August 2013~

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2 weeks after raya. How was my raya? It was fine and of cos different. Now that i have a husband and in laws. Went back to perak on raya eid and was really busy there. Never had to do any chores before married kan.. But it was fine. Tak pernah buat kerja di rumah mamy tak bermakna kite tak pernah buat at all.. I am living alone right hence of cos i cook and clean up the house all by myself. 

BIL and SIL went back to their inlaws. Which it was good for me to be at perak. Kesian if i was not. Not saying i am super good in handling big crowds (tetamu) tapi at least i was there to help mak and acu. Imagine i was not there?? They cant have moments with the guests sebab nak sediakan meals n pinggan mangkuk and such.. Right?? So like it or not, i played great role last raya... In fact i cooked on the second day. Few dishes for breakfast and lunch. Pak ngah said "lapor ler kite kalau die takda.." And he actually told other uncles that last weekend when we were at alang's crib for abby's wedding. Good to know that they appreciated my effort. Hiksss.. 

Tak banyak pics this year because both of us were too busy running here and there due to the need of being at 4 different locations in 4 days. Refuel je beratus2 and we practically spent more hours traveling rather than celebrating.. Haihhh.. Xpelah, next year raya falls on monday. So yes i will cuti on wed til fri and therefore i would have solid 7 days for raya and I hope it would be enough...

Til my next update