It was indeed a busy weekend for me..~

Monday, March 17, 2014

My life would be pretty much the same. 
The schedule remain pack and i practically would not have the chance to enjoy my weekend leisure at home with love ones.. 
Of cos in my case, that would be my husband.
Too many things to do, regardless of where i am.
Either i am in melaka or in KL
Weekend or no, there is nothing difference about it.

5days a week, memang sah2 i'll be sitting behind my desk most of the time if i have no class.
Doing all the management works and also now that i have new responsibility..
A huge responsibility is placed on my shoulder.
SHE believes and has faith in me that i can perform and carry the title.
Ermm.. Niat memang macam nak tolak..
But i do believe if i ever decline this one time, there will be no second time for me..
So yeah, challenge accepted..

Not to forget, in september insya Allah, i may take another huge step.
Well i am not sure how it will turn out to be, but yes i am ready to face all those things.
Something that i should have started in 2012 but due to unforeseen barriers and minor miscommunication, i kindda lost the opportunity..
Sad case.. very much.. But can i do? Remain silent and shut up.
Peluang ini muncul once more. And i have no intention of declining it eventho it maight cost me a fortune.
Dengan rumah nak masuk, dengan conference bagai..
But seriously, i will not say NO..
I am taking this opportunity and do not want to lose it again.

Having parents and hubs behind me, supporting and praying for me, i know i can pull it thru..
Insya Allah..
May Allah help me once more.. Either directly or indirectly, i would be thankful enough.

Til my next update...


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