Once Upon A Time..~

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Since my daily schedule is pack from 9am til 10.30pm at night, that means i do not have time to watch the telly the same way i did before. The only time i can watch it on weekend and only if i stay in melaka. If i come back to KL, i usually will spend my time going out to settle few errands so again, no telly time for me... Sigh..~

I saw this series on Star World and unfortunately i only watched the series like for few episodes only. I missed more than what i have watched. Thus, last night i decided to grab the complete set of the series for the first season. Second season is still incomplete. People kinda condemn me by saying why i never downloaded anything instead of buying? My answer is simple... When do i have the time to do those? At the office i run here and there, entertain uncountable number of students and i usually skip my lunch.. So tell me, when do i have the time to that??

Even ni dah beli pun, i don't know when will i watch it.. I am coming hom to KL next weekend as well as the week after that.. Fuyooo.. Berperaplah lagi disc tu semua.. Never mind.. i'll wait.. Patiently -.-'

What ever it is, at least i already have the discs.. That is good enough though..~

Alternate days~

A week that full with public holidays.. Everyone was on leaves due to Deepavali celebration and Awal Muharram. Some even took a straight holidays, five days leaves.. Awesome right.. Unfortunately i was not one of them. I went to work normally on the alternate days and i was kinda in a good mood. Anyway, there was a bit different this year.. I did not have my pulut kuning pagi 1 Muharram. Instead Arel and i drove to Muar for breakfast. We had Muar's normal morning meal; Satay!! Sedap and puas hati.. By 9 am, we were already back in Melaka and we crashed A'Famosa while waiting for Dataran Pahlawan to open for business :)

Not only we went there.. We actually walked around Bandar Hilir and went to almost every building. Muzium la, bazaar la.. You name it, we were there.. Both Arel and I had fun.. Seriously and honestly. After we were done with that area, the journey continued. Serata melaka habis pusing and we ended up at home around 2pm. We cooked and had our lunch at 3.30pm. Seafood Mac & Cheese and Blackpepper lamb. Arel cooked the lamb by the way. It was yummy.. So proud of him and hey, i was the first person that ever tasted his cook and plus that was the first time he cooked! Glad to be the first sayang :)

We had fun.. Thanks for everything sayang.. I love you :)

And So I Love Food..~

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Look at the title.. I think i should feel guilty especially when the big day is just around the corner. I should cut the calorie consumption but i totally do the other way around. Well, i just love food at i kinda good at enjoying them. Hikhik.. Guilty? Yes.. Regret?? Nope :D

Anyway, last Wednesday, friends and i went to JPN. Friend wanted to change her IC and so we all went the there together. Since the branch was not busy and honestly, only we were there.. I decided to change mine as well.. The ICs will be ready in 10 days.. Surprisingly i can't wait.. Kenapa? Entah.. I get excited easily these days.. Haha..

After JPN, we headed to Aeon and baling dadu timbang kira bagai, we had our brunch at Vivo!! Price was perfectly fine.. Eat there if you want some western food but at the most appropriate and affordable prices :) Recommended to all. Food there are all yummy.. At least to us.. No complains~

I tried all and i liked all.. Do try ya fellas.. I hope you'll like them as much as i do :)

Next, i came back to KL last wednesday, petang. On thursday i had a course to attend at shah alam. Later that night after berbuka and all, me and Sang Tunang went out. We watched Skyfall!! He purchased the tickets last monday.. Kita semangat nak sangat tengok and he layan my kerenah.. Hikhik.. Thanx Love.. You are the best~.. Oraitz, here are my comments.. Ermm.. It was not as much as i expected. It was quite meleret and slow. Less actions and honestly i went zzzz for about 10 minutes in the middle of the movie. So imagine that, darlings.. What ever it is, the movie was not a failure... Nope at all.. Alas, do watch the movie as you might have different perspective as mine.. Enjoy!!~

That was how i spent my wednesday and thursday.. Balance? Too many things to share. Went here and there and only he knows how much i wish i can sleep and rest now.. Til my next update blog..~