Goodbye April & Hello May..~

Monday, April 28, 2014

Look at the date. 28th April 2014.. Back in 2012, i was engaged on this date. 
How cool is that??
Really cool ;p

Anyway, work is piling up.. Keeps on piling up.. 
Especially knowing my new task would be to approach and invite our TPM to our event. 
So hard but like i have a choice? Seriously... NOT..

The thing that i want to proceed in September requires me to start all the drafting now..
Unfortunately i really have no time..
Now that i have to collaborate with penjara and such, it shorten my time for other things..
I need more space to get things done so that i won't disappoint anyone..
Please.. Oh GOD please guide me on making everything right with zero defects..

Anyway, on wednesday i have to work in KL.. 
With public holiday on Thursday, confirm saya cuti hari jumaat..
Take that opportunity to go for a vacation until Sunday.
Work at Shah Alam on Monday before i drive back to Melaka..
Have a meeting at the prison on Tuesday morning.. Hope everything will be great and fine =)

Last but not least.. Just got back from Sabah..
Had 5days work there and everything was fine and great.
Will go back there kalau ada peluang..

Til my next update..