Its never been easy~

Friday, July 29, 2011

Hey blog.. i have been updating only good stuffs and joy but not how exactly i truly feels, right.. Not that i don't want to. Its just that it is hard to put into words.. True, my writing changed.. Not the same daisy anymore.. Bukan menipu, bukan berlakon.. Cuma tak mampu nak cerita macam mana..

Life is pretty interesting lately because i made it to be like that. I do not have any personal problem thou, thank GOD. It is just that this whole research thing is actually killing me. Too many things to be done and yet nothing is done. A group of three but no one started the thing. I have prepared the proposal, must the other two wait for me to continue? I am tired.. Not that i do not want to do.. I want to.. Cuma seperti mahu biarkan dulu and see if others would feel cuak and will start doing it.. Unfortunately, tak ada... Betul, lama lagi submission but there's no harm in getting it done early kan.. Because once the semester starts, the work load won't burden us much..

I am not saying they have to work around the clock.. Just get the thing move bit by bit je la.. True they asked me about the progress and i did tell them, start je la with out me.. But tak start..I don't mind about that.. The one thing yang agak terkilan would be, about meeting out advisor.. They can actually postponed it while i was gone.. I was gone the one whole month and they skipped the meeting.. Kan ke buang masa namanya itu? I am not pointing fingers and i am not blaming... Cuma rasa sedikit terkilan, itu saja...

Now, i already strated doing it.. And at the moment, i don't feel like telling them just yet.. I'll try to do most of the writing and pass it to them for detailing and amendments...

Without wax

2nd Leg at BJ Stadium~

Last night was awesome. Though we did not win, but at least the tigers played true men. The lions were horrible, drama kings.. I wished i could just jump in the field and give one the hell of a kick on the keeper's face, si izwan tuh! Nyampas tahap ultra aku dengan dorang..

I didn't bring my camera because i was too lazy to take care my camera so few photos were taken.. Used my BB only. Here are some of the pics taken since tuesday til last last night~

Right after collected our tix last tuesday :)

Before the match start

Tengah 15minutes break

Jumpa Dollah Salleh at the lobby before we left :)

Me and Ghimau

Awesome fun i had.. Fun fun fun~!! :)

Theater Nite~

Friday, July 22, 2011

Two nights ago, me and friends went to Istana Budaya for Dreamgirls Broadway. It was such an amazing show.. Worth to watch.. Didn't buy the "good" seats though.. But from our seats, we managed to get good view!! Dapat tengok the whole stage, so it was worth it!! Like totally~!! There were 8 of us; my friends plus fary's friends.. The night was incredible.. The show will be performed until this sunday, so do watch it if you have some "extra" time.. :)

Some of the photos taken on that night~

Me and Besties

And below here is my all time favorite.. I got goosebumps when i heard they sang this song Live!! Awesome vocals and voices... Sangat macam nak nanges!! :p

You want all my love and my devotion
You want my loving so, right on the line
I’ve had no doubts that I could love you, forever
The only trouble is, You really don’t have the time

You’ve got One Night Only, One Night Only that’s all we have to spare
One Night Only, lets not pretend to care
One Night Only, One Night Only come on big baby come on
One Night Only we only have till dawn

When the morning this feeling will be gone, has no chance going on
Something so right has got no chance to live
So lets forget about chances, Its One Night I will give

One Night Only, One Night Only you’ll be the only one
One Night Only, then you’ll have to run
One Night Only, One Night Only there’s nothing more to say
One Night Only, once get in the way
One Night Only, One Night Only, One Night Only

Try to listen to this song either by Dina or by Jennifer Hudson. Both are equal incredible :)

Without wax,

Football :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I am a fan of football.. Not a big one but big enough to follow the stories and scream my lungs out in front of the telly.. When i was younger, my big brother always took me along to Stadium Shah Alam to watch Selangor played.. I fell in love with football ever since and put my heart on Liverpool.. Don't ask.. I don't know why i prefer Liverpool over Man Utd..

Then back in 2005, i enjoyed the Malaysia football.. Zaman Selangor naik gile2 with Alley Aiboy (cemtu ke spell??) and Bambang Pamungkas.. I never went to the stadium but i enjoyed the "feeling". Duduk tingkat 13 at Brunsfield join jerit sama dengan orang kat statium.. Tapi kita jerit depan TV je la.. It was awesome as there were around 15 of us.. Good old days!!

I never missed the WC Match since 1998.. Enjoyed every single match even i did not know the players.. I must say, 2006 WC was the best of all as i was in UK and Paris at that time. Celebration dorang sangat syok. Could still remember how the parade was when France defeated Spain.. Pukul 3pagi tapi terang dengan lampu macam 8pg.. Awesome!!! They played during the day so they provided televisions in classes so that students can enjoy the matches as well.. Dorang sangat berhantu kan...~

Anyways, melalut... Initially, i wanted to blab about the tix i just bought.. A football match; Malaysia VS Singapore 2nd Leg that will be held on the 28th July.. Bought them through online.. Sanggup pujuk mamy nak pinjam her CC.. Thanx mamy :)

Without wax,

Monday isn't always blue :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

When the rain is blowing in your face
And the whole world is on your case
I would offer you a warm embrace
To make you feel my love

When evening shadows and the stars appear
And there is no one there to dry your tears
I could hold you for a million years
To make you feel my love

I know you haven't made your mind up yet
But I would never do you wrong
I've known it from the moment that we met
No doubt in my mind where you belong

I'd go hungry, I'd go black and blue
I'd go crawling down the avenue
There's nothing that I wouldn't do
To make you feel my love

The storms are raging on the rollin' sea
And on the highway of regret
The winds of change are blowing wild and free
You ain't seen nothin' like me yet

I could make you happy, make your dreams come true
Nothing that I wouldn't do
Go to the ends of the earth for you
To make you feel my love

I had this one huge fight with dice last night. It was nothing cuma it triggered me.. Damn.. Kesian dia.. He didn't do anything wrong.. He did cuma sangat2 la kecik.. Haha.. Sorry la kawan, lu buat lawak bangang at the most crucial hour.. Tak kena time.. Hurmmm..

Anyway, i did watch Harry Potter semalam.. Oh Severus Snape, awak memang suka buat saya fikir banyak kali whether you are a nice person or not.. (i never read HP collection; harap maklum).. All i can say is, i ♥ the ending.. Thanx for entertaining me all these years Harry Potter.. I am gonna buy a complete set of you.. The books and the DVDs.. The sister have a complete set of the books (Kakak ku die hard fan HP and Narnia), but still i am gonna buy u books.. :)

After the movie, we went to UParkson and i finally grabbed a handbag.. Been wanting to buy one but kept on postponing.. Setahun postponed w/o any valid reason... So semalam i grabbed that GUESS handbag.. A very simple one and yet it cost me RM519.00.. Dice pesan, jangan sebut nak beli handbag lagi untuk jangka masa 6 bulan.. Heheh.. Baeklah!! 6 Months je, not 6 years *wink*

I kinda tossed my book (Passion) away sekejap... Sebab, tak bole stop baca.. Berhantu punya buku.. Ishkkk.. Will start reading again malam2 nanti.. I have other things to do.. Like enjoying my DVDs and also managing my on9 shop. Alhamdulillah, bisnes bejalan macam biasa.. Tak mengayakan but masih menguntungkan.. Terima kasih banyak2 pembeli sekalian :)

That is all for now.. Will update more soon~!!

Without wax,
DaisyAllie :)

Lama Tak Meroyan~

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Certain things that i do not like;

  1. People who just love to barge into other people's conversation and bila ditegur mula lah nak emotional and say that we don't have manners sedangkan dia yang menyampuk. Ingat menyampuk tu sangatlah sopan?
  2. I sincerely don't agree with people who wear hijabs but wear tube top with inner and wear leggings. Come on, hijab menampakkan seseorang itu sangat indah lagi cantik, but why must you ruin the image? Then when i state my opinion like such, ada orang nak betah nak masukkan hadith and tak baik judge orang. Siapa judge orang? Aku state opinion in looking sopan atau tak.. Apa masalah kau?
  3. Hate when i am being controlled in my own space. Its my FB account and others control what i want to state and not. Like seriously, if you can't handle my opinion simply click UNFRIEND. Easy, simple and quick. Dari sibuk duk argue kat status aku apasal? We have different opinion and seeing things, so dah lah. Aku tak pernah pergi kat page kau and kutuk your believes and why must you do that to mine? How childish and KAMPUNG you are.. Sibuk nak cari gadoh dengan orang?
  4. I don't like being texted every 5minutes just to check where am i and what am i doing? Bosan!!
  5. Last but not least, i don't like smokers. Seriously i don't... But i do not have anything against them cuma tolonglah bila hembus asap rokok tu hembus kat belah lain.. If you intend to die young, don't drag others along.. Ingat cool sangatlah kalau hisap rokok and hembus bersepah?? Especially lady-smokers.. Macam biatch tau kalau kau smoke.. I totally hate lady-smokers!! The end!!

That's all..

The End

Without wax;
Daisy Allie

Enjoying life :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Life was pretty amazing lately.. Been doing so many things, quite a busy week i could say. Not having enough sleep and having proper meal.. having fluctuate weight. Been sick.. Sejuk gigil macam orang tak dapat drugs. Lot of things and events took place in a week. Even so, i enjoyed every moment of it.. Alhamdulillah.. GOD gave me opportunities to experience those moments.. Entah bila lagi dapat rasa..

On 050711, me and the boys watched a midnight movie together.. Transformers 3. I enjoyed the movie much but i prefer the the second one. T3 was too long.. Drag sangat, too meleret.. Though that, it was a nice entertainment. The crowd was overwhelming.. Clearly the promo was good and Mr. Bay did an incredible job :)

Me and dice turn 4 last week.. 070711.. Four years of dramas and everything.. Some may say we are still together, some may not. Those who are freaking close to me would know the real answer.. No one actually know what i have in mind.. Dice perhaps tahu, i did brief him.. But i cant tell it for sure.. Maybe he remembers my words, maybe he pretends not to remember.. But whatever it is, my stand is freaking strong.. No one knows when the moment will come, as i myself also don't know..

Anyway, last 070711 me, dice, his sis n the boyfie went to Bentley Auditorium in Mutiara Damansara for SORE Live in KL. Apart from SORE, Couple and TILU were there to perform as well. About two days before the showcase, i just found out that one of Tilu's member is my own friend.. Adoi.. Kelakar because all this while i thought Tilu was a single act and not a band.. Haha.. The show was freaking awesome!! I fell in love with SORE instantly.. And the duet song; with Athilia was awesome "Silly little thing".. I love the voices.. Sangat sedap di telingaku!!

Before we went to Bentley, we had our dinner at Chocolate first. Food were fantastic. Wasn't expensive at all.. Slightly more than Secret Recipe je.. Enjoyed every bite of it. Totally worth it.. Went there only with dice.. Adik2 tak sampai lagi, so naseb mereka la.. Makan sendiri ok~ Before the show started, Ajie bbm-ed me.. Bebel sikit.. Sabar k sabar ;p

Ni Amira, Tilu's singer.. Suke her voice and she was sooooo petite.. Wrong skinny.. Mana tak nya, my friend told me that she loves to work out.. Her routine would be 200x skipping + Yoga + 100x push ups + 60x sit ups.. Gile kan.. Hahah.. Aku nak buat 10 push ups pun malas nak mati ;p

Athilia and SORE performed the song i mentioned above. Sangat la syok!! Suke *clap3* :) They said that that noght was the first time they sing the song together as they recored them separately.. So they were cuak2 gak takot salah masuk.. But it went well actually~!! Thumbs up~!!

After the show, me and dice went to lepak with my great friend, Shahir.. He's a good friend of Tilu and he also a composer.. Ala2 anak didik Aidit Alfian. I did write something for him but not sure whether diaccept or dah kena tendang.. Heheh.. He invited us for another show end of this month.. Hell yeah!! Of course i am gonna be there.. If dice does not wanna go, that is his problem.. Not mine.. :D

On 12 and 13 July, me and dice went to BJ Stadium for the match between Arsenal VS Malaysia. None of us sokong Arsenal, tapi saja nak isi masa lapang.. Hahah.. My eldest bro should come with us but he had a meeting and so i sold his tix to my/ajie's friend.. He and awok2 masuk ikut gate laen, me n dice gate laen.. But we met before and after game.. Crowd was great.. Apa je org bebel kat FB tu banyaknya tipu.. Malaysian wore Arsenal jerseys but they cheered both teams..

Hari Training on the 12

Malaysian mostly put on Arsenal jerseys but mat sallehs and blacks wore Malaysia jersey.. Sangat cute je~!!

Arsenal's 4th goal

Gua support Malaysia babe~!!

That was how i spent my week.. Pretty fun.. Had lots of laugh with close friends. Gonna have brunch with Ajie tomorrow sebab he's leaving on Sunday for another shooting abroad.. Plus, feeling guilty for not informing him about the football match.. (Lupe la~!!). Also as a treat for cleaning up the house just the way i requested him to.. Not to forget for the awesome picture he sent me this morning.. Sangat teruja ok!! Thanx so much.. And lastly for the great nickname he named me.. Awwwwwwww.. I just the name mucho!! Mucho gracias~!!

Next, i am going to meet my girl friends for yamcha and karaoke session.. Been awhile since i hang out with them.. Seme busy terbang sana sini.. Nak jumpa esok pun sikit punya susah nak cari date.. Friends from Ganu and Perak drove up to KL tomorrow just for the lepak.. Awesome!! Thanx girls, u people are great!!

Sunday, will be a day for me to lazying around and to catch up on my readings.. Have journals to read and i am reading a new book.. (Bought it months ago) If i finish this book, i still have another 12 to go!! Ok lah kan, hari tu ada 16books ;p

My current reading

Here is the synopsis and review of the book;

Melissa Elmet and William Hyde fell madly in love when they were teenagers and end up marrying in secret. However Melissa’s family get involved and the marriage ends up being annulled and the pair never see each other again.

Melissa now lives the life of an academic whereas Will is now a billionaire. Their worlds are incredibly far apart but they’re thrown back together when Will, an ex-MI6 agent, notices a link between recent killings and fears Melissa is next.

The pair end up on the run as Lola, a beautiful female assassin, chases them all over the world in hot pursuit.

Louise Bagshawe is an incredibly talented writer and I loved Sparkles when I read it a few years ago. Her books have always been quite complex but as her writing has developed her books have gotten more and more complex and Passion is, undoubtedly, her most complex yet. The book is billed as James Bond for girls and that’s an accurate description.

Passion begins by introducing us to Dimitri who has hired Lola, an assassin, to take out four people. It’s a very intriguing start to the book. We then go back to the past and see how Melissa and Will first met and fell in love before, ultimately, ending up being separated. We then come back to the present and see how the heartbreak has affected both Melissa and Will. The difference between the two is apparant and quite surprising: Melissa is now a shy, academic whereas Will is now a billionaire banker. The killings start quite quickly and after many years apart Will and Melissa are now thrown back together again, on the run from a very determined assassin.

As Melissa and Will try to outwit Lola the chase is indeed on. The book takes in many places around the world as they all try to find or outwit each other and the book is incredibly fast paced. The plot is ultimately the chase between Melissa, Will and Lola and it goes on throughout the book, pretty much from the first page until the last. Will being an ex-MI6 agent provides an extra twist to the book because it means he knows what Lola is trying to do so he can try and outwit her that way. Both Will and Lola are incredibly clever which makes for compulsive reading. Of course it wouldn’t be a Bagshawe book without romance and Will and Melissa fight their feelings for each other throughout the book.

The characters are all well-thought out and I liked seeing Melissa change from a shy, retiring academic into someone thinking like an assassin as she learns what it’s like trying to evade Lola and being constantly on the run and fearing for your life. At first Melissa didn’t seem to be a very strong character but as her life was threatened she became stronger as the book progressed. Will was a fantastic lead male character; yes he’s an ex-MI6 agent but I could tell he really cared for Melissa and only wanted the best for her. He may have done a lot of bad things when he was part of the MI6 but after leaving that life, it was like it was a part of him he put away. He didn’t forget about it but that was a part of life he felt he needed to do and when he was done, he was done. I actually liked Lola, which surprised me, as she’s hardly likeable. But the thing is she knew what her targets were and went after them like a woman possessed. She was incredibly fierce and hugely determined and I liked that in her. Melissa, Will and Lola are the three main characters but there are lots more behind the scenes who have orchestrated the whole thing.

Passion is told in the third person and flicks from Melissa’s point of view, Will’s point of view and Lola’s point of view as well as those involved in the bigger picture. I found it very easy to keep up with all of the changes of view and I loved switching from one character to the next. I wasn’t a huge fan of those involved in the bigger picture – those people who were the reasons Lola is chasing Melissa – but it helped make a rounder picture of the whole story. The reasons why Lola is chasing Melissa are quite complicated but Bagshawe explains it all well, and I did eventually make sense of it all. It was a very clever plot and I thought the chasing between the three main characters was very compulsive. Because it was told in the third person we could see just how close/far Lola was from Melissa and Will and I had no idea how the book was going to end.

The book is a huge blockbuster of a book. My trade paperback has 472 pages but the fun never stops so the pages just whizz by. I started it this morning and didn’t expect to finish it as I saw how large it was. I whizzed through it though and ended up rushing head-first towards the end. It was a hugely satisfying read and I can’t wait for Louise’s next book as she’s a fantastic storyteller.

On Monday, i'll be seeing my advisor for my project and i hope things will go smoothly. And ater of the day, me and dice will go catch a movie at One Utama; Harry Potter.. Most of my friends have watched it and they gave good comments and review.. This is the final episode of HP and i do hope its worth to watch..

That is the not-so-quick update of mine.. Til my next update.. Happy weekend people :)

Without wax,
Daisy Allie

Stressed Out~

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hey blog.. Been awhile kan. I was kinda busy and life was full with dramas lately. Lets do recap abit ya.

I had breakfast with ajie last week, 24june to be exact. Went to his office and tolong a few things before me, him and afiq went to the nearest Kelantanese restaurant. It was such a bloody morning.. We rush here and there.. After breakfast, we drove afiq to the nearest LRT station, only GOD knows why he was here in KL.. Sampai KL at 5am and gegar ajie's place.. Anyway, then we went back to ajie's place.. He forgot few things and his cash.. Adoi.. Kau suka patah2 balik kan..

Dah settle benda kat rumah semua, at 11.15 am we drove to sunway and fetched eby and drove back to ajie's office.. Bayangkan, from melawati to sunway to melawati on friday.. Jammed yang amat2 but we managed to reached the office at 12.30pm. Jangan tanya macam mana dia drive.. Macam tenuk~!! Reached office, i drove back to damansara.. Tolong hantar barang ke zul. Ajie memang kelam kabut nye jantan.. Nasib kau kawan.. Hahah~ Sampai damansara, Fa Fau's PA and driver dah tunggu and they all went to the airport.. Off to Surabaya for EPISODE 1 of the travelogue. Ajie came back on Monday morning at 2.30am and of course i was sleeping..

Monday, 27 june was my birthday. Unlike last year.. I did not celebrate at all.. (Tipooo... I celebrated a week early ;p). That morning i drove to ampang to nadiah's place before we all went to KLIA. Her mother went to mecca for Umrah. I told ajie that i would have lunch with him but i cancelled as we reached ampang back at 4.30pm but just not into it. Ajie requested me to drop by for dinner but i was too tired and malas so i headed home. Dice came over and he took me out for dinner.. He brought me a bouquet of flower.. Hahah.. Kelakar.. Nanges kot dapat bunga... He is not bunga2 person. Die penah bagi bunga masa convo diploma je dulu and that was it..

28th June night, i showered and dice came over.. We went to subang and met izza n nena.. Thanx for the birthday celebration.. Makan cake je birthday tahun ni.. Syok da 5 cakes this year :) I uploaded few pics on FB, and terus kena bebel ngan ajie.. Haihhhh... Ignored him... Tak lama pastu dia ajak dinner n watch football at BJ Stadium.. And i said yes, tengok nanti macam mana..

Wednesday, june 29.. Sis called as early as 8am and invited us all for dinner at her place.. Mamy and ayah mestilah nak pergi.. Jumpa baby aqil.. So i bbm-ed ajie to cancel the dinner... Kena marah lagi... Pujuk sikit2, tapi tak lod.. Ok.. Ignore!!

Thursday, june 30.. Ajie called around 5pm.. Asked me why didn't i show up at his office for breakfast... What?? Did not know that i was suppose to be there.. Diam lagi aku... Bebel lagi pakcik tuh.. Garu kepala lagi aku.. Lantak situh!

Yesterday he bbm-ed me in the most sarcastic way.. Ok darling.. I am gonna pretend like you did not text me. Have a splendid journey with Fa Fau ya.. Like i said, ur actions and words don't synch.. I don't understand you.. Penat la you..

To make things worst.. Last night another drama took place.. Dice nye problem bebankan aku.. Wahai jantan2 sekalian.. Boleh tolong tak...? Do plan your life wisely and please do not expect me to clean up ur mess... I can't be there for you all the time. Ur mess, tapi aku yang penat.. Mana adil... So please ya..

Whatever it is, the two of them are the men of my life.. I love them both... In different ways of course.. Thou i love them, i hate them too.. Take care boys.. Jangan kelam kabut sangat ok...~