hello december 2013..~

Thursday, December 5, 2013

We have reached the final month of 2013. Time does fly very fast. What have i accomplished this year? Personal life? Right on track.. Career wise? Managed to get my research done unfortunately i really dont have time to present the paper.. Sad but true. But never mind.. There is always riid coming up and yang itu confirm kite turun padang.

This semester has been very busy and packed. Travelling up and down the plus like nobody's business. Kejap kat melaka, kejap kat perak, kejap kat sini sinun.. Work commitment and family matters.. Wow.. I really wish that i have more time for myself. Ambil cuti seminggu pun, purposely untuk buat kerja di Kuala Lumpur. Simply because i hardly have time for everyone.. Tetiba rasa 25 days a year ain't enough for me.

Final examination is approaching which that will make me even more busy. Need to get all carry marks done in 2 weeks, then gonna be busy marking 5 bundles (of joy).. I must clear everything before 24January.. Then i am going to take a very long break.. Fuhhhh....

Next, ajie is finally married to ija "yeayyyyy".. About 2 weeks ago.. He looked great and ija looked stunning. Congratulations to both of you and welcome to the club ajie!! :) Semoga kekal bahagia hingga ke jannah.. Ingatlah segala penat payah before kawen tau tau tau so that u'll appreciate the marriage even more.. 

I have plenty to type.. Too many things had happened.. But i have no time.. Back to work!!

Its October Already..~

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Second month of the semester.. More works need to be done.. Commitments, works, due dates, bla bla bla.. Though i am so tired with all this endless work, but i can't deny how much i love my job.. At least i am doing the same routine everyday.. The best part is, i have flexible hours which i did not get to experience that when i was in O&G industry before..Seriously i prefer my current job better..

Some of my colleagues left us to join the industry.. Higher payment and 8 - 6 daily basis.. And all of them left the industry a month after they joined it and decided to join the academic world again. And some of my colleagues are just like me; from the industry and we really don't wish to back there.. No.. No more.. Those who don't know may say we lecturers practically do nothing except for lecturing, marking and attending students' activities and may have the thought of, "Apalah sangat kerja dorang ni?? Tak tau dunia luar".. Well dear people, we are the one who is shaping the industry. Not by producing graduates per say but we are the advisers and consultants of those giant companies. Not many people know, for us to get promoted we need to establish ourselves in the industry.. Mixing with people from other countries and be the "cendiakawan" for companies are the things we do..

Examples (business faculty); when companies intend to produce certain product, it is us who will conduct all the researches for identifying the problems among potential market and from there we will advice the firms on how they could grab the business opportunity.. Not many firms have r&d dept and not all firms want to pay other agencies as the fee is extremely high. Hence that is our job to help them... Well of course the fee is there.. And sometimes, we will do it for free because sometimes we have our own fund.. Funded by the government la..

Long story shorten, we do not perform the same routine everyday.. Perhaps yes, buat research again and again.. But mind you, the scenario is different hence of course it means we are doing the same thing day in day out.. Last but not least, if you are a hard working person and knows how to grab opportunities, you can actually make money out of it.. At the end of the day, we can have a better life than those who are slaving themselves in the industry which requires them to attend endless meeting and kissing people's assess..

I am typing all these because i want to remind myself how much i am glad that i am an academician and not someone in the industry.. Also to shut some people up for saying life as a lecturer is boring and tak tau the real world.. Don't get yourselves confused, cikgu dan pesyarah lain.. Which somehow i believe job scope guru sekarang pun dah tak sama macam dulu2..

Ok til then..

Why am i so hungry??

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

For years i only had one proper meal per day. Never had rice or any heavy food more than once a day. But lately, i feel so freaking hungry and it drives me crazy if i don't eat. Sakit kepala and nak muntah. Why???? Takkan sebab i read endlessly can cause hunger? It is time and money consuming tau.. Not that kite berkira to buy food but i always have food at (cooked) home but i always buy food at the office and it ends up i'll throw whatever i have at home away. Kan rugi tu.. 

Apart from feeling hungry at all time, i feel so tired.. Mentally tired.. Drained.. Knackered.. Sumpah i am not kidding.. Read more than one book just to prepare myself for each class.. Why do i need to do so? Thank you to whom ever it may concern, last minute they changed the syllabus and textbook. Mengangkang aku pikir the most effective approach. Not easy.. So uncool.. Zalim tau..

It is not a crime to change the syllabus and textbook.. But please inform us weeks before the semester starts and not after few days after.. Kita dah abis 2 chaps and then i had to start everything fresh. Students got confused. And saddest thing is, they have bought the old textbook and now they have to buy a new one. Duit lagi tau.. Tak baik buat macam tu.. Pity them and of course have some respect to us as well.. Penat tau tak to divert everything and to undo what ever is done.. *sigh*

Have too many things to express but i don't think i have enough words to describe my frustrations. Seriously i just need a time out from all this.. Unfortunately it is a long way to go.. February do come quick please... I need my rest and beauty sleep...


Drama Frama..~

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Too many dramas going on lately until i kinda got lost in the middle of it as i failed to understand what is actually going on. People talking here and there expressing whatever they want to express and me myself being the one who was not at the actual scene of course blur memanjang. Drama is going on all around me. From work to home to family to everywhere.. Gah, you name, i got it.. Dramanya tiny winy je but when u are not always around u'll definitely feel like it is a big one.. Hahah..~

Tried to understand the situation but the more i want to understand somehow the more it breaks my heart, It is hard to explain how exactly i feel but not to lengthen it, it breaks my heart sometimes. What people don't understand is, i am trying hard to please people.. Jauh aku duduk cuba untuk berlaku adil kepada semua tapi kadang it is just not easy. The easiet way to settle it is by staying alone here minding my own business. Which sometimes people may say i am a selfish brat.. Well it is never easy to please people and i guess i have been trying to do that since i know how much people want to be pleased..

Latest news, i got sick recently.. What is new? No right.. Sick and me is so intertwined.. Hikss.. Lucky me hubby was with me at that time. I woke him up at 2.30am and we rushed to the nearest 24hr clinic. I got my jab, went home and slept til around 3pm. I thought i would get better the next day but unfortunately i did not. Hence parents came over yesterday and took care of me. Result, i am feeling much better this morning. Had my heavy breakfast and now i am typing this.. Feeling better and that is all that matters..

As for tomorrow, i will try to drive back to KL right after class. Class finishes at 7pm.. Bla bla bla.. Might reach KL around 9ish.. Saturday will go to aunt's house and help her out with the final preparation for his son's wedding (acai).. Sunday is his big day, of course groom's side.. Dah nak seminggu dah pun mereka nikah :) Right after the majlis, i'll shoot back to melaka.. Wish i can stay longer to watch them unpacking the gifts.. Well that is the sacrifice i have to make.. I made this choice of becoming a lecturer and of course i have to commit to it.. Who says becoming a lecturer is easy.. We don't work 9-5 like others.. We work around the clock.. About 15hours a day, 7days a week and we don't get paid for every extra hours we have to work.. But we never complain about it. What we request from everyone is to understand our job scope.. As simple as that.. :)

That is all for now...
I'll update about my new home later..
Til then..


Sept - Jan~

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Yesterday was the very first day of the semester.Students were everywhere and i myself was all over the place. Ran here and there to get things done. Oh well, that's the beauty of our management. The just love to wait right til the last minute to give out our task/schedule and whatever. I started my semester fully unprepared. I felt guilty for that. I tried so hard not to fail the students, hence i tried to get myself ready. 

However, they just love to fail me. Oh come on, first day does not mean; "hey we won't be having class today".. That will only be applicable if you are a freshie. Kalau awak dah semester 5, awak start macam biasa.. And i ce breaking is so not needed.. Sorry i am not the tyoe of a lecturer who would ask "What's your name? Where are you from??" Tak da kepentingan buat saya and i would simply forget your name the moment you stop introducing yourselves. So, save it.. I will know who you are base on your progress and participation...

My advice is, never judge a book by its cover. You are so wrong if you think that you can play me. My true color is hidden behind my 24/7 smile and young age. Remember why you are here.. You are here to gain knowledge as well as to develop your personal and interpersonal. Hold so many positions won't guarantee you a spot in anywhere.. Therefore, do try to be punctual and never skip any class.. Last but not least, i won't tolerate with plagiarism and loyar buruk...~

Til then,

August 2013~

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2 weeks after raya. How was my raya? It was fine and of cos different. Now that i have a husband and in laws. Went back to perak on raya eid and was really busy there. Never had to do any chores before married kan.. But it was fine. Tak pernah buat kerja di rumah mamy tak bermakna kite tak pernah buat at all.. I am living alone right hence of cos i cook and clean up the house all by myself. 

BIL and SIL went back to their inlaws. Which it was good for me to be at perak. Kesian if i was not. Not saying i am super good in handling big crowds (tetamu) tapi at least i was there to help mak and acu. Imagine i was not there?? They cant have moments with the guests sebab nak sediakan meals n pinggan mangkuk and such.. Right?? So like it or not, i played great role last raya... In fact i cooked on the second day. Few dishes for breakfast and lunch. Pak ngah said "lapor ler kite kalau die takda.." And he actually told other uncles that last weekend when we were at alang's crib for abby's wedding. Good to know that they appreciated my effort. Hiksss.. 

Tak banyak pics this year because both of us were too busy running here and there due to the need of being at 4 different locations in 4 days. Refuel je beratus2 and we practically spent more hours traveling rather than celebrating.. Haihhh.. Xpelah, next year raya falls on monday. So yes i will cuti on wed til fri and therefore i would have solid 7 days for raya and I hope it would be enough...

Til my next update

Day 15th..~

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Today is the 15th ramadhan and i did not get to wish all my blog readers (as if i have one), Selamat menyambut Ramadhan. I was too busy with marking all the final papers as well as attending meetings to finalise studnets' grades and so on. Not to forget i was too busy packing and unpacking my stuffs. Moved from one building to another. Then from one room to another. After being moved twice, i can say that yes i am done and yes this is my new room. 

Being the youngest lecturer here means i cant ask much. I am sharing this room with another 3 lecturers but hey like other people say, "consider yourself lucky".. Kenapa?? because we love to talk and being alone in a room is driving us crazy. We cant be alone. We need people around us to help us to stay sane. Haha. Kawan siap request like this; "I know i am a doctor but please i need a roomy".. Gahh that's cute. Anyway, so far i am doing good here. Like my new place and i feel comfortable here. So far i do not have any prob with anything.

Personal matter, the new house is 30% built. Tak sabar for it to be ready as to have your own property is something beyond words. You buy the house with your own cash. Whats not to like? Wish i can share some pics of my new home but i am not that rajen to copy pics this days. I have shared my latest pics on ig only. Fb and twitter pun dah jarang... You know what they say kan.. A pic worth a thousand words and at this moment i kind of have more than 500 pics.. Gahhh you do the math...

Hubs is coming home this weekend. We need to settle our current home ni.. Nak kemas lots of things. For raya of course. lap this and lap that. Keluarkan bekas - bekas kuih and pinggang semua. Since i am staying here in melaka and nenek semua pun kat melaka, my family now sort of raya melaka je. KL tu untuk pagi je. Before noon semua dah gerak balik melaka and muar.. And because of that, i need to prepare things just to make my family feel comfy. 

Well that is all for now.


July 2013

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Updating this blog is no longer be my passion nevertheless i do not have any intention of stopping from writing nor delete it for good. Reason for not updating here is simple.. Now i have a permanent diary; my husband of course. He is always there, either a phone call away or a text away.. I tell himevery single thing. Hence blog, diary and doodling book is no longer needed. Hiksss...

Alas, there are too many things on my mind but i could never know how to express it. I mean putting feelings and thoughts into proper words and type it here is difficult.. Somehow.. That is why talk to my husband is a lot easier. Anyway, after a year plus i finally get my official office room. Not alone though. Of course have to share it with 3 others. Maklumlah lecturer yang paling junior dalam business faculty. Though that still thankful.

Have to move everything from one building to another building is not easy. Thankful that i dont have much items like friends of mine. Dah setel angkat semua barang pun. Result? Tangan sakit yang amat. This monday i have to start unpack all my belongings. On tuesday 2bundles are coming in. But wont collect the bundles on tuesday thou. Plan nak balik kl awal and wednesday is a public holiday for us here. So thursday baru ambil all bundles and all the marking begins... Confirm bersilat and judo semua ada. Plan to settle things latest by the following monday.

Once i am done with submitting marks, should prepare the cdl for all classes. Then i will try my best to focus on getting my research done. Which means i should spend less time on candy crush. Baru start main but i have reached level 162, nampak betapa taksubnye saya?? Hahaah..

Ok, well i guess i pretty much have stated everything here. Maka, selamat berpuasa everyone. Semoga ramadhan kali ini lebih bermakna. Saya tau saya akam happy.. Second year dapat bertarawikh dengan si dia. Bezanye this time around he is a husband andnot my sang tunang.

Take care people :)


June 27th..

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Its 6 hours passed midnight. I gained another year. Thankful to be still alive and be surrounded by wonderful people... Family especially. Thank you for all the wonderful & warm wishes.  I received less wishes on fb as ppl today opt for wechat. They sang for me. I feel blessed. Didn't expect to receive that kind of wish.. Hiks.. Anyway tomthose who had given me gifts, thank you.. Only God can return your kindness. Anyway, all i can say is, i am one happy girl and thankful to be alive.. Assalammualaikum..

May 2013~

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Oh my look at the date. Time flies fast and we are approaching the end of may. A lot of events have taken place in may but i dont have the time to update. Oh well, i hardly have time to rest hence of course no time to update this blog. Anyhow, let me summarize what ive done.. Briefly of course.

I went to PWTC for a book fair with the rest of my colleagues. Of course they went there simply because they had to. But me?? No one asked me too but i went there anyway simply because of the love i have towards books and papers. Awwww..~ I got myself this (pic below) and sorta promised myself that the books would be my early birthday gift. Well, we all know it is just another *sedapkan hati* statement. Lol~

Still reading the first book thou (because of the time prob). But those who subscribe HBO may watch the series which currently they are showing the third season. You wont regret. Next, i spent one afternoon with my a group of students. They invited me to join them for lunch and bowling. They *payung* me.. Sweet kan?? hahah.. Thank you so much kids. You know i love you ppl right eventhough you didnt treat me anything :)

 Ok, next I went back to KL last thursday (23 may). That day was a very long day for me. Had four hours class and went to visit my students for almost three hours before i drove back to kl which it took me about 2 & half hours to reach Shah Alam due to heavy traffic. When i reached home, quickly showered and ate my dinner before hubs and i went to watch Fast & Furious 6. Thankfully we bought the tickets 4 days earlier so we didnt have to queue up to buy the tickets. Awesome movie it was.. Go watch if you have not..~

On friday, both me and hubs went out with my darling friend. We went to Jalan TAR to get few things for nena's wedding. It rained heavily but alhamdulillah it stopped when we reached sogo. Walked for three hours  and being women means WE FOUND NOTHING. Ahax.. Then i treated both of them dinner at HR Steakhouse. Happy tummy and went back. 

On saturday, both hubs and me went to support our dear friend yet at putrajaya. He joined a 4wd competition and he won in third. Not bad for a national car considering all the competitors drove all those famous and expensive 4wd. Congrats to yet..~

Last monday, hubs took me to One Utama. I had to buy something kononnya but ended up didnt buy anything. Biasalah when we have the money, suddenly everything is no longer pretty and needed.. Hahah.. Since didnt buy anything, here is a picture of us. I know i am tembam already. Putting on weight though i hardly eat anything. Too happy? Yes~ So now i agree with the statement *pas kawen confirm gemuk*.. hahah~

Well, i am on leave since monday til friday. A week break from OFFICE but not from work. While hubs is at the office, i fully utilize the hours. Prepare quiz and test questions.. Not only that, i started to mark students' research proposal. I am the examiner. I would say i am not a strict one but i am just doing my job. That's all and that's it. No heart feeling..~

Hubs cuti tomorrow as we have plenty to do. This friday nena will change her title. I bet she's gonna look extremely pretty and kurus. hahah.. Congrats to her and hafis.. A piece of advice, belajar banyak2 bersabar. I know i am still new and not really a good example, but trust me *Sabar itu indah.. Seindah perkahwinan* :)

Til my next update..~



Friday, May 3, 2013

So GE13 is just around the corner. 2 days to be exact. Who do you want to choose is your choice but my advice would do vote base on party and not base on the individual. You may listen to people's opinions and comments but if i were you, i would do my own research if i really truly want to know the real story and not some propas. 

Anyway, this is my first time to vote. Did not have the chance to vote last PRU and honestly speaking i am so looking forward. Don't really like my current wakil rakyat. My home town used to be so peaceful and protected but now? The area is worse than ever. The increased of crime rates is something i never have imagined. People got robbed almost everyday during the DAY. Yes during the DAY. pagi2 nak pergi kerja lagi. Sick!!

The roads are beyond my explanation with holes here and there. It was never like that. I could tell because when i was younger i used to play roller blades and of course smooth streets and roads are what i want. With holes here and there not only it damages my car but now i hardly see skaters in my neighborhood. Siapa nak skate kat jalan lubang - lubang ? True or not ? Plus, my neighborhood is only a taman perumahan and not kawasan perumahan. But not, jam is everywhere in that taman. We residence of that taman don't need that kind of jams in our area. imagine lorong rumah awak jam when it is not even a mainroad. Sakit hati tak? Terima kasih kepada pemimpin yang "berkhidmat" dari 2008 - 2013. Saya tak rasa saya perlukan anda lagi. Anda tidak membantu apa - apa pun. Bahkan menyusahkan kami penduduk kawasan itu lagi adalah.

What i am trying to say is, i miss my wonderful nice and safe neighborhood with great facilities and great roads. I really want that back hence i do pray to GOD almighty to grant my wishes and prayers. 

Happy GE13 everyone. Make a choice that you won't regret. Don't vote base on your anger or base on what other people say or tell you. Think of what you have now.. Don't make what you have now to something to what you had. I sort of suffered for 5 years and i don't think i would want to face that again.


Can't Wait To Vote.. PRU13~

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our prime minister has announced dissolution of parliament.With that the general election is just around the corner.I never had the chance to vote last PRU, so i am so looking forward to vote this time. Would definitely drive back to ttdi.. Won't miss it for the world. I love my country and i love what i already have and i believe life would be so much better in future.. Thankful for everything and wouldn't ask for more. But if there is anything awesome, that's definitely a bonus.. (:

Selamat berkempen and good luck leaders 



I have been paying PTPTN for the past 10 months and i think i had enough. So yesterday i decided to make a full lump sum hence i went to UTC and paid everything. What a relief.. Nomore paying to ptptn starting from this month.. Satu komitmen habis.. And therefore, i can start a new commitment like can save extra for the new house perhaps?? Yeay for me.. Happy week (:


Our first date after we are official.. :p

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hey blog of mine.. Can't believe that i actually have time to blab here. I am busy indeed but the brain is too drain to work at the moment hence here i am wasting my precious hour.. After all its lunch hour.. So yeah, let's blab :)

Anyway, i went back to KL on friday and saturday we spent our day at my sister's house. Helped her and BIL at their new house. Finally they moved in. Love her house and wish ours would be like her but we know it won't. Double storey and single storey mana boleh sama, ye dok??

On sunday, we went to setia alam.. Had our lunch at Tony Roma's. It was a birthday treat for him. Intended to celebrate his birthday before our wedding but mamy told me not to. So before wedding i treated him at Serai only.. Ni dah kawen, dah reda sikit tahap busynya, baru dapat pergi proper lunch.. Hoyeahhh...~

Right after lunch, we went to catch a movie. We watched The Croods. The movie was hilarious and fun. Was worth to watch. The movie was about a family in stone age and they were trying to survive. The father refused to adapt to changes but at the end he had to agree. Because he was challenged by a guy named Guy. 
Fun to watch.. Highly recommended.. Plus, you will feel proud to listen to Yuna's voice singing the soundtrack at the end.

We had a great day.. Now i just can't wait to go back this friday.. We are gonna have a big family yamcha this saturday at eastin Hotel. Finally ada rezeki lebih to treat my whole family. Look forward for that.. My diet plan did not work out. My exercise regime stopped. Hence my weight is maintained at 50kgs and don't like it at all.. tapi tak pelah dari 58 ke 60 ke.. Hikhik..

Til my next update :)

SPM Result..~

Sunday, March 24, 2013

SPM result was out few days back. Congratulations to those who successfully got straights As. I did not had that chance. In fact my SPM result was like tutttt.. Nothing to be proud of. But hey, GOD is fair.. Look at how i turn out to be today?? I can consider myself successful in my field.. Sort of.. Though it is too early to tell.. But the journey i took was not easy. It required lots of hard work and every word smashed or heard, i took it as motivations. It took me 7 & half years to fully graduated and i am proud to say, "It was all worth it". 

You see, if your SPM result was bad, please don't stop there. I mean, don't start working right away after SPM. What you should do is try to further your study regardless in whichever institution. This is the time for you to redeem back your dignity and to correct yourself and also to make your parents proud. Jangan dengar sangat kata orang keliling. Not worth a dime and time. 

Eg: Someone i know got such a bad result in his SPM and he refused to continue his study and he believed that if he work hard after SPM he could be on top before he reaches 30. Apparently, he was wrong. Nak buat bisnes tak menjadi because he had too few knowledge in the industry and also zero knowledge in managing. Ended up? No where. Jumped from one work to another and finally at the age of 26, he joined the goverment sector; Gred 17.. 

Compare his scenario and mine. Both got bad results but i took the initiative to continue and further my study. At the age of 26 i joined the government sector; Gred 45. Can you see the difference?? This is just one example. There are lots.. Pendek cerita, don't give up your future just because you are lazy. Belajar dulu then nak buat business or whatever, go ahead. But always learn the industry and market before you venture. It involves money and money does not grow on trees. So be wise before you spend. 

Happy Sunday 'Ols..~

My curiosity..~

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Being surrounded by students everyday is just something that i can't avoid. Having more girls than boys in my classes also is something that i must accept (not that its a bad thing). What i am trying to blab here is, to express my curiosity. A question that i have in my head for quite sometime...


Baju kurung/ kebaya/ long jubah: It is fine if they want to wear those. But the thing is, whatever they wear is just too overdo with heels and everything and sometimes it confuses me; "Are we attending a wedding?? An open house perhaps?? Or a fancy high class dinner?? If they wear those cloths to class, what do they wear when they are actually attending a function? Sayang baju cantik - cantik pakai pergi kelas with the need to rebut - rebut lif and such..

Modern wear: Some of the girls wear the outfit as if they are going to the mall.. Great malls like Pavilion, KLCC and bla bla bla.. 6 inches heels, super tight skinny jeans, nice blouses, hobo handbag, thick make up and bling2 hijab.. My owh my.. 

Not saying that it is a crime for you to wear those items.. To me i find it very disturbance and not to mention anda-anda tidak mematuhi etika perkaian.. TIGHT JEANS are not allowed.. 6 inches heels?? Naik tangga, tak sempat umur 40, mau tecabut buku lali dik oii.. So renung - renungkan, selamat memilih pemakaian.. After all, wasatiah is the best (:


A big step & decision..~

Monday, March 18, 2013

Third week since the semester began and the workload definitely increased. Each day i will receive new task; either tugas hakiki or not. People place their trust on me to carry out few responsibilities which i am flattered. Though i question my own capability sometimes but it does not matter. While i am still young, there is no harm in learning new things. Dah tua - tua nanti sure it wouldn't be easy. Thank you to those who have faith in me. Really (:

Next, just to share with this blog and to who ever happen to read this. 2 weeks ago colleagues and i were busy talking about making an investment.. I mean, purchasing a house. Hence 2 weeks ago (during weekend), i spoke to my husband and sort of told my family that i will buy a house. Nak jadi cerita, last monday; my colleague and i actually went to developer's office and paid a sum of money. We booked the house. Now we are in the process of waiting for loan to be approved. Both husband and i are really thrill. The house might be ready by the end of next year. Great. Can't wait. Alhamdulillah dengan rezeki ALLAH beri.. Diharapkan rezeki kami semakin murah dan hidup kami dipermudahkan.

That is all for now. I am going back to KL this weekend. We have weddings to attend but we can't guarantee that we can attend all. However, congrats to all the brides & grooms..~


After a month..~

Friday, March 8, 2013

Alhamdulillah.. Praise to ALLAH..

We have been married for a month plus now and so far everything is fine and we are managing it well. Being a wife and a daughter at the same time is not easy but thankfully parents and husband understand my situation and condition. Both parties are very supportive and really helpful; emotionally, mentally and financially. I am glad and feel blessed that they are always there for me. Thank you for that.

Last weekend, i didn't go back to KL. Spent my weekend here in Melaka and settled few things. Hubs came over and yes, i finally got the chance to play the "housewife" role.. Cook and cleaning.. Hakhakhak.. It was fun, really and seriously.. New culture be introduced and practised, what's not to like?? We watched a movie together.. Planned to watch Jack The Giant Slayer, tapi lambat sangat.. After midnight.. Malaslah sebab we both were tired due to hectic spring cleaning. So we watched Dark Skies.. It was an OK movie.. Not highly recommended tapi bolehlah tengok kalau dah tak da movie lain.. Go watch and judge it by yourself..

Work, the new term has begun last monday and currently i have not really received a fixed and finalized timetable. However, the one they gave me is looking good, fine and manageable and i believe that things will be fine. Colleagues.. On the other hand.. I kinda jumped from the old group to the new one. Nothing personal, simply because we are from different background hence our thinking and ideology is not the same.. Not on the same page. I prefer to keep things to myself, that is all..

Career wise, i am planning on getting my second individual paper done. Hoping that it will be accepted for proceedings this June. Harap2 dipermudahkan olehNYA. Nak sangat rasa jadi pekerja yang bijak bahagikan masa untuk kelas, research dan aktiviti pelajar. Harap dapat cepat capai impian.. Tunggu2 orang ni tak berbaloi. I have to do things now as i am not getting any younger.. Sorry if ada yang terasa.. Ini bukan masanya nak lengah2 dan lepak2 terpaksa dikurangkan..

Ok, that is all from me. Will upload our Bandung pictures. We were there a day before they closed Tangkuban Perahu for any business operation. Alhamdulillah dapat sampai sana.. Til my next update..


2nd, 3rd & 9th February 2013..~

Patience.. That's all i need..~

Friday, February 1, 2013

You know how things won't happen just when wish it would ? Well i have few things i wish i could have but no, i don't get.. I am not frustrated but just a little bit upset. How i wish things will happen differently.. I just don't know who to blame.. *Sigh*

At this moment, we can't pointing fingers.. All we could do is, keep calm and pray for the best. Both Arel and I have done our best to satisfy everyone's needs including ourselves. We seriously need some miracle.. Not that we are facing huge or major problems, cuma ada problems macam ni at this time just not what we want.. 

Do hope things will be fine.. Seriously do hope..

Counting Days Til My Wedding Day..~

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Daisypath Wedding tickers

Everyone was here last night. They helped mamy to clear the place and bentang carpet and such. Did not realize that the big day is next Saturday. How do i feel? I am feeling great. Happy and can't wait for it to happen. I made the right choice. How do i know that ? Because i feel happy ever since i made the decision although it was hard at first. Dramas caused by the other third party. But both He and I made it through, Alhamdulillah.. Not to forget, i received endless support from my family, relatives, his friends, my friends (close or not) and my former colleagues. Apparently they claimed i am so different today compared to the person i was. I did not realize i was so emotional back then.. Alhamdulillah, that was over.. Old chapters of my life and i don't think we should recall or ponder it anymore. The main thing here is, I am happy & he's happy too..

i last met him last friday as mamy said; "cukup, tak boleh jumpa until nikah day".. Ikut cakap mamy and therefore i am going back to Melaka today when i usually go back on monday morning.. Most probably i'll be coming back this wednesday. Final fitting on thursday morning. I haven't seen my outfits yet. People said i am so lay back and too relax..I just don't want to get too involved because i am afraid i'd be disappointed. So i rather let Is does his magic/work or whatever.. All i know is, i'll be wearing those attires next weekend.

So far, preparations are fine, i guess.. Since everything is being done by is. Aku memang duk diam and do nothing. I do hope that he can pull a good work.. Great work is a bonus. Semoga majlis berjalan dengan lancar dan tiada sebarang unwanted events to take place.


Killing time..~

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fuhhh.. Now that everything is done, i decided to spend my free time with Sang Tunang. We had fun.. Terasa macam budak 10 tahun. Praying and hoping that we can have this kind of life until forever. Damn its a good way of living..

As planned, we intended to watch Hansel Gretel last Thursday. But we changed our plan because it was at midnight. Considering Sang Tunang had to work on Friday, so we changed to The Last Stand. Oh my God!! The movie was hilarious and i did not regret of watching it. Encourage everyone to watch the movie.

"After leaving his LAPD narcotics post following a bungled operation that left him wracked with remorse and regret, Sheriff Ray Owens (Schwarzenegger) moved out of Los Angeles and settled into a life fighting what little crime takes place in sleepy border town Sommerton Junction. But that peaceful existence is shattered when Gabriel Cortez (Eduardo Noriega), the most notorious, wanted drug kingpin in the western hemisphere, makes a deadly yet spectacular escape from an FBI prisoner convoy. With the help of a fierce band of lawless mercenaries led by the icy Burrell (Peter Stormare), Cortez begins racing towards the US-Mexico border at 250 mph in a specially-outfitted Corvette ZR1 with a hostage in tow. Cortez’ path: straight through Summerton Junction, where the whole of the U.S. law enforcement, including Agent John Bannister (Forest Whitaker) will have their final opportunity to intercept him before the violent fugitive slips across the border forever. At first reluctant to become involved, and then counted out because of the perceived ineptitude of his small town force, Owens ultimately rallies his team and takes the matter into his own hands, setting the stage for a classic showdown"

As for this coming Thursday, we have this one movie that we want to watch.. The movie is; The Impossible. Saw the trailer and we thought the movie is amazing and after all it based on a true story. A good movie to muhasabah diri!!

Based on the true story of one family’s survival of the 2004 tsunami, “The Impossible” stars Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor and is directed by J.A. Bayona (“The Orphanage”). Maria (Naomi Watts), Henry (Ewan McGregor) and their three sons begin their winter vacation in Thailand, looking forward to a few days in tropical paradise. But on the morning of December 26th, as the family relaxes around the pool after their Christmas festivities the night before, a terrifying roar rises up from the center of the earth. As Maria freezes in fear, a huge wall of black water races across the hotel grounds toward her. “The Impossible” is the powerful and unforgettable account of a family caught, with tens of thousands of strangers, in the mayhem of one of the worst natural catastrophes of our time. But the true-life terror is tempered by the unexpected displays of compassion, courage and simple kindness that Maria and her family encounter during the darkest hours of their lives. Both epic and intimate, devastating and uplifting, “The Impossible” is a journey to the core of the human heart.

So yeah, we will be watching this after we are done with few other things!! Lets hope this Thursday shall run smoothly and everything is in order. I just can't bare any delays anymore. Everything is kinda slow now. Should i or should i not start panicking?? *Sigh* Moga - moga semuanya dipermudahkan..

Last thing to share would be my current reading book. It has been so long since i last read.. been months.. Went to Big Bad Wolf last 22 december and purchased numbers of books. I know i should not be reading and story books now as i should start doing my second research but i just don't have the *soul* just yet.. Sorry.. Anyway, this new book of mine titled; Lasting Damage written by Sophie Hannah. Do check the synopsis at this link; . Do hope that you'll like the book as much as i do (:

p/s: another 11days to go.. May i have everything ready by then!!



16th day of 2013..~

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hey there blog of mine. We have entered 2013 already and I did not summarize my 2012 yet. Yurp, i did not forget but i was just really busy and only HE knows how much i wish that i can have a time to myself without the need of entertaining and satisfying anyone at nights or on weekends.. I really need my ME TIME to myself.. Unfortunately, we all know that i can't. My job scope and responsibilities require me to work around the clock. Since i would be very busy on weekdays, people will start texting me at nights and will want to see me on weekends. Worse, the wedding is REALLY REALLY around the corner. Obviously i have to run here and there, getting things done. To arrange things for the wedding and get myself prepared; spa, nail and hair done. Things like those.. Plus, now is the examination period. At times like this, i really wish that i am a student and not the one who's marking. Simply because its tiring due to the hand writing and also other normal daily routine job. Add everything together, its like a VERY HUGE work package altogether.. GAHHHHH!! Fewhhhh, i am tired and lack of sleep.. I wish i can sleep a little bit more but i know that's impossible.. 

With everything that is happening to me now, i really don't have time for my friends. Time that i have now is so limited and i dedicate that small amount of time i have to my family and fiance.. That's all and that's it.. Some people understand my situation but some just love to play dumb and keep on blaming me for not replying that frigging BBM!! Just so you know, yes i won't reply it any more.. Not now, not ever.. I just don't want to be part of my life any more. Susah simpan and berkawan dengan orang yang bangang ni. So yes, i wish you all the best and please leave me alone. Seriously, please... Just can't tolerate any more. Been very patient for the pass two years and now i had enough.

The above image is specially for you.. Though it says "not to let your friends go" but in our context, i am letting you go for good! I am letting you go without any hesitation. I am done with you and i know that i would be perfectly happy without you in my life. What's the point of having friends who love to torture you emotionally and bodoh tak paham bahasa, am i right? I am not sorry and babai~ =)

Ok.. A little update about me and sang tunang.. I guess the last time we met was about 2 weeks ago. Enjoyed the free passes given by GSC (thank you GSC). We can watch any movie but we chose to watch Jack Reacher. Indeed it was a good movie and i'd say that i would not mind if i have to watch it again. So, do catch the movie ya, people.. It is still available. You won't regret =)

Since i have marked and submitted everything, i am quite free compare with other colleagues. Will be enjoying some spa treatments this thursday, friday and sunday. I do hope that i'd have a blast time this three days. Anyway, thursday night; i have made a plan with sang tunang to catch a movie. Decided to watch Hansel & Gretel.. Yeayyyy.. Hope it will be a great movie.. Need it badly :)

Til my next update.. =)