I am Engaged~

Monday, April 30, 2012

Bismillah and Alhamdulillah.. Praise to ALLAH.. I am happy to announce that i am officially engaged to the man i dearly love and adore. We have gone through lot of dramas but that did not stop us. Niat baik, kerja baik sentiasa akan dipermudahkan.. And i really pray to HIM above that both partner and i will be blessed until syurga.. I am happy to be with him and no one knows the exact story behind all this except for us, our VERY close friends and relatives.

Sorry for those who were not invited. It was a simple ceremony. I'll invite you darlings on my major day, Insya Allah.. That would include all my stalkers.. I know you have been reading my posts secretly.. And i don't mind at all. So i shall see you on my big day, whenever it might be? Take care readers. Thanks for all your supports and endless comments. Though i didn't approve, that doesn't mean i don't read or appreciate them :) See you around~

It is all over now~

Monday, April 16, 2012

Few days ago i just found out about something. Well, you will stop at nothing right. Just because you are not happy and have a messed up life, don't mess with other people's life and please by all means do try to speak the truth. Trust me, by being content, accept my decision and just be happy for me as much i did about u when i found out, takde heartache, takde drama.. Kan senang? Grow up ya~ I am not one rajen person to entertain your dramas and sad stories. I have other zillion things to do. Maka dengan itu henti2lah dramanya. Stop calling around and telling others that you are the victim. Sedangkan anda sentiasa tunjuk your true color when u spent your days with them. Again, please grow up~