hello december 2013..~

Thursday, December 5, 2013

We have reached the final month of 2013. Time does fly very fast. What have i accomplished this year? Personal life? Right on track.. Career wise? Managed to get my research done unfortunately i really dont have time to present the paper.. Sad but true. But never mind.. There is always riid coming up and yang itu confirm kite turun padang.

This semester has been very busy and packed. Travelling up and down the plus like nobody's business. Kejap kat melaka, kejap kat perak, kejap kat sini sinun.. Work commitment and family matters.. Wow.. I really wish that i have more time for myself. Ambil cuti seminggu pun, purposely untuk buat kerja di Kuala Lumpur. Simply because i hardly have time for everyone.. Tetiba rasa 25 days a year ain't enough for me.

Final examination is approaching which that will make me even more busy. Need to get all carry marks done in 2 weeks, then gonna be busy marking 5 bundles (of joy).. I must clear everything before 24January.. Then i am going to take a very long break.. Fuhhhh....

Next, ajie is finally married to ija "yeayyyyy".. About 2 weeks ago.. He looked great and ija looked stunning. Congratulations to both of you and welcome to the club ajie!! :) Semoga kekal bahagia hingga ke jannah.. Ingatlah segala penat payah before kawen tau tau tau so that u'll appreciate the marriage even more.. 

I have plenty to type.. Too many things had happened.. But i have no time.. Back to work!!