Day 15th..~

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Today is the 15th ramadhan and i did not get to wish all my blog readers (as if i have one), Selamat menyambut Ramadhan. I was too busy with marking all the final papers as well as attending meetings to finalise studnets' grades and so on. Not to forget i was too busy packing and unpacking my stuffs. Moved from one building to another. Then from one room to another. After being moved twice, i can say that yes i am done and yes this is my new room. 

Being the youngest lecturer here means i cant ask much. I am sharing this room with another 3 lecturers but hey like other people say, "consider yourself lucky".. Kenapa?? because we love to talk and being alone in a room is driving us crazy. We cant be alone. We need people around us to help us to stay sane. Haha. Kawan siap request like this; "I know i am a doctor but please i need a roomy".. Gahh that's cute. Anyway, so far i am doing good here. Like my new place and i feel comfortable here. So far i do not have any prob with anything.

Personal matter, the new house is 30% built. Tak sabar for it to be ready as to have your own property is something beyond words. You buy the house with your own cash. Whats not to like? Wish i can share some pics of my new home but i am not that rajen to copy pics this days. I have shared my latest pics on ig only. Fb and twitter pun dah jarang... You know what they say kan.. A pic worth a thousand words and at this moment i kind of have more than 500 pics.. Gahhh you do the math...

Hubs is coming home this weekend. We need to settle our current home ni.. Nak kemas lots of things. For raya of course. lap this and lap that. Keluarkan bekas - bekas kuih and pinggang semua. Since i am staying here in melaka and nenek semua pun kat melaka, my family now sort of raya melaka je. KL tu untuk pagi je. Before noon semua dah gerak balik melaka and muar.. And because of that, i need to prepare things just to make my family feel comfy. 

Well that is all for now.


July 2013

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Updating this blog is no longer be my passion nevertheless i do not have any intention of stopping from writing nor delete it for good. Reason for not updating here is simple.. Now i have a permanent diary; my husband of course. He is always there, either a phone call away or a text away.. I tell himevery single thing. Hence blog, diary and doodling book is no longer needed. Hiksss...

Alas, there are too many things on my mind but i could never know how to express it. I mean putting feelings and thoughts into proper words and type it here is difficult.. Somehow.. That is why talk to my husband is a lot easier. Anyway, after a year plus i finally get my official office room. Not alone though. Of course have to share it with 3 others. Maklumlah lecturer yang paling junior dalam business faculty. Though that still thankful.

Have to move everything from one building to another building is not easy. Thankful that i dont have much items like friends of mine. Dah setel angkat semua barang pun. Result? Tangan sakit yang amat. This monday i have to start unpack all my belongings. On tuesday 2bundles are coming in. But wont collect the bundles on tuesday thou. Plan nak balik kl awal and wednesday is a public holiday for us here. So thursday baru ambil all bundles and all the marking begins... Confirm bersilat and judo semua ada. Plan to settle things latest by the following monday.

Once i am done with submitting marks, should prepare the cdl for all classes. Then i will try my best to focus on getting my research done. Which means i should spend less time on candy crush. Baru start main but i have reached level 162, nampak betapa taksubnye saya?? Hahaah..

Ok, well i guess i pretty much have stated everything here. Maka, selamat berpuasa everyone. Semoga ramadhan kali ini lebih bermakna. Saya tau saya akam happy.. Second year dapat bertarawikh dengan si dia. Bezanye this time around he is a husband andnot my sang tunang.

Take care people :)