It went well~

Monday, August 27, 2012

Here I am in the office. Reached here around 9.30am. It took me nearly 2 hours drive from TTDI as it was raining and the traffic was really slow at those favourite spots. Few people here, few left to attend an Open House in Muor which I had to turn down; Day 2 puasa and few are still on leave. Hidung tak berapa nak selesa because of this flu. Curi dan rampas dari my niece I assumed. I hold her yesterday for quite sometimes. She coughed and sneezed at me. Thank you baby!!

Anyway, yesterday my whole family went to Sang Tunang's crib. Two families sat together for lunch and Alhamdulillah everything went well. Everyone manage to sit and eat happily. They talked almost anything and everything. Abang and Abang Lan talked like they have known for years. Abah and Ayah shared their experience and Mak was happy that everyone manage to bond well. On top of everything, food was delicious and I just love Mak's kuah kacang!!

No pictures were taken.. Tak sempat.. But cukuplah memory yang ada dalam otak ni.. Now that Raya is over, Sang Tunang and I have to start preparing for our big day. Though the date is like ages away from today but since I am here and he's there, the preparation has to start now. Nothing much to take care as we won't be expecting a big wedding pun. I hope everything will go well and smooth. Insya Allah..

To whom it may concern; I am not sure whether you read my postings or not, but for some reason I think you are because of the comments you left me. If you ever read my blog, all I want to say is; Congratulations in advance!! You are getting married which I don't when. Heard the news for almost 2 years already but I know the big day is somewhere around the corner. Have fun and may the two of you will stay together until Jannah.. Sincerely from me..~

That's all blog.. Til my next update..


Crave.. Craving.. Craved..~

Saturday, August 25, 2012

After days of ketupat, lemang, nasi impit, rendang, kuah kacang and lodeh, we finally had the chance to eat fast food! And Sang Tunang took me to Wendy's after 2 months I have been craving for it. Was not his fault.. Kita yang tak da masa before ramadhan and during ramadhan, fast food is strictly not allowed.. (I created the rules.. Ahax..~) Anyway, suka bebenar nye lah saya selepas mendapat itu Wendy's. Right after lunch/early dinner, we attacked AEON and I crabbed few items for my home. Habis lagi duit kitorang!!~ Hakhak..

Seminggu sudah beraya.. 7 hari makan.. Seminggu terakhir puasa berat 3kg turun, 1.5kg naik selepas seminggu beraya.. And I am happy to be at 46.5kg now. And I am expecting more weight gain after this but I really hope it won't!! Selamat hari raya aidilfitri from me and Sang Tunang!!~


Dating yang mengejut~

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hallo Hallo.. I just reached KL last wednesday around noon. Rested for awhile and did few things. Isi kuih dalam canister and jars then rested again :p Leisured around and busy bbm-ing with Sang Tunang which I can't recall what we talked about. (Note: We love to talk crap most of the time~ Which that what makes me love him more..~)

Anyway, received a call from my cousin. She invited us all to attend makan - makan at his place. And of course Sang Tunang went with us.. Obviously~ There, cousin served LAKSA JOHOR!! Great.. Sang Tunang happy bangat for finally he gets to eat Laksa Johor.. Dari first day raya die asyik sebut je.. I am glad that he can fits well in my big and huge family. Alhamdulillah...

After cousin's house, me and Sang Tunang went to Mid Valley to catch the Expendables 2!! I never watched the first one. Dia beriya - iya sangat nak tengok movie ni and so we went la. It was a great movie. Love it! Thanx b for dragging me.. Tak nyesal (:

So those who have not watch this movie, you better go. Have fun, ya :)

Daisy Allie

Berlapang Dada~

Hendak dikatakan baik tidak dan hendak dikatakan alim, tentu jauh sekali. I am just one normal humble slave of HIM. I seek for HIS forgiveness everyday and how I wish that HE forgives me every time I beg for it. For the past few months, I found myself to be slightly different. Perhaps maybe I am getting more matured kot. I actually went to text every people I have done wrongs with and apologized. I felt a lot better after that and I forgive those who come forward and apologize to me to. By doing this, I feel more at peace and I hope that things will be fine between me and them.. FINE and NOT back to normal or closer.. Just FINE.. 

There are reasons why things fall apart.. Why relationships stop halfway.. Why certain things do not happen as we wish and hope for.. Things will not happen as to what we want to but definitely HE will give us what we need. What I am trying to say, do not feel mad and angry if things did not happen to what you expect but you should be thankful that better things will come along the way. Even now you can't see it, but it is there.. You will just have to wait. 

This post is a self - reminder. I need to remind myself this from time to time. I am not getting any younger and how the brain works, it should tailor with my age. There are things I miss now but I am contend and I know HE has a better plan for me.. I believe in HIM more than anything in the world.. 



Eid Mubarak 2012/1433H

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Salam Mubarak semua. Selesai sudah empat hari kita berhari raya and to be honest, I had a great time this year.. Celebrated my eid at my own crib in Melaka before went to gram's place and others' around Melaka and Muar. Something different this year. Everyone went back to Muar, simply great. Finally away from KL. Great and feel blessed, Alhamdulillah. On third raya, everyone crashed my humble place. Nearly to 50 people cramped in and I felt honoured.. Sebab semua sudi datang singgah.. Thank you so much relatives!!

Snapped too many pictures but did not snap those in "ready forms". Semua yang tak prepare. Everyone was too busy eating, busy updating each other and also busy planning nak attack rumah siapa lepas ni.. 3 days raya selatan was amazing. Reached KL yesterday but raya did not stop. Semalam beraya dengan rumah sedara mara KL and Sang Tunang tagged along. Today, attacking continues. 

Til my next update



Selamat Hari Raya All~

Friday, August 17, 2012

Time does fly fast. Gitu gini we are approaching the end of Ramadhan and tomorrow is the last day of Ramadhan. I learned a lot through out the month and also there are few other things that I did not manage to do. But nevertheless, all I can say is this year's Ramadhan is better than last year's. Obviously things are very different this year and yes I do miss certain things but hey; we can't have everything can we.. 

I do miss Nurul and Ibu a lot but there is nothing I can do about it. Have to let them go no matter how much I don't want to.. They can hear one side of story and I don't wish to tell them mine as it is not important anymore. For what ever it is, they will always have a special place in my heart.. Always.. From the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry if I ever hurt you both and just so you know; I love you and you'll always have me if you ever need anything.. Always~

Next.. First Raya with Sang Tunang and I bet it is going to be an epic! This Yuna's song (lyric below) makes sense even more. I dedicate this song to you Sang Tunang! I love you more and more each day. You are the reason why I am still breathing today.. Thank you b~ Counting months, weeks and days until our big day. After Raya we both are gonna be extremely busy ONCE AGAIN.. I'll make time for anything just to make sure things are as planned.. Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya sayang.. Maaf Zahir & Batin.. Sorry for everything. Sengaja dan tak sengaja.. Menjawab dan membebel.. Tercubit dan tergurau kasar.. Everything.. Love you much much...~

Berlalu sudah bulan puasa
Masa untuk bersuka-ria
Oh yeah
Raikan hari raya

Kawan-kawan semuanya happy
Kekasih pulang dari oversea
Oh yeah
Samalah kita nanti

Mungkin dahulu terasa sepi
Hanya keluarga yang menemani
Tapi sekarang tidak lagi

Raya kali ini mungkin berbeza
Kerna ku ada dia
Nyalakan pelita cinta di hari raya
Hati seperti bunga api bersama dia
Oh indahnya
Ku jatuh cinta di hari raya

Cinta di hari raya
Cinta di hari raya

Semangat kita nak bangun pagi
Pakai cantik-cantik hari ini
Oh yeah
Nak jumpa somebody
Rumahku dihiasi indah
Senyum sehingga hujung telinga
Oh yeah
Tunggu kekasih hati

Syawal kali ini ku tak sabar
Hati terasa berdebar-debar
Oh yeah
Diri sudah berpunya

Ulang Chorus

Cinta di hari raya
Cinta di hari raya
Cinta di hari raya

Last but not least... Selamat hari raya to everyone. Ampun salah silap terambil terluka tersengaja atau tidak. Semuanya!! I wish I could go and see each of you to ask for forgiveness but ada yang mungkin tak dapat.. Do take care of your love ones.. Faishi, take care of everyone.. Send my regards to them.. From the bottom of my heart, I am sorry~

Take care people!!~


June 2003 - June 2012

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It was kind of a warm night last night and I was busy typing, getting my project done. Topics that I am working on kind of forced me to flashback about who the person I was and who the person I am today. It made me realize that I am on this journey for almost a decade.. Nine years and 2 months to be exact. How fast time flies.. How much I had sacrificed to be where I am today. How much I had cried and cursed when things did not happen as to what I planned. But one thing I am sure, I never give up no matter how much I said "That is it! I am done!!"..

Recalling things, I started my diploma back on 10th June 2003. That was the whole new beginning of my life. I promised myself that I will not stop until I am satisfied and until I reach a point where I'd say, "Yes, this is it".. 3 years journey had taught me so many things. From a pure science student, I developed myself into a commerce junky. Marketing had became my passion ever since and today I am sharing my inputs and knowledge with others as a career of mine..

25th September 2006, I took a detour by sitting a Professional Certificate and it was under Logistics. Logistics and supply chain have a very close relationship with marketing. By enhancing knowledge from different area made me understand the business and commerce world even more. It did not stop there as I kicked start my bachelor on 8th January 2007 and I spent another 3 years of my life learning as much as I could. It made me realize about how managerial level and strategists do their work. Result, me became fonder and fonder in marketing which that leaded me to continue my MBA in marketing. 19th June 2010 was the date I officially became a MBA student. And trust me I am proud of myself because I managed to further my study up to master level.

Before I further my MBA, I worked for awhile under marketing in a private sector. The whole 3 months there I leanred a lot about handling business which it drove me to practice it myself by running my own online business. It was a great experience. It was tough obviously but it was worth it. I am glad that I tried! Did that business for few months and had to stop because my study commitment required my attention 24/7. 

Anyway, 18th January 2012, I finished my MBA and officially graduated on 12th May 2012. Started my career here in Melaka on 13th February 2012 and today after 6 months and a day, I must say that I know I have made a wise and correct decision all this years though it was not easy and I swear to GOD the whole journey was rocky. However to manage to stand where I am today, I know that this is the best gift I could ever give to my parents. I sincerely hope that they are happy and proud of what I have achieved..

Point of having this post is just to remind myself that I am no longer that ugly duckling. I am still looking for opportunity to further my study in PhD level. I hope HE will grant my prayers. Next, to remind others or to motivate others to keep on moving forward. Never give up, never demotivate yourself and never let others pull you down. If you intend to achieve your goals, do give your best and please by all means, please have a high self - discipline and do not procrastinate things. Insya Allah, you will get there.. Once you are there, you may look back and smile and you will know all the hard work had paid off~

Last but not least, I thank everyone who ever helped me and contributed anything to me through out this years. I sincerely thank everyone and I know I can't repay you people. What I can do is, I wish you all the best and may HE gives you what HE has given me.


Iftar with Ze Girls~

Ramadhan is approaching its end and we finally have the time to iftar together. I am referring to me and colleagues who happen to be my MBA friends. It was a simple iftar at Kenny Rogers. We talked about what we have been up to. Funny right.. We are working side by side but we hardly spoke to one and another because of our workloads require us to talk less and work more.. Ahax~ After iftar, we hit Starbucks for old time sake :p

Few more days to work then everyone shall be on leave.. Will be seeing everyone again in  more or less 13days.. Happy Raya friends~


Final weekend of Ramadhan before Eid~

Monday, August 13, 2012

Harro Harro Harro~

I had one tiring weekend yet I must say it was a great weekend indeed. Preparing myself to be a good wife, perhaps? *dang*... Full with cooking and cleaning activities. Sang Tunang was around to help me which that just made me feel even happier and *butterfly*.. Lovely, simply simply lovely~

Left the office slight early than usual due to headache and zero workload. From office, I drove myself to Tesco and grabbed few items. Sadly, failed to find daun pandan and daun limau purut. Too bad.. Went home and cleaned myself. Rested for awhile and started to cook. I made nasi lemak and fried chicken. I must say my first attempt was beyond my expectation. Tasted fine cuma I have to add more santan in the future (: The rest of the night was not much different. Or should I say, I could not recall what did I do that night. Haha~

It was a sunny morning, bright sky, good weather. I did not sahur as usual except that I had a glass of water. Went to bed again after subuh; oh well it was Saturday (: I woke up few hours later and did few chores. Swept the floor and did laundry. Waited for Sang Tunang and off we went to Tesco and Giant. He requested me to make cheese cake and so yes, he bought all the ingredients along with some items to cook for berbuka. Apart from those, we bought jars and canisters for kuih raya too. Semangat rumah sini nak raya this year. Good vibes, great feeling!! 

Once we reached home, he started to help me up with something which parents and I sangatlah berharap dia tolong and yes he did one wonderful job. Sampai tebaring-baring kan b.. Siannya but thank you so much darling. Appreciate to the fullest. While he was busy handling what he was supposed to, me on the other hand was busy mixing the ingredients to make the cake and cook after that. I made lemon chicken, vegetables soup and black pepper lamb for iftar. Everything finished and alhamdulillah, he liked my cooking! See, my cooking skill is not that bad~

Around 10-ish pm, he and I went to Bazaar Chempaka just to get the mood of Raya. Penat gila and jauh nak mati menapak (without realizing it). It was a great experience, maklumlah last jalan kat bazaar was in June kot. Anyways, we did not buy anything except for he bought something for mamy and ayah and that was it.

Since I know that I would be spending time with him to go here and there to settle few things (arahan mamy), pagi - pagi lagi kita dah masak terutup ikan and marinate ikan bakar. Dah siap masak and mop, we went to gram's place. This and that, that and this, we crashed Param Peringgit. Did not buy much, just lala sambal and drinks. Went home and I started to bakar the fish. Siap everything, ngam - ngam nak buka. Food was delicious and he liked it. Good (:  After buka, we went for a movie watching. After for soooo long! Hikhik.. The movie was great and for some reason, I personally think that Bruce Wayne is a good looking man.. Ahax~

Overall I had a great weekend though it was quite a tiring. But it was filled with good activities and we had awesome conversation. Great..I am coming back home this Friday for a quick hai hai bye bye and on Saturday I'll be here again for Eid (:


Be a better person~

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Life changes all the time because each day we will grow older. We are HIS servants and we make mistakes all the time. Can't help it. Can't stop but we sure can try hard to prevent it. Some people are getting better each day. Better as in, they start to find ways to be closer to HIM or try to build/maintain a good relationship with society/friends/kenalan/family. Alhamdulillah; they are given the opportunity to change and become better than the people they were 'yesterday'. 

Unfortunately they are some of us who just simply can't let go of the past. Remain maki hamun or perli.. Worse, they show those on social network; twitter. I am sure they would say; "it is my account". So, ok.. Do what ever you want to do. But let me remind you this, by doing such/updating those, will not make you a better, bigger, more matured person. In fact, it will place you lower than you were before. I am in no postion to say whatever. All are grown ups and claimed to know what you people are doing, so be it. 

Guess what I am trying to state here is, if you intend to correct yourself or to start a new life, be sure that you seek for forgiveness from the people who you have done wrong with. And do please start the new chapter clean and not by bad mouthing about others. What past, is past. By starting everything fresh, Insya Allah HE will give you a better future, path, career and better life..

Enough about that; here are some shout outs

:: Dear darling Ajie!! You are getting engaged and I am so happy for you. Thank you so much for letting me be one of the first people to know this. I am happy for both!! Great feeling and good luck in doing the preparation!!~

:: Dear kesayangan Sang Tunang kuh~ Happy monthlysary!! We had one joyful ride and there is not even a day that you fail to make me smile. I hope this good happy relationship shall last forever. I love you sayang!!~


Surat Untuk Datuk Lee Chong Wei~

Monday, August 6, 2012

Dear LCW, 

No words can ever describe how much I adore you and appreciate for what have you done and contributed to us and Malaysia. Not only for current event, but for every single event that you had ever participated in. People may say, "its just a game", but to me it is far more than that. You gave us the joy, the tears, the heart burnt and the most important thing is; you gave us Malaysians to gather and sit together to watch the match. You brought us together. You were the reason why we Malaysians united even for a night. It was such a great gift from you to us. 

Last year, I still remember there was a match and I was in Tioman. The chalet did not provide us with a television and so I had to lepak at a convenient store and there were lot of people there. Malays, Chinese, Indians and even Mat Salehs too.. It was a great moment. It was a fasting month too. We sat there cheered even though you lost the game.

What I am trying to say here is; I am super proud of you. You are a true Malaysia Hero!! Thank you so much for everything. I wish you all the best, good luck and have great years ahead. Thank you once again, Datuk.. I love you no matter what!!

This song below is specially I dedicate to you. A song titled Lagenda by Shiela Majid :)

Sejuta bintang di angkasa
Sinarnya mempesona
Sebutir bintang di taman seni
Cahayanya berseri
Biar bertahun masa beredar
Satu wajah satu nama takkan pudar

Tetap jelas di ruang mata
Setiap gerak gaya
Bergetaran merdu sinar
Di persada budaya
Hingga kini menjadi sebutan
Tetap terpahat namamu di ingatan

( korus )
Kaulah satu satunya
Di antara berjuta
Insan teristimewa

Patah tak tumbuh lagi
Hilang belum berganti
Kerana kau tersendiri

Kaulah satu satunya
Di antara berjuta
Insan teristimewa

Kau kebanggaan kita
Kau budayawan bangsa
Engkau... lagenda


Sapandai-pandai perempuan, dapur juga tempatnya nanti~

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Weekend in KL again.. Hello KL, hello home, hello bed of mine... Hello family and hello Sang Tunang. Reached here yesterday around 3pm and went to At-Taqwa for tarawikh with Sang Tunang, Alhamdulillah. My week went fine and sailed smoothly. thankful for that. First week puasa alone there was not so bad especially DejavuDiKinabalu kept me accompany during berbuka. 

Though berbuka alone everyday at home, I did not buy. Instead I prepared my own meal. Thankfully I did not catch any food poisoning and the taste was not bad at all. Makan bertambah lagi.. Puji cooking sendiri.. Haha~

I had ayam goreng berlada and tomyam sayur on Monday. It was my very first attempt to cook tomyam. Whatever I saw in the bowl each time I had it at the restaurant/stall, those were the things kita campak dalam  tomyam kita. Tidak mengecewakan!! Told mamy about it and she asked me to cook tomyam ayam tomorrow and few relatives will come over. I'll be glad too!! Last weekend pun I cooked for the whole family and no one commented and in fact my SIL thought we bought it. Haha.. Great (:

See?? Pretty impressive right.. (: On Tuesday I cooked something else.. Saw this recipe on TV and I decided to give it a try. Chinese dish actually. Very simple.. Something similar to Aglio Olio. The ingredients are;

  • Garlics
  • Cili kering
  • Ayam
  • Lada begala
  • Black pepper
  • Garam
Tumiskan garlic with cili kering then add some sliced/cubed chickens. Stir those then add some capsicums. Stir it some more. Add some black pepper and salt. Ready to serve.. Tadaaaaaa...~

It tasted good too if you do not mind having some dried food la. Some people prefer to eat benda berkuah bila makan nasi. Kering - kering gini tak termakan. I do not mind eating like this.. On Wednesday,  I decided to have fish for berbuka after of more than 10days of having chicken. Intended to have ikan bakar but I do not have the foil.. Apatah lagi daun pisang.. So what I did was, I changed the recipe ikut apa je yang ada kat rumah. Apart from the fish, I had sawi batang putih goreng with ikan masin and black pepper..

  • Ikan selar
  • Cili giling
  • Onions & Garlics
  • Lemon grass
  • Daun kunyit & Daun kesom
  • Limau nipis/kasturi
  • Black pepper
  • Salt
Tabur salt and black pepper kat ikan and put it aside. Tumis bawang putih, bawang merah and cili giling. Once its masak, masukkan daun kunyit and daun kesom. Once its done, ketepikan. Next; fry the fish without oil (nak jadikan ala - ala bakar juga).. Perahkan limau nipis/kasturi kat ikan. Dah garing, pour back in the csambal just now. Perah limau lagi and tabur bawang merah lagi.. And its ready to eat... And it was yummy.. bangga tak sudah kita.. Tak pernah dalam hidup masak ikan kecuali ikan kering, ikan masin, tuna, sardine and mackerel.. *Tapping my shoulder*.. Hahaha~

Since I am coming back to KL this weekend, I did not cook last Thursday. Finished off the fish and had sambal ikan bilis tempe for berbuka. Kenyang and satisfied!! Friends invited me to iftar together cum celebrate friend's birthday, but was not in the mood to.. Plus I had migraine on that day.. Stayed in was the best option.

Today; I will be baking more chocolate chips. Last week I made two types of cookies for my place, mamy and FMIL. Today purposely for mamy sebab dia ada nak bagi kat siapa - siapa yang dia nak. Later will have my iftar at PICC with the whole family; to celebrate mamy's birthday. She turned a year older yesterday (:

Til my next update~


Danisha Ilaiyna~

Friday, August 3, 2012

She is the only princess in the family.. 
The only niece I have. My abang's youngest child. 
Definitely she gets all the attention in the world. 
She has big eyes. Very pretty.. Mahal gila senyuman dia. 
She does not smile much. 
Menangis pun tak sangat.. 
A quiet baby (:

Baby Ayna, me love you so much. 
I won't be around much.
I do hope that you won't forget me..

Hello August~

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hello August, we meet again. Eight month of the year people. Lots of things will be taken place this month. Mommy will be turning another year older, Eid Mubarak in 18days, iftar with la familia at PICC soon and iftar with Sang Tunang as well, kalau sempat. For some reasons, I am looking forward for August this time around. Final Eid alone is part of it. Sedih but excited to the core as well. Great feeling.. Just great..

Had a meeting with the seniors yesterday and been told about my new subject. I'll be lecturing a subject that I do not consider it as easy to handle. But, I accepted the challenge and I will try not to fail the trust given. Life is not easy but nothing is impossible. Bebel kat Sang Tunang last night about my new course and he tried his best to insert some positive vibes. Well the conclusion is; "If  people trust me & have faith in me, why should not I??". Therefore; challenge accepted and yes I am not going to back down..

Later, I'll be having a workshop. Hope it will be a good one.. Things I need to know, so yeah.. I'll attend it.. Til my next update.. See ya~