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Friday, September 30, 2011

Another week gone by and i am still here doing the same thing what i did last week.. What else? Assignments.. Apart from that, i have been hearing stories spread around.. People been talking about me.. Behind my back.. Something that i could be proud of, actually.. Weird? Not really..

It is not weird to feel proud when people are talking about you, you know. Especially when they trashed talk you something that superly doesn't make any sense. A friend of mine called me last monday and we talked for nearly an hour.

This person was kinda depressed because people been talking about this person behind this person's back. Those people act so nice to this person when in reality, they talk nonsense when this person is not around. And i was just saying how bad that it was.. Then this person continued and this person told me that they talked about me too.. And i said.. "Ok, what was it all about?"..

"They said you are too quite and too reserve. You spent too much time alone rather than hang out and gossip with them"..

Kelakar kan.. I just love minding my own business and not really into gossiping. Apparently my healthy way of living is not accepted in the society. People prefer kepochi girl and minah suka jaga tepi kain orang.. My God, aku bukan minah kampung masuk bandar yang nak culture shock, ok..~

Up until today, they still don't know that i already knew about this whole thing and i don't have intention of letting them know. But somehow i think they can figure it out by now.. Oh well.. Whatever..~

Next, school matters.. Works are piling up and its getting harder and harder.. In other words, things are so real now. I am trying to keep up with everything and trying hard to make things happen. I really hope that i can get things done and over with in time.

There are plans for last semester class trip. They planned to go to Bandung and meet the owner of Trans Studio. It sounds interesting as Trans Studio is the biggest theme park in the world plus it is an indoor theme park with variety concepts and entertainment. And i hope that the proposal is approved. I have never been to Bandung or to any part of Indonesia.

Next weekend, me and the girls are going to have a weekend gate-away.. Just the four of us. We are going to singapore to celebrate nena's birthday. We went to guilin for mine, didn't we? I am looking forward for the weekend because i really need the gate-away.. So much to do with so limited time.. Just not healthy..

Last but not least, i really wanna thank my b for everything he has done. Being there for me and lend me ears to listen to my blabbing is priceless.. I you b.. Always have and always will.. Feel so great that you are mine.. :)

Til my next update..

Without wax,


Busy week~

Thursday, September 22, 2011

This whole week has been a very busy week for me. Second week of the semester but the pressure is like the final week of the semester. Not really on the work wise.. More on "lambat warm up".. 5 months break was not a good idea.

Anyhow, my elective class are kinda fine compared to last semester. Maybe because i "ignore" everyone kot. Friends said, i am more to myself and did not really talk to others. I just do not feel like talking to anyone just yet. Tunggu la nanti2.. ABR still is not moving.. I guess, it is still not. And few minor dramas have taken place.

Kelakar.. Sini kata sana, sana kata sini.. Sini are my friends, sana are just bunch of people that i have never spoke to, yet they told me things about sini.. Hurmmm... Grow up, will you? When sini call, sana never pick up.. Then sana bla bla around about sini.. Kanak2 sangat..

Nothing much to tell.. All i know is, my weekends are full until 25 december.. Yup, that's like months from now.. I hope i can finish this semester finely.. i couldn't be bothered about others.. And will consider PhD as my next agenda in life.. My degree lecturers and my Ketua Program really advice me to continue as the money is already there. Just a matter of accept or reject.. But then of cos, there is always terms and condition apply..

Let's just see how i perform.. If i think i can handle another 4 years, then why not..

Til then


Gugur jantung aku~

Monday, September 19, 2011

Menaip dalam bahasa melayu

Saya menghabiskan masa sehari suntuk hari ini untuk buat assignment saya. Duduk depan laptop google islamic finance dan islamic business di benua eropah. Dalam sedang korek sana sini, jumpa page dan jumpa video temuramah antara eddie (pengacara rancangan) denfan joshua evans mengenai 10 alasan kenapa isa bukan tuhan. Joshua Evans adalah seorang bekas paderi dan telah memeluk islam dan sangat menyayangi islam dan berdakwah untuk islam dan memberitahu apa yang sepatutnya diketahui oleh manusia yang bukan islam.

Tontonlah video ni ok. Saja nak kongsi :)

Sedang asyik mendengar video tersebut, saya pun teruskan mencari bahan dan terjumpa satu page yang bercerita sesuatu yang sangat opposite. Iaitu bekas islam yang kini telah menjadi seorang paderi di salah sebuah gereja di denmark. Gereja tersebut kini kian berkembang. Sumpah, gugur jantung aku bila baca dan tengok video.

Fmr Muslim: Danish Church Waking to Gospel Call

By Dale Hurd
CBN News Sr. Reporter
Friday, June 03, 2011
4 Comment(s)

ODENSE, Denmark -- In Denmark, at least 4 percent of the country's population claims to be of the Muslim faith. Now, one former Muslim is sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with them.

But it's not without a price.

Massoud Fouroozandeh was born a Muslim in Iran. In 1986 when the Iran-Iraq War broke out, Fouroozandeh, then 15, was called up for military duty. But instead of serving, he fled Iran on crutches through the Kurdish mountains, and eventually settled in Denmark.

Today, he is the pastor of one of the fastest growing churches in Denmark with a special outreach to Denmark's Muslim immigrants. He is the author of the book titled "The Forbidden Salvation."

His journey to Christianity began when his mother, who also became a Christian, gave him a Bible. This angered him and he decided to disprove it, but something different happened.

"I found the God of love," Fouroozandeh told CBN News.

Fouroozandeh was running his own business in Denmark when he says Jesus appeared to him in a dream and called him to serve Him. He later began the Church of Love.

"Our mission was to tell everyone we knew about Christ," he explained.

And that has made some Muslims in Denmark very angry. The Danish media has reported about how Pastor Fouroozandeh has been threatened by Muslims, including having one car damaged and another destroyed.

But he said this opposition and persecution is exactly what the church in Denmark has needed.

"Before the church was dead but now it is waking up," Fouroozandeh said.

Today the Church of Love has congregations in three different cities. The threat of violence is not stopping the gospel from reaching more Danish Muslims.

"We're building in love and there will be challenges but God is with us," Fouroozandeh said.

*Original broadcast May 17, 2011.

Sangat tidak boleh diterima akal. Tertutup rapat terus hati si dia. Sangat menyedihkan. Semoga Allah buka hati beliau kembali. Insya ALLAH..

Didn't know that you are that funny :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Updating blog is no longer my passion, doodling is no longer my interest. I used to type almost everything here on my blog and used to conteng here and there. Lukis situ sini sana sikit. Have lots of color pens and markers. Hah.. No more.. Not that girl anymore. I hate to write and hate to express anything.. Photography? That too.. Conclusion, i kinda repelled everything that i have ever loved. No specific reasons.. Just bored.. But dice request me to write and he reads my blogs.. So yeah, i'll update them~

Banyak benda berubah. How i see things and how i judge things. Cuma satu je benda yang tak mungkin berubah.. I could never forgive few people.. Not that i don't want to.. I just can't. Not until i got my answers to the questions i have in mind. Call me whatever, i don't care. You were not the one who had to face those and i bet if you were in my shoes, you would do and react the same.. Which i am so sure of that and kindda have proves too..

I think about you now and then, not by choice or not that i adore you. Cuma bila ada benda cross depan mata and ada similarity, terus macam, "Is she one immature person? If so, why?".. Funny when at one point, you were normal and months after that you turned into a one lunatic monster.. You talked and acted like a trouble two. Tak faham bila semua orang sudah berubah and grow up and move forward, tapi ada manusia yang still maintain react macam semua benda baru jadi semalam. That is just sad.

I don't understand and i couldn't be bothered. Just one thing i wanna tell you cause i know you would be reading this.. Do please grow up. No point of being older than but don't react like one. Do whatever you like to do. Your life has nothing to do with me.. You demand people to stay away from your life but you don't stay away from theirs'.. Learn that, like seriously.. Owh, enjoy reading my blog and twitter.. Cause i don't mind at all.. You can't compete me..~

p/s: Unlike you, i have guts to use my own name..


That's the end..~

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Monday 12th September, i started my new semester.. Final semester of my MBA and i am so thrill to get it done and over with. My class started at 2pm and i reached there about an hour early.. For no reason. Same classmates and nothing much changed since i last met them about 5 months ago. Same old story, no updates..

I hate my current class condition. It is a bit smaller and it is freezing cold. I had a chest pain and fell sick immediately.. What's new kan?? Asal start new semester mesti sakit.. Class shocked kah? And as usual, i didn't go to the clinic.. By hook or by crook, i want to get better all by myself. I need no drugs..

First day of class, we already been given some assignments and we have to present on next class.. That just is not cool but hey, we just have to through it.. I have to endure it.. Yesterday me and other marketing major students attended a conference at Pullman, Putrajaya so we had to skip yesterday's class.. It was a fun morning until we received text from friends who were in GBI class.. The lecturer already assigned us in groups and yes, we have another assignment already.. Good! I wasn't in class and i have to present next week.. That is just simply awesome. What do i know about Islamic Finance in France? Owh crapppp~!! To make it even more interesting, we've been told that we have to participate in next conference which it will be held on October 6th! Double crap~!! Perfecto!! 

Today is actually day two of the conference, but i skipped it.. This flu, cough and chest pain is just too much. If only we could change class.. The class is really too cold.. I really can't handle the coldness.. I don't have class tomorrow but i am just gonna drive myself to Shah Alam tomorrow.. Have tons to discuss with fellow friends. Hope i can get things done.. Seriously, i do hope that.. Very much!! 

Til my next update.. Hugs and Kisses :)