Galak on9 business :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hey hey hey...

Third day of the week people and i have been very busy.. Started my business already.. After a year terbengkalai.. Praise to ALLAH, everything is doing fine and smoothly. So far, maseh maintain jual accessories and hopefully i'll get the opportunity to expand it to other merchandise line.. Everything is under negotiation.. Emailing here and there and received few quotations. Alla and all, i am doing fine.. Dah takda lagi duduk tengok tv and by having me focusing in monitoring this online business, kite dah abandon the book i was reading.. Alahaiii... Sorry ye buku.. Will read u later2..

Not only i stop reading my book, i also stop from doing my research.. I was suppose to meet my advisor today, but i skipped.. Ahax.. Maaf ye Dr, saya tengah syok buat menda laen ;p

Anyway, just wish me luck and hope things will go well for me and i hope when the class resumes, dice may continue this business for me.. Cos i know i wont be having much time to monitor it...

Oraitz, til my next update


The Weekend~

Monday, June 20, 2011

Its Monday again blog.. I am going through life as usual. Damn, i am freaking bored.. Only GOD knows how i feel, going day by day doing the same thing... Which its nothing. Can't wait for class to resume in September.. Almost kejong and tepu sudah otak ni.. *sigh*..

What have i been doing over the weekend.. On Saturday, i had some relatives and very close friends came over for a small BBQ function. Made that BBQ thingy to celebrate all June babies' birthday. There are eight family members who were born in the month of June by only four of us were present last Saturday. The uncle had to attend a meeting, the cousins just reached KL, so mereka maseh jet lag.

Sorry, zero pictures snapped by me as i was tooooo busy handling the grill and entertaining my friends.. Up until midnight still ada yang datang.. Thanx so much.. I thank everyone who came. Such a true friends i have. About 4 of them drove back to KL all the way from Johor just for the sake to attend this BBQ.. And my childhood best friend cut her trip, she flew back to KL instead back to Singapore. I love u babe!! And the fact that you stayed until midnight was great.. Appreciate.. Penat2 travel duduk dalam flight pun sanggup turun lepak sini.. Awesome friend you are..

Next on Sunday, it was a lazy day where me and dice bemalas-malasan tengok DVD dari pagi sampai petang.. And every 2 hours the four of us (plus parents) asyik masuk dapur and fixed ourselves some food.. Makan tanpa henti.. Seriously, i don't dare to weight myself.. Takot kang heart attack..

That was how i spent my weekend.. Stayed in la lebih kurang.. Did not do much but it was great as i spent it with people whom i am really confortable with.. *BLISS*....~

Til my next update.. ;)

Wednesday the 15th~

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I spent few days sitting in front of my laptop and searched for journals to support the topic i have mind. Yurp, i took the long way instead of the way it was supposed to be done. I created my own topic and found few supporting journals and articles. Made a short write up and emailed to my partners and so we met for a quick discussion at our own sweet "library".. Explained to them briefly about the idea and they agreed on it. Went back and tried so hard to sleep because we are meeting with the advisor on the next morning which it was this morning.

Had a terrible migraine and due to that, sleep was a major problem as i could not find the right position. Sakit hati gile! Long story shorten, we met our advisor before lunch and praise to ALLAH, everything went smoothly. She approved my topic and she said that she understood the topic, the intention very well. Phewwww.. Tak sia-sia sakit kepala.

After the meeting with the advisor, i planned to drive to dice's work station but i could not reached him so i drove back home straight. I wanted to spend some time with dice tonight as i wont be around tomorrow. Dice will turn 25 tomorrow.. My darling is all grown up.. Hope he has learned everything that needed to be learned. He is not the type of person who would appreciate surprises and everything as he never celebrated his birthday.. Hhhmmm... I got him a present, and i already gave it to him last week.. Hahaha... I am so not good at this kan kan kan..

However, i arranged a dinner for him and his adik tomorrow night. The adik came back from johor today and i hope the two of them could spend some quality time together and hope they both would have some fun... As for me; i will be seeing him on friday and saturday.. Hope both of us going to have some awesomely fun days together with family and relatives..

By the way, i finished reading the Jodi Picoult book and now i am reading a book written by Dan Brown. Just started.. Baru few pages.. Even so, i think i am going to like the book.. So here is the synopsis ;

"Susan is one of the top Code breakers at the NSA. She monitors the use of the code breaking machine that can break all codes in less than 3 hrs and is used by all forms of US intelligance. She is called in when a program is still running after 12+ hrs. At the same time her fiance is sent to Spain to try and locate the "key" to stopping the release of a code program that will allow the NSA to break codes that Digital Fortress (the encrypting program) is used to protect. In Spain it becomes clear that someone is out to keep the key safe as people who have come in contact with it are killed. The story follows the progress to not only figuring out who has planted the code but how to keep it from letting the world into the NSA files."
Tanya, Resident Scholar

"NSA cryptographer Susan Fletcher is told that their powerful code breaking machine, TRANSLTR, has encountered a code it cannot break. The code is written by a former NSA employee, Ensei Tankado, who demands that the US government admits publicly to having the TRANSLTR. If not, he will release the code that TRANSLTR can't break, thus making the code breaking machine useless.

Fletcher's fiancée, professor David Becker, is sent to Spain to collect Ensei Tankado's belongings. Tankado has died from a heart attack, and Becker has to find the pass-key to unlock the code before someone else does.

Susan Fletcher, David Becker and NSA Commander Trevor Strathmore try to find the pass-key, and at the same time they have to keep the threat a secret from the rest of the world."
Turid Mevold, Resident Scholar

"NSA is America's top security agency. Its operations are so secret that it is aptly nicknamed “No such agency”. Top cryptographer genious Susan Fletcher, gets an urgent call from her boss, Commander Strathmore, to come to work on a holiday. She is given the shocking news that TRANSLTR, the NSA's incredibly fast and infallible code-breaking machine against which even the best computer encryption software is useless, is facing its nemesis. It is grappling with the Digital Fortress, an apparently unbreakable code created by an ex-NSA cryptographer, Ensei Tankado.

Tankado had threatened to make it available for public use if the NSA didn't make TRANSLTR's existence known to the general public. A potential deadly threat to the nation's security, this code has to be broken. Ensei has a secret partner and Susan is entrusted with the job of finding him/her. Adding to her frustrations is that her boss has sent her boyfriend David, an ordinary university professor, on a dangerous mission to Spain to retrieve this unbreakable code's key."
Roopa Nishi Viswanathan, Resident Scholar

Til my next update

Daisy Allie

Likes and Dislikes~

Monday, June 13, 2011

I know i should be doing my proposal now.. Instead, i am here typing an entry to be posted on this not-so-cool-blog of mine and i completely do not care if i have readers or not.. I have been spending most my time on twitter lately (again).. I used to be a twitter biggest fan then i stopped and since somewhere in January 2011, i started to active on twitter again and kind of toss my FB away.. I blabbed everything on my twitter and i really do not care if i offended anyone.. If you'll feel offended, simple.. Just stop following me.. No one ask you to follow me in the first place..~

I feel so tired from reading those journals.. Its a group project but sadly others are too busy enjoying their daily activities.. Thank you so much mates.. Normal people would complain about it out loud, but trust me i am not. Its their lose if they failed to contribute anything because at the end of the day, its them who will learn nothing.. Anyways, i just feel like stating some facts on what i like and dislike.. Not for anyone to know or remember, just want to let it out from my chest.. No specific reason why.. Just feel like typing.. That is all..

What I like~
1. I like to look at those hijabers. They look ultimately pretty wearing those lilit2 shawls. I adore them very much for wearing hijabs and for looking so good in it.. Makes me want to wear hijabs too.. One fine day, i will.. Insya Allah :)

2. I like to be surrounded by people who so passionate about their jobs.. Whatever jobs.. If they love what they are doing, they will be good at it and eventually they will succeed. That kind of passion will motivate me, because i need positive vibrant all the time to push me forward.

3. I like to go to any book stores. I am a big fan of books.. Whenever i look at stacks of books, my heart will beat faster.. Just like other ladies look at handbags.. I just love books, do not know why.. I read them but my English still bad.. I am a slow learner.. What to do.. But i am not giving up and i am not ashamed of it.. So what if my English sucks? At least i still have the interest to learn.. Better than nothing :)

4. I love family too much.. I love my family, of course but what i am trying to say is, i love looking at other people loving their family and will always do anything and everything to support their family..

5.I love blogging, tweeting or doodling on my test pad or note book.. I write whatever i want to write.. Just bla bla bla it.. Why?? Simple.. It is a way to keep me alive and sane.. Hahah.. I may look like a VERY outspoken person.. Guess what? I am not that outspoken. I am quite reserve. Hence writing/typing here and there kind of put me at ease a bit.. I do not really attack at those who get on my nerves, unless they really test my patience, so yeah.. I need to doodling here and there :)

What I dislike~
1. I seriously hate at those on/off hijabers.. Come on, once you put it on, you put it on.. Please do not create any bad impression on other hijabers who wear them right.. Shame on you ladies..~

2. Hijabers who wear tight plus short sleeves t-shirt. I know body shape tops are what the market is offering, but please do not wear something that are too tight.. You really make a fool of yourselves.. Super short sleeves?? My oh my.. I do not know if you feel so pretty, but trust me you look like one retarded person. If the short sleeves are normal t-shirt and not those body hugging tops, its fine.. But if only you are wearing those for going to kedai sake at night.. Other than that, please don't!!.. Seriously, don't!!

3. I hate those who do not know on how to respect their siblings and family. Like i said, i love family.. I hate looking or hearing one retard person talking nonsense and craps about their siblings or parents. How would you feel if they trash talk you? Even if you disagree with your siblings (elder especially), shut up or talk to them nicely.. You do not have to be rude, because i am completely confident that you would hate if people label you KURANG AJAR evern if you keep on saying "I DON'T GIVE A DAMN WHAT OTHERS MIGHT SAY ABOUT ME".. So go figure okey..

4. Saying prayers in detail on your FB status?? I know GOD can read, of course he can.. But i just do not think that it is appropriate for you to tell the whole globe what you are wishing and praying for.. GOD can hear you even if you pray in silent.. And somehow i believe that if we say our prayers in silent, is better and lebih afdal.. In a way, kita tak bermegah2.. At least that is what i believe..

5. I do not really understand why must a person have two or more FB/twitter account.. Why?? If you do not want certain people to read your status or be in your contact list, just remove them.. Why must you create other accounts and update at both.. One sincerely update and another one poyo-ly update.. Another retarded act, am i right?? Mengapa perlu susahkan diri sampai begitu sekali? But then again, its your lives.. I am saying that i do not understand and i think your action is funny.. That shows how immature you are.. Again, i am just saying..~

Okey.. I feel a bit relief.. Hehe :)

Good night blog~


Ok, i changed the layout again for the xxx times.. Changed it to something less graphic and pictures. I guess i am getting older as i feel very serabot with my own previous layout.. Finally baru tersedar that my blog was ultimately serabot as there were too many pictures... Hahah.. Will change it to something presentable and pleasant once i found a VERY simple yet nice layout.. At the moment, i am kinda lazy to find any.. In fact i do not write the way i used to pun kan.. I have been saying this lots of times and yet i did not have any courtesy to change or improve my writing.. What happened to me?? Ntah.. I am just simply super lazy but still want to blab... Hahaha... Will do something about it soon.. *dono when lah kan*...

So cheers everyone.. :)

Royal Wedding and Lunch With La Familia~

Hello blog... Its Monday again.. And i have lots to be done.. Meeting my advisor this Wednesday.. Need to come out with new proposal for my ABR.. Woooowww.. Mencabar minda ok.. I don't really have any idea on what to focus.. I did re branding for Perodua before and it was.. Kinda went well, but we decided to change to another issue and somehow this whole halal issue caught our interest..

Ok, lets do a very quick summary on what i did last weekend..


Woke up quite early and met my awok2 for a very quick breakfast. They all came all the way from Terengganu njust for the sake of the FA football match; so yeah.. They all went to the stadium. Luck Ganu won, if not such a waste je kan :p.. We had one short breakfast, was very short.. Really.. Did not quite able to do catching up but it was fine.. No pictures taken though, sorry..

At night, me and dice attended a wedding ceremony in Serdang.. I have been friends with the bride since primary school up to MBA ;p.. Anyways, the wedding was like a ROYAL WEDDING.. OMG.. Naseb i dressed properly.. Dia punya guest TERHORMAT kan; few menteris, KSU, Ketua hakim negara, Mantan PM Thailand.. Adoiyaii.. Sumpah, i never knew she was that rich.. Hahah~ Was a shocking night for me..

The pengantin's car was escorted by a 4WD (military) and a police car. Sumpah, it was like a true royal wedding.. I was completely dazzled by it..

This was not the main arch.. Ni yang ada every 10 meters.. The main one was even bigger and even awesome-er..~!!

The pelamin was very pretty (if you could see with your own eyes).. I was melted.. My owh my.. cantik sangat~

The hall was decorated in gold and cream , and the pengantin were wearing silver.. There were about 150 tables in the hall with 10 guests on each table.. And the hall was packed and full sebab ada RSVP :)

And this is the cake.. 6 tingkat tuh.. Cantik sangat2~!! :)

The bronze card was the invitation card i received a month ago.. The red card with bride and groom's picture was the menu they put on every table. And the porcelain case was the souvenir for each guest. Inside the case, there was a very nice silky bag (they folded it)..

Here comes the bride and groom; yan and faez :)

Kumpulan nasyid berselawat di depan selepas semua tetamu mengaminkan doa untuk pengantin~ Right after the selawat, they presented the food. The food presentation was very unique and traditional. Lagu irama asli.. Did not snap any picture because i was too blown away... Hahahah~ And the last picture below, would be my very favo picture of all~!!

The event ended when the car was brought into the hall... Their ride home, where the groom drove themselves back home.. Look at the car... OMG!! Its a Rolls Royce ok.. True royal wedding~!!! Sumpah blown away.... Too blown away~!!

I never knew i have too many OVER RICH FRIENDS.. Last year i was so freaking shocked with nena's new crib.. I know that she is rich but never knew that she was that she was that filthy rich.. I love her LV collection so much and of course her Thomas Sabo watch.. I am so thankful that i have rich friends who are VERY modest.. Sangat2 beruntung..~

On Sunday, me and family had one quick lunch together at Blue Wave Shah Alam.. Food was fine.. I went there with one empty tummy and went home with TOO happy tummy :))

Had a wonderful weekend with family and friends.. I am glad that i have those people in my life.. Be it, whether i am close to them or not.. I am blessed and thankful enough.. Alhamdulillah.. Now, i have to start reading my journals.. Wish me luck :)

Daisy Allie~

What do i have in mind??

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hey there blog.. Thou i have been updating you yet i still feel like i miss you.. Make sense?? No?? Oh well.. I do still have interest in writing, but somehow i blab it elsewhere, not here anymore.. Errmmm.. That explains why my writing is getting worse.. From bad to worse, to be exact.. I have this difficulty in explaining things lately.. I do i do..

One month and ten days down.. I still have around three more months to endure.. Such a long semester break right.. And i dont really have anything to except for reading journals, tapi itu pun kita skip and ngelat most of the time.. Reading books? Pun tak berapa sangat.. I spent most of my time watching TV.. From one show to another.. That explains why i keep on gaining weight.. Hahah~ Should hit the park again la daisy allie.. About time :)

Next, health and physical.. Ok.. In terms health, kita sihat alhamdulillah.. Its just that my right leg sometimes not functioning well. Still suffering the back pain but still bearable.. I promise to dice that i will go to the hospital if i cant endure the pain anymore.. After 11 years, nothing much can be done.. Even back then, a doctor from KPJ already diagnosed it and the only thing he advised me would be, no more sports as it will make the back pain worse.

Years ago in Melaka, there was a pakcik; a traditional practitioner already informed me about my condition.. Then years later, another man told me the same story.. Last but not least, a Chinese practitioner in Guilin told me the very same thing.. They explained about my vein, bones and everything.. Which there is nothing much can be done except face it and hoping that GOD will have some mercy on me, and ease the pain a bit when i am 45 and above..

Enough about that..

Ok.. Since i am so bored i discussed with dice that i want to start the business again.. And he supports it.. Cuma sekarang tinggal, tak tau bila nak start.. If i want to hit the market again, i need to find new stocks.. Wow.. Itu yang payah.. Kenapa payah? Let only me know the reasons why..

Next story, ajie will be gone soon for a travelogue project.. Gone for how long, lupe nak tanye.. He just received the schedule yesterday.. Shocking!! Langkawi - Sabah - Surabaya - Doha - London - Paris.. This project is under TV3 and i could still remember about 2 weeks ago when he fought for the project.. Wow.. Rezki ajie.. Super proud of you.. He wanted to see me, but i refused because i am afraid that i might disturb his work by me being present at his office.. At this moment tak sure whether he is in KL or Kuantan.. Company die kan official photographer for MahaRajaLawak.. Some of them already left to Kuantan.. :)

Owh, 2 days ago ajie lost it again.. I was not shock AT ALL.. Cuma abit terkilan.. he apologized the next day and i took the opportunity to ngamuk at him pulak.. Haha.. rasakan.. Terus tulis status sedih kat twitter.. Hahahah~ But everything is cool now.. We are good~

Ok.. That is all.. Babai blog.. Will update more soon.. Misi nak perbanyakkan entry harus diusahakan.. :)


Early Father's Day Dinner~

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We had an early father's day dinner yesterday (as in monday night).. Had it earlier for no particular or solid reason.. I treated my parents at Yemeni food restaurant called Hadramawt Restaurant at Chulan Square.. Here are some of photos :)

Food was awesome, of course.. Highly recommended :)

This is for u..~

Monday, June 6, 2011

I know you would read this because somehow you do not have anything else to do.. It was you who left the long comment.. I know your writing well enough, and not to forget you mentioned something that no one know about.. So yes, i know you have been reading my blog.. And recently my twitter's status..

I read your status once and saw something and i made a comment about it. Because of my one comment, you went hysterical apa pasal? Made it such a huge deal like the world is going to end tomorrow when tomorrow is not even friday.. You hate me, everyone knows that.. And trust me,i do not like you either.. You call me names since years ago and i never say a word about it.. U snatched the one person i care the most and i did not attack you at all... It was you who came over to my house even i told you to not to.. Looked how desperate you were.. I told you everything you needed to know and yet you were still blind?? My owh my..

I never made fun of your appearance though i find it very funny.. But your attitude, Ya ALLAH.. Sumpah, grab a mirror, look yourself in there and tell me... Who is older than whom?? I am older than you or you are older than me?? Don't simply say im a kid who is trying to act like an adult when its clearly stated in my IC that i am above 21.. Its you who is no doubt is above 30 and yet still acting like a teenager.. Why?? Was your teenage life so fucked up til you want to recreate your story again?? Because you were a gig.. A nerd back in your college years that makes you trying so fucking hard to be SOMEONE now??

Oh dear lord, if only i could tell you how much those radio people hate you and trashed talk you... Even the people who you considered as close friends also kutuk you like hell.. Sumpah, you will feel embarrass.. You need to change your lifestyle.. Smoking is a very bad habit.. Like a whore.. I don't know if your family accept that kind of behavior.. But the way i was brought up, smoking is not a way of life..

Next, sleep over at guy's crib?? Shame on you.. Because of your style that makes no one takes you seriously.. You sleep with everyone.. Don't you have any pride?? Dosa masih ayah yang tanggung.. Tak rasa besalah ke?? I am in no position to say anything to you because you are older than me.. But seriously, i was perfectly fine with you 2 years ago.. I can talked to you normally even after of what you did to me the year before.. But then you changed and started to trashed talk me though i did not do anything to you..

Apa je yang diorg cakap pasal engkau, akan aku ingat so that no one will judge me the same way they judged you. You may say, "lantak apa orang nak kata".. Sometimes apa orang kata itu sangat berguna untuk bentuk akhlak dan peribadi kita.. We could never see our mistakes, so by listening to their judgement helps us to be a better person.. At least i see it that way... If you do not, then it is your own lost.. Sampai tua orang akan terus kutuk diri engkau..~

p/s: Why would i care about you when i know that i have everything i've ever wanted and needed?? When i know that i have won and you're not.. When it was you who cried and threaten dice that if he did not choose you, you would move to italy?? Tapi engkau adaje kat Malaysia until today... You made a fool of yourself.. I did tell you, if you wanted him badly, you can have him... Let us all see, who he would choose... And i am sure we both already knew the answer.. I never stopped him from leaving.. Pergi la.. Why would i stop a guy from leaving when i believe that GOD has planned wonderful things and future for me?? Takkan aku nak lari g oversea hanya sebab tak dapat dice?? Dari situ, its so freaking clear that you are old but have a brain of a 14years old girl.. I pity you.. I think my brain is bigger than your 2eyes combined... Seriously pergi amek wudu' and solat.. Then fikir apa pasal semua lelaki tinggalkan engkau even after you sacrificed and shared EVERYTHING...~

Aku nak marah engkau, but i think your life is so pathetic sampai aku rasa macam alahai... LOSERNYE la engkau ni... Now, get out from my life..~ Shuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......!!


Dinner with my best friend :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Last friday my darling best friend treated me and dice a wonderful advance birthday dinner.. Not a fancy celebration, just one simple dinner.. Yet the dishes were marvelous.. Sangat2 sedap. Big portion, tak sia2 puasa on that particular day.. Hikhikhik..

food we had.. yummy~

me and nad

gambar ngedik dengan dice

Thank you so much for the dinner babe.. Love u mucho~

Daisy Allie :)

2011 so far.....~

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Half the year gone by.. Lots of events have taken place.. Happy moments, sad dramas and shocking incidents.. Everything.. Some are expected and planned, and some are just happened without me being alerted. Surprises after surprises.. Tear after tear.. Laughter after laughter.. Below are the resolutions i made right after the countdown [2011].. I copied it from my entry in the month of January, 2011.. Lets review them..~

1- I would like to have a better yet simple life. Which means one time in 2010, i was in deep shit in terms of financial.. Towards the end of the year only i recovered and got the chance to buy most of the things i ever needed and needed. Therefore, as for this year i really hope that my financial is better than last year and of course able to manage and plan my expenses.

:: I am still studying and still receiving my allowance though not every month. But boleh lah hidup.. Plus staying with parents membuatkan ku confirm takkan mati kebulur. Therefore, nothing to worry about as everything is fine~

2- Graduate on time. I am suppose to graduate my MBA in November 2011, therefore i really hope that my study will always be on a smooth flow so that i would not have to stay longer than i should have.

:: A policy created where we have 4months of semester break. Therefore the official NOKHTAH for my MBA would be somewhere in January 2012.. Lari calculation sudah.. Hehe.. Sabar jela.. Currently i am on my 4 months break with one month down and three more to go.. Doing well, so far.. Masih belum gila.. Survive.. :)

3- I am trying to be a better person in the sense that i would not create any more problems and troubles. In order for me to do that, i must learn to say NO to people who request for troubles. (I tend to be kesian kat orang.. Layan kerenah orang then i got myself stuck).. Maka, i really hope that i would not have to face those kind of mess again.

:: Alhamdulillah my life is quite flow smoothly though i had a very rough start; early of 2011.. Few dramas in the beginning contributed by dice and zack, but i was back on track when i started to stay in touch with ajie.. But stopped seeing him after me decided to give dice another chance.. But we still stay in touch.. Tanya khabar from time to time..~ Other than that, i am thankful..

4- I must finish reading all the books i bought.. Still have around 7 more books.

:: Never really have the time to read my books.. Been VERY busy from January til end of April.. Then off to China and Korea for the month of May.. Now baru ada mase nak betul2 hold the book and read.. Tu pun banyak ngelat cos i got distracted easily by the TV.. *ngeeee* To make it even more "interesting", ku telah tambah lagi buku.. Haha.. Bile nak abesh baca?? Only GOD knows ;p

5- I must try to watch my diet and make sure that i will eat on time. Even if it is just a snack. Grab something to munch.. Also, i should delete chicken from my mind as i have to accept the fact that i am allergic to it.

:: I was so skinny early of the year because i was so depressed because of the problems i faced with dice and everything. I ate like a somalian yet i did not gain any weight.. Then ajie came into the picture.. Had dinner or late night supper.. Still macam tu juga.. Spent the whole month of march kat starbucks and had 3cups of vanilla latte everyday, still cemgituh juga.. Then came dice into the picture in april.. 3hari je, dah naek berat.. And thanx (so not) to dice, now i have gained 4kg.. Demm :( I still eat chicken.. Masih tak bejaya utk elakkan ia because momy doesn't cook seafood.. Hence whether i like it or not, thats the only thing i have.. Makan je la.. Trying to stay strong to avoid it thou.. ;p

Well, lets see if i can fulfill everything by the end of this year.. Last year plan nak banyak travel but i did not travel at all.. This year, ku dapat la juga travel though only twice.. Better something than nothing..

Til my next update.. Will try to update as frequent as i could.. (I dont have any fancy event to share laaaa....) Haihhhh :(

Take care blog.. And readers, if there's any...


Outing with the fellowship :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

As mentioned in yesterday's post, i went for a quick picnic with my current classmates.. Tak jauh, dekat dalam kota KL saja. Drove to shah alam first as we all gathered there before convoyed to the sungai nan indah.. two cars only.. I did not drive my car.. There were 7 of us.. two did not make it.. Ada hal last2 minute.. We had fun.. Alhamdulillah, tak hujan semalam... Nor hot.. Pleasant weather.. Comfy sangat2.. Food was awesome as well.. Potluck version.. kenyang.. And licin jer semua :) Banyak gambar, but few are enuff rite..

We are planning for another short trip soon.. :)

Til my next update.. Happy june people~