Patience.. Effort... Have a break... Try again..

Thursday, January 9, 2014

To move forward, you really need to work hard..
But somehow, sometimes, luck is not on your side..
No matter how much you try..
Whatever happens, you should not feel down nor demotivated..
Should always take a step back, calm down.. Let go all the frustrations and stand back...
By then i am sure you'll have a clearer mind and vision where you may can finally see what are the things that had stopped you in the first place..
Kadang bukan semua ynag kita buat itu salah... 
Kadang cuma cara penyampaian kita yng kurang bijak dan teruatur..
Hence we need to learn to be patience and learn to identify new approaches on how to get things done..
If certain things are meant to be yours, by hook or by crook you will get those..
It is all about sabar.. GOD is testing you because HE loves you and HE knows your capability..
Chin up and smile..~

Til my next update..


The person i was..... The person i am today...

I had this migraine earlier which leaded me to have a short nap after asar..
Result to that, i feel fresh and have trouble of sleeping now..
Lying on my bed and started to think of one thing after another...
And mostly on who i am today...
Many events had taken place in my life..
Many mistakes and sins i had committed, many hearts i had broken..
Intentionally or unintentionally..
I am sorry for the things i did but i have no regrets..
Whatever i did in the past has shaped who i am today..
Well, just wanna clarify something here...
I am one emotional and defensive person who has a great memory..
I tend to remember by heart of what people had done to me and result to that,
I may have responded to the extent that people cant take it...
Ermmm... We call it even.. Fair la kan...
I am not the kind who share my feelings with friends hence of course i had to stand for myself..
It was harsh to some of you but i think if u compare to what you had done to me...
Ermmm lebih teruk kot...
Point is, i really appreciate all the things that had happened to me in the past..
I learnt a lot and gained a lot...
Built walls and brought it down and built again...
Macam - macam... But i dont mind.. Those experiences helped me to make me become wiser..~

Til my next update...


Yesterday was history...~

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Yesterday went normal and as expected.
Nothing new and nothing shocking..
Things went as usual.
Was at work and did my thing and headed home around 5.30pm and went back to office at 8pm..
Working 12 to 14 hours a day or 7days a week is something normal :)

Anyway, yesterday i came across few research titles. Nothing big. Some simple titles..
Somehow i think i am interested in that area.. I mean all this while, my research was more focus on "services" but this time macam lain a bit..
Perhaps i am trying to look into something new kot..
Hope i can this one done somewhere in april..
Sekarang tak sempat since i have 5 bundles coming in and then i will be heading to "there" soon, insya ALLAH..

All in all, i do hope 2014 will be a brighter and smoother year for me..
Family, financial and career wise..
Banyak duit diperlukan ni.. New home, more conferences and more travelling back and forth..
Harap semuanya dipermudahkan..

Til my next update,


1st weekend of 2014..~

Monday, January 6, 2014

Hello monday. First monday of 2014 and i am at the office from 9am and will be working til 10.30pm (or perhaps later than that) today..
What a great way to start my monday.. Right?? Pfftt....~
Last weekend was kinda full with activities with me hubs. Was here and there looking for few items for our "travel" and also for our new home..
Not that the home is ready or the "travel" is confirmed...
But we don't mind spending a bit.. Gitu gini pun rumah tetap akan siap juga... Antara cepat atau saja..
The picture above was taken on sunday noon. we were heading out to have lunch.. Not the first pic of us of 2014 but among the first.
Sorry, i am kinda into food more than human.. If you know what i mean..

Well, for 2014, what i can say is, i am hoping and wishing for great and better health.
Thinking of to take an extra care of myself..
Final year before hit 3series.. Oh my.. Harap semuanya dipermudahkan dan saya punya impian besar tahun hadapan..
Look at the daisy thicker, we have been married for almost a year and i tell you, being married to a complete stranger is fun..
I mean, you will able to learn his true color immediately.. Takda nak sopan santun or "hide&found out" session..
Tak da and tak sempat.. I am not saying if you are married to someone who have been for years is a crime..
Cuma itu saja pendapat saya..

Anyway, found out about the ex and i would say glad that he has found someone new.
I have nothing against him..
I do hope that he'll be happy just like me or could be happier than me pun takda masalah.. I don't know about others, I don't find it weird to be friends with the ex..
Nak kawan, kawan.. Tak nak sudah.. No big deal.. And no harm..

What else... Work... Of cos work is getting hard day by day but all i can say i am enjoying it..
Ajie always remind me this "Do what you love and love what you do"..
And of cos i never forget dayat's words, "Life is all about making choice, never have regret towards the choice that YOU have made"..

All and all, i am happy thou i may don't sound convincing..
I may not being surrounded by many friends..
(I guess that's in the blood.. Lebih cenderung untuk rapat dengan keluarga sendiri dari rakan2..)
But i sure do have friends that can give me opinions when i need some. And for that, i thank them..
I appreciate everyone and i do monitor everyone from far..
I know what they have been up to and i am glad that they are fine and healthy... ;p

Til my next update..


Happy new year.. Hello 2014~

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

We kicked our fresh year about 14 hours ago.
Didnt celebrate it as usual. Prefer to stay in bed comfortably surrounded with tones of pillows and do the things i love to also enjoying the sound of fire works.
Turning 29 in almost 7 months.
I dont think i need to change anything this year except that i need to work on few things..
Especially working on my savings.
Looking at the progress of our home, there is a possibility that we may our keys this year...
Thou the developer said it might be somewhere in feb 2015..
In a month and 1 day, we will be celebrating our first year anniversary.
I am looking forward for thAt day to come.
Not that we are gonna celebrate it or what.. Its just that i am happy that we managed to go thru the first year..
Thankful and alhamdulillah..

Did not manage to do the "conclusion" of 2013 what can i say is, i have learned a lot and gained alot in that year.
Envied few things that able to make work harder and achieved several things that i did not think i can do before this...
I always believe in this one quote that i always tell myself "the more they try to bring me down, the more i want to prove them wrong"
And i succeed.. I am not afraid to explore 2014 and i am so ready to explore the year..
Have few plans in hands and really hope i would achieve those...
This coming feb would be my 2nd year in that institution which means theoretically i have 3more years to be 52...
And i do plan to make it happen!!

Thats is all for now. Happy new diary..