A Wonderful Weekend~

Monday, July 30, 2012

Boo!!~ Hello Monday!! I am at the office and just finished my pending tasks as I was on leave last week and I am stealing some time just to update this blog as I promised to myself to continue updating this blog and yes, I am trying hard to make this as a habit!

I always love weekend as that is the only time I get to spend my days and nights with my family.. Yes, FAMILY!! Let's start with Saturday. First weekend of Ramadhan minus last weekend. Last weekend was not considered. Itu pembukaan Ramadhan. Anyway, I did  not sleep after subuh and I can't actually recall what did I do the whole morning. Haha.. But I do remember that I started to prepare the berbuka dish as early as 12pm. I cooked for the whole family. Termasuk Sabtu, 3 hari berturut-turut kita turun padang dan masak. Impressive!! Considering dapur adalah kawasan larangan mamy untuk kita masuk (:

Done cooking around 1.30 pm, showered, rest for awhile and get ready to go out with Sang Tunang. We went to IKEA because I wanted to grab few stuffs for my crib. Jalan-jalan tengok dan berangan perabot, paid and left the building. We attacked Penchala's Param pula and bought some kuih and drinks and went back. At home, while waiting for berbuka me and Sang Tunang busy melayan Baby Ilaiyna. Apparently she likes her new uncle. Cisss!!~

Masuk waktu berbuka, berbukalah kami beramai-ramai. We had a superb time. I cooked the kuah and nasi minyak was prepared by mamy. Good to know that everyone enjoyed the meal. Apart from my dish, we had ayam golek from Pantai Dalam and salad&tomato cherry brought back from Cameron Highlands. Semua kekenyangan yang amat-amat. Alhamdulillah.

For moreh, we had few kuih like popiah basah, tepung pelita, doughnuts, jambu epal, strawberries and Shepard Pie!! Loved the moment.. Everyone sat around the table and talked almost about anything. I am glad that Sang Tunang had a good time as well.. Thanks baby

On Sunday, around 10am parents and I went to OU. Shopping barang for ayah. Maka lengkaplah persediaan raya ayah. Alhamdulillah. Around 1pm we went back and I rested for awhile. Around 4pm, Sang Tunang came over and fetched me. Bought some drinks and fetched his younger sister and away we went to Puncak Alam to his abang's crib for Iftar. His wife cooked some awesome food; sambal sotong, kari ikan pari, cendawan goreng tepung, kerabu, kangkung goreng and ikan siakap stim! Sumpah sedap and I had one blast time during iftar. Not to forget, I NEVER liked steamed fish before.. Seriously! Tapi semalam, kita makan dengan jayanya (:

After berbuka and solat, all of us sat together and enjoyed some hot tea and some snacks. Moreh was very simple BUT I had a great time. Felt like home with normal topics for conversation and in years, I never felt like this in someone else's place plus surrounded by other family. Which what I am trying to say, I feel very comfortable. I am not kidding or trying to offend anyone. I am just being honest. I am glad that he's mine and I am super glad that I can blend in with his family. Now I just can't wait for next year.. First eid after marriage will be at his kampung.. I am soooo looking forward (:

Went home around 10pm and straight to bed. Woke up this morning with a happy smile on my face.. I am thankful~

Cameron Highlands Short Visit~

Friday, July 27, 2012

Hey there blog.. I am still on leave today. Feel great to be in KL for more than 3days. Almost 10days here is a bless. Puasa dan buka with parents can't go wrong. Plus terawikh with Sang Tunang just made it even more perfect. Going back to me place this Sunday.. Usually I go back on Monday but since its my first week of Ramadhan there, I have zillion things to bring back. Anyway, just want to share few pictures snapped by me when I was in Cameron Highlands, recently. Pictures quality obviously are not that good.. Janji ada gambar :)

Tuesday 24July2012; the journey began around 9am. It was a slow drive and we took Simpang Pulai exit to Cameron Highlands. We did not have so much conversation, or should I say "I didn't".. I slept almost all the way. Hahaha.. We reached at the hotel around 12noon but didn't straight away check in as the apartment was not ready yet.

We decided to drive for awhile just to check the area. Went to Brinchang and Tanah Rata just to get the feel first then went to Kea Farm Market which it happened to be next to our hotel. Fruits, vegetables and flowers sold at the cheapest price. Yang tak berapa hantu sayur pun boleh tergugat iman :p

Souvenirs - Keychains


Fruits, fruits and more fruits :)

Dried Fruits
I bought 1.5kg strawberries for RM10.00 and about 2dozens of roses plus a bouquet of flowers for RM10.00!! Crazy cheap :) While we were still walking, we received a call from the hotel saying that our apartment is ready. And so went back to the hotel. Stayed in and enjoy the free room. Watched television and chit chatting. Waited for Asar, performed our solats; jamak & qasar. Left the room around 4.30pm to attack CH's Param.

Syok kot jalan kat Param dalam suasana sejuk dan nyaman :). First we went to Brinchang's Param just to get the glimpse and "scanned" for what they have. Dah satisfy, we drove to Tanah Rata's Param. Conclusion; Brinchang's Param was better but still we grabbed 2 items at Tanah Rata's; a snack named TWISTO and roti tuna wrapped with kulit popiah. They had several flavors for twisto; chicken, beef and crab. I chose crab :) At Brinchang's Param, we bought our main dishes; Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Kukus Ayam, Murtabak Kambing, Sets of Bbq Chicken, Keropok Sayur, Drinks. Total? It was less than RM30. Taste? Yummy. SATISFIED!!

Settled with our "shopping", we went back. Waited patiently for azan maghrib sambil tengok Dejavu Di Kinabalu! Must watch and tabley miss :) Azan start je, berbukalah kami depan TV :) The rest of the night was simple and usual. Tak da tempat nak pergi and it was freezing cold!

We woke up around 5.20am for sahur. Didn't eat anything; we had glasses of water. Nasib perut masing - masing can survive without food or banyak kerenah nak sahur macam - macam. Senang!! :)

Checked out at 12noon and went back to Kea Farm Market and grabbed bundles of vegetables for only RM20! I can die of spending too "little" here.. Haihhhh.. "KL, kenapa sayur kamu mahal??". Settled everything, the journey continued. We decided to use Tapah exit this time as we intended to visit BOH Tea Plantation!! 

From the main road, the road sign said "6km to the plantation and factory".. But the route made us feel like forever to reach the top!! Lucky the view was magnificent and it was not me who drove.. Ahax!!

Here are some pictures at the plantations :)

A picture worth a thousand words and above I have more than one. But none of those could take my breath away. Haha.. I meant you should and must be there to really feel and enjoy and understand what I am talking about.. I had a wonderful time there. If only it is not a fasting month, I could have enjoy a cup of tea like some kind of "minah saleh" you know :p

About 30minutes later, we left the place and drove back home through Tapah but made a quick stop at Lata Iskandar!!

Since I was 11years old, I wanna go there. Mandi situ or main air at least tapi sampai sekarang tak dapat.. Huhu.. Maybe one fine day I will.. Turun snap gambar pun jadilah :) Setel pictures snapping, the journey continued. At plaza tol Tapah, I decided to drive until KL which it only took me 1 hour drive. Sampai rumah, borak - borak with parents and went out berbuka with Sang Tunang. I had a magnificent and incredible 2days :) Shall go there again as I never get tired of it!! NEVER :)

Yesterday buat kuih raya and right after this, I am gonna continue the "production".. Until my next update~



First 4 Days~

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hello blog.. How is your ramadhan so far? mine is not going so well. Today is my third day tahan muntah. Yesterday buka kat jamban. Bila dengar je azan, terus muntah.. Berjaya tahan for nearly four hours semalam. Yup.. That bad.. Puasa kali ni macam tak berapa sihat and i don't know how to change that or to make myself better. The more i watch my diet, the more i fall sick.. Kalau dulu, makan segala dah macam naga.. Sihat aja... Oh well.. I take this as a challenge and a way xara HIM giving me HIS forgiveness..

I managed to go to the mosque to perform terawikh. Went there with Sang Tunang. A great experience... Truly.. After terawikh i'll teman him for moreh which it is great too.. A short time for both of us to sembang and discuss few matters. Few nights ago, me went back to his crib.. Borak dengan mak.. All i could say is, she's looking forward for our wedding. Dah start buat preparation when my side? Sangat layback.. Mamy said, "After raya lah.. Now lepak dulu".. Rock gittuhhh :p

I'll be going to Cameron Highlands today. Though i am not in my best shape, i am not going to cancel it. Looking forward for this trip for so long.. So yes, i am going.. No questions :) Pergi pun tak lama. I am coming back home tomorrow and days after tomorrow i shall dedicate my time and tulang empat kerat kat dapur; baking.. I missed baking.. Sangat - sangat teruja..

Til my next update~


Jiwang Childish Mode On~

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I just like this song.. For unknown reason.. Students just love to include this song in their videos. So i just "infected" hahah.. One cute song.. To my ears.. Told Sang Tunang that i love this song once, and weeks ago he dedicated this to me.. :p

Kuatkan radio, kuatkan radio anda
Kuatkan radio, kuatkan radio
Aku yang patut, yang patut
Memberinya segala
Kerna aku mampu
Ya aku mampu
Melakukan apa-apa saja
Untuk dia (hey) Untuk dia (hey) Untuk dia (hey)
Untuk dia (hey) Untuk dia (hey) Untuk dia (hey)
Untuk dia (hey) Untuk dia (hey) Untuk dia (hey)

Dia penuh gaya, semuapun nak bayar
Memang selalu belanja
Mungkin anak orang kaya
Kadang kala pabila
Dia ke Singapura
Tak duduk rumah saudara
Dia inginkan Shangrila

Bertemu di Facebook
Beberapa hari kemudian
Mungkin gua comel kot
Ajak ku jumpanya di KL, Ooh KL
Oh lupa bilang gadis ni KL
Tak cakap kosong dia memang begini
Akhirnya dapat tahu dia punyai lelaki
Lelakinya pula kan bawa Mercedez
Apa saja dia minta dia memberi tetapi

Aku yang patut, yang patut
Memberinya segala
Kerna aku mampu, ya aku mampu
Melakukan apa-apa saja

Untuk dia (hey) Untuk dia (hey) Untuk dia (hey)
Untuk dia (hey) Untuk dia (hey) Untuk dia (hey)
Untuk dia (hey) Untuk dia (hey) Untuk dia (hey)

[Najwa Latif]
Engkau Punya Gaya
Walaupun tak kaya
Bukan paras rupa yang aku pandang sahaja
Mungkin kau lihat ku
Ku banyak berbelanja
Tapi sebenarnya ku biasa-biasa saja

Bertemu di MukaBuku
Ku jatuh hati padamu
Bukan tak nak mengaku
Tapi hati rasa malu

Senyum mu menawan menawan
Kau buat hatiku tertawan
Ada sesuatu yang kau perlu tahu
Tentang diri aku dengan lelaki itu
Meski dia bisa beriku apa sahaja
Tapi itu semua tidak boleh beri bahagia (bahagia)
Itu bukan segalanya

Aku yang patut, yang patut
Memberinya segala
Kerna aku mampu
Ya aku mampu
Melakukan apa-apa saja

Untuk dia (hey) Untuk dia (hey) Untuk dia (hey)
Untuk dia (hey) Untuk dia (hey) Untuk dia (hey)
Untuk dia (hey) Untuk dia (hey) Untuk dia (hey)

[Najwa Latif]
Jadi engkau yang patut, yang patut
Memberiku segala
Kerna engkau mampu, ya engkau mampu
Melakukan apa-apa saja

Untuk aku (okay)
Untuk aku
Untuk aku
Untuk aku (untuk kamu)
Untuk aku
Untuk aku
Untuk aku
Untuk aku 

Yes, i was blabbing about this song.. Hahah~ Time now is 7.15pm.. About 15 minutes more to buka. Later after magrib, Sang Tunang will come over to pick me up to go to the mosque for Terawikh.. I am one happy girl.. Kan kan kan..

Selamat Berbuka everyone (:

Could it be fate or just being mindless & heartless??

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Here i am sitting in the office minding my own business and works. I was busy the whole day settling few things and i sort of ignored others watching something and and declined to go yamcha with them. I was about to pack my stuffs when i was called to update something here. Just to get it out of my chest. 

Relationship should be one wonderful thing.. Be it whether with your parents, friends, colleagues or partners. It should be one great thing as the purpose of it is to keep each other company and of course to be there when support and encouragement is needed.. Love and tenderness.. And bla bla bla...

For the past few days, i heard 2-3 news about friends and their partners. Couple broken up, wedding being cancelled and marriage is heading to the end. Scary i must say. Like seriously.. Breaking up is fine.. I mean not fine, but it is quite natural. But cancelling a wedding especially when it is scheduled in less than two months is very heartbreaking. Both parties have spent years together and of course the "investment" they have put in to make the event happen. Then tetibe, tak jadi kahwen.. Frustnya only GOD knows. I don't know if i could handle the pain, embarrassment especially. There is nothing i could say to the friend as we are not that close and i didn't hear the news directly from her. But still, to turn up everyday and pull a happy smile needs a high courage. She does that every single day and i really hope that she'll find someone better.

About the other friends whom i heard is about to file a divorce.. Hurmmmm... Please don't do that. Please try to work things out. You both spent years together before marriage, takkan baru kahwen tak sampai setahun janggung dah nak give up? Come on people... Tolerate with each other and do pray to Al-Mighty.. Insya Allah HE will guide you.. Still, i can't say much.. All i could do is stay back and watch...

All these make me feel uneasy.. I am not scared but more like worried. been praying to have a fine life ahead and we both are trying to make things work. So far, we are doing great, Alhamdulillah... We really hope that this will last until Syuga, Insya Allah..

Til my next update..


Ramadhan Al-Mubarak~

Salam everyone.

Ramadhan is approaching; just a day apart. I wish everyone selamat menunaikan ibadat berpuasa. Laksanakanlah ia kerana ALLAH dan semoga kita sihat sepanjang bulan yang mulia ini. Have a great Ramadhan everyone and do not forget; DO NOT SPEND TOO MUCH on unnecessary things. I'll be kick start my Ramadhan in KL for a week then be back at Melaka. Up and down the whole month. Looking forward for this year's Ramadhan Sang Tunang have plans for me. Nothing much; just to make me a better muslimah and also to prepare ourselves before stepping into our new phase soon, Insya Allah. And of course, this year's Eid is going to be slightly different as my family and I will be celebrating our Eid in Melaka nad Muar. GREAT!! I am sooo looking forward for that. Tiil my next post. Have a great Thursday people~


Pineapple yeay pineapple~

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What is your favourite fruit people?? I know I have a few but the one I love the most would be PINEAPPLE. Other than that, me loike Strawberry and Kiwi. Anyway, right now I am munching slices of Honey Pineapple and only GOD knows how yummy and sweet the pineapple is. While I am munching it, I googled the benefits of pineapple and here there are; 

Sumber berita: Utusan Malaysia 27/02/2011: Nanas atasi sembelit 

NANAS sememangnya tidak asing di kalangan rakyat Malaysia. Rasanya yang enak menjadikan nanas buah pilihan kebanyakan orang. Selain dimakan segar, nanas juga dijadikan bahas masakan seperti pajeri, masak lemak dan gulai. Antara manfaat nanas adalah: 

1. Membantu menurunkan berat badan. 
Memakan nanas boleh mengurangkan ketagihan manisan. Menambah nanas dalam makanan harian juga membantu menurunkan berat badan kerana nanas menyebabkan rasa kenyang tanpa menambah satu auns lemak sekali pun. 

2. Menyihatkan mata. 
Kajian menunjukkan amalan memakan nanas melindungi mata daripada masalah berkaitan penuaan kerana ia kaya dengan anti-oksida. 

3. Membantu memerangi pelbagai jenis penyakit. 
Nanas yang kaya dengan vitamin C merupakan sumber sangat baik untuk melindungi tubuh daripada radikal bebas yang menyerang sel-sel sihat. Banyak radikal bebas dalam tubuh yang menyebabkan penyakit kronik seperti jantung, kencing manis dan barah. Amalan memakan nanas juga berkesan untuk menghindari selesema dan meningkatkan sistem imunisasi.

4. Kaya dengan serat. 
Nanas yang kaya dengan serat amat berkesan untuk memulihkan masalah sembelit dan masalah buang air besar yang tidak teratur. 

5. Mengandungi enzim yang menjadikan kulit anjal, lembap dan menyingkirkan sel-sel mati dan rosak adalah kelebihan nanas. Enzim di dalam nanas juga membantu memerangi radikal bebas yang boleh mengurangkan tanda-tanda penuaan dan garis-garis halus. 

See, pineapple is not that bad. I remembered my mom always told me not to eat the fruit for reasons like, Tajam, Gastric, Mulut tak selesa.. Things like those. Praise to GOD, I never encountered those yet. Though I love pineapple, I still watch the quantity consumed. 

Til my next update :) 


Movie Marathon~

Monday, July 16, 2012

I should have updated this like weeks ago. I forgot to blab about this.. Few weeks ago; after I returned from birthday celebration with at HRC, Sang Tunang and I went to Setia Alam Mall. Maklumlah jakun tak pernah jejak sana considering I am not in KL most of the time. There, we watched two movies. To show support to our local act, we watched Mael Lambong. Ermmm.. Both Sang Tunang and I fell asleep.. The movie was flat and that was it..

Our second movie Abraham Lincoln and trust me, it was a good movie. We had so much fun watching it. Great movie, ngantuk2 semua hilang immediately. Cumanya, we were so cold. Straight back2back.. Haha.. But the coldness didn't stop us from keep watching. Go catch the movie while it still available~

Yesterday morning I finally finished reading my "The Wedding" and I started reading new book. The book's title is "My Bestfriend's Girl", here is the synopsis~

what would you do for the friend who broke your heart?
Best friends Kamryn Matika and Adele Brannon thought nothing could come between them – until Adele did the unthinkable and slept with Kamryn’s fiance, Nate. Worse still, she got pregnant and had his child. When Kamryn discovered the truth about their betrayal she vowed never to see any of them again.

Two years later, Kamryn receives a letter from Adele asking her to visit her in hospital. Adele is dying and begs Kamryn to adopt her daughter, Tegan. With a great job and a hectic social life, the last thing Kamryn needs is a five-year-old to disrupt things. Especially not one who reminds her of Nate. But with no one else to take care of Tegan and Adele fading fast, does she have any other choice?
So begins a difficult journey that leads Kamryn towards forgiveness, love, responsibility and, ultimately, a better understanding of herself.

So I heard good feedbacks about this authors and after reading few pages, I must say that I agree with my friends. I have purchased 3 out of 6 books and I intend to collect all six books. One fine day, I will~

Til my next update~


Stressful weeks~

Friday, July 13, 2012

The final examination started on the 27th June and ends this Sunday. I've been really busy for the past 2weeks. Papers coming in, marking, checking and so on and so forth. Have zillion things to complete and Alhamdulillah today I finally get things done and feel so relieve and breathing again~

Did not really manage to celebrate my birthday secara extra joyful but friends here took me out for dinner a day earlier at Nadeje, Mahkota Parade. I was fasting that day and to have such scrumptious food was magnificent. Thank you friends, appreciate a lot. Price? Affordable and in fact it taste better than any other place. Good yummy food~

On my birthday itself, I was really busy preparing lot of documents. And of course I was busy marking my students' second test. Mestilah kepala sangatlah serabut and rupe tak macam orang. And of all of sudden I received a call from unknown and this person requested me to go here and there.. And wallahhhhhhhhh....

Sang tunang delivered this to me. I was so in shocked and students were around me. Malu ai tau and I almost cried lucky i didn't.. If not jatuh saham garang ai.. Hikhikhik.. He left me a note and I love the note.. Sangat shweettttt~ Later that evening, he arrived here in Melaka and we went out for birthday dinner. It was simple but trust me, i appreciate it so much. Thanx love (:

Last weekend, Sang Tunang and friends came over. Stayed at my crib for few days and it was nice to have them around. We went here and there to enjoy Melaka and I had fun. After days with hectic week and works, having them here sangatlah awesome. Thank you friends. Appreciate much~ Last Sunday Sang Tunang accompanied me to look for my second season of Game of Thrones. And we watched two episodes that night.. Thanx again and again sayang *hugs*

Yesterday after I finished everything, me and friends went out for a movie. We watched Ice Age 4. Trust me, the movie was incredible nice and you won't regret watching it. So do catch the movie ya people..

That's the update. All and all, my weeks were fine though I had to do lot of things. Such wonderful friends i have and I couldn't be happier to have to Sang Tunang in my life. Alhamdulillah :)