Raya 2011 Yow~!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This year's raya is so much different than the previous years.. We went back to Melaka on the very first day of Syawal and i gave raya angpows to mamy, ayah, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and grandma. Seeing their faces smiling after receiving the angpows was priceless!~ Great feeling :)

Here are few pictures taken yesterday..~

Dah tak berapa rajin nak edit-edit gambar :)

Selamat Hari Raya, everyone~!!

Happy Merdeka Raya~!!

Salam bloggers sekalian..

Raya is yesterday's news, people.. Today, we are celebrating Malaysia's 54th Independence Day.. I am so proud to be Malaysia. We have achieved and gained so much over these years. I can't imagine to live else where.. I ♥ my country so much and would not trade it for anything else~

We should be thankful with what we have and should try do something to enhance and improve our country's economy.. Work hand in hand to make us better and stop ponting fingers at others. Celebrating Idul Fitri and Merdeka Day a the same should teach us 1001 lessons.. Be thankful and forgive each others for any wrongdoings, harsh acts and words..

Even google celebrate Merdeka Raya :)

Watch this video people :)

That is all for now.. Will update few Raya pictures :)


Eid Mubarak~

Monday, August 29, 2011

Ramadhan akan melabuhkan tirainya
Maka muncullah Syawal pula
Puasa sebulan telah terlaksana
Demi menyambut lebaran yang mulia

Tangan dihulur, maaf dipinta
Atas segala tesilap dan tekasar bahasa
Anda kata ada yang terluka
Diharap jangan disimpan selamanya

I wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya dan Maaf Zahir & Batin. Thank you so much for all the warm wishes and Hari Raya Card.. Failed to reply as it was so unexpected to be receiving cards nowadays.. Alas, i appreciate the cards and efforts.. Semoga kita bertemu lagi di lain Ramadhan dan peliharalah segala pahala yang diperolehi sepanjang ramadhan ini...

Lots of

What friends mean to me~

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"A true friend will always stick around thru the fun and hard time or be a call/text away.. If the friends fail to perform those, hence just stop welcoming them, you are better off w/o them"

I adore and love all my friends and especially those whom i consider as close or best friends.. But somehow sometimes, they just love to take things for granted or just love to simply go beyond the line.. I have been very patient with one particular person. Always been there to support and cheer this person for whatever this person wants or intends or currently doing..

I always remain shut up even i always have this feeling of strangleling this person for all the wrongdoings and selfishness act.. Tapi tak... Kita diam jer.. Until last saturday when i was so freaking sick during the day (ngah puasa, only GOD knows how i felt), this person bbm-ed me and i told this person that i'll only entertain what-ever this person wanted to tell me after berbuka or after isya' because i could not stand looking at the phone's screen.. Instead of being understanding, this person got bloody pissed off with me..

Sumpah terasa nak sepak dia sangat.. Tak cukup kerek in bbm, this person went on crapping on twitter about me did not to reply the messages.. You know what, i am done being your friend.. You claimed that we have one solid friendship and apparently we are not.. And guess what, not only that we don't have a solid friendship, we are no longer friends.. I can't tolerate with you, your childish act and your selfish ass! I had enough, and yes the status about "i am kicking you out from my life" is meant for you.. Not only i don't like you anymore, i despise you..

Titik.. Good bye~!!

Pictures of Tioman~

I am sharing some of my Tioman's pictures.. Nit great pictures though.. Just wish i am rich enough to get a new and great camera.. Nevertheless, i am happy with this camera of mine.. It has been helping me much ;p

I went there 15 years ago and still, there is not much different.. Even so, i the ambient and atmosphere there.. Very calming and welcoming.. I shall be back there and stayed there for a week at least!!

Enjoy the pictures, ok :)

Without wax,

Busy week~

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Its good to be back... I miss u pink lappy of mine.. It had been such a busy week for me.. With flea market on every friday and went to tioman for research purposes.. Wow, everything was too much.. But rezeki, tuhan nak bagi.. Alhamdulillah.. Since i am still on my semester break and raya is just around the corner, i decided to be my lecturer's research assistant (RA).. Well bayar tak lumayan mana pun.. As it is all depends on number of questionnaire i managed to collect.. Dalam KL, rm5 per piece and luar KL would be rm10 per piece.. With everything covered; fuel, toll, accommodation.. So basically, yup.. That's what i have been doing for the past 2weeks.. Sangat penat but syok at the same time.. Bejalan2 and dapat duit, sapa tak mahu? :)

I went to tioman accompanied by a person.. So the two of us mingling around and hulala perfectly.. Collected so many memories and experiences.. I even did snorkeling.. Sumpah i was freaking panic considering i never done it before and i don't even know how to swim.. But i survived and since i loved it so much, we repeat the activity again.. Phewwwwww... We had rm1000 for accommodation and we didn't need so much of cash while we were there.. With nearly 200 sets collected, yeay.. Boleh shopping raya dengan jayanya.. Instead of shopping raya, i paid rm700 for my singapore-USS trip.. Flight + hotel + USS for rm700, worth it ok.. Can't wait to go to USS, when everyone else already been there...

So that's my short update.. Before i left, he was so worried and bbm-ed me few times while i was there.. Once i reached KL, he left for AXN E-Buzz work all over malaysia.. Have fun!! Will see u before you go back for raya... :)

*bliss & tired*


2 birds with 1 stone

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dah meroyan tadi, ayuh pulang ke pangkal jalan :)

I would like to take this opportunity
to wish everyone who happen to be reading this blog of mine;
Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak
Hope all our ibadah and prayers are accepted
And semoga Ramadhan kali ini bukanlah yang terakhir buat kita semua, Insya Allah

Alhamdulillah, tahun ini me and dice are fasting together for the fifth year. Somehow, i am more to him now.. Appreciate his existence more day by day. Bulan baik ni, i pray that GOD AL-Mighty boleh melembutkan hati kita untuk maafkan dia. He is one nice man in so many ways.. I am sorry if people failed to see that.. How can i put this into words.. He's naughty but he does have a good heart.. I truly hope he has learnt his lesson very much and finally realise what i am capable of, Insya Allah.. Lets pray for the best... :)


Today is mommy's birthday.. Ikut calender Masihi la.. Ikut calender hijrah, 27ramadhan nanti usia meningkat lagi.. Hehe.. Anyway, happy birthday mommy.. I know i am capable of getting and buying you awesome birthday gift, but i hope you'd ♥ the purse and perfume i got for you.. :) I want to say, *Have a blast celebration*, but it sounds so inappropriate.. Hehe.. So all i am going to say is, *Hari ini dapur tutup* :)

Lots of ♥ mommy.. The best mother ever.. Because you provided everything for me and also your ability to cope with me psycho acts all the time :)

Without wax;

Menyampah tengok wall FB~

Habis cerita harimau malaya timbul pula cerita pasal MIA and putus tunang.. Whoaa.. Scary.. They just got engaged right.. Apparently, lots of ladies out there got affected.. Somehow.. Macam diorangg pula yang putus tunang dengan MIA tu.. Been reading lots of status on fb and twitter yang bunyinya macam ni "Ya Allah... Siapalah jodohku".. I am not saying their status are wrong or what so ever.. Cuma macam "Aik... Tetibe pula touchy".. Oh well.. Don't blame me for being too negative.. Cuma lately ni banyak sangat orang update status yang terlalu mengundang.. (And i am typing in malay simply because i am too annoyed...)

To stop from being and feeling too annoyed, i deleted few people on my friend list.. Lega sikit mata and otak ku.. One of the people that i removed would be my so called cousin's GF.. Haha.. Kejam tak aku? Gila geli dowh...Setiap 5minute update status "rindu orang jauh", "deeply missing u".. Kalau rindu sangat angkat phone and give him a call.. Pleaseeeee! Sehari sekali update cemtu bole terima la.. Ni every 5minutes.. Memang ngundang nak diremovekan la kan.. Wall aku penuh nama kau je.. Sehari naik ke seminggu... Cukup 2 weeks, u are out! Aku stress..!! And i am not sorry for deleting you.. Aman bahagia!!

Ok.. That's all.. Feeling much better!! Aku dah macam orang meroyan kan!! ;p

Without wax,