. So here are some of my awful pictures~


That is all~

Acoustic Nites :)

Owh hello blog.. Would like to share some piccas.. These pics were taken during the acoustic nites i went at KLPAC :) I had a great time thou i was so freaking tired due to workloads.. Even tekejar2 macam beruk, i made it, Ajie.. Thanx for the opportunity! I owe so mucho.. :)

First Nite

There were two performance; Azlan and The Writer and Bunkface. Azlan came up first and followed by Bunkface. Azlan and TW performance was awesome. And i must say, somehow i think Azlan is pretty cute.. Hahah~

Azlan (Azlan and The Type Writer

::A duet show::

::Sam Bunkface::

Performance by Bunkface was ok.. I did not really enjoy it.. Sorry boys~

Second Nite

::Atilia welcomed the audience::


Monoloque ended the show with "Kanda Dinda" song. But he did not perform it with Atilia thou. He performed it with Miss Yuna. After the last song, we took 20 minutes break for the tech men to get the stage ready for Yuna. Yuna's performance was good and i enjoyed it.

This was how she kicked start her show::

::Yuna Zarai::

::Bulloh . Ajie . Shahmi . Me . Sarah::

Overall, i had fun :)