Our first date after we are official.. :p

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hey blog of mine.. Can't believe that i actually have time to blab here. I am busy indeed but the brain is too drain to work at the moment hence here i am wasting my precious hour.. After all its lunch hour.. So yeah, let's blab :)

Anyway, i went back to KL on friday and saturday we spent our day at my sister's house. Helped her and BIL at their new house. Finally they moved in. Love her house and wish ours would be like her but we know it won't. Double storey and single storey mana boleh sama, ye dok??

On sunday, we went to setia alam.. Had our lunch at Tony Roma's. It was a birthday treat for him. Intended to celebrate his birthday before our wedding but mamy told me not to. So before wedding i treated him at Serai only.. Ni dah kawen, dah reda sikit tahap busynya, baru dapat pergi proper lunch.. Hoyeahhh...~

Right after lunch, we went to catch a movie. We watched The Croods. The movie was hilarious and fun. Was worth to watch. The movie was about a family in stone age and they were trying to survive. The father refused to adapt to changes but at the end he had to agree. Because he was challenged by a guy named Guy. 
Fun to watch.. Highly recommended.. Plus, you will feel proud to listen to Yuna's voice singing the soundtrack at the end.

We had a great day.. Now i just can't wait to go back this friday.. We are gonna have a big family yamcha this saturday at eastin Hotel. Finally ada rezeki lebih to treat my whole family. Look forward for that.. My diet plan did not work out. My exercise regime stopped. Hence my weight is maintained at 50kgs and don't like it at all.. tapi tak pelah dari 58 ke 60 ke.. Hikhik..

Til my next update :)

SPM Result..~

Sunday, March 24, 2013

SPM result was out few days back. Congratulations to those who successfully got straights As. I did not had that chance. In fact my SPM result was like tutttt.. Nothing to be proud of. But hey, GOD is fair.. Look at how i turn out to be today?? I can consider myself successful in my field.. Sort of.. Though it is too early to tell.. But the journey i took was not easy. It required lots of hard work and every word smashed or heard, i took it as motivations. It took me 7 & half years to fully graduated and i am proud to say, "It was all worth it". 

You see, if your SPM result was bad, please don't stop there. I mean, don't start working right away after SPM. What you should do is try to further your study regardless in whichever institution. This is the time for you to redeem back your dignity and to correct yourself and also to make your parents proud. Jangan dengar sangat kata orang keliling. Not worth a dime and time. 

Eg: Someone i know got such a bad result in his SPM and he refused to continue his study and he believed that if he work hard after SPM he could be on top before he reaches 30. Apparently, he was wrong. Nak buat bisnes tak menjadi because he had too few knowledge in the industry and also zero knowledge in managing. Ended up? No where. Jumped from one work to another and finally at the age of 26, he joined the goverment sector; Gred 17.. 

Compare his scenario and mine. Both got bad results but i took the initiative to continue and further my study. At the age of 26 i joined the government sector; Gred 45. Can you see the difference?? This is just one example. There are lots.. Pendek cerita, don't give up your future just because you are lazy. Belajar dulu then nak buat business or whatever, go ahead. But always learn the industry and market before you venture. It involves money and money does not grow on trees. So be wise before you spend. 

Happy Sunday 'Ols..~

My curiosity..~

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Being surrounded by students everyday is just something that i can't avoid. Having more girls than boys in my classes also is something that i must accept (not that its a bad thing). What i am trying to blab here is, to express my curiosity. A question that i have in my head for quite sometime...


Baju kurung/ kebaya/ long jubah: It is fine if they want to wear those. But the thing is, whatever they wear is just too overdo with heels and everything and sometimes it confuses me; "Are we attending a wedding?? An open house perhaps?? Or a fancy high class dinner?? If they wear those cloths to class, what do they wear when they are actually attending a function? Sayang baju cantik - cantik pakai pergi kelas with the need to rebut - rebut lif and such..

Modern wear: Some of the girls wear the outfit as if they are going to the mall.. Great malls like Pavilion, KLCC and bla bla bla.. 6 inches heels, super tight skinny jeans, nice blouses, hobo handbag, thick make up and bling2 hijab.. My owh my.. 

Not saying that it is a crime for you to wear those items.. To me i find it very disturbance and not to mention anda-anda tidak mematuhi etika perkaian.. TIGHT JEANS are not allowed.. 6 inches heels?? Naik tangga, tak sempat umur 40, mau tecabut buku lali dik oii.. So renung - renungkan, selamat memilih pemakaian.. After all, wasatiah is the best (:


A big step & decision..~

Monday, March 18, 2013

Third week since the semester began and the workload definitely increased. Each day i will receive new task; either tugas hakiki or not. People place their trust on me to carry out few responsibilities which i am flattered. Though i question my own capability sometimes but it does not matter. While i am still young, there is no harm in learning new things. Dah tua - tua nanti sure it wouldn't be easy. Thank you to those who have faith in me. Really (:

Next, just to share with this blog and to who ever happen to read this. 2 weeks ago colleagues and i were busy talking about making an investment.. I mean, purchasing a house. Hence 2 weeks ago (during weekend), i spoke to my husband and sort of told my family that i will buy a house. Nak jadi cerita, last monday; my colleague and i actually went to developer's office and paid a sum of money. We booked the house. Now we are in the process of waiting for loan to be approved. Both husband and i are really thrill. The house might be ready by the end of next year. Great. Can't wait. Alhamdulillah dengan rezeki ALLAH beri.. Diharapkan rezeki kami semakin murah dan hidup kami dipermudahkan.

That is all for now. I am going back to KL this weekend. We have weddings to attend but we can't guarantee that we can attend all. However, congrats to all the brides & grooms..~


After a month..~

Friday, March 8, 2013

Alhamdulillah.. Praise to ALLAH..

We have been married for a month plus now and so far everything is fine and we are managing it well. Being a wife and a daughter at the same time is not easy but thankfully parents and husband understand my situation and condition. Both parties are very supportive and really helpful; emotionally, mentally and financially. I am glad and feel blessed that they are always there for me. Thank you for that.

Last weekend, i didn't go back to KL. Spent my weekend here in Melaka and settled few things. Hubs came over and yes, i finally got the chance to play the "housewife" role.. Cook and cleaning.. Hakhakhak.. It was fun, really and seriously.. New culture be introduced and practised, what's not to like?? We watched a movie together.. Planned to watch Jack The Giant Slayer, tapi lambat sangat.. After midnight.. Malaslah sebab we both were tired due to hectic spring cleaning. So we watched Dark Skies.. It was an OK movie.. Not highly recommended tapi bolehlah tengok kalau dah tak da movie lain.. Go watch and judge it by yourself..

Work, the new term has begun last monday and currently i have not really received a fixed and finalized timetable. However, the one they gave me is looking good, fine and manageable and i believe that things will be fine. Colleagues.. On the other hand.. I kinda jumped from the old group to the new one. Nothing personal, simply because we are from different background hence our thinking and ideology is not the same.. Not on the same page. I prefer to keep things to myself, that is all..

Career wise, i am planning on getting my second individual paper done. Hoping that it will be accepted for proceedings this June. Harap2 dipermudahkan olehNYA. Nak sangat rasa jadi pekerja yang bijak bahagikan masa untuk kelas, research dan aktiviti pelajar. Harap dapat cepat capai impian.. Tunggu2 orang ni tak berbaloi. I have to do things now as i am not getting any younger.. Sorry if ada yang terasa.. Ini bukan masanya nak lengah2 dan lepak2 terpaksa dikurangkan..

Ok, that is all from me. Will upload our Bandung pictures. We were there a day before they closed Tangkuban Perahu for any business operation. Alhamdulillah dapat sampai sana.. Til my next update..