It was indeed a busy weekend for me..~

Monday, March 17, 2014

My life would be pretty much the same. 
The schedule remain pack and i practically would not have the chance to enjoy my weekend leisure at home with love ones.. 
Of cos in my case, that would be my husband.
Too many things to do, regardless of where i am.
Either i am in melaka or in KL
Weekend or no, there is nothing difference about it.

5days a week, memang sah2 i'll be sitting behind my desk most of the time if i have no class.
Doing all the management works and also now that i have new responsibility..
A huge responsibility is placed on my shoulder.
SHE believes and has faith in me that i can perform and carry the title.
Ermm.. Niat memang macam nak tolak..
But i do believe if i ever decline this one time, there will be no second time for me..
So yeah, challenge accepted..

Not to forget, in september insya Allah, i may take another huge step.
Well i am not sure how it will turn out to be, but yes i am ready to face all those things.
Something that i should have started in 2012 but due to unforeseen barriers and minor miscommunication, i kindda lost the opportunity..
Sad case.. very much.. But can i do? Remain silent and shut up.
Peluang ini muncul once more. And i have no intention of declining it eventho it maight cost me a fortune.
Dengan rumah nak masuk, dengan conference bagai..
But seriously, i will not say NO..
I am taking this opportunity and do not want to lose it again.

Having parents and hubs behind me, supporting and praying for me, i know i can pull it thru..
Insya Allah..
May Allah help me once more.. Either directly or indirectly, i would be thankful enough.

Til my next update...


Aircraft.. Air flight.. Aeroplane...~

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hello blog. I have entered second week of the semester.
Too many things to do.. And i would not say i have no time for it..
I guess things are under control.
So i went back to ttdi last weekend. Did not have the intention to, but just went back anyway..

Did not do much as everyone was really shocked and busy watching the telly to get the latest update on the missing of MH370. Such a bad news to us all..
Nevertheless, there are people who just plain stupid and insensitive..
Posted all those unnecessary words and remarks.

To all victims onboard, please hang in there. We are doing as much we can to locate you.
I know it is impossible for me to actually fly here and there to find them,
But what  can do is, my prayers are always with the victims.
Semoga anda semua berada dalam keadaan selamat.
And if lets say, you people are no longer "here", semoga anda damailah di sana..

Anyhow, last saturday night..
Hubs and i had saturdate. We went to watch this movie (pic below).
Had planned for this even before the event took place.
So i guess, the movie is just lucky to be aired at the perfect timing.
Lucky for the producers..
Anyway, the movie was fine. The surprises were there..
Always expect the unexpected..
I mean the stupid looking guy is always the bad guy and vice versa.

The whole time watching it, my mind could not stop thinking about the mh370.
really wonder what actually had happened to them.
Do hope that everyone is fine.
Hoping for the best.
Really hope that GOD is hiding the aircraft and will let us "see" it once we have learn the lesson..
Sangat percaya pada takdir ALLAH dan saya percaya setiap kejadian ada hikmahnye..
Mengharapkan perkara ini tiada kaitan dengan sebarang niat jahat manusia..
Insya Allah..

Back to the movie,
So, to those who have not watch the movie yet, perhaps you could watch it.

Til my next update!!~

Meeting people's expectation..~

Thursday, March 6, 2014

People been saying, "just be yourself. you dont have to pretend to be anyone else". By being myself means; a huge wall between me and others. just remain focus on getting my work done and go back when i have everything settled. 

Unfortunately, when u do that kindda thing, that is when you have become so "active" all of sudden. Like u are here and there. Like you are into of everything and anything.. Pelik, tp itulah kenyataan..

Apparently me and roomate have this kind of working attitude. We only speak when we have to and only join things when it is neccessary. Not so much of blablabla and procrastinate kerja ke apa ke. Unfortunately, we both got bang.. Orang yg mengipas, suke buat lawak bodoh then end up kerja tak siap and hypocrites akan sentiasa terlepas. 

What can you say about it? Saya kerja atas niat Lillahi Taala.. Pleasing people is so not my goals..~



Monday, March 3, 2014

Last friday and yesterday, i had a long talk about those who were born 1986. I mean it all started when my friend started to explain to me why suddenly there are gaps between them and the other 2. Of course i am aware of the gaps but i could not be bothered to ask why or to get myself involved.. Nevertheless, i just listened to her story. And my reaction was, "ek eleehhhh..." Thenl i told her my side of story which i encountered like 8 months ago with those 2.. The comment i got from her was, "Apasal kau tak pernah cerita and cemana kau boleh macam tak da perasaan je??" My answer was simple..

Keep your life simple.. Full of joy, love and tenderness.. The less problem you have with people, the happier you will become.. Takdalah membengkak je hati bila nampak orang di event or majlis.. Even so, thanx for the little drama you created over the weekend. I had quite a laugh.. You just proved the whole thing i explained to my friend last friday was applicable and acceptable.. Lagi - lagi semuanya lahir in 1986.. No offence but thank you :)

Til my next update..~