Looking at the calendar~

Monday, March 26, 2012

My current hobby now would be looking at the calendar and counting days. Too many events this year and i just can't wait for every event to take place. Shaaring and celebrating the moments with close ones. And i am so glad that i'll be sharing and celebrating it with my sayang. it is just simply great and i am all excited!!

April will be a great month for me and the girls.. And the month somehow is so far away (before).. Now its just a week away.. Owh i am just so excited!! I am sure she will look extremely gorgeous and i know i will be one of the happiest girl on earth!! I am so happy for her.. Truly am!!

After all the hardwork and hectic 1 and 1/2 years, i am finally officially graduating in MAY!! Weehoooooo.. Praise to Allah.. Eventhoough the result drop like very bad, but i am content. I put the blame on dice! Gahhh!! True.. It was his fault.. Even that, i am thankful that i have a secured job and i am loving it.. Alhamdulillah..

Will be celebrating my birthday this year with my sayang.. I am so sure that the feeling will be slightly different. Not because of the new man in life but because of new life i will be living at that time :) Hopefully everthing will go well.. But have to bear in mind, daisy... Masa tu tengah final exam. Jangan nak happy2 sangat :p

This year fasting month's falls in july and eid obviously falls in august. Yesterday, me, syg, mamy, mamyngah, along and kak ziera went to Jalan TAR and to buy fabrics for every event. I bought kain baju melayu for him.. Italian Cotton which it was expensive and that was my very first time in life beli kain baju melayu.. Sangat teruja and i chose the material and color!! Saya yang sangat berkenan and i was so happy that he loved the fabric too.. And he bought me kain as well.. Tak sabar nak tempah jahit! Excitednya lain macam this year.. Hahaha~

I am doing so good now and extremely happy.. Alhamdulillah.. I am so thankful to him.. HE knows what's best for me and so far clearly i agree with HIM *wink*.. Thanx to those who are praying for me and partner.. I never received this such warm welcome before. Being with him, make me close again with everyone.. Sangat2lah bahagia sekarang and almost everyday kita dengar orang cakap "Senyum je sekarang.. I am happy that you finally know how to smile".. Thank you fellow friends and relatives.. You guys are awesome and i love each and everyone of you!!~


Fine Flow~

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hello blog.. It has been awhile right.. Life is pretty tiring, like seriously.. No joke. Been running here and there and not getting enough sleep. Eye bag dah semakin teruk and there is nothing i can do about it.

Work is fine. I am adjusting to it. So far, everything is going on smoothly. I have 5 classes to monitor and up until yesterday they still have not give any problem and i hope it maintains as it is until the end of the semester. They claim that i am a friendly and funny lecturer which i would say, "Kids, you are too kind... Haha.. You have not seen my true belang and colors yet.. Wait until you see it and i am sure you would want to drop my subject" :)

I was in KL last weekend and i had to run almost everywhere to settle few errands and sayang was being so nice to bear it with me. Not to forget he entertained all my cravings.. Yowzaaa.. Thanx sayang :) So far everything is fine between us; Alhamdulillah and things are on the right track. Ada salah faham sini sana sikit is usual.. Kalau tak dia yg tesalah corner, aku yang tersalah masuk simpang.. We are in the learning process but one thing for sure, he never fail to make me laugh.. And for that, i feel happy around the clock..~

About our surrounding.. Hurmm.. Friends (both sides) are extremely shocked with our decision but they are very supportive. They knew what we had gone through and for that, they wished us luck and they are super eager for the big day to come. Thanx boys and girls. We really appreciate your thoughts and prayers.. Thankful :) They wondered how it happened, which only we know how. He waited for years and i chose him over 4 others which i know them longer and better.. Funny how jodoh works right..

Anyways.. Family (both sides), they are tremendously happy.. We have met each other's families and we were so thrilled and happy that they approved us. I had one awesome evening at sayang's place and honestly speaking i didn't feel like i was at strangers' place.. Very warm, very family-ish and very familiar. I can easily fit in.. GOD knows how thankful i am.. Praise to Almighty..

Last not least.. All dates are fixed. I am so happy and i can't wait for the dates and days to come. I love him more and more and only HE knows how much i wanna jump around for being so happy. Oh and i know i lost few good friends.. I didn't throw them but they chose to walk away from me.. From the bottom of my heart, i am ok with it.. Cuma to this one person, you know who you are..

"I sincerely did not know.. I thought what YOU decided back then was your concrete decision.. So lesson learnt right.. Never said something just because you are angry or merajuk. Also stop giving hints, say it directly is better than giving hints; i lame gile confuse dengan hati u. Now, i am so sorry as i failed to see your deep love towards me.. I truly am. Things might have worked differently if you have told me.. But then again, its jodoh and as much as i love spending time with you, i must admit that he has all the criteria i sought after.. So please, don't feel bad and be a dear friend of mine again.. Jangan pergi macam tu je.."

Ok.. That's all.. To dice; i am glad that you have found out about us.. At tahir's wedding, you did say something and; me and others heard you just fine.. Loud and clear.. So, swallow your words IF you ever feel *tak best*.. Nothing has changed between the two of you. He's still there if you need him. Take care~