May 2013~

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Oh my look at the date. Time flies fast and we are approaching the end of may. A lot of events have taken place in may but i dont have the time to update. Oh well, i hardly have time to rest hence of course no time to update this blog. Anyhow, let me summarize what ive done.. Briefly of course.

I went to PWTC for a book fair with the rest of my colleagues. Of course they went there simply because they had to. But me?? No one asked me too but i went there anyway simply because of the love i have towards books and papers. Awwww..~ I got myself this (pic below) and sorta promised myself that the books would be my early birthday gift. Well, we all know it is just another *sedapkan hati* statement. Lol~

Still reading the first book thou (because of the time prob). But those who subscribe HBO may watch the series which currently they are showing the third season. You wont regret. Next, i spent one afternoon with my a group of students. They invited me to join them for lunch and bowling. They *payung* me.. Sweet kan?? hahah.. Thank you so much kids. You know i love you ppl right eventhough you didnt treat me anything :)

 Ok, next I went back to KL last thursday (23 may). That day was a very long day for me. Had four hours class and went to visit my students for almost three hours before i drove back to kl which it took me about 2 & half hours to reach Shah Alam due to heavy traffic. When i reached home, quickly showered and ate my dinner before hubs and i went to watch Fast & Furious 6. Thankfully we bought the tickets 4 days earlier so we didnt have to queue up to buy the tickets. Awesome movie it was.. Go watch if you have not..~

On friday, both me and hubs went out with my darling friend. We went to Jalan TAR to get few things for nena's wedding. It rained heavily but alhamdulillah it stopped when we reached sogo. Walked for three hours  and being women means WE FOUND NOTHING. Ahax.. Then i treated both of them dinner at HR Steakhouse. Happy tummy and went back. 

On saturday, both hubs and me went to support our dear friend yet at putrajaya. He joined a 4wd competition and he won in third. Not bad for a national car considering all the competitors drove all those famous and expensive 4wd. Congrats to yet..~

Last monday, hubs took me to One Utama. I had to buy something kononnya but ended up didnt buy anything. Biasalah when we have the money, suddenly everything is no longer pretty and needed.. Hahah.. Since didnt buy anything, here is a picture of us. I know i am tembam already. Putting on weight though i hardly eat anything. Too happy? Yes~ So now i agree with the statement *pas kawen confirm gemuk*.. hahah~

Well, i am on leave since monday til friday. A week break from OFFICE but not from work. While hubs is at the office, i fully utilize the hours. Prepare quiz and test questions.. Not only that, i started to mark students' research proposal. I am the examiner. I would say i am not a strict one but i am just doing my job. That's all and that's it. No heart feeling..~

Hubs cuti tomorrow as we have plenty to do. This friday nena will change her title. I bet she's gonna look extremely pretty and kurus. hahah.. Congrats to her and hafis.. A piece of advice, belajar banyak2 bersabar. I know i am still new and not really a good example, but trust me *Sabar itu indah.. Seindah perkahwinan* :)

Til my next update..~



Friday, May 3, 2013

So GE13 is just around the corner. 2 days to be exact. Who do you want to choose is your choice but my advice would do vote base on party and not base on the individual. You may listen to people's opinions and comments but if i were you, i would do my own research if i really truly want to know the real story and not some propas. 

Anyway, this is my first time to vote. Did not have the chance to vote last PRU and honestly speaking i am so looking forward. Don't really like my current wakil rakyat. My home town used to be so peaceful and protected but now? The area is worse than ever. The increased of crime rates is something i never have imagined. People got robbed almost everyday during the DAY. Yes during the DAY. pagi2 nak pergi kerja lagi. Sick!!

The roads are beyond my explanation with holes here and there. It was never like that. I could tell because when i was younger i used to play roller blades and of course smooth streets and roads are what i want. With holes here and there not only it damages my car but now i hardly see skaters in my neighborhood. Siapa nak skate kat jalan lubang - lubang ? True or not ? Plus, my neighborhood is only a taman perumahan and not kawasan perumahan. But not, jam is everywhere in that taman. We residence of that taman don't need that kind of jams in our area. imagine lorong rumah awak jam when it is not even a mainroad. Sakit hati tak? Terima kasih kepada pemimpin yang "berkhidmat" dari 2008 - 2013. Saya tak rasa saya perlukan anda lagi. Anda tidak membantu apa - apa pun. Bahkan menyusahkan kami penduduk kawasan itu lagi adalah.

What i am trying to say is, i miss my wonderful nice and safe neighborhood with great facilities and great roads. I really want that back hence i do pray to GOD almighty to grant my wishes and prayers. 

Happy GE13 everyone. Make a choice that you won't regret. Don't vote base on your anger or base on what other people say or tell you. Think of what you have now.. Don't make what you have now to something to what you had. I sort of suffered for 5 years and i don't think i would want to face that again.