I was sick again and i am thankful..~

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Last friday as i was on my way back to KL, i started to sneeze.
But controllable and still managed to went out with hubs to watch Robocop that night.
Unfortunately on Saturday, the sneezing worsen.. Even so, clinic was not in my to-do-list on that day..
Went back to MIL home and had trouble of sleeping.
The head felt like idk..
On sunday morning, hubs insisted of taking me to the clinic and so we went.
The thermometer "decided" to tell me that i was not on fever but the doctor insisted on telling me that i have fever.
Nurse pun kata kita demam sebab i was burning hot.
She prescribed me some medc and gave me 2 days of MC.
Hubs dropped me at my parents' home on mon and tues.
Because he knew that's where i can be more comfortable sbb sakit..
Kalau sihat, i dont mind staying at my in laws'..

Monday was ok. Kepala sakit sikit2 but i was fine.
But tuesday was like the world is exploding.
I cant explain the pain..
Told parents that i have a headache and they asked me to sleep.
I couldnt sleep due to the pain and so i called my hubs..
Die suruh makan ubat..
I guess he didnt know what kind of pain i had to endure..

So i hung up, and walked into my parents' room..
Dorg still tak sedar that i was different til i said,
"i am not interested in listening to all the stories that u want to tell me".
Dorg senyap and then they looked at me. Then only they realized how much i was in pain..
Mamy cepat2 urut kepala and baca i dont know what surah and ayah bagi kita minum air..
Air yassin and die da baca some surahs.
Drank it and went back into my room..
1/2hour later, muntah bagai pipe bomba and terus sehat banyak..
Kepala ada la sikit2 sakit.. Tidur sampai hubs came over to fetch me.
Balik umah inlaws... bla bla bla..
Woke up this morning with slight dizzy.. Drove back to melaka
And here i am typing this after i had done almost the things that should be done for the past 2 days..
Now, patiently waiting for my meeting at 430pm that i was supposed to attend yday at 3pm but i cancelled it..

Mengharapkan kesihatan yang lebih baik..

Terima ayah mamy sebab jaga kita..
Terima kasih abah mak sebab sentiasa preparekan food for me..
Terima kasih b sebab sentiasa doakan untuk kita and teman kite spjg kite melepet last weekend and setiap malam..
I know u were panic a bit because it had been what? 8 months since kita tak sakit cemtu kan.. :)

Terima kasih Allah kerana beri aku ujian begini..
Setiap kesakitan dan ujian adalah cara untuk kau tunjukkan kasih sayang kau dan mungkin cara untuk hapuskan dosa aku..
Kalau itu adalah caranya, aku terima dengan redha :)
Sakit, tapi aku redha..

Til my next update..


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