Its October Already..~

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Second month of the semester.. More works need to be done.. Commitments, works, due dates, bla bla bla.. Though i am so tired with all this endless work, but i can't deny how much i love my job.. At least i am doing the same routine everyday.. The best part is, i have flexible hours which i did not get to experience that when i was in O&G industry before..Seriously i prefer my current job better..

Some of my colleagues left us to join the industry.. Higher payment and 8 - 6 daily basis.. And all of them left the industry a month after they joined it and decided to join the academic world again. And some of my colleagues are just like me; from the industry and we really don't wish to back there.. No.. No more.. Those who don't know may say we lecturers practically do nothing except for lecturing, marking and attending students' activities and may have the thought of, "Apalah sangat kerja dorang ni?? Tak tau dunia luar".. Well dear people, we are the one who is shaping the industry. Not by producing graduates per say but we are the advisers and consultants of those giant companies. Not many people know, for us to get promoted we need to establish ourselves in the industry.. Mixing with people from other countries and be the "cendiakawan" for companies are the things we do..

Examples (business faculty); when companies intend to produce certain product, it is us who will conduct all the researches for identifying the problems among potential market and from there we will advice the firms on how they could grab the business opportunity.. Not many firms have r&d dept and not all firms want to pay other agencies as the fee is extremely high. Hence that is our job to help them... Well of course the fee is there.. And sometimes, we will do it for free because sometimes we have our own fund.. Funded by the government la..

Long story shorten, we do not perform the same routine everyday.. Perhaps yes, buat research again and again.. But mind you, the scenario is different hence of course it means we are doing the same thing day in day out.. Last but not least, if you are a hard working person and knows how to grab opportunities, you can actually make money out of it.. At the end of the day, we can have a better life than those who are slaving themselves in the industry which requires them to attend endless meeting and kissing people's assess..

I am typing all these because i want to remind myself how much i am glad that i am an academician and not someone in the industry.. Also to shut some people up for saying life as a lecturer is boring and tak tau the real world.. Don't get yourselves confused, cikgu dan pesyarah lain.. Which somehow i believe job scope guru sekarang pun dah tak sama macam dulu2..

Ok til then..