How do you like Shanghai..?~

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Shanghai.. A city in China.. One of the famous cities in the world.. A developed one with modern buildings and a sky high tower.. This city has always been a must - go destination of mine. I am more a scenery traveller but for some reasons i really want to go Shanghai. Visited Beijing and Guilin before; to me i like China and i do have intentions to visit all states and districts in China. Be it for scenery purposes or shopping purposes..

I told Arel that we should go to Shanghai if ada rezeki lebih and happily he said "yes, sure why not".. Therefore do expect updates and pictures about our Shanghai trip soon.. When?? Only HE knows when.. Haha..~ Next destination definitely to perform Umrah/Hajj.. I have mentioned this somewhere in my previous articles.. I really hope that we can go there.. It has been 9 years since i went there. Teringat - ingat, terbayang - bayang.. Wonderful feeling, happy and calming though i was rushing here and there everyday.. :)

Anyway, visit this web for more info about Shanghai;

Wedding preparation?? Still not proceeding yet. Adalah bergerak but not like other friends. I am more relax compare to others. They really spend their time and dime working on it while me still relaxing and pretend like nothing happen. I have planned out everything and the way i see it, everything is in order. I have settled the hall, hiv test, certain documents, photog, video, hantarans, berkats for all three occasions and wedding invitation cards. Others like caterer, wedding attires, pelamin, kids costumes and others will be settled somewhere in December.. Insya Allah things will flow nicely.. After all it ain't going to be a big nor grand wedding. A simple wedding with close relatives and friends only.. Let's hope for the best :)

Work.. Haizz.. How am i going to describe it.. Don't even know how to start.. Obviously it's tiring with unplanned events taken place. Running here and there with minimum explanation and with no prior notice.. Dah macam kerani pun ye gak kadang - kadang rasa.. But since i love my job; TUGAS HAKIKI, thus i don't feel like quitting or switching job.. Like they ever going to allow me to..

Oh well that's all about it. Life is pretty the same everyday.. With endless workload and endless yamcha with the girls. I practically spend my salary on food. Eat yummy food all the time and later on i'll put the blame onn the weight scale for giving me some sad news.. Ahax.. Til then..~



Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Last week me and friends went to AEON and had our dinner at Garden Recipe. It was my first time there and i must say, i liked the food and yurp i would definitely go there again :)

The busyness and packed schedule had a took toll on me.And so i decided not to drive back to KL, simply because i was too tired. After all i had class last saturday. Went to work as usual and had to pretend like it was thursday. Was at work the whole day.. Very dedicated.. At niight i spent my night watching TV.. Mostly Master Chef and AFC.. I did not watch the football match.. Was not intend to.. Kelantan tak suka, ATM pun tak sokong. So yeah, tengok masak - masak was better.. :)

Sunday, i did some house chores. Did the laundry, cleaned the bathroom, cook for lunch and did some office works. Yurp.. I still bring home some of my office works. Have to.. Or else i won't be able to get those done on time. After everything is done, i dedicated my time to watch Revenge Series Season 1!! Baru ada masa.. Watched 12 episodes and i still have 12 episodes more.. I shall continue those once i have the time! Tungguuuuu~

Last monday, i took my students to Sek Men Bkt Baru for a Community Service. Some may have known about this event as a student already updated about the event in her blog. Kalau dah almost 3000 followers, leh tahan pames la kot event budak - budak ni.. Anyway, what we all expected happened. Teachers can't believe that i am the lecturer.. Yes yes yes.. I am young.. Let's just ignore that fact for once.. *sigh*

Yurp.. That's me.. :)
Alhamdulillah the event went well and i pretty sure all students both mine and the schools kids had learnt something valuable.. Thank you for the cooperation given, we appreciate a lot!!~

Til my next update~

Wedding preparations? What's that?? LOL..~

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I have been really busy lately and Sang Tunang was kinda busy as well for the past 2 weeks. He lost weight because of his busyness while me? I gained a kilo because of my stress! Haha!! Been eating a lot of junk food lately and drank too much Salted Caramel Mocha Frap too!! This autumn Starbucks drink is really berhantu. One after another..

Few months before my big day and I practically have not started anything yet. Friends who are getting married 2 weeks after me have everything sorted out and planned out PERFECTLY.. Huishhh... Perhaps because I keep on telling myself that it is going to be one simple wedding kot thus I kinda delay almost everything. Nak pakai baju rupa macam mana I also don't know yet. I envy some of my friends because they already knew what they want to wear.. Me?? Magazine pengantin pun tak beli - beli lagi.. Google? Pun tak ada.. Hahah..

It is not like I don't want to prepare anything. It is just that I am too hooked up with work. Endlessly and therefore whenever I have some extra time, I would use that time to rest and sleep.. I need enough sleep badly as my eyes are so dark now and I have eye bags already. So not cool.. tsk tsk tsk..

Zillion things had taken place but I am just too lazy to update. Let's just hope that both he and I can pull this things together. Dua - dua penat and superly busy.. Fuhhh.. Sabar jela.. Til my next update.. See ya..~