Why am i so hungry??

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

For years i only had one proper meal per day. Never had rice or any heavy food more than once a day. But lately, i feel so freaking hungry and it drives me crazy if i don't eat. Sakit kepala and nak muntah. Why???? Takkan sebab i read endlessly can cause hunger? It is time and money consuming tau.. Not that kite berkira to buy food but i always have food at (cooked) home but i always buy food at the office and it ends up i'll throw whatever i have at home away. Kan rugi tu.. 

Apart from feeling hungry at all time, i feel so tired.. Mentally tired.. Drained.. Knackered.. Sumpah i am not kidding.. Read more than one book just to prepare myself for each class.. Why do i need to do so? Thank you to whom ever it may concern, last minute they changed the syllabus and textbook. Mengangkang aku pikir the most effective approach. Not easy.. So uncool.. Zalim tau..

It is not a crime to change the syllabus and textbook.. But please inform us weeks before the semester starts and not after few days after.. Kita dah abis 2 chaps and then i had to start everything fresh. Students got confused. And saddest thing is, they have bought the old textbook and now they have to buy a new one. Duit lagi tau.. Tak baik buat macam tu.. Pity them and of course have some respect to us as well.. Penat tau tak to divert everything and to undo what ever is done.. *sigh*

Have too many things to express but i don't think i have enough words to describe my frustrations. Seriously i just need a time out from all this.. Unfortunately it is a long way to go.. February do come quick please... I need my rest and beauty sleep...


Drama Frama..~

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Too many dramas going on lately until i kinda got lost in the middle of it as i failed to understand what is actually going on. People talking here and there expressing whatever they want to express and me myself being the one who was not at the actual scene of course blur memanjang. Drama is going on all around me. From work to home to family to everywhere.. Gah, you name, i got it.. Dramanya tiny winy je but when u are not always around u'll definitely feel like it is a big one.. Hahah..~

Tried to understand the situation but the more i want to understand somehow the more it breaks my heart, It is hard to explain how exactly i feel but not to lengthen it, it breaks my heart sometimes. What people don't understand is, i am trying hard to please people.. Jauh aku duduk cuba untuk berlaku adil kepada semua tapi kadang it is just not easy. The easiet way to settle it is by staying alone here minding my own business. Which sometimes people may say i am a selfish brat.. Well it is never easy to please people and i guess i have been trying to do that since i know how much people want to be pleased..

Latest news, i got sick recently.. What is new? No right.. Sick and me is so intertwined.. Hikss.. Lucky me hubby was with me at that time. I woke him up at 2.30am and we rushed to the nearest 24hr clinic. I got my jab, went home and slept til around 3pm. I thought i would get better the next day but unfortunately i did not. Hence parents came over yesterday and took care of me. Result, i am feeling much better this morning. Had my heavy breakfast and now i am typing this.. Feeling better and that is all that matters..

As for tomorrow, i will try to drive back to KL right after class. Class finishes at 7pm.. Bla bla bla.. Might reach KL around 9ish.. Saturday will go to aunt's house and help her out with the final preparation for his son's wedding (acai).. Sunday is his big day, of course groom's side.. Dah nak seminggu dah pun mereka nikah :) Right after the majlis, i'll shoot back to melaka.. Wish i can stay longer to watch them unpacking the gifts.. Well that is the sacrifice i have to make.. I made this choice of becoming a lecturer and of course i have to commit to it.. Who says becoming a lecturer is easy.. We don't work 9-5 like others.. We work around the clock.. About 15hours a day, 7days a week and we don't get paid for every extra hours we have to work.. But we never complain about it. What we request from everyone is to understand our job scope.. As simple as that.. :)

That is all for now...
I'll update about my new home later..
Til then..


Sept - Jan~

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Yesterday was the very first day of the semester.Students were everywhere and i myself was all over the place. Ran here and there to get things done. Oh well, that's the beauty of our management. The just love to wait right til the last minute to give out our task/schedule and whatever. I started my semester fully unprepared. I felt guilty for that. I tried so hard not to fail the students, hence i tried to get myself ready. 

However, they just love to fail me. Oh come on, first day does not mean; "hey we won't be having class today".. That will only be applicable if you are a freshie. Kalau awak dah semester 5, awak start macam biasa.. And i ce breaking is so not needed.. Sorry i am not the tyoe of a lecturer who would ask "What's your name? Where are you from??" Tak da kepentingan buat saya and i would simply forget your name the moment you stop introducing yourselves. So, save it.. I will know who you are base on your progress and participation...

My advice is, never judge a book by its cover. You are so wrong if you think that you can play me. My true color is hidden behind my 24/7 smile and young age. Remember why you are here.. You are here to gain knowledge as well as to develop your personal and interpersonal. Hold so many positions won't guarantee you a spot in anywhere.. Therefore, do try to be punctual and never skip any class.. Last but not least, i won't tolerate with plagiarism and loyar buruk...~

Til then,