Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Officially graduated on 12th May 2012.. And i could not be happier. I am proud of myself for reasons only i know. It was a great experience thruout the years. Lots of things have taken place. Many dramas occur and many tears dropped. But alhamdulillah, i have made it and everything was worth it. Sayang was there on my C Day and i could not thank him enough.. My knight & shine.. Thank you for being there.. He gave such wonderful gift that no one ever gave me.. Thank you and i had a wonderful time :) That's the update..~

I am tired but happy :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hey there dear blog.. i had a very tiring and hectic week. But Alhamdulillah, i went thru it finely thou i kept on having migraine. Sigh.. Life must go on, work has to be done, family and friends must be entertained. Tired is not an excuse. Here i am in KL even i wish i am at my own house because yes, i am so freaking tired. I had errands to settle yesterday in Shah Alam and tomorrow i have to be in Shah Alam as well.. I hope HE'll give me great strength to work and awesome health. Anyway, life after a week being engaged is fun and beautiful. Tough of course obviously. Because we have things to plan especially when we are in distance relationship. Hence thing has to plan ahead and quick. Penat otak but i am happy. I am so much happier than before and for that, i am so thankful. I really hope others would feel happy for us too. Doakan kebahagiaan kami :p