Babai September, Harro October..~

Sunday, September 30, 2012

The final day of September and phewww I managed to go thru September quite finely although it was rocky and only GOD knows what kind of events had taken place in such a short period. One thing after another.. Mau patah pinggang aku kalau gini selalu. I am thankful to have such wonderful mates around me who keeps on giving me moral support.. Sangat - sangat membantu.. To know that I am not in this alone is good enough. Alhamdulillah..~

I came back to KL last Friday.. Due to too many workloads, I left the building around 5pm and reached home at 7.25pm.. Showered and went to meet my students for advising purposes. I had to run and there to get things done. These students are supposed to meet me at my office but I know due to unforeseen and sudden workload, I rescheduled the time and place. Mestilah dorang lagi happy kan.. Kalau tak dorang kena pergi Melaka, but the other night dorang stay KL and kita yang pergi ke mereka.. Baik betul kita ni..! 

I managed to submit my research and I really hope that I will get a positive feedback. I never conducted a research in less than a month.. Segala benda kena sesimple yang boleh and trust me when I said, I really prayed to HIM above that I will receive a positive feedback and news. Every task jatuh gedebuk on me this month.. It was difficult, I admit that.. But I will never break people's trusts. They trusted me and so I will try my best not to let them down. And so far, nampak macam bejaya buat everything and I am hoping it met their expectations. Insya Allah..

Tomorrow is going to be a long day and I hope things won't be so rough on me. I believe that these hard works will be paid off.. It is just a matter of time. Sabar and ikhlas in everything you do.. Insya Allah the reward you will receive is beyond your expectation.. May I have all the patience in the world.. May HE helps me through guiding me on how to get things done.. 

Last but not least, a special shout out to dear brother of mine.. Happy birthday abang!! May you'll get everything you ever dream off.. I love you so much!! My abang, my hero.. *hugs*


Let Bygones be Bygones..~

Friday, September 21, 2012

Life is unpredictable.. Sorry is apparently has become one cheap word and means nothing to anyone anymore.. No value at all.. The phrase of "Maaf Zahir Batin" people often say during raya is merely a phrase and not something they really mean it.. Why am I blabbing about this? A piece of advise darlings, when you decided to apologize, please mean it and be sincere.. Janganlah hari ni kamu minta maaf but the few days later, you go on doing the same thing.. How would you feel if it hits you in the nose?? Orang lain buat macam itu? Sakit hati tak? I am not one perfect person but I am trying hard not to care about you but why must you keep on barging my life? Dah takda kerja lain ke?? My life is not perfect but it is awesome-r now.. Especially after I decided to recreate my path.. You don't want me to stick around and you hate to see me away doing fine without you.. Kau dah kenapa? Sakit otak or sakit jiwa? I don't wish to hate anyone and I have forgave you.. Kenapa kau dah minta maaf but yet you never stop? Sakit hatikah sebab I can survive without you or them around me?? Or me doing even better without you and everyone? Come on, grow up.. Again, you are older than me.. Wayyyyy older.. So please, have some mercy to yourself... Jangan buat perangai jauh lebih budak dari kita.. Shake it away.. Leave it and move on darlings.. Sudah - sudahlah tu..


Weekend Owh Weekend..~

Monday, September 17, 2012

Another weekend spent in KL. Have to be here for several reasons. One, to attend course.. Two, to meet up with few people.. Three, it is a long weekend due to Public Holiday! So of course I am here in KL..Tomorrow is day three and Sang Tunang and I have places to go, things to settle.. I really hope everything planned for tomorrow will run smoothly. Takda masalah, takda sangkut kat mana - mana.. Insya Allah.

Anyway, after the course ended somewhere around 4pm just now, I headed home and showered. Me and b went out.. We had dinner and watched Resident Evil!! I planned to treat him but it turned out to be the other way around.. Always.. Dah la utility bills rumah sana pun dia setelkan.. Hurmmm.. I want to treat him something as well but never berjaya.. Frust :'( Some girls would have jumped around if they don't have to pay anything.. I know I would too.. But this is my tunang.. And I never get to spend anything for him.. Except for hantarans months ago.. Nak gak rasa sewonok after spend few dimes on him.. He has spent thousands of ringgits on me.. Why can't I do the same.. Never the less, I am thankful to have such a wonderful Tunang and I love him dearly.. Not for his money but for his patience, maturity, gentleman side, and others that I won't tell or else he'll be extra kembang..~

For the past few days, I went through few things and there things that I don't really agree on.. But who am I to judge. Like for example, if you have separated with someone for ages, why must you still trash talk them? Especially when you are saying that you are the most perfect example to others.. Why must you make others look bad? Why?? But when the table turns around, you explode like you are the victim.. Why?? Next, if you can't handle people reading your tweets or blog or anything, why set it to public in the first place?? And you call people stalkers when you made all your statuses and posts visible to others?? Why??

Here is my thought and of course my thought means nothing to anyone.. You are childish, immature, stupid and no morale. I am not trying to say that I am one perfect person because I know who I am and where I am standing.. However, you are what I said you are.. If what I said is wrong, then prove me the other way around.. So to you, you and you... Stop trash talking people, stop pointing fingers, stop all these nonsense. Instead of gaining respect, slowly people will start to ignore you. Trust my words because I am one of them.. I used to respect you.. I used to adore you.. And I used to accept you as my friend.. But with this kind of attitudes, I don't think I want to have anything to do with you people. You people are older than me, unfortunately you are not as wise as you thought you are. Such a shame.. Tegur direct pun sudah.. Berkias pun sudah.. Makin ditegur, makin menjadi - jadi. Tunggu sampai semua orang hilang baru nak berubah ke?? Think and ponder ya..~

Good night dear blog.. Til I meraban again..~


Survey Questionnaire

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I am conducting a research relating to Tourism Malaysia titled; "Halal Tourism Attributes and its Effect Towards Holiday Experience in Malaysia. Feel free to answer this set of questionnaire. It will only take about 5 minutes to settle. 

Click this link:

Thank you so much!!

Daisy Allie

My Sayang, My Soulmate..~

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dear Sayang, I love you so much..
It gets stronger each day..
I am happy that we are together now..
I could still remember how much we hated each other before..
Haha.. It was funny but that was what leaded us be together today.
We both have our own flaws, we both are imperfect..
But together, we are perfect for each other..
You completed me.. Completed my life..
Lighten up my days..
Always tell me that everything is going to be alright..
Be there when I needed you, even we are distance apart..
I love you for as long as I shall breath..
I am glad that you are mine..
But I am more glad that I am yours..
As I have someone to hold on..
Shoulder to cry on..
Arms to wrap me around until forever..
Partner to grow old together..
Thank you sayang..
My life, my soul mate, my partner..

Tired.. Exhausted.. Knackered..~

*Sigh*.. I had one busy week last week.. Too busy until I had no time for myself and for b. I am so sorry body, I neglected you.. I am so sorry b, I had to cut down time to stay in touch with you. Not by choice but I was too tired when I reached home after work. Or should I say, course. One whole week with course was not a happy yippy activity. Penat gils and not too mention, I think my brain is no longer have the ability to absorb all information at the same time. Abih kita migraine secara chronic.. Phewww..~

Anyway, last weekend b and I attended weddings in JB and before that, we made a quick visit at Johor Premium Outlets. Ok, this is what I think... The whole building concept is something similar to what outlets in Yorkshire except that in JPO, its roofless, and I hated it. Next, JPO is soooo small.. I finished walking in 15minutes which I spent 5 minutes in the toilet queueing. Which means, I spent only 10 minutes walk and done.. Bohsannnn.. Limited items, few options.. Pfftttt..~ Nevertheless, I grabbed something which it costed me a fortune! But since I liked it, he liked it.. So no biggie.. (:

Starting from next Monday, my life shall be back to normal again. The long 15 hours working, limited time to rest, not coming back to KL.. Owh owh owh.. Busyness attack! Ni tak add lagi with publications and researches pending. I have tonnes to do but masa tak sebanyak yang kita harapkan.. What ever it is, I hope I'd have enough time. One thing at a time, girl.. For all I know is, I must get my research done BEFORE 28th September.. Or else, entah bila lagi I would have this kind of opportunity.. May the force be with me..~

Til my next update.. Happy belated independence day to all Malaysians, Salam takziah buat keluarga angkasawan negara kita; Dato' SMS and in advance; Selamat hari Malaysia buat semua warga Malaysia (: