Current life~

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hello hello.. I started my work almost two weeks ago and my sayang has been so kind to keep me busy.. He texts me around the clock just to make sure that i won't feel bored at work or lonely while i am at home.. Considering i am staying alone here, outside KL.. Owh sayang, you are so kind..

Having a long distance relationship is not actually a problem for both of us. We text non-stop and call whenever is necessary. Not to forget, we monitor each other's facebook and twitter.. Stalker gittewwww.. Obviously he is not Dice and he is not acting the same way. I am thankful that he understands everything and he tolerates a lot. Alhamdulillah.. Honestly, i appreciate him and i won't let anything gets into our way..

Anyways, work is fine.. A lot and confusing.. Seriously, it is.. Beyond my wildest imagination. I am doing the work day and night.. Whoever say that being a lecturer is easy, please hang yourself.. Seriously.. It is not. 10 times harder.. But i am loving it and everyone around me is being so supportive. Including, sayang..

Overall, i am doing fine here. The house is well furnished and complete.. Rabak la duit tabung aku.. I spent rm15k in less than a month.. Oh well.. Tak nak rumah kosong sangat kan.. I am happy.. And i am proud with my house.. I love this house and the guard is so nice and he has been taking care of me for the past two weeks.. He helps a lot.. Thank you uncle..

Long story shorthen, i am doing fine now. I have everything i need. Great family, wonderful family, loving & understanding partner, fine job and nice condo.. I am happy..

Last but not least;
Dear sayang, i love you and i am thankful we are together.. Funny how we are just inches away all this while.. It took us years to realize.. For whatever it is, i am yours.. I love you~


Sepandai - pandai tupai melompat akhirnye jatuh tegolek dok juga :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hello blog of mine. Here i am blogging again after been gone for almost two weeks. I have been very busy handling my new house. The house is sort of complete. A comfy house.. Seriously and the fact that i am not going to Machang is good enough. Not really looking forward to live there but i think its something i need.. So yeah.. I am going..

About my problem.. The one that made me cry for almost two months.. How do i begin, eh.. I still cry until last sunday night. For two months i have been monitoring almost everything.. Related or not to my problem.. Just to get a better view and understanding. Prayed to Almighty and started to dream again and those dreams helped me a lot.. A LOT!!.. To finalise and conclude everything, last sunday night i stayed up the whole night.. Betafakur dalam bilik sejuk nan nyaman di rumah ttdi.. 6jam kemudian, i found all my answers and yes the tear stopped immediately. Nanges berhenti, tapi marah and kecewa pula masuk mengganti.

I don't intend to write everything here. But to whom it may concern, kita bukan tuhan yang boleh baca fikiran awak.. Bukan syaitan yang boleh pengaruh awak.. Bukan malaikat yang telepas dari lakukan dosa.. As me being myself with whatever title.. I do care about you and i feel sorry for you.. Kita sangat2 kesiankan awak. No one can help you but yourself. I have tried.. I never intend to give up and i never did.. Cuma sekarang ni kite rasa awak kena tolong diri sendiri..

Kite cuba nak maafkan awak tapi awak terlalu ego dengan mengaku awak langsung tak da buat salah kat kite. Hence therefore, i can't forgive you and i shall pretend that i don't even know you though it is hard for me to do that sebab tak sanggup tengok awak susah.. But what power do i have now.. Buatlah apa awak buat dan cubalah beringat sikit.. Didn't past experiences taught you anything? Hhmmmm...

Ikhlas.. ME :)