Turning older next week~

Saturday, June 23, 2012

*sigh*... I am turning older next week and i still have few more years before i turn 30 and to accomplish and achieve all my plans and dreams. Some of the things that i want to do before i am 30 would be like;
  • Reach the top of Mount Kinabalu or at least half way up pun ok.
  • Enjoy those islands in Kinabalu and Tawau.
  • Cruise at HaLong Bay in Vietnam
  • Actually set my foot in any part of Indonesia. Never been to Indonesia and never really have the intentions to, but maybe this once
  • Go to Great Ocean Road again but this time with Arel.. Yes, with him
  • Perform umrah. The last time i went was 9years ago and i miss Medinah sooo much!!
Yurp, those are the things i plan to do or achieve before i am thirty. Some are possible some are not. Not so much of money wise, but more like leaves. I am not allowed to take leaves. Ada certain2 time saja we are allowed to.. Unfair but well, we have to adhere the rules.. Its ok~

Owh for some reason, i can see that i am writing/updating here again. Considering i am a twitter maniac :) Anyway, have a fantastico week people. I know mine is going to be a blast. Celebrated my birthday with my fellow students yesterday and going to attend my sleepover birthday party tonight at a hotel in the heart of KL.. Thank you girls.. *hugs* Then will be having a birthday dinner with my parents tomorrow night and another dinner at Umbai on my birthday eve. Blessed :)

-Daisy Allie-

I heart you, Sang Tunang~

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Good morning world. I am currently in KL now. I am here for the weekend. A weekend that i shall spend with Ayah and of course with Sang Tunang. Anyway, here is a video i dedicate to Sang Tunang. I love you Sayang~ May this relationship last forever, Insya Allah~

Shall see you later~

Recap of what I have been doing~

Thursday, June 14, 2012

For some reason i think my memory at my present age is no longer as good as before. Due to that, i decided to post here about what i have been doing.. It has been ages since i am actively in updating blog due to my workloads and time constraint.

2 weeks ago i purchased the complete set Season One of "Game of Thrones". Friends watched this series last year but i never had the chance because i was really busy completing my MBA. Done watched 5 episodes so far. 3 watched it last week and 2 episodes i watched last Saturday noon.

I sincerely love this series and i can't wait to finish another 5 episodes so that i can start watching the second season. Been told that the second season just finished airing n the states last Sunday. Yeay (:

Next, last Sunday Sang Tunang and i went out together and did a minor movie marathon. Intended to watch 3 to 4 movies but the GSC here does not show all movies. Therefore we watched only two movies. And i am happy. Not a big deal~

Seronok and the fun-est part was i got my popcorn which i have been wanting it for so long.. Only GOD knows why since i am not so much of a popcorn eater..

Moving on; at the same time i have been spending time on reading some books. Started to read Nicholas Sparks book; The Wedding. yang pending dah berzaman tu.. And at the same time, i am reading a book on Air Asia.

Ok.. That is all for now.. Tudeluu~

Late night crisis~

Such a slow night tonight or perhaps the whole day was not really a good day for me. It was indeed a boring day with not much to do. Finished all my works yesterday and will only be busy again next week. Hence, at the moment I spend my time reading a book about Air Asia. All the secrets behind its success and things related to that. Persons involved, companies taken over, matters arouse and others. Such an interesting book, I must say.

Later in the evening, I went to several places looking for attire to attend dinner tomorow night. A dinner that I tried to avoid but didn't quite made it. So yes.. Another formal dinner and I'm expecting for more... Niceeeeee [not~]. Anyway, got myself a pair of dress. A very very very simple dress. That shows how much I'm not looking forward for this. *sigh* 

Next, after isya' he and I had a deep talk about things. Well I guess Bila dah bertunang memang topicnya agak lebih keras Dan detail. Oh well.. It went fine and basically we both have a mutual understanding.. Praise to God for that.. 

All and all, life is sailing smoothly and there's nothing much going on except for workloads come and go.. Bile goyang kaki, campak kasut pun boleh.. Bile mencanak, meja pun dah tak nampak. Til my next update~

life so far...~

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Such a cold night tonight after days of warm and heat. I'm lying on my bed fully awake but lazy to continue studying. Life has been pretty amazing for me so far. Having one understanding partner is such a bless. I could not ask for more (: 

Last week I attended a course back in KL and took 2days leave. Sang tunang took me to north region of Malaysia where he actually fulfilled all my cravings and jakuns. We had so much fun and honestly speaking.. I have been to those places but this time around things were so different. I fully enjoyed myself and I got myself a Thai Aroma Therapy full body massage~

All and all, that was a nice holiday in years. Selalu pergi berjalan but this time, I went there for relaxation and it was worth it. I'm looking forward for more trips soon especially the cruise holiday. Traveling with him is fun as he will always there to entertain me. I meant he never stay silent.. He always have something to blab about and definitely always ready to teman me here and there. 

 Last weekend, he was here in my area. He came over to visit and ended up became a tourist. We went here and there. Enjoyed the night markets here and I actually cooked something for him secara mengejut tanpa plan.. Nasib Sang Tunang sehat and tak sakit. I cook for myself everyday but to cook for someone else, rasa macam segan.. Hahha.. 

All and all, I am glad he came over though he had to face the traffics and so on. Thanks for accompanying me. You are the best so far and I hope you will come over more often after we get married. I am indeed one happy girl and I am so thankful for everything. I learnt a lot back then and I am sure I have made the right decision for both of us. I love you, b.. And thank you for all the things you have done!! Me suka sangat (: